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Family Notices

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ANDERSON (nee Olive Humphris).— On the     6th November, at Nurse Black's private hospital,   Rochester, to Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Anderson, Lock-

ington—a daughter.      

BARKER.—On the 4th November, at Coonawarr, Walbundrie, to Mr. and Mrs. E. J. H. Barker - a daughter (Margaret).  

BAYLES - On the 7th November to Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Bayles, Boonah, Queensland—a

son (Robert Haig).  

BELL.—On the 6th November, at Blyela, Shake- speare-street, Traralgon to Mr. and Mrs. L. G.   Bell—a son (Allan Douglas).

CAVANAGH.—On the 7th November, at 311 St.   Kilda street, Middle Brighton, to Dr. and Mrs.

Cavanagh—a daughter.

CLARK.—On the 7th November, to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Clark, Harcourt — a son (Peter Hall).

CLEELAND (nee Grace Raff).—On the 9th   November, 1932, at Warley Hospital, Cowes, Phil- lipp Island, to Cr. and Mrs. John E. Cleeland—    

a son (Alan Edward).

COLES (nee Hilda Dart). - On the 22nd October, at Montaino, Woolcock street, Warracknabeal, to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Coles, Beulah East—a son (Ken-

neth Charles).

COLLOPY.—On the 6th October at private hos- pital, Seymour the wife of Dr. W. A. Collopy—a son.

CRUICKSHANK.—On the 5th November nt     Meramie private hospital, Albury, to Mr. and Mrs.     L. C. Cruickshank—a daughter.

DIXON (nee Fisher).—On the 31st October, at St. Omer private hospital to Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Dixon of 3 Munro street, Hawthorn—a son. (Both


DORR (nee Gwendoline James) - On the 5th Aoitmber at Borklei priiato hospital, 470 Koo ran; reid Caulfield to Mr and Mrs K E Dorr

I son

EVANS (E A Stuart)-On the 29tli Octolwr tt le niorp printe ! ospita!, Benalla to Mr and Ure I E Eiau« 1 lowing Yale, Lima East-a


GASPERINO (nee Ella Barton). -On the 2nd November, at St. Clements, Elwood, to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Gasperino - a son (Barry Anthony).

HALL. —On the 30th October, at Ringwood pri- vate hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Lou Hall, of Railway

crescent, Croydon — a son (Donald Charles).

HOLINGER (nee Kath Warburton). -On the 6th     November, at Epworth Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs.     J. W. Holinger — a son (Both well.)

JACOBY. -On the 8th November, at Wooragee,

Duller street, Brighton, the wife of Hubert H.  

Jacoby —a son.

LEROY (nee Elizabetb Kelly). — On the 9th (Mtb»r at St Ai Jren s prliate hospital, Sun ¡hine to Mr and Air» V L Lera)-n sou (Kenn


MACAULAY -On the 3rd November, at Alumy House private 1 o»pitil Echuca, to Mr ami Mrs G It Macaulai, of Kotta-a son (Rupert John)

MATHESON (nee Lilian Lewellin) -On the 21st October, at their residence, High street,Trentham     to Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Matheson-a son (Athol


MCLAREN (nee Kitty McDonild)- On the 7th Acveraher at AAlndermore Hospital to Katherine »i(4 of Dai Id I Moliren, Hampden road Yrrui _f-a son (John Baud) (Both well )

MERRITT-On tlie Sth Noiember, at Winfield j

pmaic ho pital Ilhdilc to Mr and Mr» H A

Merntt Ile Manse, Yarra Glen-a son (Divid I


MINTO (nee R ith Scott)-On tho 7th Nn

ter at Paiiui Route priiate hospital, Brighton, to Mr and VIr «tuart V Minto, Yutha, Cadby street, Brighton - a daughter

MISHAEL -On the 27th October, at St Helen s Hot lal AAlniisir to VIr and Mrs li Mi«bnel iilwslt« (El unt Alirgnret)

MUNRO (nee Evelyn Lunt) - On the 5th No vember at Ayton private hospital, Wattle Valley     road, Camberwell to Mr and Mrs E F Munro, 6 Bringa avenue, Camberwell-a son.

PYNOR-On the otb November, nt Se«kmorc I it* tior»ltil to Ah and Airs H L. Pi nor, H ¡¡Mad Ciiibor i eli-n daughter

ROSS (nee loin O Grad)) -On the 10th October, >i t 11 site s i ni ate hospital. Donald to Air ird )lrf AAiltcr Ho«? Massei-a daughter (Ia

In i Jean) (premature)

SAUNDERS (nee Olive Ellis) -On the 6th No- vember at Padua private hospital, Brighton, to Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Saunders-a daughter (Margaret


SHORTELL.—On the 30th October, at Finchlea private hospital, East Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs.     C. Shortell, Railway Hotel, Warragul—a son.

SLATTERY-On the 17th October, 1932, at rn-atc hospital Warragul the nile of r, \ slattery Callcniondih, Ellinbank-a daughter

STEWARD (nee Dvvjer)-On the 5th November ; Carbethon private hospital, East Malvern, to Mr and Ita U L Steward-i son

STUART (nee Jessie Brown) - On the 2nd November at Mirboo North, to Mr and YIrs Hugh J tuart-a daughter

THOMAS (nee florence Gillies)-On tlie 4th November to the Roi an 1 Ytrs P J Thomas, The Mime Omeo-a son (stillborn)

WATKINS (nee Mabel Craig)-On the 9th November at Berklea private hospital, 470 Koo- yong road Caulfield to Mr and Mrs Bruce Watkins, of 492 Hawthorn road, South Caulfield, a son

WEBB (nee Broir) -On the 2nd November, nt "I ilnvood priiate hospital Mentone, to Air anil Vn L Webb of 41 Parkers roid Parkdale-n

die?tit« (Margaret Tlitlnn) (Both nell ) ' WILKIE-On the 'th Noiember, it St Helens I B Kin street 1« en Ion to Mr nn 1 Air John »lit-A daughter

WOLSLEY (nee Ahito Brunstein) -On tho m Noiember ni li j ti un i ni ile hospital II, em» iel, the info f EJw ird s Wolsle)-i i n (H vaiel Arthui t

WOTHERSPOON-On li e 2 th October at the | Pj'h Nurshg Ih [neil lltiufort, to Mr and Ali» .J F VA oller«! ooi-i mi


CUMMINS-PEART.-On the 16th September, at the Methodist Church, Burke road Gleniris, by   the Rev. W. E. Jennings, Herbert Marshal, elder son of Mr. and the Late Mr. G. M. Cummins, of Malvern road, Gleniris, to Lucie Frances, younger       daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G .E. Peart, of Mitcham     road, Mitcham. (Present address, 15 Black street,       Mont Albert. At home November 23 and 24.)    

EDDIE-MURDOCH - O i th 10th September, ¡2 «st An ire « 1 rosl i ton m Church, Colac \? the Rei A MtUed of VA inch hoi, All»on

JT onli daughter ol ti o ht« Mr nid Allis Junes Muriloch, Airlie lenvvirk tnot Collo, to Norm in killten second on ( tli< hit Dr V W Eddie »rd Mrs Eddie tarni i Balmoral

GOODSON-HORSEFIELD-On the 13th Otto Ki at Fernbank lean lil hy the Roi Douglas «c«, Fred onlj stn of Un hie John Robert GeodM and Mr Coo W ii, of Pearcedale to ulan eldest daugl t r of Mr and Mrs Mccracken,

'j' Parfoeiale

LIERSE-AUHL- On the 22nd October 1932, at

St. Mary's Church of England, Preston, Otto   second son of Mrs. Liese, of Plenty, to Linda, only  

daughter of Mr and Mrs H Auhl, 572 High street, Preston

MORRISH-GRANT -On the 17th September, at St Mark's Church, Brighton, by the Rev. W.   Cooling, Clive Newton, elder son of Mrs A.     Morrish, of Geelong, and the late John Morrish, to Evelyn Grace, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Grant, of Milroy street, Brighton (Present address 61 Malane street, Ormond)

WALKER-KNEALE-On the 24th September, 1932, at Christ Church, South Yarra, by Rev. L.   Townsend, assisted by Archdeacon Best, Huntly Gordon, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Walker,  

of Mont Albert, to Joyce, only daughter of Mr.  

R.E. Kneale and the late Mrs Kneale, of Ballarat.| WALTERS-BURKE-On the 13th Octobir, at  

; «trick s Ctth Ir al li the Rei Fathci

BirtT' Usnun billet» to Min Kithlincl


BOWLES-FORWARD -On the 12th Noiember,,,. i A".lrctt » Cl""ch of Lnglnnd, St £.' iT"">' bl ""' "si V Bibb), William to,£'Vlc;1 so" ri «he late William and line iff '?, Lln,n" taoml diuglittr of tlie lite aC c'Cn,r;, anl "". lorvvinl (Promit H»ïî_i., ll01" vt I'mimong roid, list

tÄe'^') VMn"a) <""". C1'


Äm?ASA,N,-°" tlle ! "' November

ÄT,?r',l''Y' U,11U» Sl "»"?"' I» «'« ''te «ftaW" .U ^ Vrehlluld third »on ¿st pi '" '?.' V"'1 Cid« rino Iliwan!, of "r J ib"! '" ""?»'»'di (I mdi) fourth «laugh

Aiok.ÎT"11? ,<ï ?<?«'". uddrts«, Budi, 0

WM^'^T^E^NDt-Fb-O,, the 13th Noitm * nd'vH S?U"! \,rrl Mu,rk0 kon ot '"". «'JShterof l"i» i.0"ch"," '' Mlr,"ra mungi it flí î_ '. hit: 51r ani Mrs M A Alexander

[» «we "ni,, 7 Hugliindu, ,'àid, I Til

.TBJohnS7r.!,NQr0(n U'° »'"' NmT'»". 1W.

f William lí 'rd'n U,eV fMk' >» ""- >"tL "" .M _._ L""""'y Jü,,n »'" of Hie I Up Mr ¿?îi*«', hemplvllle. N S , to Itliel


BEYER " ber'dartln'^rî,"1 N(?T,w "t the residence 'M Prahran g» n" ' !"K lckor)« .">? ""««'.<. ?"»of Kenneth' RubJ.'""l -'«lo. and devoted , ^° fe TO ea¿U n,Tn' V mWcnt "'

BIRCH rv_ ~0ur BT"1

! Wh Util!)1'0«.11'1',Noiember, nt Bethesda f J«ir ¿Wh oi n?5Te1, >,lmci1 lll,,ibu"J "' ^aret (Mr, _r, ,,,n,""l "in. lml"K '"ther of ' B,%«ne (Stn"-Ä" I «leoeased), Bert, Norn, ! >' ÄlterBri,ift'i'1' I""1 loud ffrandfatlier

'??nnieiin,\SS 1},« ^r"1"-« Var), and Kevin,

SSfj'fc 7,Ul k«--nb-r, at Mel ^ ««aWoAUlStad%edA?¿Ca)' W1L


BROBERG- On the 10th November, at 100 Pros- pect Hill road, East Camberwell, Carl Neils Johann Broherg, beloved husband of Nurse E. M. Broberg, and father of Carl A. (Bairnsdale), Arthur J. (Brighton Beach), Ernest N. (Sale), Norman E. H. , and the late Olga, stepfather of H. A. Blackwood (Healesville), Rose, and the late Eda. (Interred privately November 11, at Fawkner Cometer} )

Peacefully sleeping

BRYCE-On the Oth November, at 10 vVolse'ey grove Brighton Beach Robert Fulton Brjce, hiitbintl of Marj Wright, and father of Cret.i


CAMERON - On the 3rd November, at her residence Howe's Creek Mansfield, Annie relict of the late Thomas Gordon Cameron, of Belfast, Ireland, and late of Darlingford, and dear Grandma of Cameron, Jock Onnie, Heather, Alison, and Wilma Ross (Coreen, New South Wales), Alan and Jean Cameron (Perth, Western Australia),

in her 87th year.

CAMERON-On the 3rd November at her resi-

dence, Howes Creek, Mansfield, Annie, relict of the late Thomas Gordon Cameron, of Belfast, Ire- land and late of Darlingford, in lier 87th year

-The long day closes.

CAMPBELL,-On the lilli November, 1932, at the Repatriation Ho pital Caulfield, Dalnnhoj Mel fort only son of the late Chu Melfort Campbell

uni grandson oi the 1 ite Dalmahoj Campbell of Melbourne m his 49th j ear

CLARK-On the 1th November at Indewroo pilly Brisbane Hei Geo M Clark, sec Britl-h an I lorei-n Bible sociclv aged 07 vears

CLAY (nee Seyler) - On the 11th November, at Thoona, Upper Heidelberg road Heidelberg.  

Elizabeth Anne, the dearly beloved wife of William D Clay, loved sister of Mrs G Donaldson (deceased) and N. Seyler (deceased), loving step mother of Norman, Neville, Ernest and William. Lovel by all (Private interment)

CLOUGH-On the 10th November, at private!

hospitil St hilda I anny relict of the late samuel CIoulIi lov ing mother of II irrv Louie (Mr« Giles), and Dick (decei=ed) aged 7S jeurs (Private]} interred on 11th November)

COOK-On the 10th November at Lorraine

Upper Swan, Western Australh, Geor-e Idwurd, late ot Poowong, Victoria

COOKE -On the 6th November at her residence 12 Crompton street Ballarat cth relict of the lite Willum Henry Cooke ind lot ing mother of Charl ,tte (Mr« Beckwith) 1 mina (Mr, Wricht) lossie (Mrs r f. Foster) Nellie (Mrs V Page), Mima Marian (Mrs Lawrence) William Charle? and I rink, m her iJtli year -No

mourning, no flowers, bj request (Private inter

meut )

CRUTCH-On the 10th November, 1932, at Gee- long, Elizabeth, the dearly loved wife of John Crutch, of Modewarre, and loving mother of Annie

(Mrs. A. Andrews) and John (Queensland), aged 72 years. -Peace, perfect peace.

CULLINAN-On flin 31st October, it Perth (W V), John belovel son of the life Thomas and Mar, Cull,nan (St Germain«), md brother of MielncI Margaret (deceased), Mare Anne, Catherine, Ihomis, Llizabeth, Nora, and Stephen


CUNNINGHAM-On (he 10th November, at 1S5 Victoria street North Melbourne Catherine (Cis), the dearlv loved niece of Nell, Fst and Rose

DONNELLY-On the 11th November, Charles E , of 77 Canterbury road Middle Park, loved husband of Winifred Emily and fond father of Raymond and John -R I P (Privately interred Mel- bourne General Cemetery )

DONNELLY-On the 11th November, Charles E of 77 Canterbury road, .Middle Park, ever loved elder son of Mary Donnelly and the late Charles Donnelly, and loving brother of Ethel (Mrs Gib son deceased) and Leo John Donnelly, formerly of Bendigo and Wangaratta -R I P (Privately interred Melbourne General Cemetery)  

DOWLING-On the 11th November, at her con s residence, Romall 9S Munno street, Aliddle Park Bridget widow of the late Matthew Dowling, and loving mother of Annie (Sister Estelle) John (decei«otl) and Tom, aged SO years (\merlcan pi|ers pleise copj -Requlescat in pace

FINDLAY-On the 5th November, at her resi

dence, 20 Bounchrj road, Surrey Hills Ellen, Hie dcirlv beloved 6ister of Alice and Emma (Mrs

Unsworth) -Onlj good night, beloved, not fare


GOODE-On Hie nth Noiember, passed peace fullv, at lurleigh, Waterloo place, Mornington, Horence Goode (Interred privately on November


GRAHAM-On the 9th November Man lane, eldest daughter of the late Benjimin ind Susan Russell, sister of George, Be«sio (Mrs Johnson), Harriet (Mrs Cull), VI irla (Mrs "scott, deceased), ind Susan ill (Mrs McLean) (Inserted by her loving sister, Mrs Cul!, Camberwell ) (Traralgon

papers i lease copj )

GRAY -On the 10th November, at I cr rculenco, IS Scott street, Essendon, Netti for vcars the loved friend and neighbour of Gladys Newbold

-No burch ns vonler

HALLEWELL-On the 11th November, at Mel bourne Hospital, Benjamin, youngest son of the   late William and Rebecca Hallewell, of South     Melbourne, beloved brother of Mrs Garrett   J Russell (of Sassafras) -In my Father's house    

are many mansions

HALLEWELL-On the llth November, passed

away at Melbourne Hospital, Benjamin (of Sassa-


HODGES-On the "Hi November at Khartoum, Posfield street West Brunswick, Marjory Cooper, loving mother of Henry, Thomas, Willam George, and Vrthur, aged 7J year« Native of Berne, Scotlan ! (Scotti-di papers plea-vo copj )

HODGES - On the "ith November, Marjory Cooper -In loving meint iv of grmdtna (In- serted by her trrandchil Iron Htnrv, Marjon, Pem-v Bobin, John, and Dtvid )

HOLMES - On the lill, November nt the Stawell hospital George Ru lolph d< trlv beloved hlJsbind of I liziilietli Vnu an I loving fither of lill (deceased) I dwircl (deccsed), Itov, Garnett, lillian (deceased). Bert, and William, and loving brother of Mrs Churl«. Channin, of Hampton

-Thv will be done

HUDSON-V loving tribute lo the meniorj of our lite dear brother Frederick H Hudson, who fell isliep on November 2 1'I32 - Vwaiting the resurrection (Inserted In the members of Church of God Ilu«scll street Melbourne )

LEAKE.−On the 5th November, at the resi- dence, of her daughter (Mrs. Blamey), 122 Barkly street, East Brunswick, Josephine, relict of the late James William Leake, loved mother of Phillip,       Alex (deceased), Ruby (Mrs. Gill), Dora (Mrs. McDonald), Gerty (Mrs. Blamey), Edna (Mrs.   Neill), and Sydney, aged 75 years. −At rest.  

LILLEY.-On the 9th November, at his resi-

dence, 24 Belmont avenue, Kew, George William Lilley, the dearly loved husband of Beryl, father of George William (Bobs) and Beryl Alyston, and     brother of Frances Lilley. (Privately interred at   the Boroondara Cemetery on 11th November.)

MACDONALD-On the "rd November, at his residence Gowrie Purnim We«t John Macdonald beloved hii«band of the late Jane Macdonald, mc! loving fitlior of Isabel mel Mirv, third son of

the lite Murdoch Micdonlld

MAHONY-On the 22nd October at National r-ark vam Bend, I dward Joseph d arlj beloved 'Idest son of 1ère muh and Norah Mahon«, and loving brother of Jack I rank, Bernard Norah, Cvnl and Margaiet, aged IS years -RIP. (Pri vatelv interred )

MARKS - On the 11th November, at his sis ter's residence, 684 Nicholson street, North Fitzroy,   Henry, beloved son of the late Myer and Lena Marks and affectionate brother of Ricky (Mrs  

L Goldstein), Rosy (Mrs J Brown), late Minnie     (Mrs I Sonenberg), Simeon, Ben, Bert, and Cyril. - May his dear soul rest in peace (Min yan at the above address, Sunday, Monday, Tues day, Wednesday and Thursday at 8 pm.    

McCARTHY-On the 11th November, at private hospital Brunswick, Michael the dearly beloved husband of Catherine McCarthy, of 20 McGregor   street, Mdidle Park. and late of Kerang, age 72 years

n s -llenuisocit in pace

MCDONALD-On the 7th November, in hospital,

Coleraine, Donald (of Kilmuir, Nareen), in his 85th year. Native of Isle of Skye, colonist of   79 years, resident of Nareen for 67 years, (In- serted by his sorrowing wife and family.)  

MoKAY-On the 11th November it Ballarat Robert McKay, ige.1 (4 veirs late of Dereel

MOORE-On the 4th November it uO Harvey stud W aiken illo (S V ) Hirn loved hush ind of Mirgiret lovin" fither of s m lame Bos,ie (ck c ased), Muís, and Jem, grandda 1 ef I«obel and


MORRISON.—On the 10th November, at Swan Reach (result of accident), James, the beloved   husband of Beatrice Lillian, loving father of Jean, Colin, Clifford, aged 45 years.

MORRISON.—On the 10th November (result of accident), James, beloved son of the late William and Jane Morrison, loving brother of Myra (Mrs. Wren), William, Jessie (Mrs. Bonwick), Lissa (Mrs.     Minty, deceased), Florence, Alexander, Elsie, aged    

45 years.

MURDOCH-On the 11th November (suddenly), at her residence, Yarra Junction John, dearlv   beloved husband of Lena, and loving father of Keith and Jean, aged 50 years

NEELANDS- HOLDROYD - On the 1th Novem her, nt 41 Flm street, Northcote, loseih Seelands aged 74 veirs, formerlj of Luroa ind Sandstone (W V ), also on October 2" Martha Mitlltla Hold rovtl aged 5G veirs son and dmgliter of tlie late William and Diana Seelands, of Euroi

NEVILLE - On the 4th Sovember at private hospita, Vdclalde Mahalla Vllce deirlv bclcvei; chiiLhtei of Mr and Vin r BolLor, I'ort vlhert Victoiln, and sister of Mibd, Jem Idi, Sell Ted (of South Vuslrilla) SI, iii, lack, Hob, Dolly (Vira Lewis lite Merbein), of Victoria nt,i 1 31 jeure. -Peaceful!) sleeping loved bv till

NYE-On the lltb November 1112 it her resi dence, SO Cauterbiir) roid Surrey Hills 1 inn« lhe loved wife of the late Rev I Was ii Sv m,d I cloved mother of Tdw ird louie (Mrs li l,

Mccutcheon), Beth, Tumi (Mrs T r Little), Clifton I ric anti Cintile v, in li, r 87th voir

O'HALLORAN-On the 10th November (sud-   denly), at -J Harton street, Hivvthorn Patrick clearly loleved husband of Harriet and loving fithet oi 1 ullin Arthur Hector (deceased), Irlenc (Mrs Nicholson), and Olive aged SI veir«, late of St mell (Privitelv interred)

O'KEEFFE -On the St!, Novcmbei at Montana   longland r,id, Mut lunn Richard John beloved husband of Margaret Teresa O Keeffe, In his Sith year formerly of Í ouncestoti Tasmania -lie ?pilccit in pice (Private interment)

ORFORD-On the ft), Sovenibcl it th, resi

dime of her son in law (Mr W Cook Ldlthvalc). Muy Vuni beloved wife ef the 1 ,te lames Mutinas loving sister of Mi W 1 Johnson (Mbuiv), and loved gi indnu of Ivclvn, Clare, George, mid Onie Sim«, inteil N2 ).ars md 10


ORGAN-On the Sill S ove ml er al her rest

dence Stanhope south Maigarel, relict of the late Samuel Organ, and loving mother of Jim, Pilce Givlndvs (Mr» I ilwanls) -Sweet rest

RASMUSSEN - On the 8th November at hee late residence, Hargreaves street Castlemaine, Agnes, beloved wife of the late Hans, and loved mother of Mrs A Fettling, Mrs Talbot (deceased),  

Tom (deceased) and Edith (deceased), aged 67

years -Reunited  

RIDLEY-On the 10th November at bia res!

dence, No 70 Hcllalr street Kensington, rhomi«, de irl) Lelo«. c1 husband of Mar) Ridley and loy Ing fither of I llrabeth, Thomas, und Ernest, aged

C1 vears -At rest

ROBERTSON.-On the lOlli November (passed peacefully awnv) at 850 Sjdnev lout, Brunswick, Man, beloved wife of James Robertson -Swc,t rest (Remains at pilvnle mortuary of Joseph Allison, comer ot Mitchell streit ind Svdnev road. Brunswick ) (Pilvate interment no flowers)

ROUT.—On the 11th November, 1932 (suddenly), Alfred Matthew Rout, of 21 Iris road, South Cam- berwell, dearly beloved husband of Mildred, and   loving father of Mildred and Beryl, aged 41 years,

late A.I.F. —At rest.  

ROUT.—On the 11th November (suddenly), Alfred Matthew Rout, of 21 Iris road, South Cam- berwell, youngest son of the late Matthew and   Mary Rout, beloved brother of William, Phillip, Lydis, Nell, Harriet, and Kel, late A.I.F. —At    



RULE. - On the 31th Noiember, 1932, at Kil- more Hospital, Leonard Jack, the beloved son of L and F Rule Allan street, hilmo-e, and loving brother of Go*He and Noel, aged 0 )cars -Sadlv


RYAN -On the 2t>tli October, at Nelson (N7 Z ) Timothy, loved eldest son of the inte Tinioth) and Margaret R)an, of Stawell and loved brother

of James, John (deceased), and Molli -R I P |

SHOLI-On the 10th November, at Vlbert Park Emily relict of the lute Ji» G Sholl (late of Clunes), loved mother ol Laura (Vira. Yeile), Annie (Mrs Brown, VV A ), Vrthur (W V ), Albert, and Berlin (Mt« Divies), leaving 15 grandchildren and 13 great grnndchlhlren, agpd 97 veirs A colonist of 69 years (Priiateh interred )

The long di) closes

SMITH-On the (ith Noiember, at her residence, 4 Marion avenue West Brunswick, Alice d Omhrnin beloved sister of Airs A Nicholson (Ormond), and Mr». R Nunn (Mornington) -Sweet rest

SWEETLAND-On the 8th November, at 567 Whitehorse road, Surrey Hills, Ellie dearly   beloved wife of Walter, loving mother ot Gwen and     Beth (Privatey interred November 10)

SYNNOT-On the 9th November, at Kalamunda, Western Australia, Richard Walter, second son of the late Monckton and Annie Synnot, late of Terrick Terrick Station 1932

THOMAS-On the Sth November, nt his rest done, 11 Rillwa) crescent Hampton, Albert lohn the dcarl) beloved husband of Inieln and beloied father of V H (Bert) Hililn, Harold, and frank loung grandfath r of Men)!! and Shirlo), aged 71 )cir - Pencefull) sleeping Loved by all

THOMAS-On the 31th November 1932 at St Vndrew s Afanse, Colac Nicholas John husband of ihe into Sophia August i Thomas and father of Nicholas (lioensod) Harold (deoiaFCil) Albert (de(Pi«ed), Victor Henri (deceased), Emma (Air« D D Munro) Hhol (Mrs R O Ashton) and Elsie, fonnerl) of Alan borough

THOMSON-On the 6th November (suddenly) at Mount Dagmar, Berwick, Raymond, the dearly beloved husband of Margaret Phoebe, and loving

father of Mavis (deceased) James, Isobel, and Noela. (Interred at the Berwick Cemetery, No- vember 8, 1932.)    

TOLEMAN - On the 8th November 1932, at Brook street, Camperdown, Margaret, wife of the late Joseph Toleman, loving mother of John, Wil-   liam, Joseph (deceased), Edmond, Alexander, Mar-       garet, Bridget, Elizabeth, Gertrude, May, and     Thomas, aged 87 years. -RIP (Buried Terang Cemetery, November 9, 1932.)  

TUCKER -On the 7th November 1932 it lu' resilience, 31 Pins avenue ««outil Yirra Fredonel

Tucker ex senior constable of police bolo!el hiishnnd of Ville lone Zoo loi mc fither of 7oe (Airs E A Gillespe) and Ollie (Mrs V N Cnr pontier) aged b7 )cars

VAUGHAN -On the 4th November, at Arma- dale, Edith Alberta, daughter of the late Thomas   Vaughan, Geelong.  

WITHERS. —On the 8th November, at Wanga- ratta, Elizabeth Alice, wife of the late Thomas Withers (Barnawatha), mother of Albert, Hugh,   Ashley (deceased), Thomas, Clive, Raymond (de- ceased), Alfred, Maude (Mrs. Chesley) Ivy, Eliza-   beth (Mrs. McLaughlin). —Precious in the sight of the Lord is the sight of His saints.

WRIGHT. —In loving memory of our old school- mate, Mrs. Wright (nee Laura Blake), who passed away on 4th November, at Kingsbridge, 243 Peel street, North Melbourne. (Inserted by Percy Walker, Old Girls' Association.)


ADAM. —In lovini*; memorv ot John Adam who died on the 12th Novtmber, 1.31 for mun \eirs chief engineer of Biv Mm mers Ltd, Melbourne, 7 Khartoum street-, Caulfield North

ALLISON - On tho 12th November, V2% Florence loving mother of Bon, Joan Gnen. John«

and linth

ANDERSON-In loving memorv of in; deir mother ind our deir grundnu who jis^ed _w iv at Camden Willi uptown, November l**2o

Mother and father mu teil

Until the dij diwn ind the slndOAd flet avviv

-(Inserted bj her loving daughter, 1ci_ie, and famiij )

ARTHUR-In loving memorv of mv dear hus bnnd and our fither, who i a^ed avviv on 13th November, 192S

To di) \vc ire thinking of someonn

Who uns loving, kind, and true,

Whose smiles were ns dear na the sunshine

Dear father that someone was \ou

-(Inserted by Ihb loving wife ind sods.)

AULD -In fond memory of our dirling Htt> 6on, John, who pissed awaj November 12, 192*1, aged 2J jeir-*

Not just to-dij but every da\. In silence we remember -(Muniniy and Daddj )

AULD-In loving memorj of our darling little rrandson, passed awav November 1_, 192J

Our little Jack

Time cannot heal our aching hearts,

Nor from our memorj tear.

The little fiee we loved so well

Will dwell for ever there

-(Inserted by his loving grandparents, M and D C imeron )

AULD-In loving memorj of our darling little nephew ind cousin, John, who fell asleep on 12th November, ]r_9

It s only a gru\e, but it needs our cire, tor den little John is Bleeping there

-(Inserted bj his lo\ Ing aunt, uncle and cousins, Allan, Olive, Bob, and Norman, Yarra- ville)

AULD -In loving memory of our little nephew and cousin, John, who died on the 12th N'ovember, 192J ,

Beautiful memories of one eo dear Mc chcn-Ph billi with love bincerc

-(Inberted bj Ititi aunt and unüc, J and E Cummins, and cousins, Cam and Joy, .Rainbow )

AULD-In memorj of mv loved littl« nephew, Tohn -Pt arl v loved and sadly missed (In sert «I bj his lovmg uncle, \, Cameron )

CAMERON-CLARK-Tn loving memory of mv dear husband Ad rim II Cameron, died 13th NovLinbei 3UC, also mv dear onh brother, Tte \\m Clark, killed in action, 23rd June, I91S

To memory ever dear

COXON-In loving memorv of Mabel Lihin wif- of John, and loving mother of Kevin, who died November U IQ'1 -Pond remembrantf-s nnd sweet memories (Inserted by her loving hus hind nnd «-on )

DAVIES-In loving menior) of our onlv child Peter Filis who lassetl nvviv at Knlimni Gipps lind Lakes on nth November, lijl (Inserted lv his loving ¡arenes Bett) and Ellis II Davies

hew )

DOUGHERTY-In loving memory of my dear husband Michael who passed away November 12 1923 -Remembrance (Inserted bv his loving

wife )

DOWNEY -In memory ot lohn, who passed awa) 11th November 1930 -Gone but not for gotten (In«crted by S Wright and family )

FRIEL-In loving memor« oi m> deir troth« John, who piss ti awi) on Novcmlcr 12 192S nt s-ile, late of Gaffnev s creek ami Vlhcrt Pirk

-ni p

VU loving memories as we joiirne) on

Longing foi vinislicd smiles and a face tint

Im gone

-(Inwrte 1 h) his loy nig sister Louisa, Dunedin Sew /eiland )

HANN-In loving memoiy oi our dear iither ant! stepfather Jelin who passed to the helier life on the 12th November 1j2o and our dear mother linini louisa who wai railed to join linn on the Sth September, 192b -Till that last and lulghtest taster chiv be bom (In^rted by Llsac and Vdelaide-Queenie )

HUTCHINSON-In loving memory of our de« father and grandpa who passed awa) on 13th So v ember 1J31 also brother VV ilfrcd, on 12th Sovem ber lill, mother, on 1st Mareil 1131 and si«ler J.o c on December Jo 1921 -1 v or remembered (lu ertcel bv Fvn and George Booth, »nil Ron and Lorna, 00 Brighton rd St Kilda

JOHNSON -In affectionate remembrance of ni) dearly loved husband francis Johnson of Wattie Bank, Malms!ury, who died at our home, Moeral i

Malmsbury November 12 1<*22 loving father of s"s,e Dorrie, and Mvrtle -Vbidc with me (Min, )

JOHNSON -In loving memory ot our dear father, ?lied it Malmsbury, Sovcmber 12, 1922 (Dorrie, Merv )

KENNEDY - In loving memory of our deir brother Lvvan si-vth son of the late Alexander and Christina Kenned), formerl) of Broadmeadows, wlio died at 12 Jeffcott 6treet, West Melbourne, on the nth Sovcmber, 19J1

Until the day break and the shadows flee away

KERSHAW-In loving memory of our darling grandson and nephew 1 liornas James, who pis«ed awa) on November IT, 1931, aged 15 months -Only lent (Inserted by his grandparents, uncles, and aunts, J and M Dorling and family, Kcrura burra )

LEWIS - In loving memorv of our mother, Fmilv, who passv.d away on the 12th November, 1131 (In-wried by Laura and LIBc )

LIN FORD-In loving memor) of my dear wife and our dirllng mother, who passed awa) on 13th November 1J27 -Sweet memoiles (Inserted b) her husband and family )

LINFORD - In ever loving memorv of oui dear mother and grandma 13th Novemler V*ZI (Inserted by lack Sell, Gwen, and Bob, Be inila )

LLOYD-In loving remembrance or my dear mother who pissed nvvaj at Horsham 12th So veinbir lill -sad!) missed (Inserted 1) her daughtei, Mis Grace Jones, Sorrento)

McGILTON-In loving memor) of mv dear lins bund and our dear fither, Hu"h Innes, wlio nwii) on 12th November, 1'iJS

Not just toda) but even da) In tulenco we remember

-(Inserted by lils vvifo and family, Kerning ion)

MAHONEY -In loving memor) of our dear mother Johanna Mahone), who passe I nwav on the 12th Sovcmber 1911, alco our dear father I)mid Mahone«, who departed this life on the lSth Julv, lbS7 also our dear brother George VIihonev, wlio died on the 11th January, 192o -R 1 P

MoLEAN-In loving memorv of our dearest aunt and foster mother, Sara, who passed aw ly on Novetnbei 12, 19JS

So «ery dear]) loved

Heaven has so many angels-earth no few

-(Madge and W ill, 10 Rodd street, Dandenong )

MoMAHON.-In loving memor) of our dear boh and brothei, John Winter, who passed awa) on the 12th Sov ember, 1931 also his beloved wife, Ph) Hi«, 1st September, 1921 (Inserted by his mother father sister, and brothcre, 10 Royal crescent, Armadale )

MoMAHON-In loving memory of our dear brother John Winter who passed away on the 12th November, 19J1, also his beloved wife, I!,ylils, who passed away on the 1st September, 1921

Time hut the Impression deeper makes. As streams their channels deeper wear

-(Inseitcd by Rutter and Annie McMahon )

MoMAHON -In loving memory of our dear pal, Winter, who passed away at Brunswick 12th Sovcmber, 1931

VV e have not our life s companion,

A life linked with our own

And day b) da) wo miss him moro

Vs «ve walk through life alone

-(Inserted b) D and II Spicer and little Elaine )

MEMMOTT.-In loving memory of mv dear lins 1 and W III, who departed this life the 13th Novem ber 1927 (Inserted b) his loving wife, M Mern

mott )

MEMMOTT.-In loving memory ol our dear Will,11 who passed nwa) on tho ldth November, 1927 |

-Lver remembered (Inserted by B. Memmott, 1 i; and T. Maloney, tad nieces ) y


MILLS.-In fond remembrance of my darling husband, Leonard John Mills (Len), who died on the L2fh Sovember, 19J1, at St Leonards, 51 Regent street, Ascotv ale

One year has passed just like a dream

Of one I loved so dear

Dear sweetheart I never knew

Our parting was so near

lou shared with me the dearest love

Two hearts have ever known

Tond memories now are al! that s left

Of one who was my own

-(V tribute from his sorrowing wife, Ada


MILLS- , . ,

Dear to uncles memor) long ma) wc cherish

MI Ins sweet lessons of patience and love,

V irtues and kindness like h s never perish.

But shine brighter far in heaven above

-(Inserted bv his loving nieces Phyllis and

Lillian Besanko )

MILLWARD- !n loving memon of our dear mother who passed avviv on Sovember 1J, 1JJ1

Treasured memories of one so dear As it dawns another >ear

-(Inserted bv her son and daughter In law,

Frnest and Beatrice )

MILLWARD-In loving memor) of our dear mother, who departed this life on the 13th Sovcm

ber, 1931

Her life a beautiful memor) Her absence our great loss

-(Inserted h. Ralph an 1 Horrie McGregor

Dawson, also Jean )

MILLWARD - In loving memon of my dear friend Mr« Millwari who was cilled to the higher life on 11th Sovcmber 1"31 -V life mule boiutiful lv kmdlv deeds (Inserted !,) Mrs I) Pollard W)cheiroof)

MITCHELL-In loving memory of in) dear husband Smiuel, fither of fulia wlio pa«seil iw iv on the 12th Sovember, 1931 -Ever remembered

MITCHELL-In loving memorv of my der brotl cr Samuel Mitchell who passed awa) on the 12th Sovember D.,1 (Inserted by his loving brother Vt« Mitchell )

PEARSON-In loving memory of our dear motliei who passed away loth Sovember, 1920

Sot just todav but every clay, In silence we remember

-(Ii serteel bv lier lov nig son and daughter, George and Lvdla-Mrs Duncm )

PICKEN -In loving memor) of our dear son an 1 brother Charles Han-) who was called home suddenly on the 12th Sovember, 1930

Two long veirs of deepest sorrow With s,nef that is sad and true Vlvvn)s wishing, alwivs longing I-or our darling bo) aLiin Sot a da« do we forget )ou

With us vou are always near

We who love )ou sad]) miss vou

Vs it dawns another sad «ear

-(Inserted b) lils loving father, mother, only hi other George, si«ters Edna Hilda, and Alma Picken )

PIKE-In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away on 12th September, 1927, also   dear father who passed away 14th December,   1928; and my dear brother, Jack who passed away   21st April, 1920.

Not a day do I forget you,

In my thoughts you are always near.

Loved, remembered, longed for always.

As it dawns another year.

—(Inserted by her loving daughter, Gertie, and grandsons, Mervyn and Jack.)  

PULLEN -In loving memory of our deir friend, Dollie passed avviv 12th Sovemler, 1925

II, r life i beautiful memor),

Her absence our great loss Pi] o mine -(Inserted by 1 and C Carpenter )

PULLEN-In loving memory of dear Doll who rissed awi) on 12th Sovcmber, 112, -Alvvajs reme ml ct id (inserted bv her friet ds Bob and Ellie! Vndrow )

R1CKARD -lu loving remembrance of mv dear hush md and our father Mark Rlckard, who lissed awav at sebastopol on 12th Sovember 1J31

also of mv so,« anti our I rot hers lo«eph, who die! Sertemlcr 1 1S«2 and Everett Mark who was killel at Bullecourt Maj S 1917 -Love! and remembered (InserteI b) loving wife and mother als, b) devoted daughters and sisters.)

SALMONOW -V tribute to the memorv of our late president Louis who pa« ed away Sovember 9 1930 (Inserted b) the members of tlie Carlton Bowling Club)

SAUNDERS-In loving memory of our beloved daughter and sister, Grace, who passed away on the 12th Sovcmber 1930 (Inserted b) her mother, father, and sisters )

STOWE -In foi d and lov ing memory of J M Stowe (Lncle Jack), who passed awa) suddenly at the Commercial Bank, St Kilda, on the 13th Sorember, 1931

Not just to-dav hut every day,

Wc remember him

-(Inserted by Will and Lou Henley and family,

Nathalia )

TEMPLETON-MARKS - In fond and loving memory of our dear grandma who was called   home on the 12th november, 1931; also our dear mother, who passed away on 2nd August, 1932. , -Gone, but not forgotten (Inserted by L and T Whitbourne, Morwell)

WHITE-In fond and loving memory of I lorence Isabella, beloved wife of B L While, and only daughter of Marv A McConnnn who pa«sed nvvny nt Hoselvnn Mitcham, on Sovcmber 12, 1931 -Until the di) break

WHITE (nee MeConnin)-In loving memory of Florence Isabella (Flo) wlio pissed awi) at Mitcham on 12th Sovember 1131 the dearly loved friend of Ldle Mann and I lo Hvslop

WILKINS-In loving memory of ldward Vernon Wilkins who passed awa) on Sovember lo 1107

WILSON-In loving memor) of Ulan who passed awav on the loti, Sovember 1927, ilso Vithur, who died on the 10th October lSol -Re membrince tlucerted by their loved one«, JOS Kooyong ron 1 Cnulllel I )


COLTISG-Mr S COLLISG and Brothers and

cister wish to THVNK all relatives md fnenJs tor letters iloril tributes cards and pcr«onil visits in their recent Bad hereavtment Will all please acte, t this as a personal acknowledgment of our deepest Lrutitude

C LI LIN (nee Lilian Hare)-Mr PHII1P

LUI LEN and Mrs 1IAHE und Mimi) wish to THANK their numerous friends for letters ends telegram md Moral tribute» rtctiiel during their recent sad bereaiemeiit 5 Queen s tv enuc, V cot

and 4b Helby street Kensington (New Zea land papers copv )

HADFIELD -Tlie Illnlly of the Into Airs. HADHLED desire to THANK all kind iriends nnd relatnes for letteis cards telegrams beautiful dora! tributes and i ersonil expressions of simpatb) in tlieir recent sad bereaioment, espocnlji thanking Airs Vfnr Mrs Slattery, ami Dr Di) for ins knidnes» nid ittention to our dear mother during lier long illness Will all piense ncccpt tins as n personal acknowledgment of our deepest gratitude Hendon H ink, VV allan Tjst

nl\ -Mr mid Air» VV U li VY desire to sin

corelv THANK their relations friends md neighbour» for cirl» telegrams letter (bril tnl nie» anl jtrsonil ex) rossions of s)inialbi re cene»! during ti eli' recent uii 1 reiicment

(»leoialh thanking Ur V VV llnik) ami Sister I ic ten fir their unrtniitting ntl ntion Will all jltist accejt this is i itrfonal txirtssion of gratitude Dm In or, 77 N irmant v avenut, Jhornlury N 17

VCGIIIUON -Air and Mrs AHÍ HLHST desire to THINK their friends for cards rloril ti ibutes and personal cxpre»sioiis o! sv mj alby m their recent bertivemeut Will nil please ac cept this as a persouul acknowle Ignient of our gratitude I Jasmine »t «South Caulfield_ Ant and Airs W AIcCALLUAi and Sous, Arthur -*-"-1- Erank and Len, desirt to THANK their mini kind friends and relatnes for letters cards, tele grams be iu ti ful floral tributes of s)mpatb) re ceiled in their recent sad bereaiemeiit on the death of their only daughter and sister, Jessie especial!) ¡bunking- Mrs Fun Dr Lehmann, and Hoi Williams for their kind and unremitting attention also thanking all kind neighbours for their mum acts of kindness during lier illness Will ali pie-tse accept this ns a personal exprès sion of gratitude as thei are too numerous to answer per onallv 87 Waverlc) street, Afoonee Ponds_ ]\fR W11 POLLOCK Ailsa Min Pollock Airs ??«"-" John Pollock und lamili desire to express grittful THANKS for all kind expressions of s)mpath), letteis and min) beautiful flowers re

ctiied in their recent sudden bereaiemeiit Will all please accept this icknoivleilgmcnt 3 Lucerne street VIentone S11_ Mit J V IIL'NTT R nnd Famil) de»ne to

THANK all kind friends and relatives for leiten, cardR, telegrams, floral tributes, and itrsonal txpressiona of s)mpathv in their sid »bereavement in the loss of ni) wife Will al! please accept this as i personal acknowledgment of our deepest gratitude 719 High btrett, Inna dale_ MH DUIMORD and Mr AIcCOVIUL and lamil)

(lethe lo THANH their rtlatives and nuny kind friends for their letters cireis ttiegrnns and floial tnbutes in their recent sad bereavement VV ill nil please iiccej t this as a personal neknow hdgmtnt of dtepest gratitude 11 Se)mour rd, Usternwlck_ 1\TH> N THOMPSON and lamily desire to ?"-*- rnVNH their mum friends and relatives for visito letters, te egrams cards, and beautiful floral tributes all of which so full) expressed their diep sympathy with them in Heir torrow especlnll) thanking !)r Lawson and Nursing slail of Block D Ward 13 AIcll curtie Hospitil W11! all Undi) ncceit this intimation is a personal ex pression of gratitude 50 Haleigh .street, Thorn bur) _

MHS II i KOSGHOW mel family, also Airs

T ROSGROU uni Norm in desire to exprès-« their »liiteit IHVNKS to tin ir roi itlvis and mam kind friends for litten., cirds tehgrams ind ]<

soi it expiossions of ay mp ith) m their recent budden uni slid bereavement Will nil kind!) accept (his as a pei»oml i xprossion of giatitu lo Hint) street Carterton, Bendigo, and Sinn Hill,

rcspiotiioli_____ __ MHS A H DICK, Mr and Mrs A 1 DICK

and lamllv desire to IHVNh their many friends mid rclutlons foi th«. beautiful floiurs letters tcligrims, ennis ind expressions of s)in palin in tlieir recent sad bcrcnvcmcnt Will all pleabe accept this ub n peisunal expression of gratl Hide b I inacre road Hampton_ MHS VV T Bit V\ and Fnmil) desire to express

their THANhS for letters cirds telegrams, and oilier expressions of svmpatli) in their recent bereavement Will all kind!) uccept this as per st na! thanks. 15 Hphin grove Auburn C2

ATAUvivNN! vicimni-virs c d nvuhann J* AlclIATIIl tenders her THAMvS to all friends anil rebines for the many kind exprès sions of s)mpith) and lierai tributes received during her recent bereavement and also to Dr F H Crawford and Sister M A lurner for tlieir unremitting attention and kindness during the long Hine s of her beloved husband Roselea Hughes street Tust Malvern_ PETTIOROVL - Miss PErTlGROVE desires to

THINK friends and rtlatlvts for so man) kind mtssigcs of .sympathy in the sad death of lier only sister, Jane Will all please accept this

is n personal expression of thanks. Post otllce, Sorrento__ '"PUL Iuini!) of the late Vfrs VLICF AIURRA\

?I .leslie to sincere.) THANK ill friends for let

tors cards, telegrams floral trib ite« and personal expression.» of simpilhi roçeiud during tlieir re tent lieieniomcnt Will all please uccept this as a pcrsonul expression of gratitude Millett street, ct Arnaud___________-__ rpilOMAS HARRIS vvlsboa to THANK all friends i- foi letters and terrains, also Dr Wilson, Kurse Turner, and Rev Warren lor flower«, wreaths, and ilsits to m) nvlf«. while Bick.


desire to THVNk their manj Kind friends and relalKcs for their kind expression«» of fi\mpith\ telegnms letters cards, and floral tribuua m their recent «ad Uereivuriei t, t«peciallj thanking Dr M Ii 0 Sillín an and Re\ Edgar Mood Mill jil please accept this as i pen»onil expresión of gratitude .)" Ctmpbel] street Collingwood

WILSON-Mr*. J WILSON and famih desire ? »to THVNk all kind relathes and friends for their man\ kind exprimions of aunpitlw tele gnniR letter" and floral tributes m their recent sad lxrcixemont Mill all please iccept this aa t personal acknowledgment of their d fpost çrati

tude '??I \lbion street \\&>t Brunswick


CV.MPBr.LL - The I neilds of the late Mr

DVLMUlOi MtLFOItr CVMrilllL are m formed that his remains will be interred m the

St Kilda Cemeterv

The funeral will leave the chapel at the Cul

field Militan- Hospital lill» Dl\ (^aturda), Sovcmhor 12) at 3 o clock

15 MV-TUM-S PT). LTD, 102 Toorak road,

South larra M indoor 6i.

CRUTCH-The funeral of the late Mrs LLIZ*

BLT1I Citerai, bclovel wife of Vi Jc liri Crutch will leave her late residence Modevyarre To morrow (Sundav the IStli Sovimber) at 1 >0 I m for the Mount Moriac Cemetery Irietid«. are respectfully invited to attend

DOW LISP - The Friends oi the late Mr«.

rmiDWT DOM! ISC. are re pectfullv invited to follow her remains to the ilace of interment

The funenl is ii pointed io move from hei son a resideirc Hornill So 9S Simmo street Middle Park THIS C-iturdav) MORSISC at 10 10 o clock and proceed to the Church of Our Ladv of Mt C irmel Hichirdson street, en route to the Brigh

ton Cemetery

U Hil!

VL1RID »IISOV, Funeral Director, ditton

1! 1'none JW 170S

DOW SIS - Thornbury Mark lodere So i0 -

Members of ti e above LoeiLe ire respectfully vited to follow the renniis of their respecte! member Wor Bro J TRLGUllIIEV DOWS ISO, to t) e Crematorium 1-awkner Cemetery

The funeral will leave his residence, 0 Woolton ivenue Tho nburj THIS DU (Saturda), 12th Sovember), at 11 o clock


E MRTO-. ?«ecretary

DOWSfSO-The \¡ctorv Muk Lodjre So 17

\ C -M mbers of the aboi e Lodsc are re spectfull) invited to follow the remains ol their respected Wor Bro J TRLGAHTHrS DOWMSG Past Master, to the Cremato-ium, 1-awkncr Cerne


ne funeral will leave Ina residence, G Woolton ....ino Thornbir), THIS DK\ (saturda) 12th r-oromber), at 11 o'clock


O O CaLLAGH tv -Secretary

HI-SR\ J IL TFWIS Undertaker Phone 111X6 HAILLWFIL -The Iriends of the late Mr

B1SJWIIS IULLEWEU of I lew Uah sassafras are informed that his remains will le interred in the l-erntrec Gul!) Cemeter)

lhe funeral will arrive at the ceiueter) entrance THIS VK\ (Saturday, 12th Hovembcr), at J

o clock

B M V.TTHFW S PTY I I'D , I unenl Directors, 102 Toorak road South larra Windsor Go_ H ALI 1 W LI L -Peace -ind Lo)allv Lodee So

Jfl ti and 1 Masons of \ictorin -1 he Officers ind Hrethren of the above Lodge anl Cr lit In general are invited to follow the rennlna of our respected Bro BENJVMIS IULLEWLLL to lhe Ferntree Gully Cemeten

The funeral will arrive at the cemetery yates. Tills DV\ (Saturday), at 3 P in


_It O 10HSSOS', Secretary

HOf MLS-The Friends of the late GEOItGr

RUDOLPH HOLMES are informed that his funeral will leave hiB late residence Skene street

Stawell at 3 30 pin THIS D\Y (Saturday), for the place of interment. Stawell Cemeter)

JOHNSTONE -The Friends of the late Mrs   MARY JOHANNA JOHNSTONE are respect-     fully milted to follow hir remains to the place of interment in the Coburg Cemeter)

The funeral is appointed to move from her daughters residence, So 4d Valentine street. Ivanhoe, THIS DAi (Saturday), at J 30 o clock

MARKS - The Friends of the late HENRY MARKS are invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, New Melbourne General

Cemetery, Fawkner.

The funeral will leave 684 Nicholson street, North Fitzroy, Tomorrow (Sunday), at 9.30 am.  

APPS and SONS, Funeral Directors

McCVKTHY -The Friends of the late Mr

MICHVEL McC\RTHY, of 20 McGregor street Middle Park, and late of Kerang, aro re spectfull) invited to follow his remains to the

1-awknci Cemetery

The funeral will leave St Ambroses Church. Svdnev road Brunswick, THIS DV\ (Saturda), the 12th Sovember), at 2 o clock

MICIIUL MULQLEtS and SOSS, 23 Bl)th street Brunswick, and brandies, also at Bendigo Phone l.wk -140_

M ck IA -lhe Friends oi the late Ml EOBLRT

MchU are respectful!) informed that his funeral will leave Dereçl Tomorrow (Sunda)), at 2u0 l in , for the Itokevvood Cemeter)

_ .... Friends ot Councillor

MURDOCH ar«, respectfully informed that his remains will be interred in the Wesburn Ceme


The funeral is nppointi-d to move from his resi

dence »arra Junction THIS DA\ (Saturda)), at

2-0 r

Boroondara Cemetery Kew

The funeral will leave her residence, No SG Canterbury road «urrev Hills, THIS DAY (Satur da), November 12), at 3 30 p m

RIDLEY. - The Friends of the late THOMAS

RIDLEY are resepctfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment in the Fawkner


TI e funeral is appointed to move frcm his late residence No 70 Bellah street Kensington, THIS DVA. (Siturdiv) at 2 o clock

RIM LA -Hope of Tarraville Lodge, No 164

A I , and A M- Officers and Members and the Ciatl in general are respectfully invited to follow the rennins of our late esteemed Bro THOM IS RIDLEA to the i lace of interment, the Inwkner Cemetcrt

ITie funeral is appointed to lonie his late resi dence, 70 Bellnlrs street Kensington at 2 p m THIS DAY (Saturday 32th Novemlor, 1132)

31AKRY WOODS W Master CIIVS B OVV I N «-ecretarj

ROLT-Hie Eilends of the late Mr VLEItlD

MATTHEW ROUT, of 21 Ins rond Soutn Camberwell are informed that his remains will be interred in the Boroondirn Cometer), Kew

The funeral xxiii leivo the residence of his sister (Aiiss Ljdii Brennan) ri Clarke street Fust Prihran on Monday NoicmlerTI at 11 o clock

B MATTHEWS PT) LTD, 102 Toorak roid South A.arra Windsor GC

RULE - The Friends of Mr and Mrs 1

RLtr nre respectfully invited to follow ti o remains of their beloved 6on, Leonard J ick to the place of interment in the Kilmore Cerno tery

Ttio funeral ii appointed to mole from their refidenee, Allan strttt Kilmore THIS DVA (Saturdn, 12th Noiember I">_1 at 11 am arriving at cemetcr) at 11 lo am

C HIGGLE, Euncral Director Kilmore 29 and trinches _

C HINDERS- The Trien Is of the late EDW ARD J SAUNIIFHS ure invited to folio« Ins remains to the Burwood Cometer)

The funeml will leave his lite residence No TS Buckingham street, Richmond, THIS DAY (Saturday, November 12) at 3 JO p m

SAUNDERS-Brunswick St John s I odge No 7S

of A I , and A SI of A ¡doria -The Brethren of tht al ove Lodge and the (rift ni general ire requtstid to attend tit fuller 1 of our late be loved Wor Bro EDW AHÍ) «-VINDCKS

The cortege will le ive In» Uie residence, TS Bu kingham street Richmond THIS D AA at o30 pu , for the Burwool I emeterj irrlilng at cemcler) git«s it 4 p m No ngalla


AV IONES P (, I AVkgs Seerotarv

SVUNDIRS- Lodge of St Vugustlnt No 4 0

of A , 1 and A Al of A ictori i -Tile Brethren of the above lodge and the Clift In gent ni ure requested to atti ml the funeml oi our lute Itlovcd

Wor Bio 1 DVV VHD S VIN Di !!?

lhe cortege mil leave his lit tes! leuce TS Buckingham »trcct Richmond THIS IA VA at 3 0 pm for the Burwood Cemetery arriving it cerne ter) gates at 4 p in No reg illa


I! II HU If IR I Af 'oorotir


-*- Mi-LBOURN)


Goierned by Civic Corporations of Mc bourne UiiiiibWlck Lssendon Coburg and Hi >i lmci Im»

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