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(By Our Special Reporters.)

Ten lives were lost when the old coastal steamer Casino capsized and sank in sight of the Apollo Bay pier just after 9 o'clock on Sunday morning. Seven members of the crew and the two passengers were saved. Some of the bodies have not yet been recovered.

Approaching the Apollo Bay pier in a heavy sea the vessel bumped the sand heavily and damaged her bottom. She drew away, but was leaking, and sank before she could be


The fate of the members of the crew and the passengers - a married woman and a girl-is set out as follows :


MIDDLETON, John Gilchrist, aged 48 years, master, married, 2 Frogmore road, Mur-


GILL, Helena L., aged 53 years, stewardess, widow, White Horse road, North Croydon. FOLEY, Michael, senior, aged 42 years, able seaman, married, Middle road, Maribyrnong. MURRAY, Peter, aged 50 years, able seaman, married, 3 Roseneath place, South Mel-


MULHOLLAND, Hugh, aged 49 years, able seaman, married, 4 Anderson st.. Yarraville.


BINNIE, Orlando, first officer, married, 71 Radnor street, South Camberwell.

THOMPSON, James, aged 25 years, ordinary seaman, married, 247 Princes street, Port


KIRKPATRICK, James, aged 44 years, cook and providore, married, 294 Wood street,


OWEN, John, aged 65 years, fireman, married, 137 Roden street, West Melbourne. CLARK, Thomas, fireman, 142 Molesworth street, Coburg.


LEES, Henry W., second engineer, 11 Grandview road, Brighton, suffering from shock

and exhaustion.

STRETTON, Stanley E., aged 32 years, purser, unmarried, 28 Edward st., Sandringham. WILTSHIRE, Peter, aged 31 years, fireman, married, 172 Dow street, Port Melbourne. NEWLANDS, William, aged 66 years, first engineer and superintendent, married, Ouisac,

Apollo Bay.

FOLEY, Michael, junior, aged 20 years, able seaman, unmarried. Middle road, Maribyr- ,

nong, suffering from shock and exhaustion.

BELLAIRS, John, aged 42 years, assistant providore, single, 21 Stanley st., Warrnambool. MacDERMID, Edward, second officer, 16 Lyell street, South Melbourne, suffering from

crushed leg.

CONBERY, Mrs. H., passenger, Apollo Bay.

GREER, Joan, aged 11 years, passenger, Portland.

ABOLLO BAY Sunday - The Casino is owned by the Belfast and Koioit   Steam Navigation Company and for 50 years has been running between Mel-     bourne and Portland, calling at Apollo Bay,   Warrnambool, and Poit Fairy. She left   Melbourne at 2 o'clock on Saturday after- noon, carrying, in addition to two passen-   gers, about 210 tons of cargo. Half of the cargo was sugar. Bad weather was encoun-     tered as soon as the Cusino psssed through the Heads, but the south easterly wind-   although they caused heavy seas, did not     appreciably delay the vessel, and she reached Apollo Bay, her first port of call, soon after daybreak this morning. The Casino draws a maximum of 11ft 6in of water She approached the long pier at Apollo Bay at about half tide falling into the troughs of the long rollers. As she was manouvred to draw into the pier, the   bottom of the vessel bumped heavily on the sand several times appaiently causing a serious leak. "Bottoming" in this way   occurs frequently' in heavy seas. Although the impacts were so server that they threw members of the crew in the engine room off their feet, they created no alarm.

Efforts to berth were made for nearly half an hour, but had to bo abandoned. The captain then decided to draw off the pier and anchor in deep water in the middle   ot the bay until the seas abated sulliciently for the vessel to come alongside. It was not until the centre of the bay was reached that crew or passengers realised that the ship had been damaged. Then the Casino was put about with the intention of beach- ing her. She sank in -ibout 30 feet of water before this manouver could be com- pleted.

The suddenness ot the floundering is the most remarkable feature of the tragedy.   After the Casino floundered the tide rose, entirely hiding the ship. Because of this fact and because a heavy sea has been run- ning all day it has been impossible to ex- amine the wreck but several members of the crew declare that the ship broke her   back. This opinion is based on the fact that the ship turned on her side and sank   within 15 minutes of the discovery that she was leaking.  

The end came to quid Ij tint the engine room cie« escaped just in time to aioid bung happed Within two minute1! of the ciptain s oidci to hunch the til o lifeboats the lebsel had tinned on hoi side und ioundcied Pibpluung c,ieut heioism the hleiiardess (Alis Gilli supplied mid fitted lifebelts to Airs Cionbtn and loin Gicoi but ncitliet slu nu nnj othei mem her of the cicm hid time to fit i lifebelt bcioie thii utie tlnoiiu 111(0 the stn

Thrown Into Sea

"W lieu it ss is seen that the Casino could not be beiehed tn cffoi t svns mode to abandon hei The beass sea piesentod the wieiessttil launching of a boit As the Casino heeled oser all nbottd sseio tlnossn into the sea AU but lise ittempted t'

s»mi ushrio Tijjit ii tliise titlipi sssnm, diiiteil 01 sieie is-istetl into the stn! mil srero ici-ciied ht îcsidints ol \ polio Bus Ciptuin Aliddleton nul lout nioni bf-it- ot the cíe« stunk bul to the hull

st Inch ss is thon hing . n its Mile ibout 100 j lids nom the lint, b< iib to th*. noith of the tossnship Ikspitc the iiitcii-uti ol the seas brtiking ostt the b til . t the sissel Bhossnig abose the ss un tins sir eedtil ni scumbling in to it Thoy signalled desporatcly for assistance hut efforts to loach them failed As the tide rose thoy woro washed off mid with one exception

wore drowned

Cinipu itiicli im ¡t j! mu tb tit «hen tin I isnio (lion up Ihi bil tlu~ morning Mi \ \\ \sh ii i- n titiii" t i nshibt in innotmsr 1 10111 u lull scici J bundled icet m licifrlit behind the bettie ment ¿Ii 11 Gonberj, irhosc «ile «ii leturmng on the icssel altei huiing bpent i montli »n Alelbouine, iialchcd the binp turn bloüly into tile bi! and muhe foi the piei ii inch real he» ric nlj 1 000ft out into the blich ing bal The ( imiio s iinbuceese lul elîoilN to mool i in ed little huipribC in i le« ot the lientliei I lioso ¡ishoie hibt leuned that the ship ii is in dibtiees nilen n soi les of « ai nmg bl isis n ns bounded lu tho bli en as the captain net off foi the bciicli Then the watchem i cubbed that tile ship had bettled deep into the ivntei and ii as beling at a sharp angle She nu le sion piogicbb to«aid tiio beaib, though Hie «nui «ni nenili diieelh behind bel V uuket stilton hab been established al

Apollo Bay for some years. The stall hastilj- marshalled its equipment on the beach svhen it tvas seen that efforts ss*ere being made to lower the boats. The ship heeled os*er and sank before many iii tho tosvn realised that she was iu danger. Hurrying' to the beach, svhere tlie sea was trashing up s\*rocl*age, a large body of men sought anxiously for survivors.

Rescue From Surf.

AVhen the first rocket tvas fired, the line attached to it broke. Other rockets

ss ere iitcd; but the liiteusits ot the ssinl drose them off to st i ind tho ssoiglit ot the line t tinted them to tall lu shoit cf the ssietk

Realising th it th< ship could net be reached by rocket line. Mr. A. Fisk volun-   teered to swim out with a line to the hull.

Hie ss eight ot the line and the strength ol the ssases piosed too much toi lum Altci a bald fight in the ssnses he ssas brought ashoie exhausted Mr J 1 Lej ot Apollo Bay, also attempted to can j a line to the si-rock Although he made tsso at tempts, ho si as di is en back He succeeded hossctoi, in assisting ses et ii ot the nut

sitois fiom the suif While assisting to administoi aitihcial lcspnation he col lapsed and had to be taken home

Araluable ssoik in bunging the musisiis fiom the hint sstts peifonned bs Mi 1 1

Martin, ot Apollo Bas Ali AI utin iecognised the ftitiltts oi ittcmptuu. ti* sisim against the sea anti mounting i lu l-e be lode tar out into the sutf and iii st

exhausted men to the beach J

The loci] lilo-sising ciess nsittci s (

ni of the suisisois nshoto I oust idle

Aiildruni, oi \pollo 11 is cntciett tin s, i | nith a line uni helped to ic-oiie the .lint . iiiginect, Ah Ness lands

Help foi Suivivois

Hie people of Apollo Uni lo-l ii lime in organising rebel foi the suruiois Moti i cus laden ii ith blankets, hot «alii bottles and fu bt aid equipment «cie linn ml to Hie be.iih One bj one HiObC nscind nom the sim «tie bl ought to lu tils in 1 bend mg houses in tin to«n I ndei the idmc of doeluis lhe inijoiiti ot the ni «ric | lit to bed ii bei e t tie i inn kept ill du ol the men, «ho mu stung su mi

mels and Mitlcicd iiiinpii itiieli little lunn the oideal assisted in th. u cm «oil.

None ot thobc leseued Hum tin nul is conbtdcied to be m uni d muí i linee onh neic biiioiibh ill to night 1 lu se «eie -M icdei mid, «lio « is -iiHoinc iii m a ciushed le Lot- «ho is Milli ling ti «ni shock anl exhuistion and Mich ni Pi lo Jim, ulm lb slillciniL. lioin -hoik and is

dieplj aiteeted bs the death or ni-, l-^titi

Toss aid noon the sea became quieter The Casino had disappeared from sight Queenscliff bteboat coi ps, the Air Force, at Point Cooke, and the chief engineer oi the ports and hal hours branch (Mr G Kor mode) A seiplane tras despitched from Point Cooke It arris ed afttr noon, svhen most ot the steamer bid disappeaied Vo lifeboat ssas despitched nom Queenscliff as it ssould base been mipousiulc tor it to ii use to bo ot tssistance

norn tho shoio AA icckage ssas stressm along the be tch toi about a mile dud i bah besond the tossu It is not jet knossL

ss bother it ssill bo possible to silsage the hull ind tho likelihood 01 refloating it is contada ed to be i emote

Seaplane From Point Cooke.

AYhoii the ssiiok of the stumer ssas rc poited tills foi assist uko ssoie made bj the postmistoi (Mr "A. Phillips) to the




APOLLO BAY, Sundaj -Ol tho sur- sis 01 s none si as able to gise u molo de tuled account of the» loss ot the Casino thin tin puisei. Ali ¡btinlcj Ernest Stret- ton Ile ssas on the 1 iidge suth Captain Middleton be'cie the fir»t attempt ss is made to beith at the Apollo Bits jetts, and he lemaincd on the budge until the s escel

heeled osei

Winn m he idea to« aid the [iel be sud I sa« th it «c ii ould lune tiouble bullung the ship as i stiong south eabtcil} «iib dining bein sei, tight into the bin

U e ippiaichcd tin jolt! slo«l> and as «e nue di its head the ship chopped deep into ti oublis bel« ten big «Hieb and ne bottomed licawh \U could tell tint it « ib onh the sand «Inch the lessel had stiuek \\ c «cie not alamud, is it is

i common eipiiienei to tomb tin bot teni m dieu heal j bei Captain Millie ton lttempted to bung the blup i'oiics de hut the ben pioiol too stiong ind he de eided to iinchoi in the bai until the mu abated Hie ship bchaiel noiniilli until «on lehcd the tnihoi igo a fe« minutes beloic 0 o eloel T icmurkcd to C iptam Middleton tbit the bo« mhb low in lhe «liter Ile said that be li id noticed thib and n ib pn¿/lcd 1 he hlup s t« o ( its caine on to tho hilder tu obi mu» dn-titsh und a fe« minutes Intel «c could lu u thiough a saloon icutilatot tin sound 01 wittel pout ni).' into the bold

Attempt to Abandon Ship '< t- ipi un Middlitini nunn dialch M'i| 01 leis loi the | ibncuc.ii« ""1 ill mimbus ol the no« not ii ipili id bi lu« to nuil

on dcik and he nut lu I iii i ; iboiit «ith I the intention ol bininu,, lui lininuliiiteii

m tin lied tin blnp 1 "ni t, «<Uli do« ii ]

I neme loom hands «u cn 1 le 1 on de k I uni (incitions «cie pinn le I much oin

Uuee bolts Une coull not lu li nulled | "«iug to tlie sei aud the list el the ship

but tsvo ssere strung out and the tsvo ssomen pissengers ssere oidered into the tirst But both boats capsized m the sviter feimultaneouslv the ship sank on its sidt and sve ssere ill tlirostn oserboard



Four Beg-an leave Last Week |

There is moio thin te u uti Hamids m the death ot Peter Alurrns able siamau lie had joined the st<-«i*l nls i-eentl

aftei his tug been unemploscl nr tsso jears lie leises a sstdo s mil annuls ot 11 soung children Alteliel 1 oles ."mm and Jtinlot ssere lather and «on sslo hid shipped togethei as ible seamen The sou isis as ed and the nthei ssas diossned

Orlmdo Binnie joined ti e Casino onls a tscek a"o replacing Das id P Sinclair the first othcer ssho leit on ai nuil lease h»t Tuts las Binnie ssho«ebodj ha» not been recosered isis toimeilv the captain ot the

Casino Tnr e other* ot the régulai com I plement of the Cn«uio had lett tor their (

annual leise in the la=t sseek md ssere. -eplnccd bs temporars men ind the -¡econd | engineer Ceoigo Ness lands ssho is a

nophess ot A\ iliiam Nesslands one ot thei sin s is ors lett the scsel on sick leise on Fridas

Peter A\illshue ssho ssas i!«-. unons. the sursisors ssas i fireman m th Kooringa sshen thit sc-ccl took fire md exploded m Biss Strait in 19^ svith a lull cn go oi


Flying over tho wreck of the Casino early in the afternoon a representa tiva of Tho Argus ' noted from a height of 200ft that both masts of the i| steamer and the funnel had dis

appeared The upper deck works and bridge had been carried awiy by the heavy seas

The Casino was then on her beam ends In five fathoms She was on the edge of a sandbank

potiol and oil under the hitche» He ssas one of tlie last to lease the Kooringa and ssas one of three ssho suffeied teinblj from binns He was rescued svith the «munder ot the Kooringa s crew bj the colbei K50

Insuied for £6 000

-1 be Casino ivis insured is ith Llojds 1 on don, tor £6 000 which represented three quarters of her talue The remaining £2,000 ot the risk ssas carried by the ossners She tvas listed at Llojds as 100A1 the highest classification in spite of bet agc _


Popular Coastal Mastei

Captain John Gilchrist Aliddleton had been master of the Casino tor about set cn j ears He svas bom in Ghseosv About 27 j ears ago he cume to Altlbouiue and onteied the sei s ice of the Lnion Steamship Co He became cluer olhcei ot the Aioeral i

the Alokoi i and other vessel» ot the Uniou line After some j cars as master oi ses sels ot the îsesscistle ind lluntot Riser Steam navigation Co on the noith coast of Is ess South Wales ho tnnsterrcd to the CiBino He had n chirmmg person nhtj, and ssas one ot the most popular of the master mariners on the coust He leases a ssidoss and three daughters Greta Helen and Janet the eldest of sshom is ig«d 17 j ears and the soungest .) teirs Airs Middleton is a diughter ot Mis and the late Air Bercnd Hansen of Aim rum beeni


Jubilee Ceremonies Ananged.

Preparation for the eelebntion ot the jubile« of tlie Casino^ and 01 the Heit itt and Koroit fetcim Nangation Companj, ivlucb owned hei nore almost complete when the hlnp n as lost Xe\t month n ould hate marked the 30th anniversary of her first i mi Celebi thoms « ero to bai e in eluded complete furbishing and leiurnlshlng of the ship and much ot the refitting bait

been done

l'or halt a centnrj the ship has pronded cheap transport for the primai! producers oi tlie IA estern district 1 he compani n as fonned bj farming pioneers, mid the Cismo lias its onl> íessel Ei en in the most recent treight list some pioduce n as ear ned trom Portland foi 8/ a ton Hie Casino «as built bj Goolj Üios ot Glas

goss, foi_ the Newcastle und Hmitei Kiser Mouin Nat igation Compans of Ness .South \\ des, but bcfoic thal coinptiiv bud put it into sers tee the piesent ossnois bought it in 1882 Since then the Casino li is been running continuous)} betsseen Melbourne and Poitland and sshen tht ti itin ssai

rtntcd it the Sphene, ossned bj Auttiahnu ¿steamships Tis Ltd presided ii joint sei sict The Casino ssas 423 lons gioss De spito hei slight draught the Casino bad had seteial seteio nushtips Hie most senouB ssab m October IVH close to the place ssheie bhe sank jesteidis idle btruelt on Hossdcrn'b Reel, n man and much ot the top hampei broke, und sseiit by the boaid, and most ot the caigo had to be jettisoned befoie she could be lloated off In Februnrj, 1P29 she ¡>ti uek a stibmei gcd object outside Warnambool Ilends and ran for the shore in a sinking rendition She ssas beached suth Uft of ssutoi in the engine loom on i sandbank 00 jnids ttom

the shore

The Cismo ssns nlssajs i steimslup, but in hei cat bei teal s bhe si as npged as i topsail schooner She had nceoinm illation tot ii limited number oi passenger«


Sphene Will Sail To-monow.

\riannenicuts hat », bteii made foi thei Sphene to conduin* the hi is ice betsseen Jit! bom no mel \\ estent iJintii t polls, and to compbtc (ontiiets sstth sluppets It is unlikclt tint the companj ssill lehmpiish the ids m ta ¿e sslueb Ihi ( imiio pmsidid toi its binn fioldeis nntl othtr j iimars pío dum s in the A\p-"lttn .li-tnit ot ihetp tnnspoit ol pioduets I hi dm. tot, ssill meet is soon as posblble t i tloiido ss bet hil this ssill purchine niiotliti scssil I lie bphono still inn to the ¡liri ins ot Hossnd ?smith Ltd and ssill hist Melbourne to motross ici V ii mamboo! onlj On Nitur «las slit ssill sill loi all polls on tht inn Hie s,phcnc Ins no pai-bciigci ii onunodu tmn _____ _

Mountainous Seas Without Warning

\pollo Bts Ins in on. ol the most ticiieheiout* put* of the Amonan toist 1 tpciicncc.] nisigitois said sisUnhij that mountainous setts rose on tint io ist st it h out ss ni nine;, mid receded as sudden)} 1 his r tullid sest. ldttj morning Ilute ssas tulls i model ile u nul but tin s, i" uno pin ne nu nal luting tlir s(»su ttid di op pit I, it is thoutth it uno t ecil On Illili. .. 1IMUIIS till t «sill 1 li IS 1)1(11 lllif 1 lo steam ass it} until tin jin ntl bt ind oil Ki eulin t ts cut Wot Un otboi o

tiiMtts Hi ssieli h s tis ti s.hi'i tin ship « i. iloiu-nl nuil nii| pt ti tin bliss iuooiiii{ lopes ind enn tem til bull uds toss Inch til k pos m in . le i ist n it ilthe

de. k

In this photograph, which was taken from an aeroplane of the Larkin Aircraft Supply Company, Melbourne Air Port,

tho wrecked Casino is seen lying on her boam with tho heavy seas breaking over her.