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Changes In Lacrosse Final Four


AS'hougii We;* Torrna rsrprtiwe by erl?' tnc Utiver-my with a ntkncc tran at. Satur day. sncb-o£. try dcfeatine SDK by a Me ?" lis. catoe£ second jriace it the lacrosse fosr.

The lour now comprises East Torren* ?artpnr premiers >. Bnrfor.. We*: Twibk an£ Dcwer slty. East Tcrrens. wr3?mn Symones. mm :t? match asains: Kortt Adelaide fiirjy easfiy. but Its attack in the second tali vat oat w*V. orgwisHi. East Torrau tearing esSy *??? coals to North Adelaide two Wre: ToTTfns. defeated tjntfrrstt? Ir a bar* ft me at Or.'vercuj- Oval. Tbe back play ?B both sides vac rleorojs. Onimrttj tcuttnc ?l halt-tlaie. B:?hop ptayetf a jrWTllns PM for Vest Torrera. anC hie teazD eTestaallf lion fc iierd-foupfat t"?- Par: Adelaide eainr£ tbr B trade nr.r.or pie. KteTShm by a Etrroc marftc. the four c?o -(L<tac Port AdrlaMe. Le??CT CUS>. Dczf AjSdt a^d Start. In C praUe. Pon Adeisidc !i m^iar ppa. mlers. vitb QooAvooC aeoon£ iunatn liiilli & GRADE—E?n Torrcss. It A. Storth Adelaide. 3 eaals. Goalttmnren—Ecn Tor mis, Gorman <3>. Crabam. Kates. Bautot* teach 2), H. Seith. Mattbev?UL BffOer. an? Muecke. Kortb Adelaide—Sanrase. BclitMt. and Kesbm. Best players—&? Tories. J. and F. Hansfonl. Parsons. Kelas and Ooraas. North Adelaide—Buttrose, Sbocb, BccmOeld. KlUer and "?'""' Bncbton. 29 soalz d. SOS. I ??al. Goat throwers—Brteliuxi. R. Jentlns 4 14?. Edvarda ? -). C. Prancu ?>. Wade. L. Jenkins <cacfe 2i. SDK. Thomas. Best {terra —Brighton. a. and L JesfciDs. G. Francis. Vial aial AmoUL SMC. Voices. Tbrnaas- UaceJer. Bew and Me- CartoeT. West Torres*. 16 coal* 4, Drtrenity. 7 CoaM. GoaJtbroVfTi—W?t Torma. Bttbco <S>. TUa> lls <3i. Walker ajid Stratfartf. Oornrstt?. Ewen <3>. W?llhule i2i. cottle and O'Bnlltna. Beit plajTH—West Ttornm. FBBser. BniKS. BevitsoD. Stratlord. Goring. University wa? man. Ewn. EUwtt, Oauc and Mandar. B GRADE—Umversttj Wo. 1. 21 coaU ?. North Adelaide, 3 goals. Pert ?a5-i^ 25 eoals <J. East Torrrns. nil- etnn d. West Torms (lorlnti. L^jacy 9. ?J. Brkbton ?. Deaf Adult 31 goals, d. Onrmxitr So. 2 <nlli. C GRADE—Pert Adelatde d. Sum (forfeit).