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At the Freemasons' 'Hotel this after- noon Dalgety and Co Ltd., in conjunc- tion with uennett and Fisher Ltd., con- ducted the subdivisional sale ot' Momba Station on behalf of Sir Sidney Kid- man and Mr. J. Timms, owners, both of whom wore present at the sale. Mr. G. Strachan, of Dalgety and Co., was the auctioneer.

Lot 1, Mount Murchison, was first brought under the hammer. This sec- tion comprises 396,028 acres of lease- hold and 5220 acres of freehold land, subdivided into 48 paddocks with a Darling Uiver frontage of about ôO miles. The biddinc opened at Cd. an acre and moved slowly to 1/6 in three- penny bids. At this pricey there was a halt, and it then moved nf penny bids to ly's, where another halt was made. Two halfpenny bids then came, and al- though the sale was held up for some

minutes there was no advance on the' l t) au acre, at which price it was | knocked down to Mr. J. Tennant, of ] Burra, South Australia. !

Lot 4, Hamilton, comprising 10,2-10 : acres of leasehold, and lot ó. Capon, of 10,117 acres of leaselwld were next offered. Bidding for these lots opened at 1/ an acre, bufouicklv ran in three-

penny bids to 2/3. There was a pause j before this price coukl be improved j upon, and then came 2/4, folowed by j a pause, and then 2/4§, where the sale j was held up for some time.- Then ->~A was obtained, when there, was another long pause, and despite the appeals of the auctioneer there was no advance, and it was knocked down at this to Mr. J. Tennant, of Burra.

Lot 2. Momba, comprising 638.010 . acres of leasehold, subdivided into 80

! paddocks, together with 3000 to 1O00 j i head of mixed cattle and 150 horses. ! was next offered on a walk-in-walk-out j j basis. The first hid was at sixpence an i ! acre, and bidding then moved slowly to ! ! Od. After a pause the bidding became j > more spirited, and the price moved to '

1/ very quicklv. It then slowed down. 1 ' lil coming, followed hy a pause. Finally

1/H was offered, and at this nrice it was knocked down to Mr. S. T>. Reid, son-in-law of Sir Sidney Kidman.

Lot 3, Purnanga, comprising 381.200 acres of leasehold, was the final offer- ing. Bidding' for this opened at' 3d. and moved to 4d.. where there Waa a long pause and a consultation by those interested. Bidding livened up when the sale was proceeded with, farthing bids taking the price to 4Jd. Here there was another pause, and then 5d. came, quicklv followed br Sid,, when there was another pause.^ after which bidding proceeded bv farthing rises to fHo". No advance could be obtained on this offer, and it was knocked^down to Mr. S. D. Reid.

The total sales amounted to approxi- mately £79.000._