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Lacrosse Foiir Decided


Alter a veii-iouKUfc match on Saturday, Bast Torrens defeated Brigh ton to win the lacrosse

minor premiersmp on per centage from Port Adelaide. Brighton took the Initiative early, but again slumped badly in attack. Except for a third quar ter ? slump when East Torrens scored six goals the Brighton back line was well on top. Glenclc backman. Smith, failed In report at the ground and left his side stranded with a man short. Port Adelaide stood down a man fnr the five minutes and from then on played a loose man. ^m In first five minutes (Vr : gained a 2—1 lead, but could not cope with the loose man and Port Adelaide went 'away to an easy win ' ' Mainly due to a six-goal break In the first quarter. Sturt detected University in an uninteresting e-North Adelaide defeated West Torrens by four goals— the lead it set up in the first quarter.- y East Torrens. Port Adelaide. Brighton, Gienelg will contest the major round next Saturday. PREMIERSHIP TABLE - W. L. Per Ag. PU. E. Tor. .. :. 13 1 230 49 2S tort Adel. .: 13 1 238 58 26 Brighton ... 9 5 139 66 18 Jlenelg .. .. 8 6 119 158 16 Sturt ? 6 8 108 131 12 Dnlv ? 4 10 ? 75 140 8 North Adel. .. 3 11 80 304 6 W. Tor. .. — 14 45 228 —

Gorman i&rs& lorrensi cusiit i?en the goal-throwing competi tion. Team mates Van Tenac and Martin (Fort Adelaide i shared second place with 70 each. The leaders are:— Gorman IET). 83: Van Tenac. Martin IPAI, each 70. A GRADE Ea«t Torrriw 10, d. Brighton S. — Oonlthrowers— East Torrens, Sla son 5. Gorman 3. Vlckery. Mithew tnan: Brighton. McCoy 2, Mel bourne. D. Hamilton. James. Best players — East Torrens, Carter, Sisson, Barbour, Vickery, Polriase; Brighton. Vial. Arnold. McCoy, McNally. Pritchard. Port Adelaide 1R. d. Glenelg 4. — Goalthrowers — Port Adelaide, Martin 6. Gow 4. Lowcock 3. B. Forrest, Van Tenac each 2. Mc Cartney: Glenelg. Fletcher 2, Earl, ? Shelley. Best players— Port Ade laide. B Forrest, Oow, Lowcock, K. ' Porrest. McCartney: Glenelg, Young. Taylor. Bruce. Oooley, Shelley. Start IX d. Ilnlvrrslti ».— Qoal- throwcrs — Sturt, Keen 5. Olrke t, 0. Gomer 2. B. Gomer, Holt, Cllsby; University. Clarke 3, : Syde. Sumner each 2. McCormlck. Best players— Sturt. Holt. Moir. King, Keen. Cllsby; University. Sumner. Ward. White. Sutherland.

wiiitpiiiuu. .North Adelaide 8, d. West Tar ren« 4.— Ooalthrowers— North Ade laide. Gandy 3. Nesbitt. Taylor each 2, Greenhalgh; West Torrens. Nottage, Hancock each 2. Best players— North Adelaide, Alexan der. Oandv. Neville, Greenhalgh. Nerlich; West Torrens, Hancock, , Hannant, Nottage, Drage, Ander- - son. : B Grade.— Brighton 11. d. Port ? Adelaide 3; East Torrens 6, d. North Adelaide nil; Bturt 14, d. University 3. 0 Grade,-^3turt 5. d. North Ade laide 3: East Torrens 14. d. Olenelg 9: Port Adelaide 10, d. ' West Torrens 4. ?. ? s