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New ¡star rises on British hit front

From BRIAN GIBSON, in London

. Private Elvis Presley had better

look to his laurels on the British front

- he has a very big rival. A small-part film actor, Anthony Newley, has toppled Elvis from the top of the hit parades.

TVE Waited So Long," -?- sung by 27-year-old \nthony, recently climbed to the top and stayed there for six weeks.

This newest roek-'n-roll star is not yet known in Australia, though some keen film fans may remember him as a competent >cene-stealer in "The Man In- side" and "Cockleshell Heroes."

Anthony got into the record- ing world almost by accident.

He was first hailed as a prom- ising performer for his film por- trayal of the Artful Dodger in

'Oliver Twist," but soon lapsed into obscurity and next attracted the critics' attention on the stage in the London revue


Film talent-scouts spotted him again, and he signed a five year film contract.

Then came "Idle on Parade," opposite Hollywood's William Bendix, an Army comedy due for release in Australia within he next few months.

In this film Anthony w a s asl as a rock-'n-roll singer and ven four songs to sing.

Nobody was more amazed than he when teenagers began i lamoring for recordings of the


"I've Waited So Long" was >ne of them, and now his latest record, "Personality," looks

ike repeating the success.

Anthony's L.P. of songs from Idle on Parade" will be re- leased here at the same time as the film.

But this very likeable young man doesn't claim to have a ├╝reat voice.

"I know I can't really sing," he said, "but my record com- pany doesn't want me to have

\ lessons.

"The point Ls, I make the right kind of noise, though of

ourse I'll never be in the Elvis

Presley or Tommy Steele class.

"With me you can always j hear the words. I've tried it all

ways, but the words still come out as words.

"And the trick is quite simple if you can master it. AH you do is sing from the back of your nose like the Everly Brothers. You can't hear a word they sing.


While the offers pour in, An- thony sits back and picks out

the plums, like a television "spectacular" or a one - night variety stand. During the day he is working on his current film, "Jazzboat."

In Britain's show-business world he is considered some- thing of a freak, and jealous rivals say that because he Ls a comedy actor he can't possibly be serious about singing. They say that he is just jumping on the band-waggon for a laugh.

But Anthony says, "It's a

lie. When I make a record I believe in it."

Whatever the verdict, this new British star is right on top, and with fresh offers pouring in each day it looks as though he's going to stay there for quite a


ANTHONY NEWLEY-is he Britain's answer

to Elvis Presley?