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_ Messrs. E. J. abd Dan Carroll han» given . Australians a.. glimpse of what !

can be done in" the way of film produc

tion under local conditions, ana it is j

now reported that they have provided for the establishing of tin's < new., indus- try on a surV footing.', A company is to be formed, to be called the Carroll Baker PJcturo Productions. Limited. The capital of £25000 has been sub- scribed by Messrs. E. J. and Dan Car- roll, Reg. L. Baker, and the Southern Cross Feature Films Company Limited of Australia. The beautiful old home of "Palmerston," at VWaverley, has been acquired, reports an exchange, for the purpose of converting it into a pio ture studio. The grounds cover 14 acres, and possess natural .advantages for setting for any type >of story. The ambition of the company^ is to have : Australian productions with an Aus-

tralian atmosphere, and '. to develop t Australian talent. Three companies : will be employed all the year round. WjOrk'will commence, on tfife first, pro-

duction in the new studio', in a few weeks. "\


For the year 1919 the Department of Mines conducted 441 surveys with sal- aried surveyors. Licensed surveyors conducted 89 surveys, 34 of which were made in the Broken Hill district.

At a special court held, th's afternoon George C. Dempster was granted a certificate by Mr. A. ll. Perry, S.M.. authorising h:m to act as an auctioneer for the remaindtr of this year.

Names omitted from reports contri- buted to "The Miner'» cannot be pub-

lished in a. subsequent issue.