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Last night tho Bohemian Dramatic .Company produced the exciting detec- tive drama "The Ticket of Leave Man,"'by Tom Taylor* at the Empire Theatre. There was a good house, and the production was ni success. The " story of- the play is known to all

theatregoers. Robert. Brierly, a Lan- cashire lad, arrives in London to seo .life and falls into the hands of a gang of cdiners and sharpers, who use 'him as a tool to pa% their counterfeit notes. In consequence ho falls into the hands of Hawkshaw, the detective, and is sentenced to a term of imprisonment. He is subsequently released on ticket of leave,' and finds employment at the ' office of Mr Gibson, a bill broker in

tho city. Here ho is found and recog

' nised ;by. Hawkshaw, who spares him,

hut his former'associates discover him and betray him t¿ his employer. He is discharged fromTSdr. Gibson s employ on tho eve of his marriage to May Ed ' wards, who has been true to him during

\th_e years he has spent in Portland , wad. He is further persecuted by the

Villains, Jew Walton and Melter Moss, and in despair agrees to join them in a plan to rob his former employer. He does so with the idea of revenge, and .to save Mr. Gibson, Bob receives his reward, and is reinstated. Miss Linden iras most successful in the arduous part DÍ May Edwards, and in Act 1, sang "Sunshine Has Come." Mr. Ayr played Hawkshaw in a quiet, but effec- tive manner ; Mr. Kenna was Jew Dal- ton alias "The Tiger" . Mr. Ebbsmith,

.Melter Moss : Mr. W. S. Marshall was I the city broker, Mr. Gibson; and Mr. Roy'Herberte played the Lancashire lad, Bob Brierly. The comedy was in the capable hands of Messrs. Cole and ( Harcourt, who. were .well .waisted by the

'^Missetf AHee ÎWdeVBellelno! Rosie

Cole,, and others. . The production will be repeated thia evening. To-morrow evening, a patriotic military play "Called to Arms"'will" Be staged.