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U.S. Storm Costs 200 Lives

Australian Associated Press.

NEW YORK. Nov. 27.

Deaths reported in the US as a direct result of the hurricane total more than 200, with many persons

missing, including scores of hunters. Threats of wide-scale flood- ing increased as more snow and rain fed the rivers. Weather officials reported last night that the fury of the storm was dying but warnings were given of possible further heavy falls of snow.   It was estimated that 120 homes were washed away during the height of the storm in an 18-mile stretch of the New Jersey coast. Canadian Deaths In addition to the American deaths, at least nine persons have been killed in Canada by the storm, which swept in from the US at the week-end, lash- ing Eastern Canada and the maritime provinces. Lake Ontario, churned to white foam by overnight winds, hurled 35 ft. breakers on to the beaches. Cottages were smashed to matchwood along 13 miles of shore near Hamilton, where at least 75 persons were injured.   National Guardsmen were ordered to shoot to kill looters in Cleveland last night after 30 cases of looting had been reported. Several alleged looters were arrested in New York yester- day. U.K. Fogbound LONDON. November 27.— Dense fog blanketed Britain, Belgium and Holland yester- day and last night, stopping cross-Channel air services and dislocating road and rail ser- vices in these countries. The Orient liner Otranto, due to sail for Australia on Saturday, was still fogbound at Tilbury last night. JOHANNESBURG, Novem- ber 27. — Three people were drowned in floods last night when over 2 in. of rain fell in a one-hour thunderstorm here. Lightning set fire to nine houses and dozens of buildings were flooded.