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*'UBLIC WORKS ¦ 'AND 'IMPROVE.' , :'.., V. ',: .; MBNTS,,: "v '¦ :!

The past month' has,,,beeh barren,of ;any information likely to. interest. the. general public, no/new worksy of any. importance having .been'commenced since the'date of our. last' Summary.-; With regard tb'those previously commenced, we; can only repeat the remark made"on":"former occasions, namely, that in, most cases they are pro- gressing favorably. The new government, house will probably be:;'com'plqted in; the course of the !next month;' and ,,'Wjiif most likely admit pf vice-rogal'occupancy, in time for the ball in: celebration of hcr| Majesty's .birthday on the 24th May next...,,¦; '.;., , ?,

, .The.Normal,. School, ..which. will« be, ono of the 'largestland most, substantial stone buildings in Brisbane, is also rapidly ap-

proaching completion, but we1 think' it will.' be threes or;fOur months'befOro'yit .will be ¦ ready for use. - .>'¦' .", -'. y'"', !' ''

-The new government'printing office may, be regarded as completed,' and:is| even now occupied'by. the'government printer (Mr. W.GiBeibridge;); '?".'":" _,."". :.''.;.'? I Tho' alterations to tho Post-office buildings may also, 'be regarded as complete, ,

' In reference to VYbrks carried on under the Engineer of Roads:Department; we have merely to, report that the wharf at Rock- hampton has been .finished,' and 'that the bridges over, the Mondure and Baramba <th'e Northern; districts have been commenced. They are both important works, and, when completed; -will greatly facilitate traffic betweentho interior and the sea-ports.

- -Mr. Roberts, the Engineer of Roads, is at present on'a tour of inspection through the Northern districts, and it is very likely that, when'he returns, we may receive some im- portant information with regard to public .works and, improvements 'both going on' and required in those districts, i '"

r- In the southern districts we findthat Gat ton'hridge, a very important work,.is likely to be completed in three or four weeks.' I

": Tho Warwick bridge, which' has been delayed for some'time from want of suitable timber, has also been commenced, arid it is believed..that the.,,work, will, henceforth be proceeded with vigorously. ;. ? ,:

. In. regard to 'private buildings,' we imay ,remark that although a great dealis'being done in this line, no hew buildings bf any consequence have'b'een undertaken since tbe' date, of our last Sumniary. Several of the old dirty-looking shops in Brisbane, have been madeto present a very;, handsome and comfortable appearance; by the. substitution of plate-glass fronts, and by sundry .other alterations in accordance with the disposition of the Mmes. , As, instances, we might men- tion the shops, pf Mr.; ^Buxton; draper, arid Mr. Fegan,.grocer, recently occupied By Mr. Costin and Mr.: Martin, respectively. Both .these establishments, in point of improve; :ment,present"quite a neW; aspect;..;