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Reuter reports the death "'fCf.S  

'Chermside.. w,ife of General C.. . , i |jn Switzerland." , :.,'Wâu

\]j¡> ?'? .'. ? *. . .,'. ^ if ^;is reported 'by oabWtbattlà \\u

peerages are foreshadowed as P«J ^ the. King's Birthday honors. . p*,?:

' ? ? ? ?*. " -Wv . . W - '

Reuter announces that, rumors a vi' in circulation to the effect that Lon. I Kitchener-will succeed General Nichol: son as Chief of thc Imperial Staff.

V'. .'.'» . . / ??'??'4"..: , h lt is announced hy cable that fF.\ A. Mackenzie, who,'was born deaf and dumb, has .secured the degree of" Bach-

elor of Arts at .Cambridg^ University. ,

It is announced by cable that Queen ? Alexandra's now flag was hoisted at

Buckingham Palace yesterday, ,The ; flag is a combination of the British and Danish standards, with a large white oioss prominenit. ? . ' . ,

Mr. C. Fraser, the Honorary Minis- ter, who has for some time been in- disposed through a nervous attack, was able to attend the Federal offices for a time on Saturday. He will, however, be mnnble to take on active part in politics for the next week or two. ' '

. . » «

Mr. Ernest K. .Hall has been ap- pointed superintendent of tho Elmore zinc plant at the/ British mine. Mr. Hall was educated at tho SydnO" Uni- versity, and has. had experience of gold dredging in Western' Borneo and ol

quartz mining in Now South Wales.. Mr. Hall took charge of, the plant last week.                

Mr. A. Willsmore, assistant secre-   tary of the British and Foreign Bible Society in Adelaide, arrived by the express this morning;. Mr. Willsmore comes as a deputation of the parent society, and will meet the workers of the local Broken Hill branch at Sul- phide-street Lecture Hall this evening. On Monday Mr. Willsmore will speak at the annual meeting of the society. '

* * *

It is reported by cable that Mr. Bryan (the unsuccessful candidate for the United States .Presidency at the last and previous Presidential elections) and his wife were guests of the Irish party at dinner at the House of Com- mons yesterday. Mr. Bryan cordially invited, Messrs. Redmond, O'Connor, and Devlin to his* homo in Nebraska during their forthcoming visit to America.

* * *

A roving and somewhat romantic career was ended at Mount Morgans, W.A., on May 28, when the death oc- curred of Hugo Louis Beyers, at the age of 75 years. Beyers was a native of Poland, and when 13 years of age he set out for the goldfields of Cali- fornia, but on arriving at New York ho was not permitted, on account of his youth, to accompany the caravans bound westward; he therefore took a   passage to Australia, and eventually landed at Sydney shortly before the discovery of gold. For many years afterwards he followed up all the gold-rushes in succession, but in the early seventies he was at Hawkin's Hill (N.S.W.), where, he took up the largest claim then permissible, having a 30ft. frontage. He pegged out the Golden Star. From that claim, alone, from the surface, down to a depth or 250ft., over £120,000 was mined, and from the adjoining claim which was even richer, gold to the value of £180,000 was won. After some years of work Louis Beyers was returned to the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales as "the miner's friend," repre- senting the Western Goldfields division. For the past 10 years he had been roughing it in West Australia.