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.?" ' :-v' . '.. '

/ , ' (By "Wakeful.")


. T' soo 'tuero risa likelihood o! * £200 Hurdle ltaeo .being mnd«'.n nttrnotion .lor broken Hill shortly;- .\Vell, I don't

know if- tho iden,, w ¿00.1/ . There. is :a .Koarcity*of ' -'-hurdlers' ? iu>>\n -.south just. now, and,', of course;- there'aro none too 'many-nt tho Hill, - -For', tho Hurdle ..Koco.''.ali'.,tho".K8punda';pieeting,- thèro uro only eight entries,,-some, of them jmvihg-'no pretensions jvhntover-to-pose as jumpers,s, For .tho Hurdle'Rñco on. . the Adolnido- Old Courso.on Foundation '"'Day there have been^only.;«* dozen ho-": niiuntcd, -and that is..an,>averago' re- sponso received hy Adelaide clubs .-for > iut-o over the little sticks .\ Therefore, if Adelaide \nijd . import jiiit .eouiitr.* taco .clu,bs. .aro- so.-lbatily »piitronised;'* it is hard ,"to soo', hojv .ii. Hill club. cnn .llopo to sticecëd,:..hrhèthcr Ut; "stnko of,v£2U0 ' or'&OOU. is hung up,4ï,T.ho material; is

not available."" '-.,', ; .-^.ï,

I think à vbotter . plan-for tho- .Hill flubs ito*..a'dçipt*lis; .t^yputeby. a : bit ot money foi -tho' -purpose ofv encouraging ''ttco-vear-old. racing.. ..'.' Slr. ,punn,,.;oi.

Netley, will' soon' .bo; submitting ..some j .youngsters' for? ,«n!o'-.at'f;tho Hill,"'jin'd I . Air.'3; Kbhworth'y'dówn¿'$tMannahill

has sbine 'nico, youhg'r.Ktoclc'.thut might

lind ai marKeV at 'tho.'Hill; ..'iThen,,tlie | Paratoo - squatter,, Mr.-' H.; P.' M'Lach- ! Ian,'' is 'ahother'i breeder '6f '^borough- : . bretl'slOck'-'that'.might-turn,'n business

eye towards Broken ijill^if MK D'unnls stock' 'rcatiso-'pricbB I'tba't 'aro anyway near tlni, mark; ; v.Cons'e'qiiently tb ,,en .'couragb? "'.??local 0wnqrs-';.tO''buy :,yonng . stüt'lt¡"the"iqoál';çlji))s,r should Seo 'to'it ? tho t ' racés ard. provided -'for 'tlioiriT Of

course/ it may .bo-,taken fqr grauted - that tho. local-flubs; .will: licit bo. slow

¡a catering for ; tho''ownors 'of :tvyo vear-olds, but*'wbnt'X' should liko 't'o point, but'iis'.'th'at' air eriyly move' should bo made'in'this'diredtion^'in 'ordór.'.to

.". _ Step-.-. lug out'after-the-impössiblb iii-tho .way . ol' ii-.- sttbstantiaily:endó'í,f'éÜ:' ? Hurdle

-lluee.' -> Tho . experiment lias been' tried bel'orp,-' without, enticing^nny'' of -the few really, good'.hurdlers out of"'Ado ... laide.;^, "l :.- ', ' .f .,»<;'/'; - -'...'

Certainly -the-'priwnsliop'.'prices? 'real- ised- for-: thof.lñtb -Mr;. Georgo "Parer's horses at. tho Hiir?.oii;vMdndnv aro not likely 'to..;mnke'-brecdoi's 'rush', the Silver .Cil.v-withiwell-bred'.juVOiiilo stock. ..Out ;.sidèrs:,;wilt-naturally cómovtb'Hho' ebn 'elusion, .after seeingïtlioso-pricés, 'that

there ;i8,tno ;inoiioy. .fór.;.rncing On', tho . liarrier'.-but'thero'isj-iaudegbod ;monoy,,

too. ' Unfortunately,-- however,- many local sports ,liko',to;Keo,,tlie otlier;foïlû(v do tlie horsetowniug part/'of the «busi- ness while tlioy do ( tho', punting-. How o.'ivi-.'it is to, .bo-hoped ' that'.when tho MiipTgwvn .'youngsters colno'-jip l'or, sali) we slialI,8eo;'somo.;frcsh-additions matlo tn tho ranks' of Broken ;.|lill owners. AVe could do^With "a .fojv, more, and. I shall bo çurpfiâèd if they' do not mator iftliso''jif^duef/.ciursôïr.-;-!,!;'^^.'., ' v ,

. Mr. fl. :P. íM'Iihchlan'á^are/'üannn, has returned, to Paratoo; ,.' She has been . over at\.Melbo.urne oh a^visit'to Alawa. . and. the.> result, of."J thatö union 'should . 1)0; sginething,* oho'ico. S.o ; should the

..ííiatingiof "tlie-.speedy -Miss Owen .-with , Pjstojj. and ,.ib..i(»" no^wondér. this -maro

'was. passed-in ;at;.thó :Hill! on Monday 'when "the bidding stoppèd 'afcwn', paltrv i'üó, néhjrl.yvns m.uch usr itrcost'to senil, Miss Gwen toitlie Riolunond Park sire, when. theiísttidáfáej' triiin'ífnro, agist iiient, 'attendance,; und ?overvthing' else is iakeii>.into raecouhi. ') A -Pistol-Miss ...Gwen .spljinter.Khöiiltl -bb "capable Of get ihlm 'lp,'r<yre;.'stea'tl, aild.Vif ítlió: young ??? Bi i-\ ^?ro,;,S"b'.niitte;d.; in.auo cbtirso in

AdelaidoUie .would^fóteh,attíó0d price. Ji ¡un ;only sorry tlie-iinare's late owner . '? i. i ''fltvnveito.- race'thé ;result of tho

Pistol;experiment.,-,. It-would have'been "atreat to,.>vatch tho-enthusiastic'.little

I'eorge .dancing -round- after :scoring- a wm m Adelaide company. ' :- - .

4* W recent Páiiibú)a-(Ñ-.S.W.) races' . .there ,wfl;s.;d .doiiblo, deadvheat. -.Selah

and Ditto.coujld not'. be'serjiirntod nt the fiiiislt for.tlie principaT'rare.'o'f tho after- noon,' nhd.had-.to, oin, off. Tho-,pair ''again. 'deadfbeated..'. ' ! -

: «A Netv, South Wiles inveiiior; M'rV.A.

J'.-:dni|e,- 'has: 'just. broùf?JiT-. to light- a. « eviee which ;it is claimed will correctly ..detenn-ito^i6'"^a'tiv'©-''pc^0ns> of liqr '.ses at'î^fe^ftfif9lr^oT;4.''riïôa.-.'It is mn 'almmniunif'plato, on tvllicli a largo red ..hnm.bé'rrí¿:;priñt-ea.-..This'.''-pláte is'fas Heiied- 'to .the ' sidestnti} Of tlio bridle,* anil 'hangs;' uowii on the lioi-sb's cheek. Iríais rhado at '.Forbes"havè proved it ;inuch Riiperiôr;tô thé saadl<$''«toth''.iitim> 'w,' wliMlt'-'-Uds --á^liAbit,''bBfla'pptñj^''at

the critical liniment' ör'bbcomiivg'partlv obscured '. ' '-underneath .'. ! tl*"saddle ' Saps. - ~Mr/ Esdà'ile 'lias ? sécûredi' tho i-ble Wtènt. rights '.fôr>!thô Commonwealth, . and seyet-ar sot3: 'bf nuriibérs hnvfr nl .'rraady'teeii1 ordered 'by différent"-"clubs. '? AVhen.\tho i cheek' plate . becc)rh©3 ;liotter

knowii;'-it, iis expected'-tlint'-ifc wilf're nliée'théisaddle cloth number:^ .

?Bñriijg tho' -'iÖl'8:; racine " season *'in Eolith;"Australia Over half! n' millipn poimds:1'pnss'cd 'through tho>'tótesjon,t'he vafiotis rn'cecoursesl' -Thougli tlie year jtttt'closed'tfds Uiid'oiibtcdly a good -ono .frbhi'a-.tote'?point' bf-vieiv',-' it" is not a record 'fdr "tho Wheat ;Sfnte,"for iii 1912 ' h' tntivl': of i'ÏCOO.329 -uassed-'-into - the

cupaeious maw' ol 'the' beitinrr'niucliiiic. "lii'tst' year's total was £592,320, exactly

'£14-;0Ó0 short bf' -th© preceding year's

figures. The "difforent- racine «lub's-'gá tliercd< in :£44,"424Í ns their whack of ? tho spoils, whilst. the. Government. received by. way of taxation,. dE14,&'J3. . " .'.Odd' money-or fraetioi)3, (n3;;.it .ii, called ; amounted to £201"5,, ,ahd every. ? penny of it went to deserving charities. Should anyone doubt tho pre^n'^: prosperity, of tho Wheat State, ho¡¡ )\'áa'-only tq;;©óm paro tho last two yearsV'^hgiiresvwith those of 13 years ago*, /wheal the'. 12 .months' betting per medium of therma chino panned out-only;'i27!B,96B.i.{?It:iit. apparent that rnco clubs, lind: the', tote, a grand revenue coUebtor,.''and/.would find it u difficult joh.to;ge.t along! with- | out it... Iii :fact; nmiijT; ."of :t:hb.frólubr.

would nót'try to do gol,-iyiro tho 'ítotó I abolished. ... '.." :'«.!

Just as ho is a .shr^wd-l'eod jockey, so.

? i's.AV. H. M'Laclilan a;'canny, business niati. All his money, goes "into real es- tate, and he. has inany>-tirié' villas n'dja .eent to his palatial homes ai Randwick. ,Muo's villas bear characteristic names, such ns ''Chere Amiei" ? i'Soultliue,'' MMooltun.'?... . ''Maranui," "Prince ^bOtei'f.."Comedy. King," and "Duke'

l! böte." These titles serve to awake «I-Milo pleasant memories.

Í¡The . Tasmanian Breeders, Owners, ,qnd Trainers' Association, in meeting assembled, have affirmed that it is up. 't i lits mom beni to get busy and block tho i'fixing-up". tactics of Victorian jackeys Who visit tho Tight Little' Island when on a turf ''apple trip.'.'.. . The meeting expressed tho opinion that the Mel- bourne jookstcrs were accompanied by. big punters, who 'milked the betting, iiulrkot, leaving very little for owners; Several suspicious cases were cited, and '1 ti;.,was "said; that afteP- their experiences

.IpitVear a few "owners would not bo too niixious to sccuro the services of the Visiting horsemen.- One speaker said .that in a sprint race nt Mowbray -last Cm) timo ono of the best local lads wo* .'deliberately . stopped by a Melbourno

'ritlor, who jumped his horse against the. JiVirso it was desired to stop directly, tlie barrier was raised. The.resultant injury has kept the Tasmanian horscon tho sick list ever siiice.-.'.At the' last tj'obart Cup meeting- a "scrap" occur-, roil after ono race, and .that Jmppcniiifr opened tho Tasmanian';.race ; officials ? nyes to the games tho,Victorian' visitors iiiVro up to. In consequence of the re 'cont big growl in. Tassy,; it^is sajtl. that porno of tho Melbp'iirno'visitorR may-,find .themselves blocked 'at1-the goto- when ,tlioy next visit nu Apple Island race

I course.. . -j ?., ? !rV'sIt'»'-'riot onlyÍ'-Néw 'Zealand horses

rind trainers who get "sent out'" oc .,Y,:fsionnlly in i -Austro liai s »but Dominion''

.jrjçlceys sometimes have a holiday pre-'

"sonted to; them.;? -Tho latest New Zea-' "Hind horseman' tb como'under tho bari -''^L,disqualification istC.. Emerson, and

commenting 'o'n -thil 'a"Syduey waiter observes:-:''The disqualification of tho 'crack 'New Zealand-''-'horseman, C. Kmerson, -in connection with tho run -hihg of .Strathfield, at Caiitprbury, was

like the explosion ol' a bomb on Mon- day.- . The horse¡.-w,cnt out for a like 'terni (Iii móútlis)j ' and' tho trainer,

."William Tvrroll, will rest for two, years." 'Dishonest prnctices,' the stipes called it. : . The stipendiary, "stewards '.nro,;energotic men'fWlio have ¿plqhtySoíJib'áckboneÍí Tito AjXf.G. now '.gives.îtlîem'ia'v.'fteeî lmñ'd-'and quite

.i\lif.''íís:-'V i! >Uv ti: w

They don't bet in "tray-bit" wagers over in . Now. .Zealand.. The tote in iVestmeiits on the 'recent1 Auckland Cup .was.. £12?122, a fair day's taking for -án'%deliüdó meeting. On the same

afternoon the sum of £9150- went

through tho machine on tho last race of tho dav. the Christinas Handicap,

t !. Tho. ,'MeJbourno Cup winner, ' The Parisian, will in future he trained at Ha/nilton' art.,.importun^, town in tho ''western district of Victoria, and whero tho Hill stipendiary, Mr. Dunnon,

comes from. The Parisian's owner." Mr. J. F. Kirby, hus a station near Coleraine';*', township immortalised by Adam Lindsay Cordon-"On the fields of.Coleraine there'll bo labor in vain before tho., great western is ended."

"Doierainb" is ubout 20 miles from Hum- ' ilton, and The Parisian will, it is said,') rrnce around, about.¿those' :townships in- j

''stead of 'on' '" Melbourne'--courses. Tho

Bobadil gelding will, of course, have: to carry big weights in country com- pany, b,tit he shpuk! 1M? nble-to-Uo that -right.-bnougllj. 'provided " Iiis "s'filit hoof

.trouble does not manifest itself. Ht-., .fore being tnkon to Melbourne the1 Parisian raced- iii the western district,

.and has one Hamilton Cup to bis , credit. However, tho gelding is not likely to bo shifted into tho country tintij^ nfter^tlio^ Australian Cup mcetj iñg'^ñ'' Ariîx^ ôn

lease by »Iiis..trainor j ;ü. Wheeler, until , aftorithè 16ti'g"rac6""at Flemington, and

if he {toops well ho is sure to be well j

I fancied for that .event. -j.

.Seeing that a Iiroken Hill sport

pwns Ivernia.'ono of the few Traquuir's . racing, it is interesting to noto that, Venetia, one of that sire's stock, has

Upset the theory that none ot" the : tribe can win over n tiiile. On'.January ¡ 3' Yoneda won' tho Mentone Handicap. ¡ one. mile, and on-'Saturday he got; ,away with tho Aspendale Park Handi- cap, one mile and á'.quartéi-. This is .the first "time any ol tho dead Tra qiiair's stock has lastod. out a milo and

a.'quarter, but Yenoda, it munt bo ; ,said,"Ti«:"n nplahle exception, for nil the

.lraquair tribe have stopped at n mile,

ninny of .thorn nt a shorter distance, j' .For five furlong,V:thero-.is^iiothiuK to' beat - :Ive.rriin" ' In^'Adelnidii"^it'. w.f.a. With .""> she moy aennire better stay

I iug powers. For Dr,; Bartley's sake I

hope she will. .

. The biva?fs of the English horse, Lilyveil,' wired froth Perth asking Wal- ter . Hickoubpthonv to 'make room for tho son of Martagón in . his stable. Hickenbótjmm, however, is full handed, and Lily vail 'may go into FrankvMus grave's Caulfield stable,

At, Flemington James Scobio ia-tak ing in hand tho horses recently im- ported front England .by MK lt. G. Casey, chairman of the-\T.It.C.

T wish I .could say the. samo of,"tho Rrokon Hill bloodstock, market as^.an Kngli?h 'writer has-, to. say »of. his coun- try, thusly ; , ¡'Ali in ql",-.tlie. lessohvof tho December] sales is, that;, tho vahío of bloodstock, is going np hy loops and bounds,', anti, » that this-, is' not «. mero .flash ,in-:.tho.pn».., ' Wo predict, that ?next-year's''Doncaster'prices will easily .eclipse thpso of '.this-year'' which .mado .peoplo - gasp . by'.- their . mngnitude. At áho> present . niomeiuV.-judicious invest . merit in blôpdstpçk.-i* a roynl < road 1 o tfortuneî':N..v(Tl' -tru-it.?'Somo .'of .-.'my .good -friends and' likely owners aro listening ?to that; last.'rçinnfkv- .

.?>; At'ri meeting, this.week tho S.A.J,C. .eomroittoo 'adopted tho following, new .rulo;--, w'hioli 'has-also, just;- como into force in New South. Wales and Vic- toria :-'','TIio stewards uiay,"tako pos- session on bri- racecourse bf", apy horsb which ha's beeb 'entered .for; br. run in .any.j'racp','iiiid' detain s-sucliV. horse for tho 'purpbse^of; exartnna'tion, ,iilont¡fica tion,- or-',oljsorvatioii..'«i'or. such .period :as, they Äthjnk. proper",.] without,- being liable for, àny;'darnngo iti .consefjuenco of thecuyerciso of such powers Wether

-.Wise/vivi,-^.;-T-.;.','.: 'i¿¡;n., ' . .-.?',?

w "<A BimilftrvTulos ,lias,;bf on, : m'i Xftguo .for- some,itime.oni.Mr.'.sWren's,,:,pony" ^ .courses'ini.tho. other.. States,-and it, is mot Bo Uông-.s">oejia horse, ;..>vns . im- pounded -for months 'by Üió famous race promoter..,'. ^Tlie> new. truie.means .that the 'Broken. Hlll stewards' may ,now grab, aoyi/cômpetitor'.'ut -a'.v.lóeal race meeting '..without its owner saying ayo or.^imyViS'yfhto¿;íof«c*n'rse,<í':wj(ll ...make' 'ferook^V-owners'.,inore careful. . And, not l>efore it was time.,-.. .-'?' '., , .. !.

..It.is.'like a .whiff from--the .past to. .hear. of the-, oki South, Australian cross

country,'ihorse'niaii,-.,Tiuimy .Beauchamp.:. .Most .poop)© 'ithpÙRht. tho veteran was dead and gone,, and .therefore, will be surprised...t'o.hVar. tlmt lie .litis just been grantcdFn'' ilOl.Toto '-by the' S.A'.JiO. committee'' frohl :'th'p .Distressed and1 Disable*) . ..Jockeys',;'' Fand..-»..For the .greater.; part bf; liis'-'life Benuchamp has resided-' in tho iSouth-Kast .'of, »South ' Australia,,'-but",,40 'ypûra ago. rode in Adelaide,' Melbourne, ,a/ul [tho. western district,-of' Victoria; . iTh'o.'prewnttdiiy leading'.'.trainer,*; James, iScobie',. was a .general :Tpnsçhottt.iiu'','ohe'Is'tablo in which ¡Bi'aucliamp'íwns, loading, horse- man.- '.Things '? cu n* t1 be>>göi n u;. too. .wei 1 with thb;< old:*clíáp'! tUbsn:¿i¡mes. j. '.

Thei'S.A.J.G.í committee! ..lins:,>ialso granted\à-fenner-, td1.Toby «jliarnes, nn uther otd-timo -steeplechase «rider, - but .not nearly.Asiich : a iveterap. ^ns ;Beau- champ.'. ..-"'For s'omoVyenrs paRt Barnes has been .in, pbpiv health, and' dropped right out bf; the .gdine'. Tinio was when lie was' righti atv the top. of, tho tree as a cross-cbtvntr.V rider,'iantl quito tho ¡dbl'-bf i A'delaida'vond'. Broken* .Hill race- goers. '"fíi'iVhisV.titílé' Toby 'rode, tho winners ' 'of' ;inah,v..'(|bod ? steeplechases; SbinO day',rncé ,çliihs>wj.ll. combine and provide, a 'flind out; of which worn-out jockeys, will"bb provided with'n,pension suüicierit.'to enable them'to keep alive in their'old'dge¡-.instead-of: doling out a paltry " tenner;- , nfid sometimes less, once in;ii'bliie moon; .Of course, some ?people ihi'ay 'arguoj that]'jockeys should save», epoqgh', when fin .'the heyday of their, success »'tb Vdodgo'ytho'^inevitable rainv day ri lmt,.all .ineh.nrb . hot imbued with-the thrift' habit.;','.'. -;.:':. ; ", -

.The phcstnut'gOld.iiig, ...Port Caroline, - was givcii- a, run : ,at']'lMM'ardstowuI. jiear Adelaide."«on,,December'28;s' 4;'A:s';.,tlie .Edwardstown'meeting,-if-such it could .bo called;-.was'.'nb^ :retristei:éd by: tho SiA-.J.C.-,. tlio- gelding'S owner,' Mr. .1.

Higgs, 'was promptly, .outed by the ml- j iiig- club. *- lt,now .appears .that Mr. Higgs *as'.not'cogiSsaiit of the. -fnr-t that hiSvtaeddy had.'! been , entered* -J» the. Edwardstown .snddle-ti'dp'piiig gath- ering, ,'nnd -A. 1 M'Mahon,. -who has chargcof-'Port . '-..Caroline,' lins , been called upon . tO'. okplaifi'.matters .to tho' :S. A.J.G.- committee. ' . Unless such ox .planatiob V is' "sntisfactbry-rrnnd . tho' young-trainer-.will¡have.ai'hni-d- job to "make itv'aph'ear ; so-^-I' am'- afraid' his cake '.is dough', for(tlie..prernior.club is always, severe bli ..a- registered horse: performihg 'bijtside .-the -foldi >

' - .'The .racecourse shdrp.'.isv.unbeatable when 'lie'i.stñrts out ,to< wiri. tho Ttook' Stakes;-». '??;. An] ingenious/front) with a £l-note'ivns.sprung,bh-a'totalizator as- sistant ¡at'Fielding, 'New' Zealand. A man'tendered, what appeared to bo two notes, . which . were rolled ? lengthways, -with -tho-two. corners -plainly showing, and'.asked: for two 'tickets*' which wore supplied. . ; Ho had disappeared by/the timo' thè clérk- discoV'ered- that tho 'two .notes -were really ; bhe,» 'ivhicli. had been cut 'in half-abd gummed to papers-to make the bulk hocessn'ry-'whon rolled;

Prior tb.'Snturday- Enchanted States had not won n race fort six years. In December. ' 1907,- ; lie ' càptti red liv. rd le races ,at- Williamstown ntid'! Caulfield, and 'on . 'New'Year's Day, 1908,- he scored "hif third-success -afr' Flemington *witlr lT.ia, ' winning the- Hurdle Race 'pretty comfortably.*?: Ho was bred by Sir 'Rilport'Clarke, and -was. foaled in 1899,' so that" ho is 14, years of age.