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The amalgamation of the Australian Im-     perial Boy Souts' Association with the the Boy Scouts' Association of Australian was announced as a preliminary to the general     business of the annual meeting of the Boy Souts' Association at the Town Hall last night. His Excellency the Lieutenant-Go-       vernor (Sir William Irvine), who, by vritue   of his office is the Chief Scout of Victoria,   presided. The agreement between the two orpanizations was signed and scaled at the   meeting. Negotiations have proceeded for many years for the amalgamation, as it was     .»insiileied desitible that the existence of two otganipations oui) one of wine li, the Bov Scouts' \psocntion ot Austialii, w is afiilnted ofhciilh willi the movement founded and led bv the World Chief bcotit (Loid Haden Powell) vais mimic il to the best niteicsts of scouting

Hie announcement e une is a suipiisp to all evcept those who had bee liitun itely ccntciiicd m the neu li liions j he chim man ol the '«¡tate e\eentivo cfimnntlie ti tit Bov -stouts AssoeutKHi (Ali I. II

'Jlionns) c\pies((l (he sitr-t iclion (it ill

J it cut

Hie Ullin ii u )oi I showed th it tim .> li til ben oITj ne« tcTstntioiis m Hu vin cn lui June 10, compite 1 willi li 121 lol the pi ei ions it ii Hie niimbet ol m out ? ibu is lui ineicisid ttom 10)8 to 1,4jS theie vi is still und lot mole adult assist «nee 1 he niimhci of cub p icks had m cn iscel In 6j, scout tioops by in, and lovci nein, I j live

Aiming th it the lopoitnnel balante «.heel he icceiveel and adopted, Su William lunn sid "I fiiinlj bcliCAo that theie is in moiemcnl in this communil} which baa fin li i powei ful effect in iaismg the stan diid of chiuactei ol oui )oungiiien as the Iloi Scout movement ami it is mv desuo as it i« tho desno of evcty Rood citizen, that it um pioceed with uiidiniiiiishotl vlgoui uni piogiess " (Hen, heal ,

I he iIncf commibsionei (Mi C A llond lei) who ai ith Mi AA D kennedy, demit) (imp thief mnele a specnl joui net li om (ubi oil Paik foi the occasion ind i chu ned immediate)) nltct the meeline, to the Scout eis tunning coutse camp which is now in piogiess, seconded the motion Ho said - - \Ac aro cniDiiiR the gospel of scouting into lioiuca foi delinquent bov s and oi plnns it Ins eicn taken loot in such bos intuís -ia the Austin Hospit ii foi Chionic ]Jbei«es and tlie nithopiedic brunell of the thildicns Hospitnl at linnkston"

Mi Aligns b Alitihell suppoi ted tlie mo fit n Ha a i igiil sa tem of budgi ting, he fiid the balance ol the leelgci had been in eicilit to the c\tcnl ot £281 It the movement weie to expand as it should ni Hie nevt vein, hoiAcvei, mole money would he needed One unnoitnut aetivttv was flic bens' settlement at Poit Melbourne, vi hu li ai as giving new hope to mun) pool


bit William liAine píese tiled Jo Lone Hotel A. K Milne the ceiliucnte ot mont foi gnlhnti) mid to Scout Em ¡3111111101, of 1«t Collingwood Tioop, tho gilt ciosh of the movement loi having saved the lives ci fellow Scouts fiom eli civv inner

Olliuis wcic» le elected with the» follow inn additions -Pallon* Su Untold Luxton, M I. \ and Mi Menzies Al I, A State I mined of conti ni llmsis V 1 Allen mill II LcOiew ?Scoiitmimtcis I Houston (Co- burg) ( Simpson (CnnibciAAcll), und W Smith (AlnKcin)