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"TELEGRAPHING under yesterday's date, our .Coolgardie otrrespondent reports :-The weather is hot, with thunder in tbe atmos- phere and with tie promise of a atcrm.

THE gross takings at the O'Cailaghan testi- monial concert amoonted to JE87 16s , and the nett proceeds to Ü84 8s. 6d., wbioh sum has been handed to Mr. T. F. Quinlan, bon. -treasurer to the testimonal fund.

TO-MOEEOW night in the Trinity Congrega- tional Church, St. George'a-terr^oe, the Bev. William T. Kenoh will ' give his Becond monthly lecture to young men. The subject of the lecture will be, " Robert Browning as

A religious teacher." "

.ON Tuesday evening tbe work of the Sisters .of the People will be brought before the public of Fremantle. The Besident Magis- trate will preside over a meeting in the Town Hall, when the Sitters will speak of their work, and addresses will be given by gentle- men representing the medical profession and by others. SOIOB will be given by M:SB Drew and Dr. Ljger Eraon.

THE second annual Maeonic ball, in connec- tion with the Lodga of Emulation, which takes place on the 30th inst., in the Town Hall, promises to be a success. An energetic committed have the prelimi- nary arrangements in hand, and no efforts will be spared to make tbe ball enjoyable. Tickets are obtainable from the members of the committee, and also from Mr. Mark Coronel at Fremantle, and Mr. Geo Hiecox at


THE nett proceeds of the social gathering lately held in connection with St. George's Cathedral parish, amounting to £32, have been paid to the credit of the Special Parish Aid Fund. The committee ask to be allowed, through our colomns, to thank those ladies and gentlemen who so kindly assisttd them in bringing the gathering to such a suoce.s ful iBsne bjth sooially and financially.

AT the annual meetng tf the Sis'era of the People on Monday nex', reports will be given by Sister M*iiui, Sieter Loui», Sister Alice and Sister M ldred, the Sister in Charge. There will alco be in attendance Sister . Florenoe, Sister Annie, Sister Bts«ie, and Sister Adelaide. The Bev. G E Bow« will make a statement about the work of the ?pretest year.

THE W-Bt Australian Siwinir Club's annual ball to be held ra the Town Hall n xt Thura ? day, the 22nd inst., promises to be a great BUO0»B3. His, Excellency tbe Administrator and Lady Onslow bave acnepted invitati >ns to ba present, at-d the tk-keta are selling rapidly. The fancy dress and chiidroEa' ball will be held on the following evening, on that occasion the pub io will be admitted to the gallery by ticket, for wh ch a small oharge

will be made.

IN Wesley Church to-mcr.-ow special services will be held in celebration of the anniversary of the Mission of the Sisters of the People. The Bev. G. E. Bowe will preach in the morning on " A l»s8on in ChrUtian ihelp," and will give an address to the children. At -the evening servios ib.» Bev. gentleman will preach on " What a woman can do to m»ke -the world better. The Te Deum will be sung At the evening service to the well-known Betting of Jaokson.

' THE large room of the Yoong Men's Christian Association waa well fi.led on Wednesday evening to hiar a lecture on "Naw Z jalard and the Maoris," by Captain Gold (late 65th Regiment). The lecturer dealt with the early days of the Maoris. Certain products and the forests occupied the greater part of tbe evening, and for nearly two hours the lecturer -who has a happy mt am cf imparting his knowledge-was followed in his vivid des- cription of the islands and the inhabitants. The Rev. W. T. Keach prended.

'THE board of management of the Young Mena' Christian Association purpose catering to supply the want« of young men, as will be seen from the list of meetings appearing in .our advertising columns. The gymniBium will be opened on Monday evening and mern bew ani intending members are requested -to attend. On Wednesday a musical evening ?will be held and on Friday, M »del Parlia- ment will be inaugurated. Young men are .very cordially invited to any or all of the


THE annual distributi n of prizes to the pupils of the Pdrth High School wss held .yesterday afternoon in the Town Hall. Hia Excellency th* Administrator nade the pre- sentations, and having completed this pleasant portion of the programme, delivered an ad dr«s3 to the b >ys complimenting them on the chancier and tone the school

possessed, aad urging them to obedi- ence to their masters, and diligence ia -their studies. A vete of thanks to His Exo-llrnoy, proposed by tin Speaker, Sir .James Lee-Sceere, brought the proceed'nga

to a OIOBB.

THE following is a copy of a telegram received yesterday by the Postmaster General, Mr. Sholl, from the Postmaster at Pinjarrah : " The river is rising rapidly. Mr. Wrigley, foreman for the contract for the new post onie >, is flooded cut. His cottage is now five feet underwater. The barometer is falling greatly, and there is every prospect of a very high flood. Old residents say that the river . has not been so high for many years. The

enoroaohmeLt of the flood ou the Pinjarrah «ide cf the bridge is becomirg a serioua matter. Ten yards from the west end of the dam there ÍB a clear washaway, and one biidge pile of the new wing Eeamingly stand- ing iu the water alone."

A MEETING was held last Monday night at St. Barnabas' Mission room, relative to the proposed site of a railway platform and siding .?-for the convenience bf the residents of

Leederville and district. It WSB unanimously decided that a site suggested by the Com- missioner of Bailways be accepted, se there ffF-Wvd to~be no immediate groBpeofc of

getting it plaoed at tbe Thomaa-street crossing. A few of the residents and land- owners in the immediate vicinity of Thomas street being dissatisfied, they called a counterV meeting, which was held last night, when, after an animated discussion, a resolution embodying the following : " That it would be injudioiou« to p'aoe the platform and siding at any other place than the Thomas-street crossing," was put to the meeting and carried by the casting vote of the chairman.

IN the City Court, yesterday, Mr. Parkisa drew the attention of tha Beach to what he consider ed-was an anomaly in the adminis- tration of justice. It appeared from his re- marks that on the 24th July a restaurant keeper named Mardnll in William-screat waa convict.d of a technical breach of the Licensing Act inasmuch aa he sold to a couple of polioemtn a small bottle of porter with some pies they bad ordered after 11 o'clock, he not having a license to aell liquor. The magistrate expressed himself favour *bly in- cline! to Buppoit a remission of the fioe, but oa the next day, while the p-titioh was being fur warded to tue Attorney General, a warrant of distress was issued aud the man's goods were seized, but security having been forth- coming that the goods would not be removed the distrcBB was withdrawn. In the mean- time tie Attorney General seat the patition baot for the opinion of the magistrate, as is usual in Buoh oases, but strange to say, it did not reach Lim, but went to the Commis- sioner of Police. In the meantime nothing was done, and fourteen days having elapsed, tb« man's gooda «era attain eeizid, and there was nothing open to him but to sell bia busi- ness in order to pay the fine of ¿830, he being a struggling min and only in poor circum- stances. . Mr. Parkes th n sent another petition to the Attorney General and the re-

sult was tint the Cabinet decide 1 to remit half the flue and that doo sion reaobed Mr. Cowan, P.M., for the first time yesterday. Tr>e most peculiar part of the business, Bail Mr. Purkûs, was that an oyster shop keeper in Barraok-slreit was fined for a timitar offence, subsequent to Marshall's, and the petition in his .oaae having 'been ramiltedto the magistrate for his opinion, tie Cabinet decided to remit almost immediately the whole of his fine. Mr. Parkiss contended that.the oyster shop keep sr'a, alchongh not a bad case, waa worse than the other. lu the oaae of Marshall two pelioemen carne to him after hot»] hours with a tula that they were fami8be ', andjin his good nature be bad sup- plied kern at th ir request wiih a small bottle cf porter. Mr. Pat kies intimated that he did not intend to let the matter rest, but would hive it investigated in Parliament to ascertain on what principle a poorer and IOEB culpable man was treated in"a worae manner tbau a richer and more culpable offender.

UThe enterprising proprietress of that fa- vourite resort, the Globe Hotel, announces in our amusement columns that Williams' Band will dispense selected m asio on the spacious balcony from 8 te 10 tonight.

The sale whioh is being held by MesarB. Weidenbach & Co. prior to the i «building operations attracted much attention yesterday, and a large number of .people availed them- selves of the opportunity of obtaining cheap orockery, fancy goods,' drapery, etc. It will be soon from the adve.-iùement the Ba'.e will be contuuid for a limited period only. To-day a special display will be made.

Attention is directed to an advertisement announcibg a cbansro in the firm of Hall & Dallen. Mr. James A. Todd, recently of Sydney, has now joined the fi.-m, which will in future be carried ou aa Ball, Dallen & Todd, Limited. Attention is also called by the same firm to a sale of valuable city properties to be offered on Saturday, 24th imt., particulars of which will be found ia an advertisement ap p.aiing elsewhere.