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SWIM THROUGH PERTH. REVIVAL TOMORROW. Handicaps Issued. After a lapse of six years owing to the war, the Swim Through Perth will be revived tomorrow afternoon, commencing at 3 o'clock, from the jetty of the Swan Brewery. The course will be 1½ miles and the fin- ish will be at the ANA Pool. The handicapper, Mr T. H. Goudie, last night issued times for 44 acceptors. Vic Hart, a veteran of 1925-1930, who is nearly 40 years old, is on the limit mark of 11 minutes. To swim over 1½ miles backstroke is the task to be undertaken by R. Harris, who will receive 8 minutes start on H. Bowra (City), who will concede 43 other swimmers up to 11 minutes. Kalgoorlie is pinning its faith to C. Dawe, off the 3½min mark, while Claremont hopes to see surfer Alec Prior get to the front from the 1min mark. The Royal Life-saving Society and the North Cottesloe Surf Life-saving Club, on behalf of the association, will supply patrolmen in case of emergency during the race. Following are the handicaps: K. Egan (City), Vic Hart (City). D. Sverin (Nedlands). 11min; J. Trend (City). M. Neville (Como), A. Sforcina (S. Fremantle). H. Halliday (City'. J. Dimmitt (Claremont). R. Harris (CityL 8min; A. Hughes (S. Fremantle). D. Hughes 4S. Fremantle). 7.30; G. Trewen nick (City). B. Wheeler (Kalgoorlie). N. Hennessey (Kalgoorlie). K. Dunstan (Kalgoorlie). H. Buckman tKalgoorlie). J. K. Allen (S. Fremantle). A. Hodgkin son (City). 7.0: G. Maley (Kalgoorlie). G. Howden (Melville), 6.30: V. Ben thelm (S. Fremantle). G. Turner (Kal goorhliel. P. Harding (City). P. Tait' (City). C. Keane (Claremont). 6.0; C. Ross (City). D. Clegn (City). W. D. Dorlazi (Claremont). 5.30: S. A. Pearse (City). R. T. parry (Iedlands). R. Baker (City). A. Martin (Claremont). J. Taylor (Como). S. Tait (Como). 5.0; F. Thorn (Claremont). J. Kelly (Clare mont). Don Christie (City). 4.30: B. Kelly (Claremont), 4.0; C. Dave (Ksl goorlie). 3.30; L. Walsh (City). 3.0: D. Morrison (Claremont), 2.30; W. H. Moore (CIty). 1.30; A. Prior (Clare mont). 1.0: H. Bowrs (City), scratch. Swimmers must report to the starter at the Swan Brewery at 2.30 pm sharp.