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Site For Film Homestead 'Pito-Pointed'

Mr. Charles Clarke, direc tor of photography for the SHni. technicolor film to be made in SA. nasspri throuerh

Adelaide yesterday to Melbourne after selecting the exact site of the 19th century homestead to be erected on Mrs. E. J. FarreU's station at Woolundunga. 'We have pin-pointed the place and it is a very good posi tion,' he said. Work on the homestead, which will be built to appear as two storeys externally and one floor inside, will start today under Mr. G. H. Flicker, of Adelaide. Special heavy flooring of 12 x 2 oregon will be used to bear the weight of cameras and prevent vibration during shooting of in teriors.

The Mayor of Port Augusta (Mr. Riches) said yesterday that he had obtained assurances that the 50,000 super ft. of oregon used would be disposed of in the district after the film was finished. A ton of ice will be used daily by the film company to keep its technicolor film in condition before shooting. Stocks have to be maintained at a temperature of 50 deg. The director (Mr. Lewis Mile stone) and the author of the screenplay (Mr. Harry Kleiner) are expected to come to SA. next week. Mr. Kleiner reached Sydney last night and story conferences with Mr. Milestone will begin immediately to bring the script into line with local conditions, traditions, and manners. Mr. Kenneth Leighton, in charge of accommodation ar rangements, and Mr. HaroU Roth, location accountant, will 50 to Port Augusta tomorrow. The Adelaide offices of- 20th Century-Fox have been inun dated by applications for parts in 'Kangaroo,' but no casting has yet taken pl^ce.