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OUR Maryborough, Gladstone, Rockharap. ton, and Port Denison correspondence is necessarily left over until to-morrow, but we give here a brief summary of the principal

items of news :


The Customs' revenue for the month of March amounted to £892 6s. 7d. ; and for, the quarter ending with the 31st of tbal

month to £2020 Is. 9d.

The exports from the port of Maryborough for the quarter ending 31st March, amounted to £60,727, and the imports to £26,973, showing a balance in favor of the port of £33,754. *

Great dissatisfaction is befog created hy the non-attention of the. \0Cal magistrates

to their duties.

The demaml {br house accommodation ia Maryborough is increasing. No tenement

is unoccupied.

The raoos this year promise to be of a first-class character. One prize will amount

to £100.

Very heavy rains have fallen in tho Wida Bay and Burnett districts, but the last week has been fine.


Our correspondent says that he bus nothing further to report with regard to the alleged gold discovery on the Calliope. A small party went out after the return of tho first, but were compelled to return with only a small quantity of gold, owing to the heavy rains. It was reported that Capt. O'connell had fitted out a party. A mob of Chinamen were expected from Sydney to try

their luck.

_ The inhabitants of Gladstone talk of peti- tioning for municipal government.

There has been fearful weather iu the dis- trict-such a heavy fall of rain as had never

been known there before in so short a time.

The Calliope and Boyne both rose very high, and flooded largo portions of the district. At M'Millan's, Clark's, and Bell's stations, t they were compelled to leave the head ela (Jions for shelter. "A .considerable number of

sheep have been washed away, and öno"p33r" man loBt his life in crossing a creek near


The reports from King's mino still con- tinue to be most satisfactory. Twenty or thirty additional miners were soon to be em- ployed.

The Eagle (s.) arrived at Gladstone oa the Çtb, and the Jenny Lindon the 9th,