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BOOK NOTES. Lt Col Robert Henriques, whose novel, "No Arms, No Armour,' won the All Nations Novel Prize in 1939, served for three years in the war as planner and liaison officer for combined British and American amphibious operations. He is wor ried about the inevitable conflict between the soldier and the peace time world. Most readers will be worried, too, after finishing his new novel "Home Fires Burning." Edgar Snow has written a good reporter's book about Russia, "The Pattern of Soviet Power." Coming from the man who wrote "Red Star Over China" and "People on Our Side," this volume is especially important for the light it throws on the problem of Russia and the Far East. Snow twice visited the USSR. (in 1942 and 1944) and he says he was not hampered in his search for information. His new book is packed with it. * * 4* A current American best-seller picked up a little added nublicity through the report of its sale for £60,000 to the screen. And, ulti mately, it may bring . that, but at the moment the .deal is not ouite so gigantic as it sounds. What the arrangement calls for is £25,000 down, the remainder contingent on a percentage of the film's re ceipts-sort of an advance against royalties. Rider Haggard Trote 18 Allan Quartermain tales. There are four teen books about the old hunter, one. "Allan's Wife," containing in addition three short stories and "Magga the Buck," collected in "Smith and the Pharaohs and Other Tales. 1920."