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Johnson'» pictures in tho Town Hall fast night wore heeded by n, new film, "Tho Remittance Man," a story ot Australian lifo portrayed for picture purposes by Roy Rodgrave, Tom Can- num, George Bryant, Godfrey Cass, Ward Lyons, Manon Willis, and other «.tors equally as well-known in Bro- ken Hill. "Tho Remittance Man" is full of sensational incidents and illus- trates well ono phase of Australian life. The idea of tho photo-play is to dent oust rute the temptatious of a man's life, and the uplifting influença of ti vunuut's love. Nod l)yer is the Itero of the story. When iii» wife dies he xiids his daughter to u Melbourne »?.tool, and goes into the country «lioro ho secretoly works a rich gold minc. Maisie, tho daughter, decides to visit her fattier after falling in lovo iritli Hoger Colville, a bank derk, who hts biubeaated SKUIIO of tho bank funds. Alter Maisie's departure the author ilia) discover his deficiency, and Col- ville clears out. Later at Tinamba-a remittance man-(his people in Eng- land dave settled with the bank) Col- ville meets Maisie's father and saves him from being fleeced by some locals tho ure determined to take him down. That night lie accompanies the old niau lion»», and to 'hi* amazement he. ?hoovers Moaie once more. The girl tera in the man but ti ghndow of his old self, and desires to reform Äiim. Colville discovers the hiding place of the gold. One Christmas Eve, Ned Dyer, notwithstanding tho tunton .trances of his daughter, leaves for the township and gets badly the worse for liquor; in u mad moment he reveals the fact that he «ia» IO.OOUOB. of gold hidden in the house. Black Dick and om» companions', casual station hands, han) long since determined to rob the nhl chap, and this provides them with . clue. Colville, hard up and tempt- ed, gets ahead of Mtem. and Maisie, who hus retired for the night, re-enters the living room only to discover the man she loves is a thief. Colville pleads for his own redemption, and Masio believes »he can save him. The lllai'k Dick clique, not knowing of Oolvillo's presence, arrive on tho scene, und Maisie, by a ruse, gets away and "des Col vi Me's horse to tito township for assistance. Colville refuses to re- wa) to the gang tlie hiding place of Ino gold, and they illuse him. They «ro successful, however, in their

Koroit. When they ore about to de- j purl with their, booty, tiio townspeople atrivo und they aro captured. The pictures will be screened again to neht and to-morrow, along with sever- al other interesting films, both dram-

atic and comic.