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Last "night the* Obie " Dramatic Com- pany: produced a French military cos- tume drama, .entitled "The Convent's TaNjíS." -The" play.concerns the history ofjà'IStlé emla entrusted to the Sisters of convent at Longueville, in Flan- ders. 'The Btory of tnë girl, however, is'only « side piot to the main theme of thetiràmâ, which " is" that of the Hattie cJ^Fónténoy, . The prologue opens a few hours before the great hattie cbm . menees", "the" scene being the Convent of Longueville, near whicn is the cottage of Pierre~Lorance.\ A young nobleman who., has been wounded entrusts his .'daughter to the care of the listers. ."The. young nobleman is saved .from death" by'Pierre Lorance, who is re- warded. "In order to deposit his re- ward ¿tid: certain papers in safe keep- ing'Pierre breaks camp and vista his hobie. He impresses upon his little daughter Adrienne the necessity of .secrecy ; about his visits and departs. . A camp follower, Lazare, attacks' the Wife, .. and alter Bordering her steals the jewels .and papers. Adrienne hears the quarrel: and thinks her father is still there. ..Pierre 's tried for the murder, the child gives har evidence, and Pierre is condemned to .imprisonment for' life. Twelve years ktt^r-% gapg of convicts being trans- ferred:" te" another, province are given shelter iii the duke's gardens. Among them. is Pierre : Lora nee. Lazare ar- rives . in ' the . assumed character of Çpûnt de Laval. Finally the plot is un "ratfued/the impuster Lazare Í3 es poeed^ and Pierre and Adrienne ere reunited. Miss Linden and Mr. Ayr á|t,-bçth to be congratulated on their success" as father and daughter. They ?viaje, particularly good in the third act,, where the recognition takes place. The battle scene and the condemnation of.' pierre were well' presented. Little Miss. Ayr played the part of the child Adrienne : prettily and cleverly. Mr. Kfnna bs tho false count, alias Lazare, Mr? Herberte as Duke d'Aubrette. Miss Be§e° Cole a& Madame Depret, and Miss

- Alice Bede as Valentine were conspicu-,

ons; m. d' long cast. "The Convent's Trtsjt'?" wOl be repeated this evening, andj at a matinee this afternoon.. The boxplan will be' atr-the Theatre this

afternoon. '-.'".