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The absence of adequate hotel accommo- dation at Fremantle has for some years been a subject of comment by passengers landing from the crowded decks of steamers which daily arrive at the port from the Eastern Colonies, London, and Singapore. The neces- sity for some more ready means of absorbing the continued influx of visitors led to the granting of a license for the opening of what is now known as the Esplanade Hotel, situ- ated on Marine-terrace, facing the sea at Fremantle. Mr. W. Meadly, an enterprising gentleman of the port, recently bought the large warehouse in Marine-terrace formerly occupied by Messrs. Symon, Hubble & Co., together with the adjoining premises,   which were used as a private boarding-house, and at large expense had the premises completely renovated and transformed into what is now a roomy and well furnished hotel, fitted up with all the latest conven- iences, and in a style to suit the most fastid- ious. The new building has been appro- priately named the Esplanade Hotel, for it is situated directly facing the South Beach, along which the esplanade, a vote towards which has been placed on the estimates, will be made. The hotel was opened to the public last Tuesday, and to mark the occasion a few guests assembled in the spacious dining room to drink success to the host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Meadly, in inaugurat- ing their enterprise.

Mr. E. W. Davies, M.L.C., occupied the chair, and in proporing the health of the host and hostess said that he believed with Mr. Meadly at the head of affairs, a gentleman   who had large business experience and knew how to cater for the public, the Esplanade Hotel would be one of the most prosperous enterprises in Fremantle. He trusted that Mr. and Mrs. Meadly would prosper in their new line of business.

Mr. Meadly suitably responded and said that he would do all he could to make the hotel a success.

Capt. T. W. Smith and Mr. J. R. Doonan also testified to the popularity of Mr. Meadly and added a few words of congratulation.

A detailed description of the new hotel has already appeared in the WEST AUSTRALIAN. The public bar, which is 22ft. by 18ft., is   fitted up in elaborate style, as is also the saloon bar adjoining, which is 18ft. by 15ft.

There are two main entrances in Marine Terrace, one leading to the dining room and saloon bar and the other to the sitting rooms   and bedrooms. The latter, fifteen in all, are situated on the first floor and are furnished in a oomplete manner, with furniture im- ported from Melbourne. Adjoining the dining room on the ground flour are reading and smoking rooms. The kitchens, scullery, etc, are separated from the main buildings, but are   arranged in a convenient position to the dining room. The architect, Mr. H. N. Davis, has paid great attention to the ventilation and   sanitary arrangements, and all the rooms are lofty and well lighted. A fine billiard room ia being fitted up in connection with the hotel and in the course of a week or two will be opened. The contractors for renovating the building were Messrs. Mell & Todd, and it mutt be said they have carried out their duties in a creditable manner.