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\ The Sporting Life of July 2 has the follow* ing:— ''Last evening (Thursday) the sweep stakes for this exciting event, which was open to the world, closed with seven entries.

each of whom deposited £25 in the bands of Mr. W. J. Innes, viz.:— William Beach, John Teemer, Wallace Robb, George J. Perkins, Neil Matterson, Peter Kemp, and George Bubear. The Becond deposit, £50, must bo staked at the White Hart, Barnes, any time before 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 17 ; £59 each at the Star and Garter, Putney, at any time before 8 p.m. on Monday, August 9, and the final deposit of £75 each, at the Star and Garter, Pntney, in the hands of Mr. W. J. InneB, who is appointed final stakeholder, between the hours ,of 7 and 8 p.m. on Friday, August 27, when the names of the competitors Iwill be drawn in pairs, and in the first or any succeeding draw. the first name taken from the hat will be en titled to a row over if the competitors' repre sent an odd number. The racing will be rowed on Monday, August SO, Tuesday, August 31, and Wednesday, September 1, aa in accordance with the original conditions the men will not be called on to row twice in one ' day. The added £500 is guaranteed by Mr. ' W. J. Innes, notwithstanding that Hanlanhaa hot entered, and that Beach objects to the title of the Champion of the World, and the empty honours attached thereto being includedin the conditions, The firat prize will be £1,200, the Eecond £400, third and fourth £160 each, if the seven who have entered pay up the remainder of their deposits, or . less In proportion. The firat heat will be rowed from two skiffs moored 20 yards apart, juBt below the West London Railway bridge at W&ndsworth, finishing at a flagboat opposite Gwynne's factory, at Hammersmith. The Becond heat will be rowed from two skiffs, moored 20 yards apart, opposite Biffen'a Boathouse at Ham mersmith, finishing at a flagboat just below Strand- on- the-Green Railway Bridge, near Kew. After high water on Monday, August) SO, the third heat will be rowed down from the Strand-on-the Green Bridge to Biffen's, On the second day the Wandsworth to Hammersmith and Hammersmith to Kew courses will be again rowed over' ill the second series. The final heat will be1 rowed over the Championship Course, from Putney Bridge to the Ship at Mortlake, the start being timed at one hour before nigh water. Should the competitors not agree as to ''tha . , umpire, who must be nominated at the final deposit, then Mr. W. J. Innes, who appoints Distance Judge, will also appoint an umpire.