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Cruel Hoax.

Dead Soldier's Parents Deceived.

BERLIN. Oct. 13.

Although "Oscar Daubmann", who was   supposed to have returned from the grave,     was feted as a hero when he arrived in Endingen, he has now been arrested as Karl     Hummel, a tailor with an unedifying police     record. Hummel was confessed to the de- ception, and admitted having told the story with the object of securing a free journe from Italy.  

The affair recalls the noted Tichborne   case, because Hummel was accepted as a   son by Daubmann's parents, and his old   regimental colleagues unhesitatingly identi- fied him as Daubmann.

The impostor has been on lecture tour   throughout Germany.  

[In last May the parents of Oscar Daub-         mann, a German soldier, who was listed as     missing during the fightning on the Somme in 1916, received a message stating that     their son had arrived at Naples on the way home from Africa. He said that he had been wounded during the fighting, and   captured by the French. In attemping to escapte from a prison camp he killed a   guard, and was sentenced to imprisonment for 20 years in a French penal settlement   in Africa. Eventually he escaped, and   walked 3000 miles along the coast to a spot from which he boarded a streamer for Italy. The Tichborn case was one in   which Artuhr Orton, a butcher, of Wagga,  

Australia, claimed to be Roger Charles   Tichborne, the heir to the baronetcy and estates worth 24000 pound a year. Orton was   accepted by the Dowager Lady Tichborne   as her son, but by no other member of   the family. Orton was later tried and con-   victed for perjury and forgery, and was sentenced to imprisonment for 14 years.         The proceedings lasted from 1871 to 1874.]