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Ceremony at Warragul. '.J ¡


WARRAGUL i'uesdav - In an! ai title published m Hie Argus' on, Januaij 21 it was suggested tuft thef through road from Melbourne lo Sydney be put ia order, so a« to afford the Prmca of Wales an opportunity of,an overland tup Hie ide i attracted i gieat deal of} attention It was recognised that the re» constructed load would BCIVC a double puw post-it would give the Prince a chanco to seo the conn ti y, and it would serve as a lusting memorial of lim visit lint, partly owing to the impossibility of titling th« tup into the eiovvded oflici ti programme, and paitl« owing to the sholl.ness ot lima in which to carrv out the mcessaiy work, the mattet was diopped foi i time

Only for a time, however Hie pioposal foi The Prince's Highway vv is coi (bally suppnited Hie National Roads Associa

tion ind the Royal Automobile Club mil public men of Australi i all to >l up tho scheine It was then suggested bv other bodies to adopt the Gippshntt loute and the shires tluoiigh vv hielt the mid nins until at last it leaches Ldeti and the bolder weie determined that their road should be the Princes Highway ' both in fail ind in name Pirmission wa« given by His Royal Highness to style it nil such and to day the first section of this reid was foiinûllv eluisteued

It was fitting that the eeieniony ¡should take pi ice in Warragul Hie sline was tho hist to gain a contract loud under the (.minti} Roads Hoard und it has been un. entliusinstie nd«neate of good loads ever since ^ome stretches of the road on the way to Melbourne aie excellent arguments foi the necessity of the boaid A peace loan niotoi eui got bogged in tho mud nein Gni held yisleidai and much of the road be

tween Dandenong and Melbourne is ii good, imilition of a eordmoy trael But onus the Gippsland loads weie even wor-e Mi. \\ Calder (ptesident of the Country! Rouils llonid) during vesteidavs pio cecdings told in apoerv phill stoiy of a lone bullock di tv cr w indenrig dong a de seited road and (racking his whip.

\\ here s my terni' he icpeiited in ins«ei to a question Thev IL undei tho mud I m steering them In the bub


Hie motin tun to Warragul fiom Mel- bourne is not m unmixed plcasiuc tup, but several pulies made tilt joiiinev to day \mong those who in lived fiom Alcl bouiuc weie the '«peal el of the legisli live Assembly (Mi I 1 Mitel ev I Mi

\\ Caldei and AIn.oi AuCormack (of the Cunnii i Roads Bom a) Ali G K. Broad- bent Ah A (« IJritbton (lepiescnting the RAG» ) anil Ali S lames (secielaiv of the National Roads Wo iiition ) Apolo gies fin lbscncc on iccount ot lillies were leceived fiom th( Toid Alnyoi (Conneilloi Allman "Ml.L) mid the piesulinl of the \\aiiijrul sime (foitueilloi Mticfui

lane ) A lan,e assemblage of eouncilk rs fiom thcjshiics of XAtliiigiil, Ruin Buln and \ ai neun was aI*o pie=m( I he visi lois weie cul oi tamed it lunch bv Conn cilloi Gopehintl and the Wmrigul sim o i DINK il lu tlu cotitsc of sevctal short

»pee« lies uppiiCialive leteienee w is mudo to Hu pi-irtii ii viojJ of the Hoidi Boaid

A\ ith i uild v ind diivmg ley i nu before it the pin tv inotoied outiwo miles to tho lioiiuduiy ni the Hiunigiil mil Buln Buln simes Tieri n tei oven stiauds of roil and \elliw w11 weie sltctdtcd fiom »ido to side of the io id Ml Alneliv in deelni

ing the i o id open »i id it w is the beginning ol it lietiitiful highway that would ultima- tely stielt li norn ivlcloourm to Oibost, uni light thiough to Sydney Mis Cope

land then cut tin ribbon nul three cheers wen given for the Pi ino

the dav was full of incident foi Winn gul Aesterdiv Captain Alatliesin of the

Ausli iii in Hying Coips linded in in ( Vvio niiidnue in a paddock outiide tin low ii With 1 light sergeant Bacon he had nude the tlijil iioni Point Cook (S3 miles ivnv) ni thieeqitattirs ol an hour If it was cold in Gippsland it was f-eo/mg 4 OOO

fei t ahov e it

Io-dny the avtntots together with Cap tam Hail el, Lieutenant Rai had ind Lieu tenant Lynch (who had nlived by car) addicted i crowded Peace I o in meeting III Waitagnl aftei I lie Pi i icen Highway

had been declared open ( aplani Altitlicsoii i elated m amusing e\pereiiee It is ens loinaiy to mark I aiding grounds willi ii vi hit/ I ¡,cnemllv fo lived bv spread iiV 111,-c I cts on the giotind \t Dande inn i hunt in clunie pi iced two copie« í>r Hu Argus held d(wn by stones in i j midi« t III lav the odds Hut ho I nids un the iiuiwomcnt column said a, lystuudei us Ciptam Mathesons lero p'nie dime in sight He seemed disip i mil when he lost his bit