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Victoria Loses in Adelaide.

League football this season has been re-  

markable for the number of close finishes       and unexpected results. On Saturday Gee-, long, fifth on the list and spurred on to     extra effort by the prospect of being able

to redeem its earlier failures and obtain a place in the semi-finals, went down before St. Kilda, which was last on the list and   had only a week before been vanquished by Hawthorn. When the teams met earlier       in the season at Corio, Geelong won by 25-     10 to 6-9, but on Saturday St. Kilda won bv 15-19 to 13-18, and thoroughly de- served its success. Footscray, also defeated     by Hawthorn, had certainly shown im- provement, although its most recent vic- tim was the disappointing Essendon and a   few outside Footscray enthusiasts credited   it with the ability to defeat South Mel- bourne. Hawthorn had never won a game 0n the Melbourne ground, but went close to doing so on Saturday, being only four points behind at the finish. Collingwood after its failure at Geelong faced Essendon with characteristic determination, and won by more than five goals, and North Mel- bourne, perhaps the most consistent team in the League, repeated its earlier success against Fitzroy, which is now last on the


When Carlton faced Richmond on May  

14 it had lost its two opening games, while Richmond had scored heavily against St. Kilda and Melbourne. Carlton, however pulled itself together, and by traditional determination, accompanied by very inac- curate kicking by Richmond, won a very close contest by one point scored in the added time. Carlton kicked 12-12 and Richmond 10-23 in that first game, but on Saturday, although Carlton kicked two points more than before its 12-14 was not sufficient to bring another victory and again the match was won in the added time,     which amounted to nine and a half minutes.   It was the (strength?) of Richmond which  

E. Huxtable, the Carlton full-back, rushing the ball away from goal is hotly pursued hy D. Strang (Richmond). The incident occurred in the second

quarter of the game at Carlton.

made victory possible on Saturday, and en-     abled it to reverse the former decision.        

From a Richmond standpoint this was the     most satisfactory feature of its play. With   its two leading goal-kickers (J. Titus and G. Strang) in Adelaide, its leaders were not sanguine of improvement. One of its officials   had attacked the selectors for "picking the eyes" out of its forward line, but he forgot that in depriving Carlton of its full back (F. Gill) Carlton was even more seriously   handicapped. It became a contest of strength, and just when Carlton seemed   to have lasted the longer Richmond made a last despairing rally, and the final goal was scored after the bell had sounded. Richmond thus won by five points.

The results on Saturday practically de cided the composition of the "final four."   Carlton, South Melbourne and Colling- wood have each scored 44 premiership points, and Richmond is only two points away fourth. Geelong is eight points be- hind fifth, and its defeat ou Saturday has practically put it out of the running. With only four games remaining Richmond would have to lose three to be deposed.

The failure of South Melbourne and Carl-  

ton has revived interest in the contest for the first two places, which carry the right to two chances in the semi-finals and any     two of the leading four may qualify. The important games to be played in the next        

four weeks are :-

August 13.-Richmond v. Footscray, at Rich-


August 20.- Collingwood v Carlton, at Victoria  


August 27. - Richmond v. Geelong, at Richmond and Footscray v. Collingwood, at Footscray.

September 3.- Geelong v. South Melbourne, at Geelong, and St Kilda v. Carlton, at St. Kilda.

Close Finishes.

There have been a remarkable number of close finishes this season. Matches in which the scoring has been particularly close


A TIE.- Richmond v Ceelong  

BY ONE POINT. -Carlton d. Richmond, Foot-   scray d. Geelong, South Melbourne d. St. Kilda,

St. Kilda d. Fitzroy.  

BY TWO POINTS.- South Melbourne d. Rich-         mond.

BY THREE POINTS.-Collingwood d. South Mel- bourne, Melbourne d. Essendon, Richmond d. Foot- scray, South Melbourne d. North Melbourne.

BY FOUR POINTS.- Melbourne d. Hawthorn.  

BY FIVE POINTS.-North Melbourne d. St. Kilda, Richmond d. Carlton.

Matches for Saturday.

The most important game on Saturdav should be the meeting of Richmond and Footscray, although North Melbourne is playing so well just now that it may give   South Melbourne some trouble. The   figures in brackets show the results when the teams met on May 21:-  

The programme is :-

Richmond (7-9) v. Footscray (6-12), at Rich-


South Melbourne (11-7) v. North Melbourne (9-16), at South Melbourne.

Fitzroy (11-9) v. Collingwood (14-22), at


Geelong (20-13) v. Melbourne (14-11) at Gee-


Hawthorn (7-7) v. Carlton (16-16) at Glen-


Essendon (12-15) v. St. Kilda (7-15) at Essen-


Receipts and Attendances.

Rain fell early on Saturday afternoon, and affected receipts and attendances. The figures are: -

Attendance. Receipts.

Match. £  

Carlton v. Richmond . ..  

31,000 870 Footscray v. South Melbourne  

18,000 326   St. Kilda v. Geelong .. . ..

10,000 245

Collingwood v. Essendon ..    

10,000 160 North Melbourne v. Fitzroy ..  

6,000 86 Melbourne v. Hawthorn . ..

6,500 80

81,500 £1,767    

Players Injured.

M. Bolger, the Richmond defender, re-     ceived several severe knocks on Saturday.       Shortly before the end of the game he col-  

lided with one of his own players and fell     heavily. He collapsed after the game and   became unconscious. He was taken to his     home. Yesterday it was stated that he   was suffering from concussion, and would   be in bed for some days.    

I imbi (1 1 = tiv) ib Miticriig fiom a f-nht minti) JIopkinH fiom an irijiuel mm \v ne finn) ti M lit cielito« tnd UJlucn (I oil ct tj ) 11 oin slight ce nciibsion

C»chilli vih) »is leidtnt, CiceluDg it

Lcivi 1 an injuiv lo his tint,!) ind letued at half time Laven upland lum Chip min (St Kilda) nceived 6evcuil buiises to

his libs

\ftei i collii-ion with 1 lim thom plitver \ mtlnfi (Melbourne) kit the fiel 1 with an lnjitted nu ni the list quutci nt Mel

Inline Ile nil- lenlicel bj Muuiij lil til Mino tin nt 1 Pool (lliwthoiu) leccivctl

111 1 jin % tu his HO-.C tnd left the hell Al ' c1 ici li e I lilli

II nil« um i|cl in th thnl quaile! Hil i I Noi th Mtlboun ) iceeivel in 111 jim 10 his sliouliloi Ile was icpltced hi Aliileii It is nnceitain whether hi will 1 III nlabl next Satuitliiv Other North Melbourne ¿iJtyu* whj Usavsii mm» lu






P =??





4-2 2-5 3-7

5-Ö 9-9 li»-13 6-7 S-10 IS-14

5-9 |S-13] 14-15

ni su no

3-1 I 5-0 I 6-S 110-12

3-6 5-6 IO-lîjliî-17 2-2 | 5-S I 5-6 ¡10-S


O.VRLTOX . . .


11 3

13IS 1050




H a

12J3 1113




11 3

1152 1013




10 3

116S SOO


42 Geelong .

Footscray ,.

Essendon . . ..

North Melbourne Melbourne . .. St. Kilda .. .. Hawthorn .. .. Fitzroy.

1S54 1051

6 !>6S S07 92.65 32 7 IMS 1177 100.77 2S D 11S7 1273 107.16 20 10 992 1235 124.43 16 li 1001 1333 133.76 12 ? li S59 UTS 137.25 13

12- 1072 1373 12S.07 S

. Geelons and Richmore! have each played one drawn game.


G. MOLONEY (Geelong:). 73(5) J. MORIARTY (FitcroyV. 6S (3) B. rnATT (South Melbourne) .. 04(3)

Vallcnce (Carlton), 60 (3) j G. Coventry (Col lincwood), 5S (2); Mohr (St. Kilda), 52 (S); Mar gitlch (Melbourne), 47 (6); Pittmaurice (North Melbourne), 47 (3); Freycr (Essendon), 40 (0); Titus (Richmond), 35 (0): Crisp (Carlton), 34 (0): Forbes (Essendon), 32 (3); Byan (.Hawthorn), 30


juries were Fitzmaurice (cut eye). Taylor (bruised shoulder), mid Allen (cut lionet).

Throe Players Reported.

At Hie close of Uic KooUeray-Sonlh Mel- bourne match the tield uinpiie (Black- burn) gave notice of Iii* intention to icporl Heard (South .Melbourne) on a charge of haviue; ionised to in« kiel: on hi« iiinrb. and

\kcd (lootsciav) and Reville (¡south Me!

bomm.) on einiges ol rtnsconduct

North Melbourne's New Flag

Having lound tint its old ASMICI ition pieimeislnp (lags me becoming too tittered

toi active service the Noitli Afclbotirnc lecieition résolves committee his Ind made a new toy ii blue Hog msciibed "Iv AI R R ' Un èstttudnv afternoon Jin, Devenej wite ot Aldeiman Devenev (charmian ot the committee), unluiled the (la?

Copeland Trophy Unveiled.

Before the Collingwood-Essendon match at Victoria Park on Saturday the president   of the Collingwood club (Mr. H. Curtis), in the presence of a gathering of officials, players, and visitors, unveiled the Cope- land trophy, a handsome carved blackwood board, upon which the name of the best and fairest player of the team is inscribed each year. Mr. E. W. Copeland, a former     secretary and delegate of the club, who gave the board, was warmly thanked. There    

are five names on the board. In 1927 S. Coventry was adjudged the best and fairest player. In 1928 and 1930 the honour was won by H. Collier, and in 1929 by his brother, A. Collier. Last year H. Rumney

was chosen.

Umpires on Saturday. Umpnes on Satuidav vveie -

Carlton Scott loolicTav, Dlickburn, st Kilda, McBain, korth Melboiirni hlliiihaen, Melbourne, Batt, Collingwood, McMtin-i»




Mai gin of 15 Points

ADELAIDE, Sunda» - South Austra lia was alvv ivi a little too last tor the Victouan tumi in the match ut the Ade- laide Oval on feutuidav, und imished 13 points ahead, winning foi the lit st time since 192!) Theie vvtic JJ,¡b3 spectator faouth Aitoltihn gave a diMilay of robust- ness and initiative in handling u sodden bail which was somewhat suipiising, but it showed clearly that the Victorian stvle ot tootball could bo plujed heie without the hatfclincsB the opponents of loree say thut it would introduce Until hall way thiough the thud quuitci ¡south Aus tralia appealed definitely' the better side, but then A'ietoiia sccrotel to lcilise that a gi eat effoit was needed to vim Discard mg an air of nonchalance, which had maiked some of its movements, Victoria went foiward in eliott, shaip buists and dievv up to within font points of the home team halfway through tho lait quartet, but the South Austt alian captain (Furier) exploited moio fullv a palpable Arictonau tuck weakness bj bunging I'aisons from goal on to the ball, and South Australia went ahead agiin 'lite Victouan team nibo lacked a hall foi wind who could ton sistently outpoint his opponent Each side was without a icgulat pi Iyer ni the full forwaid position Speaking aftei the game, the Victouan manager (Ali Cathie) said that if cjouth Atistialiii plaved the Bamo style ot football in Melbourne it would atti act 00,000 tpectatois

Farmer decided not to (»lav tor eouth luatralia owing; to an ankle Injun, and A Hender went into the aide Hardiman »vas lett oi|t of tbe Victorian 39, and «herman waa 10th man V cold, blustering soutli »ester!» wind curried willi li ti hailstorm just betöre the -tart nuil made it difficult lo keep pla» on the grandstand wlti" Mudd» patches dong tlic ccnlre of the oval frem ¡roa! to coal made It llinnst Im) odible to keep a foothold The flifct quailer was a suies of vigorous scumble« »»tilt Swth Auturtllj leading In the rue for Hu ball and showing i line com bathe spirit Victim controlled th' wings by the clciernew of Snuillhoiii mid Vic vii mc but South Vtistralia hell th cetitri, '-noll outpoint ing Roberts. Iho quart« r time scor a »»«re - fcouth Vustrilia ,-I to V ictorlfi 1-2

Earlv in the second q nrlcr Vi loria begin to prln so ith Vusliiln i 1 son in slicpli rdli g Ilitho tactics »com fotoign lo ti gin- in this Slate am! south Vtistnlli Ul man» chin Cfi ni 1 willi Victoria scoring f H R-iU itou» ia min» »hots Snub Viisinlii I ii i 1 ii Í i^-J li r-J at hilf lime Ihn i udor f n II Hld John non hil u ich th li ttf/i of th ink duds with C Stratg lSH-vtt VV ib-h ail I Mun hi "' d l.mdlon wis brought lu lo i slst Vu loria llurton had much th bolter oí Murj 1 > at eenlro lah for»» ird

The tint la minutes of the tliild quarter con tain <1 n succès ion ol mls-^d 0) (oitunitlcs to rill rh »ictrrv I» «-oulli Vntlilii St roi , w »rk 1» s,"n al c title, and the follow rs io «rs n I 1 ilf ( i iris oil n le, i th I ill » Ithln s-eiing unir, lu foir in I lue minni s al i lim I III imcciint« kicking »as «> coll» ti at it tine quirlir lime Viol in li «I in ni I. ni ii le eli n c of »li nln, li i i -. li n we e - vouch Vu traita ii-10 Victorn "--I

In Ile lost quart, r M ing «lonili iii el the nick md Siiullhora ml M VU lue ii» I brilliantly al centre wing Illrkc» ir I diiillcin were strong in defence bi'scit i irned the diopleasure of tie crowd for a displiv of bid temper am! miinj others In the team »»ero ob»lous]v up«et b» thr umpire s (IU»cn) irteipicutlon of the, hoMkif

the ball' rule "sjuth Au train matched A tc toru in pace hard bumi ii er und resource aid scored t««o coola ««hen it seemed that it«- cppeii eut«, must go ahead The hi al scores x«ere -

South Aust. 11 Qls 13 ulids (79 pts ) Victoria, 9 gls IO tilids (64 pts )

Goal klekers -south Al rilli-He: d.r (3» Bert-am (3), Bldclell (2) h V Wim (¡I A

Hende- A letona-Tit » (3) II Krisen (31, Crisp (.) Walsh

Burton platel h ilmrth it lull lue, nd1 FurUr who Mt lie. uiabli anl lined «trough in th«. i lok ind m the bock pocket

««ere tV t««-t for -~ mil Viistnlu ««Inch hid not a «ink man linke (lulf for«« ird) Bertram (ro\or) Sims, Qunn md I ir-ors (defence) Lien (nick) «nell (es.titre) and Riddell (halt forward) also eave us ful ecrx c

«trail:, «xho pined fur foothill ¡u the tir t half, na» the best min on the gnund after half time. In Alctorhs rush in the hist quarter he gathered In 13 kick« it halt ton«ard Beames «us a dashing roiir ind ^nnllhorn in energetic ««orker at centre ««ing AU AIpn e \« i* too fist ind cte«««r for Ure«« TMiillii « often marked brilliant!« and nu nicer Nu n and kxbcits did ««eil In the mud patch at ciiitri I Xlutjhi

despite Burtons « Uti then s «is iw ful aid Cannan Hick.« Candiel! H i Gill -h ne In de fenes TIIUB oft n ernie under ne le at half forward and Col II r roi vi stii Mi Vlal«h and h Munhv uer ti let f ti r siili- l-illo«« r-i

although Giudi n i' o did a 1 t et ««e «. an Hie



Cailton Defeated

AA hen Gatltou visited Kichniond ou M ij 14 the geucral opinion vi i tint Richmond would win, but (.niton i»hvcd a btioiife, deteimined caine, while Richmond mt terell mm chinees nu! won bv i point

On intuid tv Richmond i etui ned the visit and the compliment and won with the lost kick ot the div bj five pointç Hie wind was across the giotind and «hould have favoured the ¡sjdnej load goal but most of the scoiing was at the Piince's Hill ind, wheie 16 go J» 12 belunds weie i-coied, com- pared with 9-15 nt the other goal A fca tute of tlie game« wis some leniatkible long kicking, notablj by the two lull backs, Sheahan foi Richmond and Huxtable tor Cailton Anothei feattne was the dominance of one w nig Kellj for Carlton, was too fa«t for Geddes and too experi- enced for Twjtoid and Judkius, for Rich- mond, was too elusive and clever and dash- ing for Opiej Later, Williams was sent to cope with Judkins, without avail rinallj, Kell} and Judkins were opposed and the wing no longer ptovidcd the open road for either side. Still another tontine was tho irequcncv with which plijers used tho place kick, even Duej trving his foot at this much neglected method

'Hie wind made the game crowded, and theie were some desperat» scrimmages, m xvInch weight ensiled against weight uni men struggled and squunied in packed formation Fot thice-quaiteis the croud was bingulaiv quiet, but in the last qunrtei the loar could luxe been heaid toi long distificcs. It xv as not in the main good toothill Tt w is too ciovvdcd and lime ivere too many mistakes but it was alw ij« eai nest, alwavs close, and the thrilliug finish made it a magnificent contest At though each side set itself to spoil the other m the air, there w-as some wonderful marking, but it was in the finer points of the game that the match fell below premier- ship standard It AABS ftom one of the manj desperate attempts to get nd of the ball that Richmond took the final lead, foi there was no time to retaliate. In a crush     40 yards from goal Bentley got the ball and banged it forward. Fortunately   Strang was in position, and, marking, went   back to take his shot. Before he could kick the bell rang, and he coolly punted the goal which gave Richmond the match.

The Play.

Carlton won the toss and decided to attack the Sjdnej road goal, which seemed to bo favoured bi the wind, which ble«i aero««, the ground Rich mond did not select its team until Saturday, and, de-eld Ins that Djcr n us not ready to pla j, took in McConchie, a light haired forward, v«ho did ever} thing well except kicking

Préseme: forward, Carlton, attci being chook«! bi O Neill, snapped the flrst point, but Rich mond attacking-, scored first goal from a clcvei snap bv Baggot*, Richmond plajers were spoil

log cno another, a fault which waa common all di« but D Strang, marking, scored with a good 1 lace kick Jn a flash Carlton replied, Bullen marking and kicking a splendid goal Just aa quickly came Uie Richmond icsponse, a pass I« l«\vford to Hunter making an easy opening:

1. hm ni vins winning ni the ruck, noel when O lhllorin soaring lor a mark, brought It down anl jn«ied to Douglas. String another place kick 1 roue,ht iiurili g al Itlcliiiiond was piercing the C irlton defence si c-onfisteutij that Huxtabl

««as brought to full birk, ind the change had bitisti torv limit Tlie Richmond oftcnsiie was stuel and tie nttack beateu otl A cleier [its bv Colin Al ii tin to X'allence. who via« a i u-ilesl a deo kick \roduced Carlton s second god, hut when the moto was ropcited A'allcncci im too fir out anl he pieced to Johnson V poor kick nullilliil the attack and nothing came

Clarke how ««-i "e«red a point, and the quar- ter ended Hiihinonl I-I, Carlton, 2-6 Rich mond liad teen the faster and more purposeful

Richmond ra s d to the uttick when plaj waa resume! mid two joints, were added quicklj

Carlton rillle-d uni ««hen AA illlam» took a Bhot at an open goil the ball bounced through AfcConclile pla«Ing well hut kicking viretchedlj, missed twice., and it icokod ns If Richmond «cas goinc, to waste its o¡ iiortunittess. Then Carl- ton woke up O.Neill turned Carlton back, but held the lull too long Will auls took the shot, tnd A«Uenoo, soaring- for the mark, wis pushed ouu J fine} that it was lils own man who pushed him, but it mattered little, for Daioj marked between the pot«. When two minutes later Cooper pnt it in Da«tv marked again and ecored, and Carlton vus nheid Colin Marlyn and Kellj co-operating well lui made the open ings. Stuns to retaliation, Rlelimoiid forecd tim ball awai and O Halloran pa sing to Twyford, a beautiful g «al followed Cirlton, howcvci

v as not to Ive denied, and Bullen, skirting round tile back of the pack, snai pod sixth goal Rich mond «comed to haie lost its pace, while Carl

ton lind shown more dot nninatlon, and at half

time led bv 0-7 to 5-5

When thev caine out for tho Hurd quarter O Halloran was limping Geddes via« sent hall- ion! ard, nnd Tw-jford took his place oil the whig Richmond went for the lead straight »waj, and Geddes added i point When ho shot again Iluxtable marked belwa.011 the posts, but Rich- mond could not be beaten off and a snap bi Hunter gaic it a goat Tile gime waa crowded and fierce, with Richmond prcialling Men wen crashing Into one another and ofttn it was the Richmond men who crished A disll by Judkins gaic Geddes a chance, nncl, running on, be scored seventh goal \ vere cleier tura bj Strang and a «mart kick landed the ball lb Martin s anns, and eighth goat to Richmond was pouted Richmond seemed to he running away with It, but a missed mirk bi 0 Neill let Carlton in for Green, picking up smutlv, sent the ball 011

(Continued on Next Pago.)



to v alienee, who rcdtiefd the load lo four points. The tall forward mis ed a un ment 1 iter A great mark bj 1 oster saved Ilichmonl ind when Mira shot the bill in loiter »j" foub-d rii j,,n bounced through Hie g il, lut lo awarded a free kick lh ti lin,, bad

but hu, place ki« k w all ist i n vhc ,,

marked, and, sioiuig pit Cailljn ihiad once more Shea hal an ill» r «lunn but took It too easily and nisei onh on II le. The Carlton men were ' cr minn ihr m,h with creal di"h but the Richmond count r w is a strong shoulder, and the game suung lu Us laiour ne. nu JleConchi«

lrom a free kick | unted the iiinlh u< ii, and Douglas Strang with i place just inls! the bell Hlchm in I le I l>> <-) to b-10

With a di hi it of live p nits Carlton went for Metor» The crow I like the game kid become roused A splciilll mark bv Vallonce mid an . as) punt gan ( ,rlIon Hu lead b» a point In u moment liiggott pekin,' the bali up SO janis from the goal nn on and restored the lead to Itlelimond, and l,c Id - with n point made Hie advantage a goal Colin vlarljti might ha»e made tlic score« e»en but his li» ing t,hot just mbsid the foal OHillorin who had broken down, «tired ju«t thin and Henton took his place Henton ran to the Iticlunmd defence lines onlv to And Judkins, /schech, llaggott, und McCon chle combiniin, in a splendid rush of lone; liasses, which Mrang completed with a brilliant mark, and a good plici shot for Richmond's elc»entb goal The» reid ben plajing he»cn minute», and .Richmond led b» li points Richmond waa dis pla} Ine their liest football of the matcli, and looked the llkel» winner Murdoch turned a Carlton rui-h, and when Richman«! sent it up, half a do?en men in a fierce scrimmage, tried to pick the ball up, without a»all, but a point wa» rushed Carlton, bj sheer strength, droic off the attack, and Oreen, tearing out of a crush, ¡reduced the lead to six points Only a goal the difference, and nine minutes gone, a free kick Jo Shea and a left foot shot made the scores level again-11-11 all Point bj point the wore increased on either side Then with only llie minutes of the actual time lift, llaggott passed to Geddes and a splendid kick put Richmond a goal ahead, but In a Hash Carlton torc forward and Shea, from the pick dashed in, and once more the scores were level Spectators anti I players were »vlldlj excited A great save by Foster turned Carlton back, but Green marked and Carlton leil b» a point Carlton was last ing better, and kept up the pressure, and seemed likely to hold Ils point ad»ant nie Hie 2ö minutes had clipscd, und still Carlton pre- vailed Richmond pin» ing despcr itcly, could not ehakc its opponents off, ami the crowd »ellet! ineossantlj A Cirlton shot went out of bounds, on«! then O'Neill and Ceddes ga»e Richmond a chance Strang, »\tth a running shot ut an impos slble angle kicked out of bounds I)a»cj and Johnson e ich market! in defence, mid then carne the crisis llcnlle» got the ball, and In desperation kicked it forward, and Douglas ¡strang marked He »»as 20 vards out A point would make the game a tiel V coal would gi»e Rich- mond the »Ictorj, and then the bell rang' All depended on tins kick strang look lils shot, and un the ball soared through the posts for the v» inning goal pandemonium broke loose Rich mond bad pulled the game out of the fire, and Intel made its 11 ice in the four' reasonably


1 Inal scoi es -

Richmond, 13 qls 13 bluls. (91 pts.). Carlton, 12 gls. 14 ulids. (UG pts).

Walting for News.

Thoie who had wat« tied the Record boaid, for the scores of the other garnis, realised that both houth VIeliiourne an I (.ulong viere in danger, and thousands waite 1 for the fin it results to li" posted When the »Ictorj of St Killi i was announced all Ilichmond cheerid, for that meant the practical «.liminatlon ot Geelong, and when the news of houth Melbourne s defeat waa posted It was Carl

ton's turn, for the failure of South meant that Carlton still retained the lead on the premiership



RICHMOND- U Strang (-1), Hunter (2), Geddes <2). Raggatt (2), Iwjford, Martin, McConchic

CARLTON - V alienee (1), Shea ii), Bullen <2), Da»ej (2), Milliims, Creen

Bost Players.

In such a gume there were so man» who .bone at one Btage or ¡mother, that it might be Maid, "well plajed nil," for each man did his share There was not a weakling lo sum it tip one might pick six men from each side,

thus -

RICHMOND -ludklns, for brilliant wing dashes, O Neill, for brilliant and persistent defence, marred bj onlj a vcrj few mistakes, Sheahan, for desperate defence and long kicking, Douglas Strang, for fine marking and kicking, Mirlln for artistic roving, and Helllncr for solid, determined

>7uck work

CARLTON-Kell), for pace and skill on the swing, Colin Marlyn, for artistic passing mid clever work in the centre, Huxtnblc. for heroic defence in a «tnmgo position, Mica, for brilliant dashes and team work half foreard, Mackie, for fcplendld marking at halfback, and Valienee, for «ffcctlve marking and kicking forward


ïootscray Leads Throughout.

In a hard fought game it rootsera) South Mel tourne was dcteated bj 12 points, and on the merits of the plaj loot'crn thoroughly «lescntd «ic »ictorj Hie strong wind allcctul the pbiv «ml ballled the plnvers in folio »mg the flight of th«- ball, «ntl mist ik< s were fn «punt The close, ïuggcd game mntid lootsclij, and play largclv dc»clopod into ttrugeles in the packs. lloth teams plajed with (,r< li vigour md determination, and the game was il»»a»s inter« sting I ootscraj did well ni the air but tilled in ground work, nnd South Melbourne sbowe 1 to adeantagc In posi tion play and sound defence Vided bj the wind ïootscray gained a us«ful bad In Hie first quarter mid held tt to the em! The final quarter was utubbornlv lonlmud Vlthough cvporu nclng de- termined opposition viutb Melbourne gndinlly im- proved its position mid the- ovcilenleiit was in

tense With onlv i goil separating the teams the i issue was decidul b» Hopkins scoring tloicrlj for iootscraj whoa" supporters cheered for some minutca after the g une lhe tust püy was after

half time, when the wind dropp«d I

With the strong wind behind it rootsera) monopolised the pla) in the first quarter, but tailed repeatedly to pierce the tin» defence of South Melbourne roolsiray co-ordinated well, and benefited bj long kicks down the centre of the ground South scond u goal and a point to Footscraj's 5-S 1 ootsci iv waa on the defensive in the second quarter, and stoutlj rtsistt 1 South s persistent attacks Then wai merit in the goal scored bj Footscrij Vt hall time rootsei ij led

by C-S to 4-7

There was an ai | reel ib!e improicment in the play in the Hurd quiiter pirtiiiilnl» in ground work and itlicti» miss in itlacks ind Hu passing anl ruiiniiik M»«- bii"htne-.-, Hit the earlier quarters hal Ink d l< \tm\ scoi 1 three goals and Hear! marking s) hu li II» in a bunch of phici-s si »iel twice for '?oiilh VI 1

bourne lootscra» ondea! Hi** q nrt«r willi inothei goal and led 10-1 to I-s Hie giucllmi, list quarter tested the stumm rf loth teims South Welbourne Improiul Us losition with tbrie goals and Footserav »» is- har 1 pn - I 1 lie turning point came when Hopkins scored Í r 1 etscti»

Final scores -

Footscray, II «Is li hillls, (80 (its ). South Mell), 0 gls li buds (Gil pts).

Goal kicker»-I otser [»- Hoi Inn (I), Waic Aked, O llricn viur|ing, Hu mm, I'emberthj,

jJowlitig and Can

South Melbourne -I rill ("), Ileird (21, Leonard,

Matthews, Clarke it I 1 iii«»

lor lootscriv Ware »»is i »cr» serviceable foi lower and he was i lart-i ««nlrilulir to the sue cess of his side I'liibcrthj gi» bim gnat <iBslslanc>. and 1 inch r »» is n useful ro»cr VII the backs »»ero kilt I UMIJ cni.agiii, mil Hu hist of them wer, dibbins Ijiml , How ni«, mil ÏIcKn) »trois the anti, Hopkin« mid O Uri« n plaved well, ami the I* st of the ethers were Spurt ing, Vkid, and ilo»»!uu,

1-or South Milboiuni Ilcnd w i-i con «picuoua for Ins line 1IIL.1I ni irking anl Diglum pine bim strong supi mt in the nick l> liri did well as ro»er Hillls 1 mil, anl Mi Laughlin vere splendiii in define« ind sp lill 1 man» ill uki Clarke wis the bist ni ross the untre anl 111» Hie and Fahe» »»ere »cr» eonspicuou


Defeated hy St. Kilda.

It is doubtful whether in» leam could luv« «athstool the brilliuil fact md hird toothill that bt lellda i rodncu! in the last quart» at St hilda, to defeat Ucclong lleginntng the quarter with a delhi! of 21 points SI Kildi, de tplte the absence in Viel iii of 1 Phillips and 0.V Roberts provided «ne of the finest exhibitions cf fast fearless and cineiitil fiotl ill it has «ver given, uni Gc long «ould n t «ope with its speed, marking, an I d ish »\ lib supern r play In the nick, flanks uni! centre, and its forwards, particularly Mohr marking in grand stjle It wined out (he deficit md Illili still outplavlng the solid (.til ng min went on to v»ln bj 13 )olnts limul wild excitement ind in thuslnsm The victor» wis thoioughl) desmul, for St hilda on the da» wis much the hetUr team lhe maiinir ill »»hieb its min sust linctl their rcmnrkab e pici in lh last quarter was n tribute to their stimuli i and tr tinline Gidong s lootball was not impliishe It licked the sis

tem and the coordinated ftst pi i» sien earlier in the season, was lu Hen in Hu air throughout, nnd its best men »»in charl» below form Hie defeat ended its premiership ispiriitioies

With the strong ir«*s wind assisting tin ni, the Getlong plujers had much the lutter of the lirst quarter The» »ure fasl.r, bitter m Hu air, and stronger in Hi« pick« 1 pin Tin gime oían scrambling and nut good willi little con certiHl work Hu um)lji (Mclliin) wis too technical, nnd Hu Minc wis ininti! In tm mun free kicks Ceiling li 1 lu 7-1 lo 2-2, Vu lu- n having purni! brilliant!» to sion St Killis goals In the suomi quirlcr hu»ic»cr, st Ivihli completelj turned tin Illili-,-ami mono) olised Hu beering It binn b\ infusing uniit \li,iur ami dash into Its pla», and iiduptt 1 lull, humping tactics which coniplilil» lipsit lielolig lhe tlt-t burst yielded 1-.1 l.fore (.ulong sli idled the jrame lhen St hilda opened the pin lu Hu open work it showed titi, dash ¡uni mtrkliig al 11 lty and good general svsteni, uni wis «hiinitil» superior Giclont, waa disorMiiisid Ithind in the pice and in the air, in I fumbhd 1 idl» and kicked almlesslj Mohr s fiurth succisaiic go ii ¡for the quarter put S| hil h lu froi t and »»lien Oreen marked well bifoic kiiklng hi« lust (.oui 6t hilda led bj 7-U to 7-7 It hail kept Geelong down to Hine points, and scored 5-11

Jinny of itB 11 bihinds wire kui misses, bonner, .nd Hie margin should lune bun cjiatcr

Coghlan, who had bein Injund, but refused to retire earlier, did not reappear, and La»er) re Îilaced him Again Geelong, with the »»ind, was

n the nseendano», scoring 5-10 lo 2-1, but the play was more e»cn than those scores indicate llcelong's work »»as solid lut not ron«ort,,1 The St Kilda min, i articiiluilv Nilli, were better in the uir, and Hu «1 finden, disp'iju! good jnd,

ment Late In the quirtir Galong* football a\as more Impnssiii and at lh« list chungo it led bj 12-17 to 9-11

The last quarter was one of (he bist seen at the ground this nason st Kllili begin »»lib exceptional pace, and nguiu slim» big ii wlsi pnf crence for the open gum, tlisphmd spcid mt1 ejBtem which noiipluss« I its oppoiunts It also maintained Its supirioril» In the air Sweeping Into the attack with strilghl alii id, dar through methods, it maintained inuring \ u-c Cluals were (.cored bv Mohr Huberts and Mohr agiln, uni winn Green wns triipul his ivmecl Hu scores The onlookns wiri wlbll» «\oltul mil the game fast and i,ruelllng I, ilong rillied d s peratel», bul Mattlaus an I Dub, w n haul to ima» St hilda »»ould tut be ihnled and »\h n Jlolir snapped fourlunlh gill, and eonvirtul Hu next ntlack with lils «Ighlh goal SI hildi bul the game won (.«loner nguiu rullhsl willi d

termine«!, hard foot! all, but M hilda, with the will to win and showing no situs of the gnulling ?'soie, did not rela\ its great taco and dash. At

the end ihev left the «risitors standing, and amid scenes of great enthusiasm the boli rang with

the (-cores -

St. Kilda, 15 gls. 19 bhds. (109 pts.).

Geelong, 13 gls. l8 bhds. (96 pts.). j Coi! kicker»-St Kilda-Mohr (8). Green (4),

Anderson (2) Roberts Geelong-Moloncv (5), ' I Mclhcrell (J) li Hardiman (2), Collins (2), I


ct Illida did not have a weak man The men ilin were not conspicuous earl«, such as Xlattheivs (birk) and Roberts (halt forward), were cham pions in the e-eeond half Peel (plajing his tirst gime) wa« cool mel elusite, and passed well from the centre, mel Green (also plating his first cime) rmrked mci kicked well, and was con spicuous throughout B. nee (roi er), Mohr (for wird), Anderson (half fcrwird), Bourne (on the wing), mci Neill and Duli (»ho each marked well) gaie fine exhibitions

(.-elong* list men were Quinn (rover) Todd (full bick) Xlolonei (forward) I Mctlicrcll (who lined exlrcinili well in his first e,ame nith the seniors-) II Ilardimin (forw ird) Trcughton (hilf fon« ird), md VteDonald (half luck)


Too Steady for Essendon,

Although F-ssendoii plijed a vigorous and coungeous gime agilnst Collingwood at Victoria Park, Collingwood wis too steadj and strong for Hie i ¡sitora Onlj for i few minutes in the third quat IT did Fssetidon offer ita supporters niij hope of suec ss It was a flash in the pan, however and Collingwood went on to consolidate Ita position and win bj 32 points. The contest was fast and often exeltlng I-sscndon did its elnro of the attacking, and its thrusts down the centre and round the wing were marked bj great spcctl Collingwood's defendéis, however, knew lion to cope with there onslaughts, and the pressure which the« applied shattered Essendon a forward leim work I stendon's kicking left much to be desired, ind in the closing stages its defences iramblcd largely because its men, lack- ing the anticipation and coolncs» of their oppon cnts were frequently out of position

Collingwood began smartly, but roanj spec tacular attacks were dissipated within range bj faultj kicking Collingwood's clever tactics and sound team work, however, gave it an advantage, which was increased by superiority In the air Favoured bj the breeze Essendon remained on the offensive throughout the lliciv second quarter There was much rugged plaj, and Collingwood was pirtieuiirlj solid in the centre 1 ssondon defended better than m the first quarter large!} owing to Le Bruns good marking There «us, howe«er, it pronounced weakness forward «vlnch tended to offset these virtues U half time J-ssemlon had reduced ils deficit of 11 points nt quarter time lo nine points

I.s«s_ndoii s forward work was marked In the third quarter bv an improtement in accunci mid rcbourci lor a great part of the term it Beerned that Collingwood would have to do better to win, but Ksscndon's new-found supériorité did not continue Its fine dishes donn the centre and its smart shots were thrilling while thej lusted, and the Interest of the onlookers was quickened Before the end of the term, however, Collingwood bael regained control, and still held a lend of 10 points Coiiingvvoejd was all over Essendon throughout Hie last quaiter Essendon made Borne spectacular and fast attacks, but could not clinch thom The pace waB maintained to the finían, but theic wai never u doubt in that quirter of the result I in ii scores -

Collingwood, 14 gls. 15 bhds. (99 pts ). Essondon, 9 gls 13 bhds. (67 pts.).

Goal-kicker« - Collingwood - Cirtcr (5), G Covcntrj (2), I Murphj (2), Clajden (2), Beve ridge, J dmunds, Dalton Essendon-I ord (4), forbes (3), O Brien (2)

Beveridge, in the centre, waa probablj Colling- wood's most citVctiie man 1-dmunds and Curler were conspicuous forwards, and other sound Collingwood men included IllbbB, L. ilurphj, Rumney, Harris, and S Covcntrj

The best for essendon were Je Brun, O'Brien, Johnson, Allison, Forbes, Ford, 01 ej, and Nash


Melbourne's Nairow Victoiy.

After haiing leen behind all diy Hawthorn made a gallant bid for victorj in the last quar ter of it« mitch against Jlelbourno at the Viel bourne ground, but, under the steidying ínlluence of Aine and AVarne Smith, Xlelbonrne scored n goal at a critical time and non bj five pointe Hie pim was Blow and somcwhit crowded for three quarters, but Hnwtbonis recoven mide the finish interesting Tlie visitors were biipi rlor in the air all daj, but their forward pl-i nns weak and in marked contrast with that of Mel bourne Toward the end there were a few quo«,

tionablc incidents, "but the umpires reported "al!

clear" aftdr the match

Alelbourne began ut a great pace, and in a series of attacks in Hie first quarter scored six goals nifhout a behind lim thorn backs were often sadly ustrui, and the work of the for w irds was patchj Melbourne combined much better thnn its opponents, and vi is noticeabiv supeilor in Hie ruek The home sido led bj 17 points at quarter time

In the Bocond quarter Melbourne continued to kick accurately, and at one Blage had eight goals nilli no bollinda Most of Han thorn's at tacks went astray because of ncakncBs forward, but the side nus unluckv when two succeBsnc sliots for goal hit the post The scores at half time were-Melbourne, S-2, IIiwthom, 5-0

Hawthorn opened the third quarter nith de termination I ime after time the ball n is dropped among tlie visitors' forwards, but there nas ven little result Xlelbonrne increased its lead bj one goal, and the side seemed to have tlie game

welt in baud

Mi) mis i.ncienUul until uboul half no« through the last quarter, when Htnthoni sud (tally electrified its supportera nith a brilliant rall« It began with a gonl by Rj in, which was followed almost immediately with another bj

Inncls In a few seconds Melbourne's loael had been substantially reduced, and Hawthorn s burst ins by no means finished Atclbournc vi is being outplujeel in tlie nick and aero s the centre and with tito more ntticks Hiwlllorn scored as mum goals, and was live points nhead Onh i few minutes remmiee! nr pin me] Alel

bourne wis obiiouslv ' rittleel ' bl the sudden clunie in its fortunes Ame tlie ciptun, s t his men in example bi plijing c-oollv ind cm the bick line, nhere he turneel tno more dan girous Hawthorn attacks nith brilliant mirks AViirne Smith stenlied the formnls, and nhen Deigue pissed to Mirgitich i much needed go ii put xielbourne once more in the leid Pool (Hinlhorn) left the field willi in injured nose mil lils place was tiken bj Alurdock, who cirne 1 ipplmse for a fine marl m the centre A few seconds later the same pljitr lceeivid i free kiel in fun! oi goil It ««ii a gleit chance

lill Hu kick went nstnv mil rnlv a | nut was MM'iHed The ni itch cuele! « Ith the scores -

Melbourne, 12 gls 4 bhds (76 pts)

Hawthorn, IO gls 12 bhds. (72 pts).

( ii kickrm - Xlelbonrne - Xiurgitich (0), Dickens v2) \ intlioff Johnson, Rile« AVarnc Smith Hawthorn-Fruncís (I), Lttlng (3), Pool

Cirei, Run

Xielbourne ins nell served on the bnck line by Pugne, Ame and Rjan (full bick) Marne Snuih ns usual, nns an insplrition to the for ««iris X, anthon" (uniii hurt In the last quarter). Dickens, ind Margiticli nore fart and accurate in the pime department, ami the best of the otheis ncre Roberts, Adams, und Davidson

Hiiwfiioin hail no better plover than cte\iurt, «lióse Illili tmvking nu« a feature of tile game Pool (until hutt in the last quarter) roved splen eliellv, mel Collins plavoel well in the centre Bud nej. Francis and Utting were tile best of the forwards and others to do nell were Lons- dale li Shirplej, and Mills


Noith Melbourne Defeats Fitzioy.

In l game which n is se] lorn v.rj dull nnd seldom «en exciting, North Xielbourne alwais appeared to IK I Utile loo gool fir Fitrroj With ii few exception of nhom Cirroll wis the most lintihle Noilll licked dish but us slstcmatic pin ins cullin if somewhat lulwiioiis- md it generill« iclilc\ed more with three or four well

plleed kicks thin 1 itzroi with a handful of

lattlels nrcoiii) lished vi Hil hilf is mini kicks igmi AVith I lewis (Noah Xielbourne), who Is still suffering from l^-eiicliitis rest

ititi- the rue pin was dull He in« uplacid I« AV IA «is, anl Titzrej rcpliced herr with

VI ii ing too mueh allow moe fir the win 1 North fille 1 io old iln full lomts from mm« et il

ultieks in til fir I qu irter Then i spit neild chun of pisses b Iween Cmieron Smith, mel Tailor brought kui iipplnis , mel nilli eich liani repljing lo the llliekn of the other some excite ment enteiel the gnme lister anl slightlv sup.nor in the ur Pil/ro« falle 1 repeuledli for v\ ml und ni qunter time North led, 3-0 to 2-2 Hie next quuler proeided in interesting contrast bitween 1 ll/ro« " long kirks ilrhing with i strong wind ml N irlh s effective skimming I ISMS- 1L.111I1 t ile ««ml rivior, ibli assisted lil Ciñieron nus the prime mo«or in most of North s ntticks lint Rob rt« who Kittled riigc,celh mel clrurh ml f.rn und Nilen, cisili held the North fire« iris At lilli (¡me the scores viere 5- G c ich

'.«« el inn the llelel willi a freshening wind li lniil it North o\cn«helmed 1 ltrrov in the (hird imrtcr Oui« the lion he irle I defence of Roberts, Reece Cuicie Nilen md (,rn, restricted North s scnri to ",-l I it/in mrici uiltki I grnndlv, und kicked .- ! In the first 10 minutes Hliiigsin, who lilliput 1 ixcillenth hiltl up pin for a fin imiititn to allow Hu nulli J tempers of the ruc] - men ti cool ml imincdl ilili iiflirwirds Allen siiip)i I up the I ill from tin crush nnd obtained n coil gul All r i qiiaitu m which 1 ltrrov l lile 1 In si re uni soldi in c irrli d the bill ncioss (lie initn lui Nilibili 10-12 to 5-0 Against th. wini Nerth with crispir passing un 1 more dish, ni nut line 1 ile siipirlonti 1 itmi« how n r Î illiid for a period ml n brilii mt mil bl VI Minns in whiih he licit Hie opponents w is the forerunner «f a scries of 1 it/roi uttnoks Hi Hu ml of the quarter lilliroi bud nude up much of the deficit, tile lim] scores being -

North Melb, 12 gls 17 bhds. (89 pts.). Fitzroy, 10 gls 8 bhils (68 pts).

Coil I le ken -North M lbotirnc - Htnnillrice (3) All, n (3), linker (2), ¡smith In 1er Grèce n ml Millen 1 lUroi - Alorlartl ( ), liol cris AVillmns lill«, indGrn«

Cirroll full« desmed u I rlze for Norths lust in i fiilrist pluver His anticipation and relleilng ilaslu* were bright features of tlu gunn Iiitkr (cuitre) initiated most of Norths si st, m .tie iniiiiK Morgin, lining his first gime with Hie s mors inurked s]lcndiillj, md should be most inlunble when he gains weight and txperlenie dunoon (wing) mid Gregor« (half luck) were fist mel resourceful nnd useful screice was given b« Matthews (full bick), Huggins (forward), Ut». maurlee (full forward), Patterson (roving and lorn nd) mid CinUh (half forwnid)

If 1 Itzroi wen us strong In other parts of the field is in defence, It would possess a formidable tiuni Hut citi (half bick) plnied a ilgorous, lonsislent i.inie Niven (halfback) and Grav (luck) ripilled all itk after nttntk Reen und (uren win also solid dtfeiilers S xton (cellito) mid the mo t of everv chume mid AAiHiunis w is sometimes brllllllill on the wing The best of the furn ircls were Alorinrtj and llenhnin


1 ho roninillte-e of the currans lumirnl which will tike llucei at the MellKiurno Cruket cronnil on t 20 hu-i ft.miiu.eil au uttruetliii j ro«rtminic Vt 1 e ils-k thin «111 le a tisitliall mutin I «tween l uulncll j eki«s mil trainers mid 1 Iel i iu.ti n jisktls ml irai.urn. Ibis will hi« f.llnusl bj i laraic if Hie ti uns of lull rstate St ite Bell ml lils lhere will then lo n l.lejeli. rus fir t Iel thin ellam .1 ns mil un oltl ImlTcr-i football in itch (tust

Onutel) in which mc ii wh" pliiMel In ._ .sf.reithc. war will tiki« paît A line illstuiui kimi klekhiL oxllihltlui will hu gi«

1 billilli l«t f*:

nu Mini klcKiiiL exmnuicii win no piicn l

xleNuiiiiira The match liotweun n«tlnd piase

Athletic Leaiiilo