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July 10.

The Chewie gold discovery appears to bo of even greater value than at hrat supposed. A trial crushing of 15cwt. of the stono takon indiscriminately from an 18ft, lode, or more properly speaking from a mountain of con- glomerate of a character not very dissimilar to tho test parcel, has turned out at the rnto of 6oz to tho ton. I need not say the find is creating a good deal of excitement. Tho discovcrois ate Messrs. F. G. Simpson, Lidart, and Roberts, and it is understood Mr. J. Woodyatt, of the Chronicle, has a large interest in the affair. Chowio is situated on the Degilbo estate, and is contiguous to the projected railway lino via Mungarr from Maryborough to Gayndah. Tho discovery cannot but be of great importance to the Wide Bay district

At a meeting of tho united municipality of Maryborough and Granville tenders wero accopted foi new ferry approaches at £392. The successful tenderers were Messrs, Hunter

and Coleman

The Burrum Divisional Board, on Thursday, received a communication from tho Lands De- partment that certain streets would bo widened at tho board's expense. Members protested against this on tho ground that the department wcro cutting up the land fronting tho streets in question for solo as town allotments. A report that tho Government has altered the boun- daries of the Widgee division, placing portions of it m the Kilkivan division, has agitated tho members of tho former board, who threaten resignation in globo.

An influential request, it ia understood, goea forward to Mr R. B. Sheridan, M.L A,, ask- ing him to visit his constituents, and address them on the policy of the Government on Tuesday next. Messrs. Smyth and Mellor, MM.L A,, left per Leichhardt to bo present at tho opening of Parliament. It is undcr stoodàthat Mr W. G. Bailey will not bo able to attend the House for a week or so, and will not retain tho position of Government whip, owing to continued weakness of cyciight.

Tho Maryborough Club have taken hno pre- mises in Bazaar street, on very easy terms. At n numerously attended meeting of members on Wednesday, the following ofheers were elected, namely,-President, Mr. N. E. N. Tooth, mayor ; vice president, Mr. H. R Buttanshaw, P.M.; treasurer, Mr. Ayres secretary, Mr. P.   J. M'Dermott ; committee, Messrs. Robinson, Corser, Sexton, and Drs, Harricks and O'Connor. Tho club will probably open with nearly 100 members.

At the Quarterly Licensing Court, one

application for renewal of publican's license, being for tho Blue Bell Inn, was refused, on tho ground that the house encouraged tho location of bad characters in its vicinity. Several tiansfcrs wero granted and two adjourned The stringent mamtennncc of the Act and bcttei snpei vision of public houses meets vvith general approval.

A number of gentlemen in addition to the msiiagor and directors of Messis. John Walker and Co , Limited, with a good many emplojós bf the film, assembled on Thursday evening, to in*u"urato the Union Noonday Reading room-a building fuinished by the firm, and suophed with vanod literature and newspupeis for tho use of tho woikmen. Tho management of tho roora will bo uuJer a com- mittee of tho men, who number over 250

Tho annual meeting of tho Wide Bay Rowing Club levenled *v very satisfactory financial re port Oihceia wcro elected at this meeting If is not mlik h a crow will bo sent to tho foi *hpnmm¿ Rockhampton regatta

The Stormbird, recruiting "cboonT, cleared this a ternoon foi tim Non Hebrides and the Solomons, with about l18 ictuins. It will be remembered this vessel wai withdrawn from     the trido somn tim,'» rgo as unseawoithy, rnd sold for a nominil sum. Her present otvnci, however, lias iip"ircel and refitted hot, und, undei the command *.>r Captain Oliver, with Mr. Blake as her agent, tho old Storm bud entera again on the îccituting trade.

A distressing ci e of su olde occuiied on Fi.dij Denis O'Donnell joun^ nun, who       lenvos a wido v Mid thr-o children, in a second attempt wttl m a fo v minutes succeeded m cutting hi3 tluoit. O D ntnell was undei medical treatment for an nijurj to his gioui which preyed upon bia mind very much An inqmiy waj held on the same day respecting tho death of au illégitimité child, The ovjcUiicc suggested that death waa caused by suffocation, probably through tho mothci, a vudiw named Kohler, having lain upon it

An attempt to disturb the arrangement between the Minister foi Mines and tho Iais Investment Company, respecting tho employ m"iil of the diamond drill is being mado on tho side j'-suo that toe company Till not be icady to put the drill to wont fji six months The compaiij, howevci, havo iai! a deposit of £100 end is iiul.rslocd to be m earnest about work with the dull it once.

An mquirj into the wreck of the Mayflower, at Lady Elliott Island, was held on Thursday   beforo th» piliec magistrxto and Mr. W F. Harrington. From the evidence of the captain, mule, tv o s amen, and a pi>°scngei, it is gathered th it the clncf ma'o was on watch at tho time, anti according to tho ovidencc of the carpenter admitted that he altered the course   which fho cipiam hail given. No decision was annour.celb} the court.

The Promotern of tho projected Naval Brigade leceivcd yesterday a telegram from Captain Wright, RN, intimating that the

Prun or ' id .pproved of the brigade, and that eonpeqtimiUy Lieutenant Drake would be sent up to inmuto proc c'tn,T The enrolment ia proceeding

Thi Rev Clark Kennedy has passed through to G >yndah to take chingo ot the Anglican

Ohm eh m that distuct

Mr H A Long concludeel his scries of ad diesses on Wednesday ni^lit beforo a good


The work of pTsuadin.j votera to send m then ol»im» dunnf thi« month unelcr the terms of the» Elections Act rf ISSi, is on apace On I'huialaj evening nu neious in- fluential citizens ni~r in ti o Council Chambers, " Mr, R M Hyne m t' e chun, and resolved to '__ hold piibhc meeti igs in eliffeient parts of the

to,vti, to employ ct-nvaa-ioia, to placard the town with powers, end in audition to scvorul oth-r measures, to r rovido a rallying point on Saturdays where 3 little army of ready wnteis will as-nat electora in the tilling up of their


Mi Dan Mactaggart reports that business m   stock is dull, although, owing to the good s a 1 son, cattle aro holding their own in price. Fat ? bullocks aro woi th up to £5 15-i,

J The weather is now fino and cold, vvcstorlj

t winds set m to day.