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Films Review e-l . . . . . .

By 'Te Pana'

FIGHTING CAVALRY! OF AUSTRALIA Exploits Re-enacted In Stirring Picture

'FORTY THOUSAND HORSEMEN,' a Famous Feature Film, at the REGENT THEATRE. r^ALLOPING columns of mounted troops, the scream of desert combat, and a fervent air of patriotism supply colourful ex

cuemeni in unaries cinauvers Australian mm, Jhorty Thousand Horsemen.' It is a panorama of men whose actions made history, and whose deeds recaptured will make history in the field of local nicturp Rnrfpavnur.

From an entertainment point of view the film is pure showmanship throughout, well produced, almost flawless technically, with a succes sion of human interest bits that will make the movie-goer nudge his neighbour with delight. The fruits of Mr. Chauvel's experi ence in a Hollywood studio are visible everywhere. He creates vivid contrasts between the glory of the charge and the urim harvest of battle, between the

Belt; Bryant.

Belt; Bryant.

singing troopers, elated by their advance, and the humours of en forced - idleness. Particularly has he succeeded in freeing his mar tial scenes from any note of hero ism. His dialogue is more inclined to understatement than to bombast. Direction of the romantic scene in the hut, which was viewed coldly by the censor, is restrained and natural, and the climax picturing the charge of Australian Light Horse at Beer sheba— also threa tened by official dom — moves with the ordered pace

ui a. ieu,i uuup. incidentally, tnese sequences are quite conventional in a film sense and their deletion would have been farcical on moral grounds. Acting generally shades any I have seen in other local films. Betty Bryant, petite and pretty, achieves her success by subdued ease where more forcible methods might have failed. She gauges well the emotional effect of quiet speaking and her scenes with Grant Taylor are full of merry banter as well as tender passion. Miss Bryant definitely has a future in films. 'Chips' Rafferty introduces a brand new note in humour; Pat Twohill might have been taken from ;any Light Horse :amp; Albert Winn outdoes C. Aubrey Smith as a sheik. Other people who sannot be overlooked are Harvey Adams, Ron Whelan, Joe Valli, and Eric Reiman as the villainous Von Schiller. As for the history of certain inci dents connected with the Light Horse campaign in Palestine, 'Forty Thou sand Horsemen' embodies it bettel thnn any reference book. 'You Can't Pool Your Wife,' a sprightly comedy, is screened in sup port, and Glady Moncrieff sings in a brilliant; staee interlude. Screening tlme»t 'Forty Thousand Horse men' Wins 11.22 a.m., 3.54 p.m., B.51, 0.27. 'You Can't Fool Ymir wife' begins 10.8 a.m., 1.10 p.m., 4.11, 7.1S.

Light-hearted songster in films, Jeanette MacDonald appears in 'New Moon,' the principal attrac tion at the Metro Theatre.

Light-hearted songster in films, Jeanette MacDonald appears in 'New Moon,' the principal attrac tion at the Metro Theatre.