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Hartnett Cars Will Be On The Road This Year

Components for, the Hartnett cars should soon be on the way to Australia . and the cars should be on the road before Christmas, a spokesman of the company said yesterday.

Designed on the lines of the French Gregoire,. the Sartnett has an air-cooled at-twin motor which, it is claimed, will give 60 miles to the gallon. It is expected to sell in Aus tralia for about £450, including tax. Five demonstration models fire due to be landed here within the next few weeks. The first of the Hartnett cars Brould be tourers, the spokesman said, and these would be fol lowed by smart looking sedans —all four-seaters— and utili ties. All tools, gauges and jigs are ready at the Geelong plant. Australian-made components grill be fitted in increasing quantities as the supply posi tion improves. Initial production will be at Geelong, where the output is expected to be 50 vehicles in le first month, with produc tion speeding up to a 10,000 a year rate within eight months. Eventually, the various State distributors will arrange their own assembly. N« estimate can be given as to when the Hartnett is likely to be fully Australian-made, as this depends on the capa city of the Australian car in dustry to manufacture the required major assemblies. The Hartnett project is an Important one, as the whole of its finance is Australian and all shareholders and directors are Chief interest in the Hart nett is price. The stated ob jective of the company is to manufacture and market a low pitped car of dependability and The engine is a horizontally

The cast aluminium alloy chassis, of the Hartnett promotes, a good power-to-weight ratio.

The cast aluminium alloy chassis, of the Hartnett promotes, a good power-to-weight ratio.

opposed two-cylinder four stroke unit, which develops 19 brake horsepower. Fully equipped Hartnett cars have already been given ex haustive test runs. The com pany spokesman said they had already covered over a quarter of a million miles, and have stood up admirably to Aus tralian conditions. 'Distributors in SA. Broken Hill and the Northern Territory are Universal Motors Ltd. Technical Data The following technical data shows some of the u^usiial characteristics of the Hartnett. Engine.— Flat -- twin, air cooled, 4-stroke, 0J1.V. Bore. — 72 mm. Stroke.— 73 mm. B.H.P.— 19 at 4,000 r.pjn. Brakes.— Front, Girling hy draulic. Rear, mechanical. Suspension. — Independent 4 wheels. Front, laminated trans verse springs. Rear, Neiman coil springs. Turning Circle.— 30 feet. Weight.— 980 lb. ' Maximum Speed. — (Claimed) approx. 70 m.p.h. Petrol Consumption. — (Claimed).— 60 m.p.g. at ave rage speed of 40 m.p±i.