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Family Notices

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ABBOTT {nee Sylvia Pengelly).-On   March 18 at their residence, 46 Bourke «treet, Leederville, to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Abbott-a daughter (Irene Bose)..

BENBOW.-On March 15, at Niola Hos-   pital, Cambridge-street, West Leederville, ta Mr. and Mrs. Benbow-a daughter. Mother

find child well.

BIRD - On March 17, at Nurse Thornton's Private Hospital, Subiaco, to Mr.' and Mrs. Clyde Bird, of Schoolhouse, Hopetoun-agon ¿Leonard Haswell)'.

BOYS - On March 17, at their residence, Hubert-street, Victoria Park, lo Mt, and Mrs. A. J. Boys-a daughter (Lillian May).

No visitors.

BROAD.--On March ll, at Nurse Har-   vey's Hospital, Charles-street, to Mr. Mid Mrs. H. F. Brood, Wagga Wagga Station,

Murchison-a' son.

CAINE (nee Nora .Bullen).-Oo March 13   at Nurse Hosking's . Private Houic. 1l.-n trcal-road. West Midland, ' the wife ct P. H. Caine, D.C.M, ; Baltana, Walliston-a daughter (Betsie Sheelah).

COLE.-On March 16, ot Nurse McDon-   nell's Hospital, Beverley, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cole, of Beverley--a son (William George).

DAVIES.-On February 26, to Mr. and   Mrs. B. P. Davies,-oí Tara Hill, Kalamunda -a son (George Geoffrey).

DOLIN.-On March 20, at Nurse Bevan's   Private Hospital,- Kialla, 419 Newcnstle Ktreet, Perth, to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Dolin, ? of Bayswater Hotel, Bayswater-a daughter.

Both well,

DOVEY (nee Edith Kilburn).-On March . 0,' at Nurse Urry's Private Hospital, Vic-

toria Park, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Dovey. Al- bany-road, Victoria Park-a son (Reginald Wilfred). Both well.

DUFFIELD (nee Wilson).-On March 18, At Niola Private Hospital, Cambridge-street, Went Leederville, to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Duffield, of Nedlands-a son (Neville Wil- liam). .No visitors for seven days.

EVANS.-On March 13, at Nurse Lloyd's   Private Jiospitttl, Coolgardie-street, to Mr. "and- Mrs. R. Evans, ' of Byford-a son (pre- mature). (Eric William). Mother and child


FRASER.-On March 9, at""N.urse Lloyd's Private Hospital, Coolgardie-street, Subiaco, to Mr. and Mrs. Fraser, of Victoria Park -a daughter." Mother and 'child well.

GALLOP.-On March 13, at- . Hillcrest, ?Fremantle, to Mr. and Mrs! Arthur Gallop, of Alfred-road, North Fremantle--a daugh- ter (Joy Lorraine). Both well!'

GASSER (nee Hefty "Hasler).-On March   16, at Nurse Bevan's Private Hospital, .Kialla, 419 Newcastlc-street, Perth, to Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Gasser, of Bilbarin-a daughter. Both welU

GEORGE.-Op March.: 16, at their resi- dence. Lion Mill, to Mr. and Mrs. L. J. - George-a daughter (Leila Bernice). Mother

and child well.

GILLETT.-On March 14, at Bury-street, Bunbury, lo Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Gillett-a


HARRIS - On March 12, at King Ed- ward's Hospital, to 'Mrs. Harris (residing ar 72 Redfern-street, Subiaco), and Mr. Har- ris, of Southall, England-a son. (John .Samuel Frederick).; Both well. English .papers please copy.

HASSEN - On March 9, at. their resi- dence, 3 Longroyd-street, Mt. Lawley, to Mr. and Mfrs. .lohn Hassen-a son.

HAWLEY - On March 16, at Harvey Pri- vate Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Haw- ley-a son (Richard Joseph). Both well.

HOLLOWAY - On March 20. at Carn Brae, Nurse Weaver's Private Hospita], Kirkham Hill-terrace, .Maylands, to Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Holloway, of Waeel-a daughter.

" Both well. ' ?'

HOWE - On March 13, at Nurse Lloyd's Private Hospital, Coolgardie-street, Subiaco, .to Mr. and Jurs. L.. J. Howe, of Vaucluse utreet, Claremont-a son {John Evan).

Mótber and child well.

HUDSON - On March 14¡ at NuTse Lloyd's Private Hospital, Coolgardie-street, Subiao<i, to Mr. and Hrs. J. A. Hudson, of Illawarra Orchard, Karragullen-a son (John Stanley).

' Mother and child well.

JACK (nee Magaret Gaynor).-On Maren 7, at their residence. Ship Hotel, Busselton, ta» Mr, and Mrs.'-B. Jack-a daughter (Eileen .Mary). ......

KELLIHER.-On March 5, at Nurse Kel lihcr's Private Hospital, to 'Mr. .and Mrs. D. J; KelliheT-a daughter. (Gloria' Nancy).'

KELLY.-On March 13, at Forrest-street, OoUealoe, tb Mr. and-Mrs. A. B. Kelty-a -son.' Both well. * " « . .

KING.-At Nurse Beale's* Private . Hos- pital, Cottesloe, to Mr. and Mrs. King, of Bruce-street, Nedlands-a daughter. Both


LINTO.-On March 10, at Nurse O'Grady'a Private Hospital, Queen Victoria-street, Pre . , nantie, to Mr. and Mr«. P. J. Jjinto, Hubble - «treet, . East Fremantle-a ion (Robert


McCANN.-On Match 12, at Nurse Lloyd's Private Hospital, Coolgardie-street, Subiaco, to Mr.. and Mrs. E. McCaan, of Raglan - road. Merill Perth-a daughter (Edith Mary). Hotter and child well.


MARSHALL.-On -March 13, at King Ed-     ward Hospital, to Mr. and Mm. A. A. Mar- shall, ot- Herbert-street, - West - ^Subiaco-a Bon. (Francis Tyrell). Both" welL ?

MILLS (nee Florence Gummow) - On   March 18, at Norse Thornton's Private Hos- pital; SB Hamersley-road, Subiaco, to Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Mills-a daugh ter ; ( Norma" Joy): Both wei!. - - -

MUDGE - On March 6, at ! 47,. Attfield street, Fremantle, to Mr, and Mrs. L. A.'Jack Mudge-a.daughter. .. .. - ? ?. O'DONNELL (nee Josie . Hanssen).-On   March 1, at Nurse Wood's Private Hospital, Collie, to Mr.- and Mrs,- T. O'Donnell-a daughter (Mary Josephine),

POWELL.-On March 7, at Nurse Milieu's, Victoria Park, to Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Powell, Wongong-a son. ? ? r

RANDALL.-On March ll at Nurse Berryman's-Private Hospital, Viewway, 'Ned- lands, to Mr. «nd Mrs. G. W. Randall-a son. RENNER.-On March 0, at Nurse Har-   ris's Hospital, Vicioria-ávanue, Claremont, to Mr..and Mrs. P..E. Renner, Claremont

a son.

RODGERS.-On March 18, at Nurse Kirk's Private Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs, T. H. Rodgers, o£ South Perth-a daughter.

RUSSELL (nee Ivy Stanley).-On March 8, at their residence; Mount-street, ^Burnie, Tasmania, to Ensign and Mrs. 'Russell, - S.A. officers-a daughter (Marjorie May). But this bud was taken to Jesus after sis hours', life in this world.

SHARP-On Tuesday, Masch 18, 1823, to Mr., and Mrs. Leslie J-. .Sharp,. Railway-. street, Queen's Park-a son. Both' well,

SMITH.-On March 18, at their residence, Bebering Hill, Meckering, to Mr. and Mrs. D. Smith-a daughter (May Amelia). All


SPENCER (nee Eva Ferguson).-On March 13, at Fermoy Hospital, Northam, to Mr. .and .Mrs. Thou. W. Spencer, of Duke street, Northam-a daughter (Hebe.Marion).

TOLMIE.-On March 18, at Nurse Lloyd's Private Hospital, Coolgajdie-etreet, to Mr. and. Mrs. L. J. Tolmie, of Kendenup-a daughter (Vera). Mother and child well.

TROUGHTON.:-On March 18, at their   residence, Braemar, 14 - Coronation-street..   North Perth, to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Trough- ton-a son (Jack). 'Both well.

WILLIAMS.-^On- March. 17 at. Nurse Troy's Private Hospital, Beaufort-street, Mt. Lawley, to Mr. and Mrs. Gordon - Williams -a lson:

YOUNG.-On March 13, at her aunt's residence, Nurse Davis, Bayswater, to Mrs. J. T. Young, of Bayswater-a son (Lionel JohiJ). ; Both well.  


ALDIS—GREEN (Silver Wedding ).-On  

March 20, 1898, at St. Peter's Church, Bex hill-bn-Sèa, . England, by the Rev. Canon Grane, Albert Edward, youngest sou of the lat« William Aldis; schoolmaster, of East Dereham, Norfolk, England, to Edith Emma sixth daughter of the late : John . Lewis Green, of H.M. Customs,, London^ England. Present address, Beverley, W.A.

ANNESLEY—CARTER - At Church of England, Fremantle, by tho Rev. Gunning, Arther David Annesley, to Anne Roslind Car- ter, both of Perth.

BEHSMAN—QUINLAN - On February 24, 1923, at St John's Church of England, Perth, by the Rev. Canon Marshall, George Behsman, eldest son of the late Lewas Henry Behsman, of Wentworth. New South Wales, to Catherine Maude Quinlan, widow of the late J. H. Quinlan, of Perth.

BLACK—MCLAUGHLIN - (Silver Wed- ding).-On March 10, 1898.. at .Clifton Hill, Melbourne, by the Rev. W. Souter, Duncan Clerk, second son of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Black, of Greensborough, to Evelyn Johnston, fourth daughter of Mr. John Mc- Laughlin, also of Greensborough, Victoria. Melbourne papers please copy.

DOLLING-PRIDEAUX.*-On . February 21, at Church of Christ, Brookton, by Mr. F. Buckingham (Evangelist), Alfred, second son of Mr; an a Mrs, .DolUng, of Pingelly, to Mary, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Prideaux, of Brookton.

GOMM-KENNEDY.-On February 10, 1923, at Perth Baptist Church, by Hov. Harry Reeve, Leslie Jo thant, only' son of Mr. and'Mrs. J. C. Gomm, to Irene Olive, only daughter of Rev. W. and Mrs. Ken- nedy, ol Narrogin.

HARRIS-OATEN.-On March 1 at Min   nievale, by Rev. Norman Hicks, Alexander Ross, son of Mr. and late Mrs. Eli Harris, to Marjory Doris, daughter of. Mr, and Mrs. William Oaten (late lime kilns, Fremantle), Minnievale. Address: Minnievale.

JAENSCH-OLSEN.-On February 24, 1923, at St. Mary's Church of England, North Fremantle, by the Rev. Humphrey, Albert John, eldest son of Mrs. Jaensch, of East Brookton, to Harriett Matilda (Tilly), eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs. H. B. Olsen, of Cottesloe Beach, late of East Fre- mantle.

O' BOURKE-RIMMING TON.-On Febru- ary 10,. 1928,. at thc R.C. Church, Maylands, by the'Rev. Fr. Lynch; .George Patrick, second son "of Thomas and Mary O'Rourke, of Midland, to Amy Elizabeth, second daugh- ter of Teresa and Lewis Bacon JMmihingto.i (deceased), late locomotive foreman. Bun- bury. >


BARRETT.-On March 17, 1923, at SO Churchill-avenue, Subiaco,'- Jean Craigie Bar- rett, widow of the late S. P. Barrett.

BRODERICK.-On March 19, 1923, at her residence, 25" Sydney^stifeet, North Pjsrth,.

Janet, the dearly beloved wife -of William ; Edward Broderick, fond -mother of Mw. - Jj. Pooley (Poppy), and William Francis Brod- erick. Aged 58 years;

OOLGAN.-On March 18, 1923, at ; his I residence, Eighth-avenue, ' Maylands, William,

the. dearly beloved husband of Catherine^Jol gan, fond- father of Mrs. Lawrence O'Reilly, Letitia and James Colgan; aged 83 years. - OAVIS-BURBURY.-Cn . March 15, Flor-, euee, beloved wife of George Davis-Burbury, [ Perth; passed to rest. Private, interment.

DICKSON.-On Tuesday, March 13, at Capetown, South Afriea (en route to Austra- lia), Jane Dickson, loving mother of Tom, Melbourne; Jack, Bendigo', George, Clare- mont. Ai rest. (By cable.)

DUNN,-On March 13, 1923, at Perth, Elizabeth, relict of the late James Dunn, deyotod mother of-Mrs. Robert Coud, George, James, Mary, Mabel, Jocic and the late Thomas Dunn, killed in action ; aged OJ years. R.I.P.. Interred privately at Karräkatta Cemetery on March J 3, 1923.

HARRISON.-On March 19, 1928, at Swa'nbourne-terrftce, Cottesloe Beach, 'Susan- nah dearly beloved wife "of Tñonel Harrison, of Holyoake, and mother of Mrs. G. fi. Dut- ton, Mrs. A. E. Irwin; -Mrgt J.- R.- Thomson, Mrs. R. Cattoch, Mrs, D. -Frazer, end James and Robert Smith, and ' the lato Arthur, Er- nest nnd Albert. Smith (killed in action), «nd, Edward Smith; aged 69 years. Pri- vately interred . Karrakatta Cemetery," March 20, 1923.

HART.-On March 16. 1923. at Freman- tle, Michael John, ? de&r)y -beloved hasbactl of .Ethel Hort, of 34 Kins^street,- East Fre- mantle, and brother of Mrs. D. Gaynor, Mrs. D. Oafs, Mr«. ;J. Kenny, Alfred, Oeorge; Thomas, and Frederick Uart, aged CO years. RIP,4 . .... . ...

'HICKS.'-^^On Sonday, March ll; at the

residen se-of -ber daughter, ^Throssell street, Collie,-Jabe, widow -of.the late James Hicks, ol-Mt. Barker,-aged 91-years. At rest.

-HOYLE.-On March Iff, 1923, at 66 Colin street, West Perth," Thomas;" the dearly be- loved husband of Eléa'nor Hoyle, and loved father of Mrs. T. O. Nicholls and Mrs. H. Brisbane. Aged 79 years.-Interment private. No flowers, by request. '

IVE.—On March 7, 1923, at Geraldton,

Ernest William, the beloved husband of Minna, and. father of Gerald, George, and Patricia ; aged 37 years.

ilcCALL.-On . March 8. 1923, at Stan- more (Sydney), John "Albert,1 sëcond eon of Mary Ann McCall (Sydney) and the late Robert McCall, of Rochester, Victoria, and: brother of Ernest, Henry, Oliver McCall, Mrs. De Abel and Mrs. Trevaskii. Eastern papers pleas« copy. "


JOHNSTONE.--On March U, 1923, »t Narrogin, accidentally drowned at Yornaning dam," William Edwin, aged 18 years,, eldest son of Mr. :and "Mrs".' Joiuistone, Glenella Farm, Narrogin. -

MERSON.-Thomas Roy Merson, died at   Perth, beloved eldest son of Thomas and Ellen Esther Merson, aged 24 years and 10 months, of 186. York-road, Midland Junc- tion. Beloved by all.      

.'JIOBBIS.-On March 20, 1928, at the Fremantle Hospital, Reginald .W»ltcr¿ bear . ly .beloved son of. Samuel . and Hary - MorriB,

of Silas-street, -East Fremantle, and a re- turned soldier, lato of the Field Artillery, A.LF.; aged 36 years,

PEDERICK.-On March 16, in " Private Hospital, Perth," Margaret, beloved wife   of Will T. Pederick, Wagin, and sister of Edwin Ray, Mt. Lawley. Interment, Wagin Cemetery.

SLOCUM.-On March 13, at Tamma Vale, Wyalkatchem, Thomas Henry, dearly be- loved infant son of Oliver G. and Jessie E. Slocum,. grandson of Mr. and Mrs. E, 0V Hammond, " aged 4j months'.

Peace, perfect peace.

SMYTHE.-On March 14, at Pindalup, Peter, dearly beloved husband of Mrs. E. Smythe, late of Swan Brewery Co. Patient snfterer at rest. - ? Buried at Dwellingup on March.-15, .1923.

SMYTHE.-On March 14, at Pindalup, Peter, dearly beloved friand of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Gardiner and family, of Leeder- ville.. ... ... .. - ,

At rest.

- SMYTH.-On Maret" 12; 1923,-at. Boyup Brook, Anna Finlayson, relict of the late 0, J. B. Smyth (late of Kalgoorlie and Can- nington), dearly beloved mother of .E. B. Smyth, -of Kalgoorlie, and loving grand- mother of Dorothy Butterly, Frances Whate- ly, Mary yallender. Burt, Ted, Annie, and .Willie Smyth. . .

TAYLOR - On February 28, at Richmond,

VIC, Mary Ann, Relict of the late George   Henry Taylor & fond Mother of Mrs. H. Mitchell, Sth Melbourne, Mrs. G. McDowell,   of Bendigo & Mrs. W. Franklin, of Richmond; Mr. Geo. Taylor, of Albert Park; Mrs C H Ridge Morowa, WA; Mrs. W Fry of Richmond; Mr. L. Taylor, Sth Melb., & Mr A V Taylor, Williamstown, VIC. Aged 88.         MELBOURNE Papers, please copy.        

TONKIN - On March 20, 1923, at the Perth Hospital, Edward Matthew, late light keeper. Busselton, beloved husband of Emma Louisa, loving father of John (Lyall Mill), .Fred (Adelaide), Albert (Meckering), Mrs. McIntyre (Collie), Edith (Busselton), Wil- liam (Perth-), Foss (Carnarvon), Mr*- Dior (Adelaide), Mrs.'Beer (Dowerin). Aged 74


Life's- work well done,

Life'B race well run. .

? " ~ Sweet rest, dear father, at last.

THOMAS.-On Friday, March 16, 19£8. at Yarloop, George,.'dearly beloved husband of Martha Thomas, Cottage, Yarloop, son and brother of Mrs. G. Thomas, Mary Ann, Char- lie, Bill and Frank.

WEBB.-On March 6, accidentally, at Boulder, George Houlton, only son of Victor William and Mary Massey Webb of King   street, Boulder. Asleep.