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IA new programme will be shown ail

Lenard's Pictureland on Thursday night next, which will include "two

j special features:- The star subject will

be a Triangle drama, entitled "Bawbs o' Blue Ridge." Tho starred actor is j Arthur Shirley, who will be remember j ed in Australia for his work in "Tho Shepherd of the Southern Cross," and the leading female role/ is taken by ' Bessie Barríscale. The management j states that a -bit of quaint folk-lore i dealing: with American mountain folk

ia a feature of the production. It ia un ancient custom in the Blue Ridge country for a maid to appeal to the prophetic vokes whenever she is m

j doubt concerning her selection "of á hus I band. She begins by saying "If Pm ¡going to marry a young man, knock,,

death, knock." Hearing nothing she says, "If I'm going to marry a young man, whistle, bird., whistle." If her appeal remains still unanswered she. says, "If I'm going to marry an old man, hoot, owl, hoot." It is a tradi- tion, and the girls adhere to it, but in this story Bawbs is not at all satis- fied with the answers to her questions.

The second feature on Thursday will

! be the first ot ¡1 chain of feature plays . under the general title of "Gloria's ! Romance." Each of these five-part

f)]ays deals with a phase of. Gloria's ofre story. Miss Billie Burke will ap¿ pear as Gloria. The. first story *is en-i titled "Lost in th« Everglades," a.syn-: opsis of which in advertised in this"

issue. - - ' - '. 'V;

The management also announces that owing to the large number of success- ful answers to the question, "Wno is the girl of the double cross?'»'in "con- nection with the serial, "The Mystery of the Double Cross," it has been de- cided .to offer a grite of.£1 1/ on each of the first Rix nights 'of "Gloria's

Romance.'' The whole of the corree* I guesses will bc placed in a box each night, and the prise of £11/ will be awardod te tao tot ntanbar draw*.