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Lady Napier will take the chair at the fourth afternoon lecture of the English Speak ing Union in Churchill Build

ings, trawier place, at 230 pjn. on July 27. Mrs. Rooert Crompton will speak on Kash mir. * ? ? ? Mrs. P. W. Porter, who will leave by train on Monday for Melbourne and later stay witn ner sister, Mrs. R. P. Roberts, at Coleraine, Victoria, plans to return to Adelaide at the end of September. * * ? ♦ Mrs. Albert Goode will ac company her daughter Mrs. Jack Bennett when she returns to Perth in the East-West ex press on Friday, and will stay with her at Peppermint grove and with several friends before returning to Adelaide. * T ? ? ? Mrs. dive Milne has taken Mrs. Dean Dawson's house in Wellington square for six weeks. She will then return to Sydney and, in November, re turn to make a permanent home in Adelaide. Mrs. Y. M. Oswald-Jacobs, of Heathpool, has sent out invi tations to the wedding of her daughter Margaret with Napier Lytton, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Goldsworthy, of Yorke town, in St. Peter's College Chapel at 230 pjn. on August 19. Reception at St. Helen's, Prospect. * ? ? ? The engagement is an- nounced of Elizabeth (Besse) M. Fisher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Fisher, of Walker- ville, to Charles O., son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Cass, of Pyap West.

Mrs. M. Hodgkinson, of Beau lieu, New Forest, England, has spent three weeks with Mrs. Malcolm P. Reid at Marryat ville. Hostesses who enter tained in her honor include Lady Holden, Mrs. Sidney Ayers, Mrs. R. Burns Cuming and Mrs. R. E. Porter. Mrs. Hodgkinson will leave on Sat urday for the Flinders Ranges and after returning to Adelaide will make further visits to the country. ? ? ? ? Wives and women friends of Royal SA Yacht Squadron members will make their an nual visit to the squadron club rooms, King William street, to night. The squadron commo dore (Mr. H. J. Kemp) and Mrs. Kemp will receive 200 guests. Afterward Mr. Kemp will pre sent trophies won by members during the season. ? » ? ? Maj. and Mrs. David Davies and their baby daughter will embark in Melbourne in the Orion today for England. Mrs. Davies was formerly Doreen Trounson, daughter of Lt-Col. and Mrs. H. W. O. Trounson, formerly of Adelaide. Maj. Davies, a PAC old scholar, will be attached to the Australian Army Staff for training in the United Kingdom for two years.

The first party to be held in tier new home was given by Mrs. A. Blackburne at Mills terrace. North Adelaide, yester day. Guest of honor was Mrs. John Skipper, and 16 friends were invited to a buffet lun cheon to say good-bye to her before her departure *-r Mel bourne. ' , Mixed flowers with trails of ivy were charmingly arranged in the sitting room, and fra grant twigs of fresh green mint were used as decorations on the luncheon table. Among the guests were Mrs. Henry Risch bieth, Mrs. R. Wallman, Mrs. Richard LeMessurier, Mrs. Rob ert Yeoward, Mrs. J. Hodge, Mrs. J. Leake, Mrs. David Fowler, Mrs. Ronald Driver, Mrs. Ben Goode, Mrs. Lyell Mil ler, Mrs. Reginald Reid, Mrs. David Tolley, Mrs. John Simp son and Miss Barbara Randell. ? » ? ? An attractive earthenware bowl of red-hot pokers, cum quats (stripped of their leaves), golden dates and spotted deep green lily leaves made a strik ing decoration in the centre of the Royal Society of Arts Gal lery yesterday at the well at tended private view of water colors by Duncan Goldfinch, which was opened by Maj-Gen. G. W. Symes. Some vivid colors, a variety of pastels and many tones of grey and brown were worn by the women guests. Mrs. G. W. Symes chose a warm tile red shade for her simple woollen frock and smart felt hat trimmed with tiny brown 'fea- ther dusters' to tone with her fur coat.

juts. Duncan Goldfincn wore a smart black suit and her blouse toned with her soft powder blue upturned felt hat, at the side of which was a waxed plume in a deeper blue. King Violet was the glowing color chosen by Mrs. Malcolm P. Reid for her ensemble and side-tilted felt hat. Two curv ing burgundy feather mounts were placed on the side of the narrow brim. She was accom panied by her sister Miss Irene Willcox. who wore a navy blue suit and geranium red upturned hat of quilted velvet, matched with a cravat. With them was Mrs.' M. Hodgkinson (England) in a

Magyar coat of pickled olive green with large patch pockets and black buttons diagonally on shoulder seams. Mrs. Clive Corbin wore a smart outfit— her slim mole grey skirt was worn beneath a swing coat in deep shades of green, brown and grey broadly striped tartan and a small tuft of phea sant's feathers trimmed the front of her little mole grey hat. Mrs. Eric McMichael in navy blue went with Mrs. C. A. Ed munds, v. ho wore a soltlv draped felt hat-in celadon green which toned with her light teal blue frock. . Her coat was dyed squirrel. Also in light teal blue was Mrs. Arnold Knapman. in a storm coat and casque hat trimmed with a cluster of aigrettes at the side. ? ? ? ? In St. Giles's Church, Oxford (England), on July 1, two clever young South Australians were married by the Rev. Roy S. Lee (NSW), vicar of St. Mary the Virgin, the University Church of Oxford. The bride «as Barbara Phyllis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kid man, of North Shields, SA Barbara, a first-class honors graduate of Adelaide University in physics, is now research as sistant to Dr. Vaughan, princi pal of Somerville College, Ox ford, and is also reading for her PhJ3. The bridegroom. Renfrey Bernard, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. U. Potts, of Rose Park, SA, is South Australian Rhodes Scho lar for f&48, also first-class honors graduate in physics of Adelaide University. He is now a member of Queen's College, and entering his third year at Oxford and studying for his PhJD.

The service was fully choral, and the church was beautifully decorated with Madonna lilies, delphiniums and sweet peas, arranged by the bride's aunts, Mesdames S. A. Turner and R. McNeil, assisted by Mrs. Barry Turner (cousin), and Miss Nancy Bartleet. The bride was charming in tier frock designed on Elizabe than lines of cream and gold French brocade, and the flow ing skirt had. a short train. Her old lace veil was caught by a headdress of cream flowers. The bridesmaid Miss Margaret Tutt (a co-research worker with the bride at Oxford), wore blue braided net over taffeta. Best man was Mr. John Keeves. who was at Prince Alfred Col lege, SA, with the bridegroom. After the wedding a reception was held in the council room of Somerville College. Seventy guests were received by Sq Ldr. and Mrs. S. A. Turner, uncle and aunt of the bride, and by the college principal. Dr. J. Vaughan. Several South Aus tralians were present. Mr. and Mrs. Potts are now on a motor tour of the Continent, and on their return will reside temporarily at 140 Leckford road, Oxford.