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There were large ' attendances last > night at Johnson's picture theatres in ¡ Oxide-street and at Hillside to witness'

the screening of the new programmes. The war drama, "The' Joan of Arc of Loos." appeared to be specially appre- ciated by the audiences. . It was an interesting story, well set «nd well acted. The story opens with the in- habitants of Loos enjoying a romp in the open, but the coming of the Ger- mans is heralded by the violent bom- bardment of the village. The entry of the Germans into the village puts an end to the fredom enjoyed by the in- habitant«, and then follows a series of crimes by German officers and. men, which gives an idea of the suffering of those who are unfortunate enough to be living in districts under enemy oc- cupation. The heroine of the story fre- quently sees a vision of Joan of Arc, and in a spirit of emulation she accom- plishes deeds of bravery which earn for her the name of "The Joan of Arc of Loos." Among her deeds are the shoot- ing of German snipers who are firing on the Bed Cross and the bombing of other enemy parties engaged in similar treachery. There is a pretty love story

I in. connection with the picture, in which

the son of a ooltmel, who hag his com- mission in the army, and "The Joan of Arc of ;I¿o9' 'are tho central figures. The young lieutenant is entrusted with important despatches, hut before he can déliter them up td. the general for whom they are mtended, ho is sniped, placed' under arrest, and summarily or- dered to be shot at dawn. His predica- ment'becomes,'known to "Tile Joan of Arc of Loos," and she sets about free- ing him.. With the assistance of loyal Frenchmen she overcomes the guard, and enables the young lieutenant to complete his interrupted mission in tile uniform of a German officer. "On. the Level," the story of a judge's two sons-one a waster and. the "other a- worker-was the old familiar story of a hard father, a fight for livelihood, self-sacrifice, and love, crowned by fame and happiness. "Some Chaperoned »nd "The Doomed Groom" wore the humorous studies, while there was much-to interest in the "Australian Gazette"! séries of topical subjects.