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Whilst I am still anxious to refrain from saying anything that would tend to raise im- ane expectations, or bring parties hero who would subsequently bo disappointed, yot I am certainly desirous of seeing a few more on our diggings. Tho small number working there

at present cannot do much, of courso, in the i wy of developing the auriferous qualities of the whole district. It would in this respect, ¡i we were not situated so far away fiom «no great centres of population. Considerable encouragement there awaits those who mo

cmd of gold-digging, notwithstanding all wat Captain Meohosk may affirm to the con /£ry" }es,teiaay. in convorsing with a nigger who had just come in, ho said : " AVo aro getting on bettor now than wo did, sinco we took to tho long-torn. Yesterday, wo washed out two ounces, and I expect that my mates havo washed out tho same to day. «o aro not doing so well, however, as s me others. The party next to us washed J« live ounces on Friday, and tho day

allowing m> to the time of my leaving (din- ' ner timo)i they had got two ounces and n-half wore. Now this is not so bad ; indeed, tho men aro doing better than they ever did. öoino deep sinking has boon tried sinco I last wrote, but hitherto without success. Just as

ÎÏÏS?ïin-wor6Sottomin8a likoly hol° tho Thowi x' a,nd 001»P°»°a them to desist.

i,Ät0.0k away tho other day between eighty and ninety ounces.

It is a sourco of regret and vexation that inM."Tnmonf, should have put such a X, S-°P ? a11 r°»a-work. I hoar that a Ln,n?1rmr-Oferoncotuoretois beinS Iwi'locl around for signature, but havo not yet seen it tim "flSUrJ?risei3, whon r[iiaS out in the bush ?Z T" day- t0 como upon a largo party of

vlvñrw' l{Tâ> bol°"fW to the road-sur Lf"a<-Stail' »bat thoy had done nothing for wa e S kept th01'° waitinS ft» their Bovn! ¥fST?- ^iU°y bavo rec°ntly taken Sn w r,a' Slt«ated in Eodd's Bay. and Îuk,. T* i° ?-t0ßk ifc with cattlo. as a dairy fc1^10T' n is distant« I BUPP°s°. LTu- a°ZB.n.milos honce. Ultimately, I crow!T ^'.''Ptention to engage in cotton thomT ^hlS ls the island respecting which but?!,»' teo? a long-pending grievance,

KÄaiSÄ PaVtÍeS SCem t0P°asessthe courLPrnefSent ^or? are nl0re houses in the vknessedTl10niiVUl\toWnslliPthan Illavo Znîl . °' but unless a good gold-field

"A "?.. ! .&" «>atbour town will to come n0d m lts Umits for a ,oue timo

hutdÄT^ Just aPP»od for ^out three

Trv" -. °10310f land in tko agricultural ro b£ SltUaitcd on th0 Calliopo river. There

of a0cene°ss!PlündÍd ^ ^ and T/S nî° ¡Ila11- S^6ÍnB from the T«t of |

raüons matcually affeots gold-digging ope