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i ATTcnoira i % ' ::'l- ' A BSTBACT of SALES by AUCrTOtf :HL- THTCDaY. ' -^-^- ' SL- Salom & Co.- At their Matt, at twelve-Land, -floasea. Oatxt, Farrab, & Scort-At tha Town Hall, at two— land, Houses. Barker & Chambers.— At the John Ball Bazaar, at two— House; at John Ball Yards, at two— Bones. Johwsok & Co— At CCannell-street, N.A., at eleven— Furniture, fte. D. W. Meltin.— At Ma Mart, at eleven— Shoe- maker's jrichinery, Tools, Boots,* ftc.; at East a. -l ii;i!c,.i.c eleven— Furniture, OI» Painting. &c. Tow;»0Er,U(3B sos.— At their Mart, at, eleven— Miscellaneous Sals. £. Laughton ft . Co.— At Mile-Bud, at, two Cattle. A. W. Sandfosd ft Co —At their Mart, at eleven— . Dairy and Farm Produce THI3 DAY (Tuesday), September 14, at 2 o'clock. AT TITB TOWN HALL EXCHANGE-BOOM, ADELAIDE. ? -Q 1 A ACRES, HUNDBED OF BABOOTA. DAVEY, FARRAB* & SOOTT have received instructions to' sell— SECTIONS 2, 4, and 71, BABOOTA, containing 914 ACRES good GraziDg Land, with two Houses and two good Welta. Tha Farm ia known as Eobert Cook's, and will be sold on very easy terms. 253,7v THIS DAY (Tuesday), September 11, at 2 o'clock. TOWN HALL EXCHANQB-EOOM, ADELAIDE. 640 ACBES- HUNDRED OF GOMBOWIE (Known as Darby Fitzjatrick's Farm). DAVET, FAKEAE, & SOOTT are instructed by the Mortgagee to sell— SECTIONS 30 and 36, HUNDRED of GUM BOWIE, containing 640 ACRES of good Arable Land, well Fenced and Improved with Stone Dwelling-house and the usual Farm Oat buildings. KB.— A large proportion of the purchase-money can remain for a term of years at a loir rate of interest. 253,7v CLABE MONTHLY MAKKKT. On THOBSDAY, September 18, at 1 o'clock. AT THE INCHIQUIN YABDS, CLABE. 60 HEAD PBIME FAT CATTLE. 3350 FAT AND ST0EE SHEEP. 20 HOBSES. BULLOCK TEAM. IMPLEMENTS, &c. DAVEY, FARRAR, & SCOTT will sell, as above. Terms— Approved bills. THIS DAY (Tuesday). September 14, at 11. AT THURSTON'S FDBNITUBE WAREHOUSE, O'CO&NELL-STRBET, NOBTH ADELAIDE. The whole of the New and Valuable Household Fur ' fixture, Furnishing Ironmongery, China, Glass, Splendid Ornaments, and General Sundries. TO PASTIES FURJOSHING AND OTHEBS. A THOBOUGHLY GENUINE AND WHOLLY UNRESERVED SALE. JOHNSON & COMPANY are instructed to sell without the LEAST BF.SEBVE — The Whole of the Stock of FURNITURE as fully advertised. Menu.— Catalogues at the Mart. N. A. Tramcars pass door. Every line is unreserved. T0-M0BB0W (Wednesday), September 15, at 11. AT THE FANCY REPOSITORY OF MB. B. BOWE, BUiSDLE-STBEEr (OPPOSITE McRO&TIfi'S). U-BESEBVED SVLE~OF THE WHOLE OF THiS STOCK-lN-TR VDE, FIXTURES, ASD PIANO. JOHNSON ~~& COMPANY tP aie instructed by Mr. B. Bowe, of 130, Bundle* street (who has sold bis Lease and intends retiring from business), to sell, without the slightest reserve — The Whcle of his STOCEMN-TBADE, consisting, of the usual Etceteras of a B&RLLN WOOL and FANCY WAREHOUSE— - Berlin Fleecy and Perforated Card3 Leviathan Wools, Canvas, Canvas and Paper Pat Floss, and other Siks, terns Tassels, Cord*, Braids Stamped and Traced Knitting, Crochet, and Embroidery Work. Embroidery Cottons Tatting, Shuttles Work and Commenced C rochet - hooks, Slippers, Cushions, &c. Meshes, Beads Traced Cloths and Large assortment Marcella Goods for Brooches, Clasps Braiding Papiarmache Goods, Purses, Bags, Combs, Brushes, Belts, Perfumery, Soaps, Dolls, Tojs Tiasuepaper, Stationery, Fancy Goods. 3 cases of Concertinas, Mirrors, &c Also, to be offeied at 1 o'clock First-class PIANO, in Walnut Glass Cases, Counter Fixtures, and Sundries. Every Line is Positively Unreserved. On THURSDAY, September 16, at 10.30. AT JOHNSON'S SALEROOMS. USUAL WEEKLY MISCELLANEOUS SALE. JOHNSON ~&~ COMPANY. Particulars To-morrow. THIS DAY (Tuesday). September 14, at 2 o'clock. AT THE JOHN BULL B&ZIAR. PROPERTY IN MAYLAND3. BARKER & CHAMBERS are instructed to sell by auction — PABT ALLOTMENT 94, MAYLANDS, having a frontage of 83 feet to Dover-street by a depth of 80 feet, with Two-Boomed HOUSE thereon. Title— R.P.A. For Absolute Sale. JOHN BULL YABDS. THIS DAY (Tuesday), September 14, at 2 o'clock. TO SPOBTSMEN AND OCHEKS. FAST TROTTER ADA. 12 H0B3ES. BARKER & CHAMBERS, under instructions from Mr. B. Latnmey, will sell by auction — ADA, Grey Mare, 7 years, by Zanga out of Lady Wildare by Tim Whiffler. Ada is without doubt one of the fastest trotters in the colony. She won the D.H. Trot, 3 miles, with a handicap of 75 yards behind scratch, in 0 min. 11 sec., and was never asked to go. On view morning of Sale. - For Mr. G. Atkinson— ^--J HEAVY AND LIGHT HOBSES. THE PBODUCE AUCTION MABT, 21, CURRIBSTREET. THIS DAY (Tuesday), September 14, at 11 o'clock. AW. SANDFORD & COMPANY ? will bold their usual Bi-weekly Sale of DAISY and FABM PBODUCE, in Iota to suit the Trade Prime Fresh Butter, Eggs, Bacon, Lard, Honey, Kew Zealand and Victorian Cheese and Potted Butter, Poultry. TO-DAY (Tuesday), September 14, at 11. THE CENTRAL AUCTI »N MABT, KING WILLlAMsTBBEr. DW. MELVIN ia directed to quit— ? Under Bill of Sale and Distraint for Bent Shoemaker's Cutting Preaj, Boiling Machine, Fewing Machine, 30 pairs Iron Lasts, 20 Sole Knives, 8 Heel do., Signboard, Counter, Screen, Benches, 27 pairs Boots, 23 Uppers. ALSO, On other accounts — 43 Shoe Anvils, Iron Lasts, and Sundries. TO-DAY (Tuesday), September 14, at 11. S1XTH-AVESUB, EAST AOELAIDE. AT THK RESIDENCE OF HEV. B. HAYWABD. DW. MELVIN has to ? sen— „_ WALNUT PIANO by Bord, Musicstool, and m. Chair Valuable Oil Painting, by Van Cuyp Wardrobe, Mirror, Bookcase, Couch, Dining, Bound, Dressing. Occasional, Work, and Kitchen Tables, Austrian and other Chairs, Carpets, Chests of Drawers, Cupboard, Book shelves, Kitchen Dresser, Meatsafe, Fenders and Irons, Curtain-pole, Toilet Glasses, Lamp, Clock, Perambulator, Sewing Machine, Coal Vase, Dinner Set, Glassware, Cutlery, Crockery. Ornaments, H T. and other Bed steads, Hair and Flock Mattresses, Palliasses. Cots, Washstands and Ware, Cooking and Washing Utearils, &c, &c I0-M0BB0W (Wednesday). September 15. at 10. THE CEI^TBAli AUCTION MABT, KING WILLIAM-STREET. THE MtD-WBRKLY FUBNITUHE AND GSNEBAL SALE BY J)^ W. MELVIN. Hair, Leather, Bep, Cretonne, and Tape3try Duchess Pairs in Huon, Cedar, Mahogany, Walnut Wardiobes, Cetfar, Mahogany, Pine, Walnut Chiffonnieresr, Sideboards, Cheats of all sizes Drawers, Couches, Sofas, Safes, Tables, Chairs, Toilet Glasses and Ware, Work Tables, Coal Vases Pianos, Music Chairs, Mirrors, Pictures Brass-mounted, Tubular, Half-taater, and other Bedsteads, Mattresses, Palliasses, Bedding Bicycles, Tricycles. Spring-Drays, Sawing Machines, Rustic Chairs and Table Dinner Services, Glassware, Electroplate, Cutlery, China, Fenders and Irons, Orna ments, Fancy Articles, and General Sundries. MONDAY, September 20, at 10. THS CENTR4L AUCTION MABT, KING WlLLlAM-STaEBT. IN ESTATE OF C A. OWEN & CO., JEWEL LERS AND WATCHMAKERS. D THIRD CATALOGUE SALE. W. MELVIN is directed by the ? JTrade Assignee to positively sell, without J. ? ^?EWEMJERY?Ol4andSaTerWATCHES Fun printed lists ready to-morrow. 10-M0BB0W (Wednesday), September 15. AT THE SHEEP MARKET. £\ BENNETT & CO. will \T» sen— w fiOMEBINO RAMS (Hawker's breed). 258-8

'?'?r AUCTIONS :: ? ~ THIS DAY (Tuesday). September 14, ' at 12 o'clock. : AT THE CITY AUCTION MABZ. : . BY QBDEB OF THE TRUSTEES UNDER THE WILL OF THE LATE JAMES CRABBE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD CITY PROPERTIES. PREMISES NOW OCCUPIED BY MS83R3. PELLEW ft HoBTON, DBAPEBS, HINDLEY STRKET. TWO HOUSES AND LAND, FINNISS-STEEET N.A. ALLOTMENT LAND, ALBEBTON. MAURICE SALOM & COMPY., LIMITED, a*e instructed to seU by auction, at their Mart, Ihia Day (Tuesday), September 14, at 12 o'clock Lot!. Part TOWN ACRE 52, having a frontage to Hindley-street of 25 feet by a depth of 210 feefc, subject to a lease to Messrs. Pellew & Horton for 10 years, from 27th da7 of July, 1885, at a rent of £260 per annum for tb.8 Qist Sve years, and a rent of £312 for the remainder of the term. Title— B.P.A. These premises are well known as the 'London House,' and deserve the attention of every one having money for investment. Lot 2. PABT TOWN ACRE 957, having a frontage of 105 feet to Finnisa-street, and a frontage of 58 feet to Mackinnon-parade. Title— RJ. A. This Property is now let to a weekly tenant. There are two Houses and Outhouses upon the Land. This Corner Allotment, with a park frontage, is one of the finest sites in North Adelaide, and is within a short distance of the Exhibition Grounds. Lot 8. ALLOTMENT 74, Albert Town (Alberton). This Allotment ia opposite the residence of 3. Formby, Esq., and ia bounded on the south-east by Brougham-place, on the north-west by other land, on the south-west by Rawson-street, and on the north-east by Kiugscote-street, and containing as well on the south-west 03 on the north-east side thereof 50 feet or thereabouts, and extending in depth from Kiugscote-street to Rawson-street. It is substantially Fenced, and now U3ed for grazing purposes. For further information apply to Mann, Thorn ton, & Hay, Solicitors, Waymouth-street, Adelaide ; or to the Auctioneers. ? T0-M0BR0W (Wednesday), September 15, at 11 o'clock. AT THE OITy AUCTION MABT. UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE TBUSTEE* IN AN ASSIGNED ESTATE. NO RESERVE. FIFTEEN .PACKAGES EARTHENWARE, CHINA, AND GLASS WABE. TO CROCKERY AND HARDWARE DE4.LERS, STOREKEEPERS, TRADERS, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPY., . T.iMiTBn, are instructed by the Trustee in on Assigned Estate to sell by auction, at the City Auction Matt, To-morrow ^Wednesday), September 15, at 11 o'clock Fifteen Packages EARTHENWARE, CHINA, and GLASSWARE— - crates W. and G. Irish Teas, Paris & Mia ton 3 do. Bockingham Teapots, assorted 1 do. Pressed Bowls 1 do. Muffins, enamelled, assorted 1 cask Dishes, 7£ inches to 10} inches 1 do. HoEeys 1 do. Candlesticks, assorted 1 do. Tumblers 1 do. Marmalades and Covers 1 complete Set Cut and Engraved Table Glassware, comprising Tumblers, Cham pagne, Port, Sherry, Claret, Custard, and Jelly Glasses, Decanters, Claret Jug, Tankards, Honies, Liqueur Decanters, Sec, &c. , ? For Positive Sale. ? TOMORROW (Wednesday), September 15, at 11 o'clock. AT THE CITY AUCTION MAST. 2 TONS ASSOBTED PAINTS. FOB POSITIVE SALE. MAURICE SALOM & COMPY., LIMITED, are instructed to sell by auction, at the City Auction Mart, To-morrow (Wednesday), September 15, at 11 o'clock— ...:..? 2 Tons ASSOBTED PAINTS-Idsht and Dark Blue, Bed, Yellow, Green, Brown, Light and Dark Ochre, White and Black. No Reserve. * ? For Positive Sale. T0-M0BB0W (Wednesday), September 15, at 11 o'clock. AT THE CITY AUCTION MART. HALF TON PBIME QUALITY BASKET OSIERS. TO BASKETMAKEBS AND OTHEBS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPY., LIMITED, are instructed to sell by auction, it their Mart, To-moirow (Wednesday), September 15, at 11 o'clock— Half-ton Prime Quality BASKET OSIERS, ? various size3. ? - ' On FRIDAY, September 17. at 11 o'clock. BY OBDEB OF TUB MORTGAGES. 8N THE PREMISES, W. E. OLIVE -i'S TIMB3K YARD, HCTT-STREET SOUTH. LEASE OF THE PREMISES AMD THE WHOLE OF THE VESY SUPEBIOS MACHINERY, WORKING PLANT, AND STOCK-IN-TBADB (Unless previously sold by private contract). MAURICE SALOM & COMPF., LIMITED, are instructed by the Mort gagee to sell by auction, on the Premises, W. B. Oliver's Timber-yard, Hutt street south, on Friday, September 17, at 11 o'c'ock— LEASE of the PREMISES for a term of 8 years and 9 months of PART TOWN ACRE 577, having a frontage of 119 feet to HUTT-STREET by a depth ot 1C5 feet to HALIFAX-STREET, witn Corjton-street iu the rear. Rent, £84 per annum. 1OGETHEE, WITH The Whole ef the Very Superior MACHINERY, consisting of — Bobey*s 12 H.P. Engine, Cornish Boiler Robinson's Large Planing and Moulding Machine Do. small do. do. Do. laTge Circular Sawbencfa, 15 saws Small Sawbench, Morticing Machine Emery Grindstone, large Grindstone Diilling Machine, Portable Smith'3 Forge and Anvil Saw-sharpening Machine, Shaping Machine Lath-cutting Machine, Vices, Shafting and Belting . Mouldings, Laths, Carpentetn* Benches ' Cedar, Deal, Angle Beads, Architraves; &c, &c. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Atten borough & Giles, 69, King William-street ; or to the Auctioneers. THIS DAY (Tuesday), September 14, at 2 o'clock. AT THE MILE-END YABDS. 100 SPLENDID FAT CATTLE. E LAUGHTON & CO. are instructed ? to sell, as above — 100 Prime FAT CATTLE, from the Herbert Biver. 254 7v E LAUGHTON & CO. ? STOCK AND STATION COMMISSION AGENTS, ADELAIDE. Sales of Fat and Store Stock of all kinds con itantly held. Prompt Accounts and Cash Settle ments. ? 178cvfl LAUGHTON & CO., ? ADELAIDE. SALESMEN OF WOOL, HIDES, SHEEP, AND OTHER SKINS, AND TALLOW. Auction Sales held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10.30. Prompt Accounts and Cash Settlement, cvd On TUESDAY, September 21, at 11 o'clock. AT THE IOWN HALL, ADELAIDE. FW. BULLOCK ia instructed to t sell By order of the mortgagee All that SECTION of LAND situated in the HUNDRED of MORGAN, County of Dalhouaie, No. 36, containing 628 Acres or thereabouts, and more particularly described in Certificate of Title, Regis tered Volume, cccclix, Folio 36, and known as the property of Mrs. Mai ion Bailey. Ail further particulars on application to the Auc tioneer, F. W. Bullock, York Chambers, Franklin street, Adelaide. ? 252thacv61 On TUESDAY, September 21, at 11 o'clock. AT THE TOWN HALL, ADELAIDE. FW. BULLOCK 13 instructed to ? sell, as above, the following selections, subject to the consent of the Hon. the Commissioner of Ciown Lands— Firstly. All that Valuable BLOCK of LAND held under Credit Agreement No 19,930 of March 25. 18S5, personal residence, being SECTION No. 27, HUNDRED of MORGAN, County of Dilhousie, containing 360 Acres or thereabouts. Purchase money to the Government, £413 83 , of which £41 83. was paid at date of agreement. On March 25, 18SS, there will be £41 8s. due ; balance by yearly instil ments of £20 13s. lid. The above ia known a3 Mr. J. C. Bailey's. Secondly. That Valuable SELECTION comprised in Credit Agreement No 19,164, dated March 11, 1885, substituted residence, being all that SECTION of LAND numbered 27S, HUNDRED of MOBGAN, County of Dalhouaie, containing 144 Acres or there abouts. Purchase-mosey to the Government, £'.32 15s., of which £13 6s. has been paid. On March 11, 18S3. there will be due £13 Gi; and balance by yearly instalments of £6 12s. 9d. each. Known as Mr. S. W. Bailey1*. Thirdly. That Valuabla SELECTION comprised in Credit Agreement No. 19,165, dated March 11, 1SS5, substituted residence, being ail that SEC riON of LAND No. Sivr, HUNDRED of MORGAN, County of Dalhousie, containing 266 Acres. Pur chase-money to the Government, £239 83 , of which £23 19a. has been paid. On Match 11, 1833, there will be due £i3 18s.; balance by yearly instalments of £11 IDs. od. each for 16 years from 13S3. All the above Land is well fenced and improved. ? , ? 253th«;v61 On TUESDAY, September 21, at 11 o'clock. AT THK TOWN HALL, ADELAIDE. FW. BULLOCK ia instructed to ? sell By order of the Mortgagees, under mortgage, Begistered No. 199,037 AI1 that PIECE of LAND contained in Certificate of Title cccclrxix, Folio 2, comprising ALLOTjIENT 513 of Part SECTIONS 242 and 243, HUNDRED of ADELAIDE, laid out as Mslvern, which said piece of Land measures 53 feet to C un bridge- terrace by a depth 0! 145 feet, together with a substantial Dwelling thereon, containing ? rooms recently built and in first-class order. 254thsc MALCOLM & CO., AUCTIONEERS, RSTATR AND COMMISSION AGENTS, WALLAROO, KADINA, AND MOONTA. Address— Wallaroo. IMPROVED FARMS FOR SALE, 7ths263

;£.; '/:-.: auctions : : [4 CARD.] TO WN S fi ND & SON, Auctioneers, Hotel and oiber Va'uitors, Laud, [roan, Estate, Financial, and General Commission ? ?? Agents, THE PIRIE-STREBT AUCTION MABT (a few yards east of the Exchange). Bales conducted and Valuations made in any part )f the Colony. Furniture and Goods of every deacripticn received or Sale on the Premises. [HIS DAY (Tuesday), September 14, at 11 o'clock. AT THE PIRIE-STREh/T AUCTION MABT. l ? £2T Opening Sale. '@a CHE FIRST WEBiiLY SALE OF FURNITURE, ' aiSCELLANEOUS GOOOS, AND SUNDRIES. Co Parlies Furnishing, Private Families, New Arrivals, Furniture Dealers and Brokers, Travel ling Hawkers, and Others. TnOWNSEND & SON JL are favoured with instructions from various -wners and on various accounts to sell by public motion, as above — Seized under Distraint for Rent and under Registered Bill of Sale HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, quantity splendid Clothing, large quanSty Miscellaneous Counter Lines, Fancy Goods, Cutlery, Books, Pictures, Crockery, Glass ware, Iron Fireproof Safe, Trestles , and Tables, Albums, Jewellery, E.P. Ware, and a large quantity of Miscellaneous Goods and Sundries. ? IS' EVERY LINE FOR POSITIVE AND ABSO LUTE SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. 'S» Goods received for offering up till hour of Sale.- . ? Advances made on unreserved stuff sent in. Account sales and cheque ready on Wednesday. norning. STUD AND FLOCK SAMS. T0-M0EB0W (Wednesday), September 15, at 2 o'clock (after Sale of Mr. John Murray's Bams). AT THE CORPORATION SHEEPYABDS, ADELMDE. 17 STUD BAMS. 45 FLOCK BAMS. ELDER'S w66l~~AND PBODUCE COMPANY, LIMITED, are instructed by tfr. Edward Salter, of Manure Brook, to sell, as kbove— ? . . ' 17 4-tooth STUD BAMS 5 4-tooth selected Flock Rams 40 2-tooth Flock Rams. The Stud Bams are by s stud ram of Pitta's out if Pitta's first stud ewes. ; , ..-?? The Flock Bams an by Pitta's stud rams out of looboorowie-bred eweg. . 25L4-Sv T0-M0BB0W (Wednesday), September 15, 1333, ' at 2 o'clock ? (The day before the Show). OB. JOHN MUBRAX'd CELEBRATED BAMS. IT THE CORPORATION YABOS, ADELAIDE. SO STUD BAMS. ELDER'S WOOL AND PRODUCE COMPANY, LIMITED. iave received instructions from John Murray, Esq.,. durray Vale, Mount Crawford, to sell by auction, as ,bove — , . ? -. ? 80 of his Noted Combing Woolled MBBINO RAMS, aged 2. 3, and 4 years, the whole of which nave been specially selected for his own use, and all, except the youngest, have been used in his own flocis. The attention of buyers requiring Bams for Stud lurposes is confidently called to this Sale of some of he very best picked Run' in Australia, and they xe reminded of certain result i obtainable from this treed of Sheep, Mr. John Murray having kept them pure for the past 44 years, and so successfully as to ake during the last 40 years the following prizes at he Adelaide Annual Shows, viz. :— - The whole of the Champion Prizes for the best Single Ram. excepting nine only. The whole of the First Prizes for best pen of 4-tooth or over, excepting eight only. Also the following noteworthy prizes, viz. :— - The Gold Medal for five best Combiag Merino Bams, 4 tooth or over, presented by Hj3 Soyal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh in 1867. The Gold Medal for five best Combing Merino -Ewes, 2-tooth, also presented by His Royal Highness the Uuke of Edinburgh in 1867. The Silver Trophy, of the value of 150 guineas, presented by Old Colonists in England in 1873, for the best Comb'ng Woolled Merino Ram, which was taken by a grass-fed Sheep com peting against stall and artificially fed. The Silver Cup, presented by Hessre. Elder, fmith, & Co. in 1373, for the best five Comb ing Merino Ewes, 2 tooth or under. The Silver Cup, presented by W L Higgins, Esq., for the best 2-tooth Combing Merino Bam, September 13, 1533. The Silver Cup, presented by Messrs. Luxmoore and Co., Limited, at Mount Barker, March, 11:86. Also, a great number of first, second, and third prizes fcr Bams and also tor Ewes. The Medal of the Great Exhibition in London in £62 was awarded to Mr. John Murray for fineness -f quality and size of Bans' fleeces ; as was also the 3old Medal of the South Australian Agricultural society, presented ° His Royal Highness the Duke -f Edinburgh for ComDing Merino Wool ; and also .he Special Prize Cup3 of the South Australian igricultural Society for Combing Merino Wool ihorn in the years 1870 and 187 - , besides that for the tVool taken from grass-led Sheep in 1S72 ; and also ;he first prize for Fleeces shorn in 1873, 1374, 1875, L876, 1877, 1S7S, 1879 (second in 1SS0), 1881, 1S32. 1833, md 1884 (second in 1835), and at the Ureat PMla Jelphia International Exhibition in 1S76 tha Medal, Diploma, and Report for sis fkecea of choice selec tion of Combing Merino Wool, of long staple and ixcellent quality, fleecss weighing over 15 lb. The magniacent Prize Fleeee3 exhibited by Mr. rohn Murray at the Shows of the last five years, ihosgh of less than twelvemonth's growtn, averaged -ver 17J lb. per fleece, andhia exhibits frequently go » greater weights, the six fleeces shown in -1876 iverage weighing over 16 lb. 8 oz. ; in 1881, 16 lb. 12 -z.; in 18a2, 16 lb. 14 oz.; :ln 1883,17 lb. 9oz ; in .834, 171b. 4 oz.; in 1885, 13.1b. 13 -oz ; in 1836, 19 lb. I oz ; and have ranged up to 22 lb. for a single fierce -f pure, clean wool. It is worthy of note that all these prizes have )een taken with (or from) Sheep Brazed on native pastures only, though they have many times com i-eted against German, French, and colonial bred Sheep, some of which have beenartiflcally fed and housed. ? - ? 247,63,7 TO-MORROW (Wednesday), September 15, . at 2 o'clock. ' AT THE CORPORATION YABDS. 20 PURE MERINO BAMS. ELDER'S WOOLV^AND PRODUCE COMPANY, LIMITED, will sell, on account of Messrs. B. & B. Boss, of -Glen Gillian, Mount Crawford— 20 Pure MEBIrTO BAMS. 257 8 ' ~~' ' STUD BAMS. ~~~ ' On SATURDAY, September '8, at U o'clock - - (The last day of the Adelaide Show). AT THE WOOL STORES OF ELDER'S WOOL AND PBODUCE COMPANY, LIMITED, CUHRIE-STBEET, ADELilDE. MB. JOHN BIDDOCH'S PURE MEBINO STUD BAMS. ELDER'S WOOlTaND PRODUCE COMPAN *V LIMITED, IN CONJUNCT. ON WITH EM. C O LLE Y & C 0., ? are instructed by Mr. John Biddoch, of Yallum Park, Penola, to sell, as above— 12 Pure MERIXO STUD BAMS, age 2, S, and 4 years, from the celebrated Yallum stud flock. It is over forty years since Yallum wai first stocked, and the greatest care has been taken in purchasing only the finest sheep for breeding. These sheep have long been noted for good-sized frames, dense fleeces, and good quality of wool. For the last eighteen years it has been the custom to cull tne stud ewes very closely, and the result is that the Sock has been kept a very small one considering the long time it has been in existence. These Sheep have carried off prizes at Shows in Melbourne aud Adelaide against some of the best sheep in Australia. These Bams are for Absolute Unreserved Sale. Catalogues and full particulars can be obtained from the Auctioneers. 244,7,61,4,7,9,61 v54 T0-M0BB0W (Wednesday), September 15. OLD EXCHANGE AUCTION MABT. WISSAKGEB, HEAR YANK&LILLA. By order 0/ the Executor of- the late Septinwme Herbert, JBsq , and well known as his Residence. About 112 Acres of Splendid Freehold Land, House, Garden, and Vineyard, and good Paddocks, with PERMANENT BUNMNG WATER. WITHIN 1 MILE OF THE YANKALILLA POST-OFFICE. PARR, JAMES EL, has received in structions from the Executor of the late Sapthxane Herbert, Esq., to sell, in hia Mait, the Old Exchange, King William-street, Adelaide, at 12 o'clock To-morrow (Wednesday), September 15 — WISSANGEB. This Beautiful Property, situate In YANKA LILLA, and being parts of Sections Nos. 1036 and 1175, containing in all about 112 Acres more or less, on which is erected a DWELLING-HOUSE and the usual Outbuildings, Winehouse and Cellar, sub stantial Stems Stable, Underground Tank and large Slate Tank, Garden of 3 Acres, planted with Fruit trees and Vines ; also a yinejard of 2 Acre3 ; the remainder in ccnvenieat-sizsd Paddocks. The Land is not to be surpassed for Dairy Farming or Market Gardening, and the Property is well adapted for a Gentleman's Residence, commanding as it does a grand view of the sea, being one of the choicest sites in South Australia. There ia a permanent spring of 'Water from the hills, which has never been known to cease running summer and winter, and can be applied to irrigate tha greater portion of the land. There is an excellent fctone Quarry on the land, good for building purposes and road metaL A-D ALLOTMENTS in the TOWNSHIP OF WISSANGEB, numbered respectively Nos. 10 and 12, and all that piece of Land having 611 links to the Main-road by a depth of 300 lin^ to the Bungalla Biver. Plans and all further particulars may be obtained from Mr. James H. Parr, Old Exchanger Adelaide. ? TO-ESTERN AUSTRALIA.. Crown Lands Office, Perth, September 4. GOVERNMENT SALE OF TOWN LOTS AT WYNDHAM. CAMBRIDGE GULF, KIM BERLEY DISTRICT. ? One hundred lota will be offered for Sde by auction at WYNDHAM, Cambridge Gulf, on or about October 30. Upset price per lot, £50. The Steamship Otway is advertised to leave Fre mantle on October 13, and will arrive at Cambridge Gulf in time for Sale. JOHN FORREST. jCcffimiaaoneioiCwffatoiaa, 243-73

: APCTKHTB CO-MORROW (Wednesday), September 15, at S p m. AT THE SHFEP MA3KET. HILL BIVER STCD RAMS. WE DEAN & SON are instructed - by J. H. Angas, Esq., to sell by auction— 12 Selected MU.BINO GRaSjFiSD BAMS, from the Hill Biver Flock. 254 Sv WELLINGTON FLOCK BAMS. TO-MOBEOW (Wednesday). September 15, . ??.:.?., at 3.30 p.m. ? AT THE SHEEP MARKET. ' ' ,, WM. DE~AN & S 0- are instructed to selTby auction— ' ' 85 Selected MERINO BAMS, 4 tooth. Fiom the WelFngton Estate. .' . also, -?,'??? ,'-? : For John Robert?on, Esq., Golden Grove— '. ? ? . 70 Pure Meilno Flock Bams, from 'the Levels' 'Stock. .'?;?? 258-a BUNGARSE BAMS. ' , TO-MORROW (Wednesday), September 15. : Immediately following Mr. John Murray's bale. AT THE CORPORATION YABDS. WM. DEAN & SON are instructed by the Hon. G..C. Hawker to sell by luction— 15 Selected MERINO BAMS, Grass-fed, from the well-known Bnagaree Flock. ? latt CO-MORROW (Wednesday), September 15, at 3 p.m. AT THE CORPORATION YABDS. WDEAN & SON are instructed ? by Messrs. E. C. & J. L. Stilling to sell -y auction— 14 faTUD MERINO BAMS, from their well known Highland Valley Flock ASD 13 selected Hock Rams, 4 and 6 tooth. a257-8 On THURSD AY, September 16, at 4 p.m. ON THE SHOW GB0UND3. WM. DEAN & SON are instructed to sell by auction— Pure-bred AYBSHISE BULL, Duke of Rand wicke (imp.), and splendid Alderney Cow in full milk. ? ? 25T-8 On FRIDAY. September 17. at 4.30. AT THE SHOW YABDS. WM. DEAN & SON are instructed by J. H. Angas, Esq. , to se 1 by auction— PEDIGREED BERKSHIRE PIGS, from Hill Biver AND A few Pure Essex Pigs. ' 253-3 ' ILLIAM DEAN & SON, STOCK AND STATION SALESMEN, LUCTIONEERS, AND COMMISSION AGSNTS 65, KING WILLIAM-STREET, ADELAIDE, iold Weekly Sales of Fat and Store Stock at the Corporation Yards, Adelaide. Account Sales promptly rendered with Cain ettlement 2cvd aO-MOBBOW (Wednesday), September 15, at 12 o'clock. The Day Before the Show. CORRYTON PARK BAMS 45 STUD BAMS 150- FLOCK BAMS. K' J. COOMBS & CO. are instructed ? by John RounsevelL Esq., to Belli as above. It is unnecrssaiy to call special attention to the Torryton Park Bams, as they are so well known. To Flockmaatsrs/ Sheepfa'nners, ami Others. — ?o better, opportunity could be given ef making a ;ood selection of Bams for Stud purposes. 255*8 SECOND ANNUAL SALE OF TASMANIAN PUBS MERINO oTDD BAMS AND EWES. )n FRIDAY, September 17, at 11 o'clock sharp (The second day of the Adelaide Show). SlT THE IRON SHED (Reserved for the purpose by the Stock Department) AT BOASE'ti HORSE BAZAAR, GILLKS-ABCADE, OFF CURRIE STREET. ? .. . ? , LISTON, sUtAKES, & CO. have been instructed by the breeders (Messrs. Y. Gibson & Son aud Mr. W. H. Gibson) to sell by rablic auction, as above, at 11 o'clock sharp— For Messrs. W. Gibson & Son. of Scons— llPureMEBINO fciTUD KAMS 7 do. do. choice Stud Ewes. For Mr. W. H. Gib3on, of Fairfield— 10 Pure Merino Stud Kims, 2 year3 old this season, especially selected for the South Australian Market. The Auctioneers desire to call the Attention of ilotkmasters to this the second consignment of Casmanian Studs. These Sheep have excellent institutions ; their Wool is dense, even, long tapled, and most perfect in all points. Buyers at our Sale last year have expressed great atisfaction with their purchases. At the recent sales in Melbourne three of Messrs. 3ibson & Son's Rams realized respectively. 509, 420/ ind 280 guineas; fifty-two others averased 43 ;uineas ; and thirty ewes averaged over 20 guineas ach. . On view a few days before the Sale. Catalogues, with pedigrees, Ac., can be obtained rom the Auctioneers, Kapunda or Kooringa. ? ' 246tf60v On FRIDAY, September 17, at 11 o'clock. AT THE GRENFELL-STREET -AUCTION : MART. . ,..,-.; lOUSEHOLTr FUBNTTUBE, CHATTELS AND SUNDRIES, GROCERIES, &c , &c Under- Distress for. Bent, Bite of Sale, by Order of Trustees in Assigned Estates, and on other Accounts. .-?':.. ',' \ ',.-.. FOB POSITIVE UNRESERVED SALE. BRUCE, ALD~RIDGE, & CO. are instructed to sell by auction, as above— A Large Quantity ot New and Secondhand FUBNIIUBE and EFFECTS, &c, &c. Full particulars In To-morrow's issue. N.B.- Clients are reminded that all Goods for Sale at our REGULAR FRIDAY AUCTIONS should be sent in, if possible, by 4 p nu on the Thursday previous, to enable us to properly classify them. Account Sales and Cheque ready on Saturday QlOlXuSCTa* ' ....-? LABGE AND IMPORTAN r SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PBOPEBTY. ON THE RIVER BREWER. JOHN PALTREDGE, with CORNE LIDS & WILLIAMS and JOHN W. KISG, has received instructions from Mr. Thomas Smith to cell by auction, at Mount Barker, on Saturday, September 18 (Monthly Sale Day), at 1 o'clock All those Valuable SECTIONS of LAND in the HUNDRED of KONaRTO, County of Sturt, Nos. 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 32S, 350, 40i, 403, and 407, in ill 1,293 Acres. This excellent and desirable Property is well fenced and subdivided into Six Paddocks, every one Df which is sheep-proof, and has permanent Water. A .'considerable portion is suitable for agriculture, ind magnificent crops have been grown. The Im provements consist of a Stone House of Seven Rooms (lately occupied by the late Mr. Archibald Hay), Stables, Sheas, Underground Tank, Garden, md all the u&ual Improvements necessary fora well conducted Farm. Forty acres now under crop, which will be taken at a valuation. Title-Real Property Act. Terms— 25 per cent, cash, balance can remain on mortgage for five years at 6 per cent. further particulars may be obtained from the Auctioneers, Mount Barker. 251,3,7,9 On SATURDAY, September 25, at 2 p.m. AT THE TERMINUS HOTEL, STBATHALBYN. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE FREE HOLD PBOPEBTY, SITUATED ON THE ANGAS EIVEB, NEAR BELVIDERE, BY ORDER OF THE FERST MORTGAGEE. JOHN CHERITON has received in structions from the First Mortgagee to sell by auction, as above All that Very Valuable FABM, known as the property of Mrs. A. Lee Thomas, and being Sec tions Nos. 2743, 2751, and 2752, containing 215 Acres, situated in the HUNDRED of BREtfEB, County of Hindmarsh, of first-class Agricultural and Pasture Land, with the Buildings on the same. Running Water all the year round. Terms Cash. ':'1: Title— Seal Property Act. - ? ;. For particulars apply to Baker &Barlow, Moriatta Chambers, Adelaide ; or to the Auctioneer. Bemember— Saturday, September 25. Sale at 2 o'clock. . . ' '. N B.— Favourable arrangements as to terms can be cade with the Auctioneer. ? W'9 On FBIDAY, September 17, at 11 o'clock. ON THE PBEMISES, PIRIE-STBBET» KENT TOWN. BAILEY, WORTH*, & COMPANY have been favoured with instructions from Mr. Kendall to sell by auction— ? ___„„ All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS. Further particulars Friday Morning papers. ? No Reserve. ? - ' On THUHSDAY, September 16, at 2 o'clock. AT ROYAL HORSE BAZAAR. 'CHERRY & CO. will sell by auction— ?M2 HOBSES, HABNESS, VEHICLES, &c ? Entries totime of Sale. 257,9 mHE CO-OPERATIVE WOOL AND A PRODUCE ASSOCIATION, THOS. NEWMaN. Manager and Salesman. hold SALES of SHEEPSKINS, HIDES, TALLOW, &c. every Tuesday, Ihursday, and Saturday, at the Hide and Skin Market, at 10.30. No dtJivery charges. Office, No. 3, Leigh-street. 254thac

''?':i'!^:i.iiCTiwrg'.'.' : ? TO^MOBBOW -Wedneaday), September 15. at IL FEDESAt MART, GRRNKRU^STBaat ' . , . (JubtKast of Gawler-place). REGULAR WEDNESDAY SALES. 3OUSEHILD SUBSITURE AND SUNDRIES. ES. HUG HE S ? is instructed to b»U— CARPETS, Btdstead3, Wardrobes, Chests Drawers, Ceda' and Deal Tablea, Aviiry, Chairs, Tent, Sofas, Meatsafes, Dresser, Cup b.ard, Ranges, A.B. Furniture, Wash3tands. Toilet Tables, Dinner Services. Tinware, Tea, Crockery, Albums, Fancy Goods, Kitchen Utensils, and SMidries. ' Also, lot of Case Timber, tongued and grooved, good. At li o'clock Pony Phaeton, Hooded Buggy, Papnell, New and Secondhand Harness. flBOEGE LAUGHTON, OP LIVE STOCK AUCTIONEER, WOOL, HIDE, SKIN, AND TALLOW . SALESMAN, CTJBBIE-STREET, ADELAIDE. SOSevd LAND AITD HOTTSEa WANTED, a FURNISHED HOUSE, in the HUls, from January 1 to April 80 of next year. Apply to Leonard G. Browne, Bucklind Park. Two Wella. 254thac mp LET, Osmopd-terrace,NORWOOD, A ' HOUSE, Five Rooms, Kitchen, and Bath room. ROSE PARK— Six Booma. KENSINGTON PARK— Nine Booms. PAYS EH AM-BO A.D— Seven Booms. BBIGHTON— Furnished for twelve weeks, very comfortable Seven-Roomed House. FLINDERS - f-TREET (close G.P.O.)- Seven Booms, suitable for professional man. CH1LDERS-STREET, S.A ? Five Booms. GLKNELG- Five, Seven, and Nine ttooma. KING WILLIAM STREET and CUBBIE STBEET-OFFICES. CUBBIE-STBEET-STOBFS. HOUSBS ana LAND FOB SALE or TO LET in ill the Suburbs. HENBYH. HO ABE, 267,9.61 ? ? Cnrrie-strcet. A SEASIDE RESIDENCE toibe ex cbanged for a small Property elsewhere apply E E. T., this office ; or Mr. G. G. Mayo, Sel borne Chambers, Pine-street. 257sv5l rpBNDERS will be received up to JL Tuesday, September 21. for all that SEO ITON, No. 310, HUNuEED MYPONGA, contiin ing 61 Acres or thereabouts, on which is erected a Building of ? Booms. There is also a lara;a icreage of good Wattles fit for stripping, and large Gtamtrees for rails, posts, or firewood. Part of Sec don has been cultivated. Separate Tenders will ilso be received for the -whole lot of Wattle Bark in [ump sum in the event of the land not being sold. No Tender necessarily accepted. C T. LOHRMAJSN, Auctioneer, &c , 254 61r57,9 Yorketown. HOUSE, Reduced Rent, Seven good Rooms, Bath ; central. Apply to Mrs. Smith, jorner Angas and Hanson streets. 254,7,9 O LET, a Comfortable FAMILY RE~ S1DENCB of Ten Booms, with all conve aiences, centrally situated, HURTLE- -QUARK. Immediate possession. Bent moderate. Apply ' J. DaBLING & SON, King William-*treet; -? ?;. ? 25Jta8c SPICK-AND-SPAN VILLA RESI DENCE, Newly Decorated, Pacered, Painted, $c, FOR SALE. No deposit. Weekly terms. Matters & Co., Victoria-sqnare. 252*hs9 FOR SALE or TO LET, Mr. THOSi JOHNSOWS PBIVATE BESIDENCE Avenue-road, N. A. TO LET, OFFICES Industrial Buildings. Bent from Kg a Week. : . Full particulars Johnson & Company. ; 212tsc LAND FOR SALE on easy terms. —Allotments at. Palmeraton, Hergott Springs, South Alberton, Stepney, Pennesbaw, Blinman, Brownlow. Highbury— 2 Cottages at £190 sach. Part Town Acre 668, Adelaide, with House, &c St John's Wood, Prospect, 8 Acres, fine site. Farm of 277 Acres, Waroeka, well improved. 60s. per acre. Sections 89, 40, Para Wurlie, 663 Axes, it 40s. per acre, with Annual Leases over five ad joining Sections piven in. Money to Lend. 3AS. A. JOHNSON, Franklin-street, Adelaide lOthscv Valuator Land and Estate Agent. AVAAR, SOUTH - TERRACE, TO LET, for (3) three months. Immediate possession. Well Furnished, comprising Ten Booms, Kitchen, Scullery, Bath, Pantry, Cellar, Coachhouse, Out houses, &c. Good Garden and Lawn. Land about 1J Ac^es, corner of South-terrace and Hutt-street, the residence of Dr. Henderson. Parkside Tram passes the door. Apply JOHNSTON & DAVIES, 233ths61 ? Gilbert-place. TO LET or FOR SALE, HOFSB of about Twelve Booms, on BABTON-TSRBACE, N'.A, good Premises, Stabling, &c, now in occupa tion of Mt. H. P. Wicksteed, who ia removing. Apply to F. S. C. Driffield, Waymouth-street. ? [ ? 216tfc HOUSES TO LET.— Six Rooms and Kitchen, 8s ; Four Booms- and Kitchen, 3s.; Three Booms and Kitchen, 4s. Apply W. A. Wejlandt, Nelson-street, Stepney. 256-8 ITIURNISHED HOUSE TO LET, near JL? South-terrace, Six Rooms, eveiy convenience, cent low. Apply Shepherd's Store, Gilles-street wt&t. 254*7 'I ^*S. per Week, Six Rooms, Detached JLv Kitchen and Bath, opposite Farr's Timber yard, WaKEFIELD-STREET EAST. 254 7 TO LET, HOUSE, Seven Rooms, Stable, AcHAWKER'S-ROAD, MEDINDIE. Penn & Hardy, Solicitors, Adelaiae. ? a254'7 TO LET or SELL, 9i Acres good LAND, well Fenced, with Four-Boomed COTTAGE, at HECIOBVILLB. E. C. Hughes, North Adelaide. ? a254 7 FW. BULLOOK ? HAS TO LET, SHOPS, &c Warehouse and Offices, Wuj mouth-street, close to King William-atreet — Two Flats, each. 23 x6O. Lane Factory, Waymousa-street, near King William-street, £35. Stabling, &c Shop, Goodwood, now Henders's, with ten living rooms ; low rent ; centre of Goodwood, 25s. Waymouth-street. Shop, Pearce ; central, low rent. Piece of Land, close to G.P.O. Low rent. DWELLINGS TO LET. Kent-terrace, Kent Town, Seven Booms, Bath, 14a. Kent Town, Bundle-street, Six Booms, Cellar, Bath, &a, 20s. Kent Town, Bundle-street, Five Booms, 16s. Young-street, City, Five Booms, Stable, &c., 14s. Hindley-street west, House, Four Booms, 83. 6d. Parkmde, Georse-street, Three Booms, Stabling, 6s. Eliza-street, Three Rooms, 6a., in good order. Liverpool-street, North-terrace. Three Rooms, 6s. Hindley-street, Three Rooms, Shop Front, 6s. Fenchcrch.street, North Adelaide, Three Booms, 5s Gilbarton, nice House, close Trarc, detached. Sis Booms, 12s., Wal&erriUe-road ; new ; good order. For Sale, Parkside, Fuller-street, Four Booms, £170. MONEY TO LEND. LAND-ORDERS PURCHASED. F. W. BULLOCK, Land and Estate Agent, S66c ? York Chambers, Franklin-street. HRENDERS will be received up to the A 28th of September f or the P DRCH AS E of the MOUNT LOFTY HOUSE, the Property of F. W. Stokes, Esq., together ?with about 28 Acre3 of LAND, including Garden, &c. Also, for 10 Acres of LAND adjoining the same, one of the best Building Sites on Mount Lofty ; good permanent Water on both Properties. Also, for the LOOKOUT SEC TION', containing about 8 Acres, divided_ into three blocks, each a good site for building, with a lovely view of the Bea. For further particulars apply to Clement Giles, Waymouth-street. Neither the highest nor any Tender necessarily accepted ; each Property can be tendered for separately. 2£0tha6l,7 FOR SALE, in City, HOUSE, Four Booms; Land, 4Q s 97 feet; £'.60. Also, HOUSE, Five Rooms; £560. W. Paddock, Vic toria-sqnare east. ? 250thstz TO LET, COTTAGES in WARD STBEET EAST, North Adelaide, Three and Four Booms. Key at Mr. Wilcox's or by letter to J. H. M. Spfod, Stnrt. ? 243thsc TO be SOLD or LET, that Valuable PROPERTY at Goodwood Park, known as W. D. Hewer's ; HOUSE Thirteen Rooms, and 12 Acres good Garden. Tram passes door. Apply Equitable Insurance Company, 9, Hindley. street, Adelaide. ? 233ths59 FOR SALE, a Bargain, 3 Acres LAND, EAST ADELAIDE, River Frontage ; really cheap. TO LET, for two months, FURNISHED HOUSE in SOUTH ADELAIDE. Five Booms and Kitchen. Posse-jmon on September 15. MONEY~TO LEND. WALTER~D. BEED, 6, Mutual Chambers, King William-street ? 219th3C FOR SALE or TO LET, Cheap, STORE and DWELLING— Five Booms, Shop, Bvtb, d Ctllar- WALKESVILLE. Apply B. B. Cos, icitor, King William-street. 254thac SHOPS, STORES. OFFICES, &c MEDICAL.— MARSHALL'S CHAM bebs— to LET, Dr. Korffs CONSULTING BOOMS (4), in beautiful order ; Gas, Water, Tele phone, Lavatory. Apply 50, Bundle- street. 257,9,61 mHE CO-OPERATIVE WOOL AND A PRODUCE ASSOCIATION are wanting to BENT PREMISES in a good position in the city, suitable for the storing and selling of Wool and Dry Sheepskins. OSers, bj letter, of suitable premises will be received until the 16th inst. THOMAS NEWMAN,' Manager. Office— No. 3, Leigh-street. 254-9 O LET, HOWELL'S CORNER, half of FISST and (or) whole of TOP FLOOBS ; extensive and Valuable Premises. Harry D. GelL Victoria-square west ? 250ths71 mWO good SHOPS in Waymouth JL Btreet TO LET, and Two Two-Stoned Houses in King William-street south. Apply No. 10, Ex change, Pirie-street. ? 106thfc TO LET, SHOP In STEPHENS PLACE. Apply Glebe HoteL ? 190c TO LET, for a term if necessary, the' GBENFELL-STREET AUCTION MABT and Cellar. Immediate application to BEUCE, ALDBIDGE, & CO.. 47c Auctioneers, &c, GrenfeU-streefc

MERCHANDISE -.''/' ON SALE— ? . '. . ? Orebags Wire— 6 and S Draws, 6 Rolled Iron. D0.-6, 8 x 11 SteC4 Cement— Knot's, Hilton's. Galvanized Iron, 2* and &s Gauge. Ccrrimony Fencing, Patent Steel Standard* and Droppers. WroughHron Standards. Swiss '.' Dairy' Brand Milk, unsweetsnei. Glacialins, Stry canine. Window-glass. Graham's Carbon Block Filters. Indents for ail classes of Manufactures executed it lowest terms in all port of the world. Apply for Circulars, -fec. ? GEO. WELLS & CO., L?4thsc Cavendish Chambers Grenfell-stree* ISQUTT, DUBOUCHE, & CO.'S SUPERIOR BBANDY ON SALE by the undersigned. . Hogsheads Dark and Pale Qr.-Casba do. do. Casea One. Two, and Four Star Flasks and Half- Flasks Glass Barrels and Crystal Vats. ELDER, SMITH, & CO., StSthscvd ? Adelaide Agents. NA H K I V E L L & CO. have on Sale as Agents Gordon's Sherry. : Beck's Pilsene? and Lager Beer. Lervoir's Brandy, bulk and case. ' Gustav Nielbour'd White Spirits. ; ? ? Sugars from the Victoria Sugar Company. &e., &c NANKIVELL & COMPANY, ; . AGENTS, GBENFELL-STBBET. ; 48c ?p- 0 r books & c o;, INDENT AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS HAVE OH SALE ENGINES. — McCulloch's 6-h.p. Horizontal Stationary. PULLEYS.— Rodgers'a Patent Wrought Iron. FORGES.— Portable, ThwaUes Bros.', fitted with Boots Patent Blowers. MILLS. — Samson Corn and Grist Mil^ CIGARETTES.— The Ka£sar-i-Hind ; finest im ported. [ ALE AND STOUT. -Jas. Aitken & Co , Falkirk. INDENTS executed on the most faTOnrable terms HORROCKS & CO., ADELAIDE, MELBOURNE, AND SYDNEY. .. . .,-. -,:.- , 126mhsc HARR OLD BROTHERS HAVE ON SALE ALES.— Bass's, bottled by T. P. Griffin & Co.j also the Anglo-Bavarian Brewing Com* PILsTnER BEEE.— ' Eagle Brand.' BTOUT.— Gninness's, bottled by T. P. Oil fib and Co. BRANDIES.— N. Barriasaon . & Co.'a, Vve Enule Seguin & Co.'s,- Lucien Foucaald and Co.'s, Le fils de M. G. Nadaud's. Robertson, Rothschild, & Co.'s., and Poyne's. WHISKIES.— Scotch— John Graham A Son's famous 'Old Trossachs Blend' and Napier JohE^tciie's. . ? ? . BUM. — Francis Higgin's case and bulk. CHAMPAGNE.— Leioumier, Jne.'a, 'Dry' and 'Ex. Dry.' BURGUNDY WINES, Still and Sparkling.— Shipped direct by the well-known vigneron Portron Bassot. . ? ? ? CLABETS.— Jules Lafont & Cie.'s, la quart an-i pint bottles. COIUJIALS. — Frauds Higgin's Lfasejuice and Raspberry. POET WINE.—' Stewart S. HutchssonV TOBACCO.— W. D. & EL O. waia-a celebrated 'Birdseye' and other brands CIGARETTES.— Egyptian. 2BSCULAP NATURAL MINERAL WATER COFFEE AND MILK J 'W. P. Bc»b*k. COFFEE EXTRACT | and Co.'«. QUEENSLAND SUGAR, In paresis. CEMENT.— J. C. Goatling & Co.'b Portland and Keene's Coarse and Superfine. BLASTING POWDEB ? Karoyi brand. INDENTS of all Classes of Goods Executed 00 the most Favourable Terms. ADVANCES made on all kinds of Produce con* rdgned to us for Sale In the Home, Foreign, or Colonial Markets. ? SSlthw RODERICK DHU WHISKY. Sole Agents— Reid. Jay, & Co. ? 128thsc EXAMINE the Wrappers of WOLFE'S SCHNAPPS Bottles to find £1 Orders. 335tc» ? TENDERS ; TENDERS will be received for EX CAVATING CELLAR, &i., at the Bank of New South Wales. No Tender necessarily accepted. 257 8 J. J. LEAHY, Contractor, Gouger-street rflENDEKS -will be received up to the i 17th instant for CONNECTING FIVE HOUSES at BOWDEN with DEEP DRAINAGE tnd BUILDING FOUR NEW CLOSETS. Particulars and Plans at Office of W. & T. Pope, Solicitors, Eagle Chambers. ? 257,9 TO BUILDERS.— TENDERS will be received until noon of Monday, September 20, for BUILDING a ?ILLA BESIDENCE at UNLEY PABK. Plans, &c, can be seen a*, my Office. No Tender necessarily accepted. F. W. DANCKER, Architect, Cavendish'Cbambsrs, Grenfell-street, Adel&ide. ? 246,9,51,3,7,9 rilENDERS will be received by the un JL dersigned until noon on Saturday, September 18, for REPAIRS to HOUSE in Sussex-street, GLENELG. Specification to be seen at the House. 256-8.60 J. NEWITT. rilENDERS will be received until X September 20 for FENCING, Removing BOUNDARY ? WALLS, &c, at NOBTE ADE LAIDE. No Tender necessarily accepted. Particulars at my Office. D. WILLIAMS, JUN., Architect, 256 7 ? 94, King William-street 'OURNSIDE DISTRICT. TENDERS are invited up to 5 p.m. on Tuesdiy, September 14, for Kerbing and PaviDg portion Keobington-terrace, Supplying 60 Gum Posts, Constructing Culvert at Knoxville, &c. Specifications at the Council Chamber, Burnside, to be seen on application. - By order, J. D. WOOD', JUN., 253,6,7 ? Clerk and Surveyor. TO CONTRACTORS.— TENDERS are invited until noon of 17th instant for the COMPLETION of TWO VILLA RESIDENCES, &c,atKESWICK. Plans, &c, at our Office. No Tendtr necessarily accepted. KVANS & EVANS, Architects and Licensed Land Surveyors. Beaconsfield Buildings, Adelaide. a254,7 m A R P A V E M E N T. We ate prepared on application to Furnlsb Estimates of cost for Laying Tarp&vements, Laws Tennis Courts, Carriage and other roads, Gardes Paths, Cellar Floors, Cricket Pitches, &c* DUNSTAN, WILKE. & CO. Address— Builders' and Contractors' Exchange, Adelaide ; or ? KENSINGTON PABK 66thae PUBLICATIONS A1TD STATIONBBI CATALOGUE OF HALF - BOUND \J BOOKS, Specially and strongly bound for circulating pur poses, suitable for Libraries, Beading Clubs, Insti tutes, &-3. BE iD ABLE BOOKS very strongly bound, and at' VERY CHEAP BATES. . The above Books are bound in our own binding, and we can, therefore, guarantee the work. Catalogues sent on application. s E. S. WIGG & SON, Bundle-street. ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS SUMMER NUMBER Contains Large Coloured Plate ' Walls have Ears. ALSO, An Original Novel by Christie Murray CYNIC FORTUNE, Illustrated by E. C. Woodville, ana an Original Poem by Bret Harte. Price, posted, Is. 7d E. S. WIGG & SON, Bundle-street. PICTURES of Life and Character, from the Collection of Mr. Punch, by John Leech, the greatest of caricaturists. Comprising altogether nearly 4,000 sketches, illustrating every section of Social Life from 1S12 to 18S4. It will complete in 40 numbers, published at Is. each, or posted Is. Id. each. 231thscv E. S. WIGO & SON, Bundle-street BILLS OF SALE ACT, 1886.; Tb' undersigned have on Sale a Form of Bill of Salt specially prepared by Mr. Leader, B.A., LL.B., : to comply with the terms of the Bills of Sale Act o' 1885. The Form Includes all the provisions likely to be required in the preparation of documents under the' Act, including Further Advances, After.aca.nire*. Property, and other special conditions to be used or not at option. PRICE ONE SHILLING EACH. Agents Ecpplled at Ss. per dos. The undersigned also have on Sale the simple Bfl of Sale aspneted in the Schedule of the Act PEICE SIXPENCE EACH. Agents supplied at is. per doz. When ordering please state which Form is re quired. W. K. THOMAS & CO., Register General Printing Office, 'lor Grenfea-atroet.

UBLICATIONS AND STATIONERY Wf E W ,B O 0 K S 31 '?' ?? . '_i_' - ? ; ?'. ' s.'d. amily Reader, Div. 61 .. '. .. - 1 6 llustrated Bite, Div. 6 .. .... ..16 hackerary'8 Pendenuia, pocket editiaa, 2 vols., Ss., and .. .;? .. , „. - ..SO [olmes, O.W , Bfeia Venner .. .. ..0 6 amelot Classics, PiuUrch ? 10 SacioiUan's Colonial library, Mrs Lorimar, Ss. 6d. and ? .. . .. S 6 lo. Oliphanfs Effie Ogilvie, 2s 6d. and' ..3 6 to. Conway's Living or Dead, 2* 6d and .. S 6 »o Harrison on the Choice of Books, 2* 6d. and .... .. ? „ 8 6. lorley's Library Popular Songs of Ireland ..10 [want's Uncle Jack. 8s. and ... 2 B lanyat's (F.) Heart of Jane Warner .. .20 'ictor Euro's Under Sentence of Death .. 2 0 -romwelini Joy „ .. „ .. .. 8 0 'lark Russell's on the Fo'kVle Head .. ..2 0 Jrenville Murray's Youcg Widowa .. ..0 0 luguste Vitu's estrange Fantasy ? 00 Soisgobey's Detective s Eye ? 0 C )o. Pretty Babiole .. ? 1 0 )hnet'8 Prince Serge Panine ? 2 0 ^ssilis' Between Midnight and Dawn.. .. « e ngelow'a Sarah de Berenger .. .. ..6 0 Jelpit's Odette's Marriage ? 2 6 -eo. Moore's A Drama in Mu3lin ; a realistic novel ? 60 Meredith's Vittaria .. « .. .. „ e 0 five Years of Theoeophy ? 8 6 Slossary of the Poetry and Ptobo of Burns ..6 0 f. M. Bobinson's Disenchantment .. .60 Popular History of Borne .... .. 6 0 Edgar's Old Church life in Scotland, second lecies.. .. .. .. ..... 7 6 W. C. BIQBY, - Impci ter of Books and stationery, 74, King WilUam-Btroet. Telephone No. 325. 257c THE 80UTH AUSTRALIAN REGISTER. ITHB LABGEST AND BEST DAILY PAPER IN SOUTH AUST2AUA PRICE TWOPENCE. Per Annum in Advance, £1 16s. Per Quarter ia Advance, Ten Shillings. Postage, 2a. 6d. per Quarter, or 10s. per Annum ixtra. The SOUTS A. trSTRALIAN SEGI3TSR(Estab. isbed 1838) is the largest Dally Paper published In he Colony. It contains Eight Pages of Eight Columns each, the minimum daily publication thus :onsiflting of SIXTY-FOUB COLUMNS. Every day's Register contains an abstract of th News of the World. In conjunction with the leading papers in the other Australian Colonies obtains a Daily Service of Special Telegrams from London and other principal centres, which are recognised as being the most complete and trust worthy messages received -from Europe. The Pro. prietora also subscribe to Renter1! Telegram Service, and publish the message* received by that organization daily. All the important news of the *tber colonies, including the l&teatShipping and Com mercial intelligence, is wired daily to the Register. The Local News of the day, Political, Commercial, Shipping, and General, is set rorth in the pages of the Register, which also contains reviews of aew books and magazines, special articles, dramatic and musical criticisms, letters from London and other leading capitals, Ac, &c. Special attention Is directed to the fact that although the nominal price 0 Ihe Register Is 2d. the price to a subscriber who pays in advance is SLIGHTLY OVKB ONE PENNY PEB COPY. LATEST LONDON PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED B7 GEORGE ROBERTSON & CO. s. d. King's Wearing of the Gteen .. ., _ 2 0 Boy's Own Paper, Div. 30 i .. .. .. l .6 3irl's Own Paper, Div. 28.. _ .. „ 1 fl Feuillefs Aliette(LaMorte) „ ? .. ..10 (febster's Condensed Dictionary .. „ 3 6 London Journal, VoL 5 .. ? 4 6 Revelations of Common Sense, chp. edit. .. 3 6 Smith's (Sydney) Wit and Humour .. ..10 Beacon&fleld's (Lord) Wit and Humour ..10 Lowell's Biglow Papers, pocket edit ? 10 Imitation of Christ, Mor:ey's Library .. —-13 rhackeray's Pendennis, VoL 1, pocket edit., Is. and .... ? le Mairyaf 8 Heart of Jane Warner .. ..2 0 Whitman's (Walt) Poems, by Eosetti .. ..6 0 CJueen Novelette, Div. 3 ? 16 Uerard'sWatere of Hercu'es «. ? .. ,.6 0 Leech's Pictures, pew edit, two patto, each M l 0 Don is' s Fortune, by Author of House on the Marsh .. .. „ „ .. ..10 Danton's Dear Life ? 10 Broughton's Betty's Visions .. .. „ 1 0 Book of Private Prayer _ ? 2 0 [ngoldsby Legends, Selections ? 0 6 Domic Poets of Nineteenth Century .. ..0 6 Old Acquaintance, Autograph Album .. —20 Murray'd A Bit of Human Nature .. ..2 0 Sidgwick's Outline History of Ethics .. ..3 6 Wall's Fifty Years of a Good Queen's Reign .. 6 0 Belgravia, Holiday Number _ . . „? l 0 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Opposite the Town Hall - 23Ufc THE 'ADELAIDE OBSERVER' PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY consists of FOBTY-E1GHT PAGES, and contains LEADING ABTICLES. Partial Free Trade. Members of Parlia ment. The Trades Union Congress. Under Leaders on Current Topics. the miscellany. iterature.— The Cruise of the Bacchante. Two Books for the Young. The French Colonies. The University Shakespeare Journal. Political Sketcher.— Echoes lrom the Smoking room. - [lie Naturalist. — Notes upon Additions at the Museum. Scientific— Australasian Association for the Ad Wancement of Science. rhe Story-teller.— A Broken String. Ladies' Column.— Paris Fashions. Children's Column.— King Bluster, Little Sunb9am, and the Zephyr Maiden. . Poetry.— Life. Generalities. Chess. TbeBiddler. Fhe Novelist.— The Son of his Father : Chap. XI., The Shadow of Death; Chap. XII., Emily. Martin Deveril's Diamond; Chap. LI., What Cicely said : Chap. Ill . The Lai.t 01 the Diamond. FARM, STATION, GARDEN, &c. igricultural Shown. The Sparrow Pest. Dhe Price of Wool Our Laud Laws. 30-operative Farming. The Wheat Crops. Votes and Comments. Farmers' Association. 3ow they do Things North of the line. rhe Sparrow Nuisance. The Babbit Question. 1 Destructive Insect Propagating Pansies. j.A. Gardeners' Society Meeting. Tuberous Bego nias. Che Cucumber, Melon, and Pumpkin. Saisin Wine in France. Australian Sparkling Wine. Dairy Cows Contest in Victoria. National Society's Show. Poultry Diseases. Port Adelaide Poultry Show. S. A. Poultry Society. Beekeepers' Association Meeting. Water Conservation *n the Wimmera District. Boring for Water. Forest Notes. SPORT. Sating Fixtures. Sporting Notes by Trumpator. Sunt Club Steeplechase Handicaps. [ntercolonial Sporting News. Racing in Victoria. Idelaide Hunt Club's Meet at Birksgate. 3. A. Coursing Club Meeting. uoursiug at IVarracoorte and in Victoria. VLC C. Australian Eleven's English Matches Beview of the Football Season. Football in Victoria— Geelong v. South Melbourne. Sirdllng the Earth on a Bicycle. Holdfast Bay Yachting and Boating Club. rhe Sculling Championship. Kifle Match— Kapun da v. Mount Gambier. GENERAL. Echoes and Re-echoes, Theatrical Criticisms and Gossip, Crumbs, Telegraphic, Mail, Parliamen tary, and General News of the Week, 4c. ? PBICB SIXPENCg. ? TIHE ADELAIDE OBSERVER. EHE LABGEST AND BEST WEEKLY NEWS PAPEB IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA. rHE FARMER'S PAPEB, THE SPORTSMAN'S PAPER, THE FAMILY PAPER. PBICE SIXPENCE. Per Annum In advance (including postage) £1 2s. The ADELAIDE OBSERVER Is the Largest Newspaper Published in the Colony, generally con lifting of FORTY-EIGHT PAGES. It is arranged in several distinct departments, and avery Number contains ample matter to satisfy the taste of every reader. THE MISCELLANY contains Reviews of the Latest Books, Essays on Popular Subjects, Notes on Science, Incident* of Travel, Interesting Sketches, Articles on Explora tion, Chess Problems, Biddies and Puzzles Poetry and Witticisms, a Column for Ladies containing the Latest Fashions, a Department for Children filled with Tales and Poetry for the Young, and Novels by the best authors, - No expense is spared by the Proprietors in obtaining the right to publfah Stories by the best writers, and arrangements have already been made for toe publication daring the ensuing year of Tales by leading English novelists including Mr. David Christie Murray and Mr. W. B. Norrfe. Tales and Sketches by local writers of ability will also be published. THE FABM AND GABDBK Department contains a vast amount of well-edited Information for the benefit cf Farmers, Sheep and Cattle Owners, Gardeners, and others interested In the tillage of the Soa and the growth of Stock. These pages are a source of constant Instruction to theFamer.theGrazIer, the Gardener, theBeekeeper, the Poultry.fanner, and the Dairykeeper, and there Is abradant evidence at hand that the Information given in this Section baa been of great practical service to the country. SPOBT. Under this head Is published a mass of Inloma tion in reference to Racing, Coursing, Cricket, Foot* baU, Aquatics, and other Sports, written by men who understand the subjects, and edited by one of the ablest sporting authorities in the colonies. The Observer also contains full Shipping, Com mercial, and General News, Original Articles on Political and Social Subjects, Dramatic and Mnslcal Criticisms, &c. The columns devoted to 'Echoes and Re-echoes' contain humorous comment! on current events In poetry and prose. An early edition of the Observer U printed Oa Friday morning for the country mafll *8S8CT

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Hodby, Laorenti & Basedow. Y^KEASfH^ANWD gaSStoumu* ALBAjjnf (W.A.)- Jno. Ince. BOURKE (N.S.W.h-D. Gray. BIRDSVILLE-Burt & Co. HOESHAM (VIctoria^-M^Easmuswii, iSooioBOTBs'oUHD' W.A.)_J. M. Innes. LAUNCESTON T.J-WaJch BrotheTsandBurcha!. LONDON— Gordon & Qotch. Ludmte-drciui O. hQ Btreet & Co., CornhiU; F/ll. B Phfll'ps Cornwall Buildings, 86D, Queen Vtotom* street : Register Office, No. 80, Fleet-st MBLBOUBNE— Gordon ft Gotcb. MENINDIB (N.S.W.) -W. O. Young. MOUNT GLPPS (N.S.W.)— F.Jones. NOBMANTON (Queensland)— H. Warburton. PURNAMOOTAfSUvertonJ-F. jr. Smythe PEHTH (W.A.)— B. Stein ft Co.. Stirllne Bros. SILVERTON— Ground ft SnowbalL SYDNEY— Gordon ft Gotch. ? TIBOOBUBBA— W. L. Downle. WENTWORTH (N.8.W.)-J. S. Upkn. WILCANNIA (N.8.W.)-A. B. Bftmet. J. I. Smith. Printed and published daily by Robert Ktffin Thomas, at the Offices of the South Australian Register, Evening Journal, and Adelaiae Observer, Grenfellstreet, Adelaide, where advertisements orders, and communications are received, J*» -» ^\~' '? ml I »w