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ASSAULT PLEA ACCEPTED Before Mr. Justice Angas Parsons:—

When Malcolm James Stodden, 25. laborer, of Waterhouse road. Vermont, was charged with having Indecently assaulted a woman of 22 years on April IT. he pleaded guilty to

common assault. That plea was accepted by the Crown. Mr. G. H. Walters 'for Stodden) said that the incident had occurred at a dance at Ed wardstown. Accused had previously borne a good character. His Honor said that the young woman had acted Imprudently. The matter should be a sharp lesson for Stodden. who. he thought, would not offend again. A fine of £10 was imposed. INDECENT ASSAULT PROVED Gordon Stanley Brumfleld. 23. welder, of Hindley street, city, denied a charge that he Indecently assaulted a girl aged 14 years and 10 months, at Adelaide, on May 9. He was convicted by a jury and remanded lor sen tence, after admitting a number of previous convictions. UTTERED FORGED CHEQUES Edward Cecil Coombs 25. soldier, of David street, city, pleaded not guilty to charges that, at Adelaide, on August 24. he uttered forged cheques for £3 15/9 and £3 12/6. knowing them to be forged. He was convicted by a jury and. admitting a long list of previous con victions, was sentenced to 18 months' gaol. NOT PROCEEDED WITH The Crown entered a nolle prosequl In the case or Henry Walter Myhlll. 65. builder and contractor, of Myrona avenue. Glenanga. charged with fraudulent conversion and lar ceny. The Crown Prosecutor (Mr. Chamberlain) for the Crown. ADELAIDE LOCAL VERDICT FOB PLAINTIFF Before Mr. Say, SJK.:— A verdict for plaintiff, damages to be as sessed, vas given yesterday in a claim for damages by Cecil Joseph Gardner, fitter, of Napier street. Renown Park, against Joseph Victor Johns, metal worker, of Florence street. Fullarton. arising out of a collision between Qardncr's bicycle and Johns's motor cycle on August 5 on Park terrace. Gilberton. near Backney Bridge. A counter-claim for £300 bv Johns was dis missed. Mr. Harry Alderman for Gardner. Mr. E. J S. Hogan for Johns. LICENSING MANAGES APPROVED Before Mr. Haslam, S.M.:— An application by Halfway Hotel Ltd. for lpproval of Norman Victor Peters as manager, rbich had been previously adjourned, way rranted yesterday. Mr. C. T. Gun lor applicant. MIDLAND DISTRICT QUARTERLY MEETING The following new applicants and transfers cere approved:— New Applicants.—Previously Licensed Pre mises—Publicans' Licences and Temperance Permits—Black Lion Hotel, Hindmarsh, Albert Augustine Edwards; British Hotel, Lower North Adelaide, John Lawrence Keane; Eden Valley Hotel, Eden Valley, Elma Wilson: Highbury   loteL Highbury. John OTJeill: Normanvllle lotel, Normanville. Victor Cornelius Mildren. Transfers.—Publican's Licences and Temper ince Permits—Commercial Hotel. Strathalbyn. fargnexite Clarice Ellison from Victor Ed rard Mathlson and Ella Violet Mathlson: Ixeter Hotel, Adelaide. Archie Simonds from larold C. J. Lucas; Hotel Balhannah. Bal isnnah. William Cornelius Bourke from Pre oria Surrey Epps: Hotel Oakbank, Oakbank, v*illiazn Hodsson from Loraa Myra CarT-Fish; toyal Oak Hotel. Clarendon. Eva Annie Mc- Cenzie from James Thomas Bryan; Seven Stars Hotel. Adelaide. Margaret Angela Mc fahon from Andrew Sawford: Terminus Hotel. Salaklava. Frederick Josian Elliott and Beat- Ice Hardaker Elliott Irom Philip K. Lee: WU iinga Hotel. WUluncra. Mary Bridget Qulnn rom Dorothy Ann Quinn. New Applicants.—Previously Licensed Pre sises—Storekeepers' Australian Wine Licences -Adelaide. 224 Hanson street. John Patrittl: few Parkside, 155 Unley road, Hugh Brown. Transfer—Billiard Table Licence—Nails rorth. Balfour street. Sylvester Archibald imith from Laurence McMillan. Removals.—Storekeepers' Australian Wine licences—Gawier, 24 Murray street, to pre lises situated at 36 Murray street, Gawier. ercival Norman Burse. The Superintendent of Licensed Premises Mr. McNallyl assisted the court. \DELAIDE POLICE CASE TO PROCEED Before Mr. Mnirfaead. P.M.:— The case in which Alan Bruce, agent, ol Souger street, city, was charged with havinj cen unlawfully In possession of four gallon: f petrol on June 26. 1940. was further ad< ourned yesterday until June 13. That was the eighteenth adjournment of th< natter, which had been held up for some timi lending an appeal by another man. who hai reen charged Jointly with Brace with th Hence and been convlcetd and fined. Th ippeal was dismissed. Although Mr. J. L. Travers (for Bruce* ha> erday ruled that there was a good complain tefore the court. e\*en though the othe lefendant had had a separate trial In th 'olice Court. He. therefore, proposed to pro eed with the hearing. Assistant Police Prosecutor Bond for pro ecutlon.