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The season closed on Saturday last, when the Adelaides and Noarlungas met on the grounds of the latter. About noon the metro- politans left the city in a special conveyance,

and after an invigorating drive through the hills reached their destination shortly before 3, play beginning soon afterwards. A large number of people from all parts of the district watched the match, and the town players met with a most hearty reception on all sides. During the first half   the local exponents of the game gave their adversaries a deal of trouble, and at various times threatened the goal. They played a sterling game, which is   evidenced by the fact that the only goal thrown before the interval was obtained by one of their number. The Adelaides worked hard, but were unable to avert defeat during the first hour. Alter half-time matters were somewhat altered, and the country men were overpowered. Four goals were got by the Adelaides, who exerted themselves to the utmost, and indeed exliibited better form then than, on any previous occasion this season. In all departments of the game they excelled, and, notwithstanding the remarkably   good play of their opponents (who obtained another goal before time was called), were able to leave the field victorious. A most enjoyable and well-contested match resulted in the visitors scoring 4 goals against the Noarlungas' 2. A little while after leaving the ground — which, by-the-way, has been greatly improved and now has a capital surface— the Adelaides started on the return journey. Tea was prepared for them at one of the roadside hotels, and home was reached at an early hour. Thus terminated the second season of lacrosse in this colony. Unfortunately there are only two clubs in South Australia, but the amusement has very much   increased in popularity during this year, and it is more than probable that several teams will be in full swing before the close of next season. It is to be hoped that such will prove to be the case, because lacrosse merits considerably more attention than is accorded to it by athletes and others. It affords scope for the exhibition of skill, provides healthy recreation, and affords amusement   for the public, whilst; above all roughness   is an unnecessary and unknown element   in the game. Since March the Adelaides and Noarluugas have met twice in Adelaide, twice at Noarlunga, and once at Coromandel Valley. Of the five games the Adelaide team won four. Next year, if encouragement is offered, trips to the country towns within easy distance of Adelaide will be made in order to let the people see what lacrosse is like.