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Family Notices

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PUBLIC NOTICES     CHAMBER OF MANUFACTURES. WINTER LECTURES.         SECOND LECTURE of the Course on FRIDAY, May 21, at 7.30 o’clock, in the Hall of the Chamber, Waymouth-street. LECTURER, MR. HORATIO YEATES. Subject—“Heat,” with Illustrative Experiments.   Public (including Ladies) cordially invited. Ad- mission free.         JNO. FAIRFAX CONIGRAVE, Secretary.     138,40,1               TO mLiiAMBDNDEYi ESQ., J.P.,; : Mayor of Adelaide. ! Worshipful Sir— We the undersigned, ratepayers ' of the City of Adelaide, respectfully request that you will CONVENE a PUBLIC MBBTING. to; consider the desirability of . EMPLOYING ?CHINESE LABOUR in the CONSTRUCTION OF RAILWAYS. _ ?... . . '. '?.:,.:. | [Here follow.120 signatures ] : ?; In compliance with the above requisition I hereby convene a PUBLIC MEETING, to beheld at the TOWN HALL, Adelaide, on FRIDAY EVENING, the 21st instant, at 7.30 sharp. . - : : ' TO BUNDEY, Mayor. . . Mayor's Parlour, May 18, 1S86. x ST. JOHN AMBULANCE ASSO- ciation, ADELAIDE CENTRE.-A Course of LECTURES to Men will commence WEDNES DAY, May 28. Fee,' 7s. 6d.; Certificate, 2a. 6d.i Names received by the Honorary Secretary, E. W.   van Senden, Selborne Chambers. Pirie-street. x , flTHE UNIVERSITY OF ADEL AIDE. ? The EXAMINATloirfor. the DEGREE of! DOCTOR OF LAWS will be held on November 16 and following days.- Intending Candidates-moat, send in their names to the .undersigned on or before . May 31. : J. WALTER TYAS, ? 139,41 Registrar. ; ABUBLIC MEETING will be held by the TOTAL ABSTINENCE LEAGUE AND : BAND OF HOPE UNION THIS EVENING: (Friday), May 21, at 7.30, fin the Baptist. Lecture Hall, Young-street, Parkside. Chairman, Rev. J. Bickford. Speakers, Bev. J. G. Wright, Rev. S. Fairey, Rev. A. TumbuII, Mr. J. Boase, and Mr. W. W. Winwood. Singing by the Parkside Lifeboat Crew. Admission- free. Everybody invited. . Also a PUBLIC MEETING in the Working Men's ' Hall. Port Adelaide, THIS EVENING (Friday), at 7.30. Chairman, Mr. E. Hounslow. Speakers, Dr. ; Rees, Dr. Mitchell, Rev. S. Wellington, Mr. D. R. Goldsmith, and Mr. Joseph Vard n, J.P. ' SPECIAL NOTICE.-GOSPEL TEMPERANCE SERVICES in TOWN HALL, ADELAIDE, on SUNDAY, at 8 p.m. PUBLIC TEA MEETING in TEMPERANCE HALL, NORTH ADELAIDE, on MONDAY, (Queen's Birthday), at S 30. Admission, Is. x _ . A SPECIAL MEETING of MASTER BAKERS of City and Suburb? will be held at the STURT HOTEL, Grenfell-street, on SATUR DAY EVENING, May 22, at 8 o'clock. to consider the Present Price of Bread. : 141-2Z M. C. SCRYMGOUR, Sec M.B.A. ; THE PATAWALONGA RIVER IM PEOVEMENT AMENDMENT BILL, 1888 (PRIVATE). NOTICE is hereby riven that it la INTENDED to APPLY, to the Legislative Council of the Parlia ment of Scuth Australia during the nest session thereof for a PRIVATE BILL for an Act to be intituled 'An Act to amend 'The Patawalonga River Improvement Act, 1883-4,'' and that the' object of the said Bill will be stated in the title thereof. And notiie ia hereby further given that in the said Bill- it is intended to apply for power for the Municipal Corporation of the Town of Glenelg to issue bonds not exceeding in the whole the ? sum of £15,000 for the purpose of improving the Patawalonga River, . as . provided for by ' The ' Patawalonga,, River Improvement Act, 1833-4,' in lieu of the powers conferred on the raid Corporation ' by the said Act to issue -Bonds for such purpose to : an amount not exceeding in the whole the sum of ; £30,000. And notice is Hereby further given that; Copies of the said Bill will be deposited in the Office of the Examiner of Private Bills . at Parliament ' House, North-terrace, Adelaide aforesaid, on the 9th day of June, 18=6; and Copies of the Govern ment Gazette notice will, on the said 9th day | of June, 1886, be deposited at the Office of the Town Clerk of the Municipal Corporation of Glenelg at Glenelg. Dated this 12th day of May, 18S6. JOHN NICHOLSON, '' Parliamentary Agent for the said Bill. Central Chambers, King William-street, ? Adelaide. ? 13«i3 ' THE WAREHOUSES of the under mentioned Firms will be CLOSED on MON DAY next, May 24. ; BLACKWELL, FELSTEAD, & CO. DONALDSON/ANDREWS, &SHARLAND. GOOD, TOMS, & CO. ?GOODE, DURRANT, THE, & CO. MATTHEW GOODE & CO. HASLAM RROS. & WILSON. D. & W. MURRAY. G. & R. WILLS & CO. 139,41,4 THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN COAL COMPANY, LIMITED. ; Mr.. JOSEPH CARTER, of Port Adelaide, is NO LONGER empowered to COLLECT ACCOUNTS on behalf of the above Company. Customers are re quested to Pay Mr. .Roberts, Corporation Wharf, or at the Town Office, 85, King William street. THOS. E. BURY, Secretary. Adelaide. May 6, 1886. ? 127c ! PALMERSTON AND PINE GREEK RAILWAY. NOTICE. . . Messrs. C. & E. MILLAR will Open an OFFICE in ADELAIDE on or about June 1 proximo, at . which all Business in connection with their South Australian Contracts will be transacted. In mean time enquiries will be answered from 14, Market Buildings, Melbourne. 13SCT ? C.&E. MILLAR. I DESIRE to Intimate to my Patienta that my Hours for the future wDl be from 9 tm 6 p.nL MONDAY till FRIDAY ; SATURDAY till 1 p.m. only. H. HAYES NORMAN, D.D.S. Bcekrille House, North-terrace. 83mwfcr IN the Goods of JOB SPENDER, late of Maylands, near Norwood, in the Province of South Australia, Gentleman, Deceased. — Par euant to the - Propertr Act, I860, NOTICE is hereby given that all CREDITORS and other Persons having, any Claims or Demands upon the Estate of the said Job Spender, who died on tbe 18th day of April last and whose Will was proved in the Supreme Court by Frederick James Spender, of Maylands, aforesaid, Mason, and William George Randall and Frederick Fairweatber, both of Ade laide, in the said Province, Gentlemen, the Executors appointed by the said WQL are required to SSND to the said William George Randall, at the Office of the Architect-in-Chief, Adelaide, on or before the 21st day of July next, their Names and Addresses and FULL PARTICULARS of their CLAIMS; and Notice is further given that after the said 21si day of July next the said Executors will be at liberty to Distribute the Assets of the said Deceased amongst the parties entitled thereto, having repaid only to the Claims of which they shall then have had notice, and will not after that date be liable for the Assets bo distributed or any put thereof to any Person of whose Claim they shall not then have had notice. Dated the 20th day of May, isse. BRAY, FOSTER, & HACKBTT, ,„ «. o~* „ £? B3n8 Wifliam-rtreet, Adelaide. 141.73,5001 Solicitors to the said Sxecatora. ]| N the Matter.of WILLIAMCLARKB, L late of Orroroo, Doctor of Medicine, Deceased. j-Pursnant to the Property Act, 1S60, NOTICE is hereby given that all CREDITORS and others bavin? Claims against the Estate of the above named William Clarke, deceased, are required, on or before the 21st day of July, 1836, to RENDER FULL PARTICULARS of their CLAIMS to the Executor, John Moody, of. Orroroo, Auctioneer, and particulars of the Securities (if any) held by them. After the said 21st day of July, 1S86, the Estate will be distributed, having regard only to the Claims sent in. ! ; ? ? All Debts due to the Estate must be paid forth with to the Bxecutor. Dated this ISth day of May, 1SS3. «; DEGBNHARDT, Solicitor to the Executor, 141.4v42.84 ? Orroroo.- IN THE MATTER OF THE PATENT ACT, 1877.— NOTICE is hereby given that FREDERICK JAMES' BIGGS, of London, Mer chant, has APPLIED FOR a PATENT for 'Im- provements in Latches and Locks,' and that the Specification of such Invention may be in spected at the Patent Office, Adelaide. Francis H. Snow, Patent Agent, Victoria Buildings, Grenfell street. ? 133,9,41 TVTOTICE.— All OUTSTANDING JLl ACCOUNTS due to the late W. J. MORIER, M D., must be Paid to Dr. Samuel Horneck, Wood lawn, Morphett Vale, or to the undersigned, on or jefore May 31, 1886. -, BttAY, FOSrER, & HiCKETT, ? - - Solicitors for Executor, 132nrvf44 , .71, King William-street, Adelaide. ALL PIGEONS found TRESPASS . ING on Part Acre 899 and Part Acre 928, Bobe Word, Numbers! of Assessment 601 and 723 respectively, North Adelaide, will be DESTROYED. .MC*:-—- ? JOHN H. ROBERTSON. IVTOTIOE.— All GOATS, PIGS, and 1^1 ;: POULTRY TRESPASSING on Allotment 28/ John-street, Glanvflle, after this date will be DESTROYED. -May 19, 1886. W. Bampton. _ili.L_L ? ? 140,1

PROFESSIONAL ? DR. O'CONNELL, ANGAS-STREEr. -tVICTORIA-SQUARE. ; FREE VACCINATION every WEDNESDAY romltoSp.m .-:'- ? '3.25ntwfc Pi ROUND & SNOWBALL,' UT'-. H SILVBRTON, 8TCCK AND SHARE BROKERS. 271: H. D. O'HALLORAN LICENSED LAND BROKER, --' - ALBION CHA.JIBEES, WAYMOUTH-STREET, ADELAIDE. All Business transacted under Real Property Act.., lovemment Sales attended. 'Accounts audited. lhares Bought and Sold on Commission. ? ] 'Money .to LendCurreiit at Rates. - 2cyd VV UC1N8ID LAND f^ A-f BROKERS, V^ t |^ ? HOUSB, ESTATE V*£l j 5^ AND FINANCIAL AGENTS, **^1 j ?J King William-sfaeet, Adelaide G3\ EC MONEY TOLENDSaj GO AT LOWEST RATES. C3M Mortgages, Leases, Transfers, Bills of Sale, &&,: irepared. Government Land Sales attended aud Selections taken up. Sale and Purchase of Shares, ' tand, and House Property negotiated. ? i FREDK. WRIGHT,! LAND, LOAN, and FINANCIAL AGENT.' TRANSFERS, LEASES, MORTGAGES, and all! Business under the Real Property Act-promptly j prepsred and attended to. j MONEY TO LEND, with option of payment byj Instalments, and corresponding reductions of ? Interest. Offices— 24 and 25, Exchange Buildings,. Adelaide.' ? ' i82evd ; MOM AS LU(!UF0UL- (late of the Firm of Shuttleworth & Letchford), j No. 26, PIRIE CHAMBERS, PIRIE-STREET, LAUD, LOAN, ESTATE, AND COMMISSION ; AGENT. MONEY TO LEND ! , ? at Current Rates. ? 95c: LOUIS GILES, j LICENSED LAND BROKER AND TALUATOR. MONEY TO LEND. ah Business under the Real Property Act -trans Wted. . THE'OLD EXCHANGE, KING WTLIIAM. .... ? . STREET. ? 236tfcv I AG. S C H R ODE R,i ? LAND AND FINANCIAL AGENT, LICENSED LAND BROKER AND VALUATOR. Large and Small Sums ot Money to Lend on1 Mortgage at Lowest Current Rates. ' Government and other Land Sales attended. Sections taken up from the Government, and Selectors' Purchases completed. ? - ? : Transfers, Mortgages, and Leases prepared ; All Real Property Act business transacted. OFFICES— Commercial Chambers, Currie-street. Entrance from Gilbert-place 127mwfcvd -. DSLL & M A O 0-A-B^E, - - SILVBRTON, N.S.Wi, ; J .: AUCTIONEERS, LAND, SEINING, AND GENERAL COMMISSION ?.'-- ?; ? -.-AGHNTS, ? ? ; ? ' CUSTOM-HOUSE AGENTS, 'L ?.'.._ Forwarding and Receiving AgentB for BLBECH. MORE BROS., Terowie and Adelaide. ADVANCES MADE ON ORK \ Ore Received and Forwarded fox Shipment , Agents for Brown Bros. & Co., Sydney, Agents Hogg & Co., Sydney, Patent Fireproof Asbestos; Paint ; E. B. L. Dickens & Co.. Wilcannla ; Scottish Union and National Insurance Company ; Australian ' Mutual Life Association. 2OSmwfo ,: GEORGE T. LANE, LICENSED LAND BROKER, ACCOUNTANT -. AND ESTATE AGENT, FLINDERS CHAMBERS, FLINDERS -STREET, ADELAIDE. ! Transfers, Mortgages, Leases, &c., prepared. Properties Bought and Sold en Commission. MONEY TO LEND. SECURITIES WANTED. : 196mwfcvd :; E. m. BARBS -MILLER,; LICENSED LAND BROKER ' AND VALUATOR, ACCOUNTANT, AND GENERAL AGENT. Advice given in all matters of business. Real Property Act Business conducted. Parties wishing to Build treated liberally. Building Lots Sold on long terms. ' ' , ; 134mwfc ? 12, Cnrrie-street. ? M EM O R Y AND SUCCESS. PROFESSOR LOISBTrE'S DISCOVERIES. USEFUL TO ALL. THB PHYSIOLOGICAL i ART OF NEVER FORGETTING— unlike mnemo- : nics. Lost memories restored— the worst made good, and the best better. Any look learned in one read- \ ing. Speaking without notes. A self-coaching method for all subject*. Invaluable to the Legal, Medical, Clerical, Musbal, Dramatic, and all other . Professions and Businesses. The Lessons contain : more than : ONE THOUSAND APPLICATIONS!!! ; PROSPECTUS POST FREE. Great inducements to Correspondence Classes in all : - parts of the world, and to Private Pupils in NEVER FORGETTING and CURE for MIND WANDERING. (1) ' HiB method is Physiological and Scientific in the highest degree.'— Dr. Wilson. (2) ' Whether regarded as a Device for memorizing, or in its more important aspect as a System of Memory-training, Prof. Loisette's Method appears to me admirable.'— Richard A. Prociok (the Astronomer). (3) 'Its use has neatly strengthened and improved my Natural Memory.'— Hon. W. W. ASTOlt, U.*. Mining* to Italy. (4) 'Professor Loisette Rave me a New Memory.'— JuDiH Benjamin, QC. (6) 'It is a perfect Memory System.'— 'I he Weekly Budget. (6) 'There is this all-important difference between other Systems and that of Prof. Loisette, that while the former are arbitrary and artificial, the latter ia entirely based upon Phys'n logicalandPsychoIogicalprinciple9.'-THE People's FKIEND (Dundee). (7) ' Your method oi learning a book in a siDgle reading — a feat possible only to your Pupils, and easy and expeditious to all who are pro ficient in your sjstem— is an inestimable boon to all searchers after scientific or other knowledge.'— Rev. L. Allbut. (8) ' By his System I have already learned one book in one reading, and I intend to learn many more in the same way.'— Sir Edward H. Meredith, Bart. (9) '?' Every day I am a proof to myself that your Method is really the Instanta neous Art of Learning and Never Forgettinfr.'— L'Abbe Malatrat. (10) 'As to the ' Never For gettii'p,' I quite agree with the justice of the claim ' —Major Menars. (11) 'You promise nothi:g but wbat yon fully carry out. '—Rev. Wii. Nichol son. (12) ' Von have fulfilled and exceeded all the promises of your Prospectus.' — Durieu du Souzy. (13) ' I have just come off top in a Bursary exami nation, and I owe my success in a great measure to the general improvemtnt which your System has effected both in my retentiveness and acumen.1*— Thomas Tait. [Nov. 2nd, 18S5.] (14) 'I attribute my success at a late examination (of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, held in December, 1SS4, when I obtained the fourth place in order of merit among 64 contestants) to the great improvement in my memory effected by your System.' — Charles E. Bradley, Chartered Accountant (15) ' Your System seemed to operate as a Mental Tonic.'— Mr. A. T. Vanderbilt. (16) 'The Jarge class— there were 72 of us— wish me to express to you their hearty thanks. I have not the least doubt that they received a benefit that will help them all their lives.'— Very Reverend Johk Morris, S.J. (17) „ Your Method makes life more pleasant to me, and study ia no longer hard labour, but a luxury,, my greatest delight.'— Rev. J. E. Meeve. (18) 'It baa enabled me to commit to memory, with ease and rapidity, matters which were utterly beyond my power to remember before I mastered the System.' — Charles mercier, MB., F.R.C.S. (19) ' I shiu not cease expressing everywhere amongst my frienda my great appreciation of the importance of your Discovery, and my admiration of the rare ability and energy which have adapted it so accurately to the varied wants of Brain Workers of every kind. — Db. E. smith. *3' Besides instructing Private Pupils, Day and Evening Classes at his Offices, 37, New Oxford street. London, Prof. Loisette has, during the past two months, delivered Courses of Lectures to the Students and Professors of the following insti tutions:— numbering 72 at Manresa College, Roe bampton ; 30 at St Thomas's Seminary; Hammer smith ; 40 at St. Joseph's College, Wigan ; H. at St. Edward's College, Liverpool; 250 at Stonyhurst College ; and 200 at the Government Training Col lege, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool. Course consists of five lessons, in French or English, as the Pupa prefers. (I) Recollectrve Analysis. (2) Recbllettive Synthesis. (3) Predicat ing Correlation. (4j Instantaneous Gordian Knot. (5) Certainty of Never Forgetting. A contract, promising not to reveal any idea of the System under a penalty, is required. Terms, £5 5a. for a single Pupil ; for a class of 10 or more Pupils, £1 is. each, all remitted at once. Colonials, whether single oi class Pupils, pay 4s. each extra for P0Sfage' PE0F. A. LOISETTE, 87. NEW OXFORD-STREET (Oppodte Mndie's Library), LONDON. 120f55v56 CABBIEBS. &c. ? TELEPHONE No. 160. H GRAVES & 0 0., ? FORWARDING AGENTS AND SOUTH AUSTRALIAN RAILWAY CARRIES.-*. Household Furniture, Machinery, Boilers, and General Merchandise conveyed to any part of the colonies at the shortest notice and on reasonable terms. Goods for shipment promptly dispatched Head Office— North-terrace west. Branch OfEtew —Adelaide Railway Goods-shed; 69, King William street ; and Lipson-street, Pert Adelaide. N.B.— Picnic Vats and Coaches ca hire, SOSowfe

COMPANIES A1TD SOUiE'JL'iES PLEN3J.Q K&HiWAF COMPANY, Ul' ?'' £.'V LIMITED. ' ' NOTICE. The ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING of ther ibove Company will be held at the Registered Office )f the Company, Victoria-square Station, Adelaide, m FJilDAY, May 21, .1886, at 3 o'clock in the after loon, to receive the- Directors' Report and State Bent of Accounts, and for such other business as isay be brought forward at an Ordinary General Meeting. The Share Transfer-boobs will be Closed from the Llth to the 21sfrMay,-both days inclusive.' ' By order of the Board, J. QCAN, Secretary. May 1,1886.. ? 127,41..-- CJ A. WOOLLEN FACTORY COM-; O» PANY, LIMITED. : The ORDINARY HiLF-Y EARLY MEETING srthia Company will be held at the Company's Dffice, Gawler-place, Adelaide, on WEDNESDAY. June 2, 1888, at 3 p.m. Business— To receive. the Diiectors' Report and Balance-sheet, and to elect iwo Directors in place of Thos. Graves,' Esq., J.P.,! md Hon. A. B. Murray, M L.C., who retire by rota-' ion but are eligible for re-election, and offer them-; ielve8 accordingly. ? : j 139mwf53 ? {DAVID BOBIN, Secretary.; 1 THE PERMANENT EQUITABLE ?BUILDING AND INVESTMENT SO- ! CIETY, INCORPORATED. ? | OLDEST ESTABLISHED SOCIETY in the' Colony. ? 1 Gfhces-^9, Hindley-stseet, Adelaide. 88c ? J J. BODLEY. Secretary. I - ? TENDERS ? '_ mOWN OF HINDMARSE TENDERS' will be received up till Friday, May 21, at noon, for following Works :— Making Taylor-street Kerbing and Paving. : 1 ' Particulars at my office daily, 10 to L. : JOHN TAIT, 1 b Town Surveyor. ?May-18, 18S6 ? 189 41 | riTENDERS are hereby invited for the A ERECTION of ADDITIONS to HOTEL at SILVER! ON, N.S.W., comprising about Twenty five Rooms, for J. De Baun, Esq. Plans and Speci fications may be seen at the Hotel at Silverton, also at my. Office, where Adelaide Tenders will be, received up to noon- of Friday, 2Sth inst. Tenders from Silverton.JBuilders to be delivered there not later than 12 noon on Monday, 31st inst. No Tender necessarily accepted. EDWARD DAVIES, Architect, 1S9'48 ? Stow Manse Chambers, Flinders-street; mo BUILDERS.— TENDERS will be. JL received by the undersigned until noon ofi Thursday, June 8, for completing the ' ANDER-' SON WISG' of the BLIND, DKAF, and DUMB INSTITUTION at BRIGHTON. , . Plans, &c, at our Office. ? , ' No Tender necessarily accepted. , . ? ENGLISH & SOWARD, Architects. , Currie-street. - . ? ?. . . 137m wf 53 O CONTRACTORS, BUILDERS,1 AND OTHERS. .'. ' , ANGUS J-ACLEAN'S PATENT COLUMNS FOR ! . '... .BALCONIES AND VERANDAHS. :', ' ? REVELli ADAMS. & CO., . j VULCAN IRONWORKS. FREEMAN-STREET. Verandahand Balcony Castings of every description 1 '???? ? Estimates Given. . .1 iinwfe ' Ci E. FULTON _& CJ)., VJTi' CONSULTING' ENGINEERS AND IRON-FOUNDERS. ! Head Office— PEEL-STREET, OCF CURRIE-STREET, ADELAIDE. S' r- -, n t Foundries—;' ?-: 'A 1 ^ -^ GOODWOOD AND KILKENNY. Architects, Builders, and Contractors supplied! with Heavy and Ornamental Castings on shortest) notice, Gates, Railings, Brackets, Columns, Baths, &c, 4a ...... --,- ? Special quotations to ' Corporations, District Councils, and others .for Pipes 1J to 18 inches' diameter, for Culverts, &c ? ??-? i Price-list, with catalogue, obtainable at Head Office, Peel-street, where-Samples of ourlMannfac ture can be inspected. 289mwfc INSURANCE NOTICES j COLONIAL MUTUAL FIRE IN- 1 SURANCB COMPANY, UMITED. j Capital .. _ - „ £250,000 FIRB, MARINE, °Afira5B' L EmnloyeTa corored ACCTOENT, againstLoss under PLAMGLASS Employers' Ltabflity Act INSURANCES 1884. AT LOWEST RATES. Office— 71, King William-street. 869rowfc W. BURNET, Resident Secretary | COUTH AUSTRALIAN INSURANCE i O ? COMPANY, LIMITED. CAPITAL, Tl,OOO,OOO. ... Reserve Fund, £60,000. - BOARD Of'dIRECTORS: George Scarfe, Esq., Chairman. - , Lutber Scammell, Esq., Deputy-Chairman. Charles M. Muirhead, Esq., J.P. Arthur Waterbouse, Esq. James Counsell, Esq., J.P. FIRE AND MARINE RISKS at Current Rates MONEY LENT ON MORTGAGE. Insurance Chambers, Adelaide, and at every . Township in the Colony. ? \ ' 8mwfcvd TflOS. D. DeCEAN, Secretary. . mHE ADELAIDE MARINE AND J. HRE ASSURANCE COMPANY. Subscribed Capital, £400,000. DIRECTORS: Thomas Graves, J.P., Chairman. Joseph Fisher, J P., Deputy-Chairman. James Smith, J.P. I Frank Makin, J.P W. J. Magarby, J.P. I A. P. Hall. J.P. Head Office, Eagle Chambers, King William street. : ' - Marine and Fire Risks taken at Lowest Current Rates. ? 262mwfcyd ;r ,. ; E. M. ASHWDI, Secretary. mHB STRAITS INSURANCE COM X PANY, LIMITED, SINGAPORE. Subscribed Capita* £600,000. Paid-up, £120,000 Reserve Fund, £35,000. THIS COMPANY PATS a BONUS to all Contrl. buton of Business, whether Shareholders or not The Bonus returned as per Balance-sheet of Decem ber 31, 1884, was 26 per cent of the Premium paid. WOOL covered from the Sheep's back to London. MARINE RISKS taken to all parts of the World at the Lowest Current Rates. GIBBS, BRIGHT, & CO., Agents, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. ? S22mwfc 7 a! j e s. s 0 !,p, INSURANCE AND~GENERAL AGENT, UNIVERSAL BUILDINGS, - GRENFEUUSTfiEET, ADELAIDE. THE UNIVERSAL MARINE INSURiNCB COMPANY, LIMITED. Head Office, 36, Cornhm, London. THE QUEEN FIRB AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF LONDON AND LIVERPOOL. THE AUSTRALIAN ALLIANCE ASSURANCE COMPANY. FIRE, LIFE, MARINE, and GUARANTEE. MONEY TO (LEND on Personal Security com bined with Life Insurance. : 22Oc SUN FIRE OFFICE, LONDON. ESTABLISHED 1710. INSURANCES effected upon almost e7ery descrip tion of Property at the Current Rates of Premium. Total Bum insured in 1884, £318,699,316. Claims arranged by Local Agents, and paid with promptitude and liberality. UNELATER & OTVEN, Agents, Queen's Chambers, 54'60fc Pirie-street, Adelaide. NION FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ZEALAND.— Capital, £2,000,000 ; paid-up, £100,000. Reserve Fund, £50,COO. Head Office, Christchurch, N.Z. Dwellings, Rents, Haystacks, Standing Crops Insured against Fire at Lowest Rates. Marine Risks to all parts of the Worldcovered. W. HERBERT PHILLIPPSjManager, 335tbsc ? Grenfell-street. ? TTNITED AUSTRALIAN MUTUAL \J INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED. Capital, £500,000. Fire, Marine, Fidelity Guarantee, Platoglass, and Accident Insurance on the most favourable terms, with Prompt Settlement in cases of loss. Contractors with South Australian and New South Wales Governments for Accidents on State Railways and Tramways. Special Rates for Accidents under Employers Liability Act, offering Insurance facilities to Masters and Men. Adelaide Offices— Flinders Chambers, Flinders street. Hon. W. C. Buik, M.L.C., Managing Director. 837tbso GEORGE T. LANE Secretary. THE MUTUAL A SSURANCE SOCIETY OF VICTORIA, LD VOH LIFE ASSURANCE AND ENDOWMENTS DIRECTORS IN ADELAIDE. Caleb Peacock, Esq., J.P., Chaimaa. L. A. Jessop, Esq., J.P. BL P. F. Basedow, Esq., M.P. Bon. Johh Dunn, Jun., MX.C The Society Is purely MUTUAL, and all Profit* are dfrided amongst the members. LOANS framed on Personal Security eombhtec with Life A&unnce, also on Mortgage oi freehold *!§&? OL'Tft^HBABKJB,B«.Bea

k -» y\ \Qn S : v J ? « ' . ' / / \, ; ; SALE OF MITpHELL'S ST0GK; - ? - ? ' j .OP ??-: T-IQ3 TA-J^IVi I m m L-iirt*'' ! -H -*H - — H : i CO CO CO ! ' ? - , . IS \ ^ j Ei«ht-Qnar^er BL1NKET8 ... from 3s. 63. per pain j , Ten Quarter BLANKETS ... from 8s. lid. per pair. THESE ARE FULL TEN QUARTER^ : Eleven Quarter BLANKETS ... from 12s. fld. per pair. , , UTTERLY UNRIVALLED IN VALUE.' Nine-Quarter BLANKETS at 6s. lid. per pair. SLIGHTLY DAMAGED. ' ° V,.-.:-. - i A .... ' ' ? ' ! '? ' : ? ? ? '? ' ' ' ! .o . co- , co f-:_ .cp .?? !-., , lu j ' iji! ;;/''...? 'iJLiV '?;?'?'' 1 ' ' ^^^^* ^^^^ ^^^^* t ? a ^^^^ , r ^ ,- '. . . - I ?????? wmmm ? ?^??i AT ? ?ldOmwfc: ': HAfJROLD J BROTHERS -- ? fliYE JUST UNPACKED TfiM SEASOFS u ^ suppiIes of -...;? : FOOTBALLS, GILBEJRT'S No. » MATCH. - FOOTBALtS, ALL MAKES, MATCH AND PRACTICE. FOOTBALL INFLATORY, FOOTBALL BLADDERS . Also, ('-: ? ' ? -1 LAWN TENNIS anjfl CRICKET WARE. FANCY GOODS, CHINA and E 4RTHENWARE. CHEATING PRIZE MEDAL RAPID WATER-FILTERS. MINING REQUISITES ef every description. , . , ' GARDEN TOOLS. . PLOUGHSHARES and FITTINGS. WIRE NETTING, all kinds BICYCLES, TRICYCLES, and ACCESSORIES. REGISTER STOVES, MARBLE: AND SLATE MANTELPIECES. ' TILES of EVERY DESCRIPTION. SOLEAGEN1S FOR 1 DUFpUR'S CELEBRATED ANCHOR BRAND SWISS MILL SILKS. : ''??'.'' . ALSO FOB MESSRS. BORNE, SCRYMSER, & CO.'S FLAG BRAND. ;: '- MINERAL LUBRICATING OILS, viz., Red and Extra Red Machinery. 1 Brilliant and Dark Cylinder, Dark Lubricating, and Paragon Valve. See yon get this Make and Brands. These Oils have been tested daring the last two years, and found to be the best and cheapest. For prices ani testmonials apply HARROLD BROTHERS. ..:???' 92mwfc CELEBRATED 'WHITECROSS' WIRE. ALL HUfiftBEBS OF 139ft, BOLLED and DRAWS;; ?ISO, STEEL, BOUND and OYAL, IN STOGH and TO ABftim HARROLD BROTHERS, u*™ PETER HOLLER'S COD LIVER OIL ZJSt * AT INTERNATIONAL FISHERIES EXHIBITION. PETER HOLLER'S COD LIYER OIL was «, *- ONLY ONE AWARDED TWO COLD MEDALS. PETER HOLLER'S COD LIYER OILDr;tb=-s A 'MORE BENEFIT THAN THE OTHER KINDS.' : PTER HOLLER'S COD LIYER OIL V^. A; writes:-' ALL THAT COULD BE WISHED.' At CHEMISTS,^^^^^^^^ EVERY STORES,&c. ^^^^^^^^^ V/HERE. ' ONLY in Capsuled Bottles of 8oz. and I6oz. Offices & Warehouses, Christiania&43,SnowHiU, London, E,C. BMflOH ESTABLISHMENT BARLOW BROS., Having PURCHASED BUSINESS. &c, of Mr. H. JENNER, PARADE, NORWOOD respectfully solicit eontintmnce of Favours, where they intend carrying on Business in connection with FLINDERS STEEET FACTORY as GENERAL COACHBUILDERS. Traps Bought Sold, or Exchanged. . 56mwfo THE BUCKTHORN r* I I It*3 Hf b^IVI i 9 1 r3^ Ms I Ia 1 L.E-.L^L.rl9 OlVll § fl. Q-(s %J\JBS MESSRS, CALDER & BALFOUR   In thanking their numerous Friends and the Public generally for their liberal support   during the past thirty-two years, have much pleasure in informing them that they   have opened their     NEW AND COMMODIOUS PREMISES, 43, RUNDLE-STREET, and hope by supplying only First-Class Goods at a fair price still m

^. ,n ? MONEY t . . -jt. THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN LAND MORTGAGE AND AGENCY COMPANY, LD. Capital Authorised ^ .. £2.000,000 Capital Subscribed .. „ 1,2&D,OOO Eeserre Fund ? 45,000 LOCAL DIRECTOES : ?!.??? Thomas Grave3, Esq., J.P., Chairman. ?': Hon. A. B. Murray. M.L.C. :5- George Dntton Green, Esq., M.P. CASH ADVANCKS on Farms, City and Country Properties, Stock and Stations and growing Clips of WooL No Commission charged, and arrangements made tor partial repayments during the currency of the Mortgage. ? - ? Consignments of Wool, Wheat, and general Pro duce received ior Sale in London, and all Financial and'Agency Business) transacted. ? ^ H. MORGAN HAWKES, Manaqkb. Commercial Chambers, Gilbert-place, ? Adelaide. ? I31mwfcrd mHE CITY PERNfANEST BUfLD-j idL . niaANDiNVEsrMENTsocia'nr ! O^Ul^,, ,,?. i -Ulaec-pt ' '?'*?'' ??1''--. ,v, ?' . ;T)KPOSUcJ ' c: .' ? '~ ' in large or small Sums. ;: Apply at the . - ,OF*ICB,,VICTOKlA-SQtJABB WEST. ik1 '' t HABEY D. GBLL, | lnn»wf200 Secretary. TO BORROWERS. MONEY .to Lend in Large or Small Sums at Lowest Current ^ Bates. J. C. PHILIPS, HOWELL'ti CORNEB, KING WILLIA1I-ST. N.B.— Persons having Money to Lend will oblige; by letting me know. ? 236c MONET TO LEND on Freehold Security, whether under Beal Property Act or otherwise. W. BBNNY, Solicitor, Waterhoube Chambers, lEcvd ? Kino William-street. MONEY TO LEND AT LOWEST BATES. BONN IN & ROWE, 8OLIC1TOB3. ? WAYMODTH-STBEET. 138-228 ; THE MORTGAGE COMPANY ' ? op SOUTH AUSTRALIA, LD. CAPITAL : £1,000,000. ?;. BirertoW! Hon. Sir William Milnb, Chairman. Sir Thomas Elder. R.BARRSMTrH,Ksq.,J.P. i JosbphFisher, Esq., J.P.William Kay, Esq., J.P. - iji*: ? - -Manager : H. ?Y. Ri»t-«w ! ? LIBERAL jCASH ADVANCES, FREETOF COMMISSION. Allowing of REPAYMENTS. During the Currency of the Mortgages the Com pany is prepared to mitt the convenience of Borrovxra in regard to rearrangement of tecuri ties or repayment of the whole or part of their - Loans, ic, on reasonable terms.' H. T. SPARKS, Manager. Offices. Pirie-Btreet. Adelaide. ? HOUSE, LAND, AND MORTGAGE .--.?-- COMPANY. Subscribed Capital, £100,000. This Company Is now prepared to grant Small LOANS on Freehold Securities, Deposit of Deeds, Shares, and other Securities, repayable by instal ments or otherwise. No commission charged. Six per cent, given for money on Depodt on sum* of £26 and upwards. W. 6. P. JOTNEB, Secretary. Plrie Chambers, Pirie street. ? lfftmwfo MONEY TO L1ND;: on PreehoW Security, at 6 to 7 per cent, according to MOULDBN ft SONS, £*6)^yf\£\i\ TO LEND on first c&/y 4 \r\JAJ class secoiity, In Sums to suit Borrowers, at very low Interest Apply M. KENG8B0B0UGH, LICENSED LAND BEOKER. Government Land Sales attended for Freehold, Leases, and Working Men's Blocks. Transfers, Leases, Mortgages, Wills, Bills of Sale, &c, prepared. Prompt attention given to instruc tions by letter or otherwise. Address M. KINGSBOBOTJGH, 1 - . . Gladstone Chambers, Pirie-street, Adelaide. ? 127mwfc ADELAIDE LOAN AND DISCOUNT BANK. ADVANCES made In Large or Small Sums on BILLS OF SALE, BILLS OF LADING, MOBT GAGES, PEBSONAL or any available SEOUBITY Bills Discounted. EG. BOSISTO. MSmwfc Jreeman^street opposite Union Banfc. GOLB, SILVER, ': ' ;;- ? NOTES, . , to be had In any quantity at the ADELAIDE LOAN AND DIS COUNT COMPACT, INDUSTBIAL BUILDINGS, KING WILLIAM. STEEET, On Bonded Certificates. On Bills of Lading. On Bills of Sales. On personal or other Securities, within a moment's notice. ? The well-known Manager, I. ASHEB, begs to announce to the Public that the BEPAYMENTS can be satisfactorily arranged for. 84mwfc ? ASHEB & KING. LOAN AND DISCOUNT B A H K Established 1866. ADVANCES from £5 to £5,000 on Shortest Notice. ' BILLS DISCOUNTED DAILY. ^ S. SAUNDERS, ? MANAGES. 88mwfc OITY LOAN OFFICE, s== NO. 9, HINDLET-STBEBT, -— — : Orel Messrs. Geyer & Co.'s, Chemist*. The MANAGEMENT beg to announce to the pub lie that IMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES from £16 And upwards are made to persons on their own note of hand, on furniture (without removal), deposit of deeds, mortgages, bills of sale, bonded certificate* trade bills, &c., at LOW BATES of INTBBEST. SOli discounted daily- all transaction* itriotlf confidential. No extr. charges, finec, or fees. Office hour* 9 to 6. No business transacted oi Saturdays. — tlSfcnwfe . ?;.'., BALPH BAPHABL, Manager. M O N E Y TO LEND ON MORTGAGE. LOWEST CURRENT RATES. F. W. BULLOCK, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, Bmwfc FBANKLIN-STRBET. ADEtAIDB. BUSINESS NOTICES CAHKON IIO^WORKS (ESTABLISHED 1856), POET ADELAIDE, R. LINDSAY, ENGINEER, BOILERMAKER, IRONFOUNDER, AND MILLWRIGHT, Beps to tbank his nnmerous Frierds and Patrons for their last 27 years' support, and informs them that, having enlarged his premises by adding an Iron Foundry and porc-erfnl f^team Hammer, he is now able to execute with prompt dispatch Iron and Brass Castings of every description, and heavy Iron Forgings from scrap iron, on the most reasonable terms. 13imwfc FORWUOD, DOWN, & CO., ENGINEERS, FOUNDERS, BOILERMAKERS AND GENERAL SMITHS. SPECIALTIES. Whipwheel8, Whimbows, Girders, Columns, and Builders' Ironwork, Bakers' Ovenwork. 4c. For Sale, i H.P. Robey Engine and Boiler, 31 H.P Secondhand Engine, i H.P. Secondhand Eneint 12 ft. x i ft. 6 in., Boiler, &s. HINDLEY-STREET WEST, ADELAIDE. 182n:wfcvd Telephone No. 170.. JO OUR CUSTOMERS, CONTRAC TORS, BUILDERS, & OTHERS. We have This Day from the TIH^EB ASSOCIATION. WHOLESALE PURCHaSEBS offered SPECIALLY LOW PRICES. 6. HABTE¥ & ¥1. KING. 06c r^BRCJULARS PRTNTED NEATLY Ay at the BEGISTEB, 0BSEBVE8, and ! EVENING JOUENAL OFFICES, QrenleU-stteet

4 ; ACENCY 1B0 ffllB. ';] ADELAIDE AND PORT ADELAIDE, MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, BRISBANE, B0CEHA1HPT05, LAUNCESTON, AUCKLAXB, and throughout NEW . ' ZEALAND, also at SAN FRANCISCO, and FIJI. '? ? i, ? ' o HEAD O^JFIGB -4 - - LONDONr CAPITAL*1-'1 '— i — *3,5OOSOOOJ RESERVE FUND - £365,000* This Company is now prepared to make LIBERAL ADVANCES upon th» COMING CLIP. \ Growers are reminded that the Company act a3 SELLING BROKERS 0\LV. All Consignments are carefully valued previous to being offered, and should? biddings not reach such valuations the lots are withdrawn. Boring the past year the number of Bales handled was 146,166, being an INCREASE of 13,232 Bales upon, the preceding year's total, j ' 0 The Company is new prepared to receive Ooaslgnments of WHEAT FLOUB,' BABEj &c, during the coming season, and to make - LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES upon same. The attention of MILLERS, FARMERS, and GRAIN MERCHANTS is especially directed to the facilities for Storage at the* COMPANY'S NEW STORE, PORT ADELAIDE, viz., DIRECT COM MUNICATION WITH THE RAILWAY AND CLOSE PROXIMITY TO THE NEW DOCK. - , - ' - The Company ACT, AS AGENTS— For Governments, Town Boards, Road1 Boards, and Companies in Australia and New] Zealand, requiring the execution of Contracts and Financial business, &'c.} &c, in England. For Freeholders and, Runholders, undertaking the financial management of their r properties during their absence. For Landed Proprietors In the Colonies, receiving their Rents-, negotiating an* effecting] SaleB of their Freeholds, and generally superintending their interests. I ? ' For Trustees and Boards of Executors fif the 'Colonies and elsewhere, under . . taking the management of Colonial Trust and Executorship Estates. For^f urther particulars, apply , flENRY LAW, Agent. A. S. CHEADLE, Wool and Produce Manager. '? O TOWN OFFICES-PIRIESTREET, ADELAIDE, WOOL AND GRAIN WAREHOUSES-NEW DOCK, PORT ADELAIDE. AGENTS FOB THE CELEBRATED' ' DEERINB' REAPER & TWINEBINDER. j _ ' THE BEST REMEDY FOR INDIGESTION, TRADE ^^RT^^^^B MARK. CAMOMILE TItiL8 are confidently recommended as a simple Bemedy] for Indigestion, which is the cause of nearly allthe diseases to which^we^ are subject, being a medicine so uniformly grateful and beneficial, that ifo is with justice called the 'Natural Strengthener of the Human Stomach?* \ 'NORTON3 8 PILLS' act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient; are\ mild in their operation, safe under any circumstances, and thousands ofi persons can now bear testimony to the benefits to be derived from their usr, as they have been anever-faiUng Family Friend, for upwards of 50 years. Soldin Bottles atis.lli., 2s. 93. frUs. each, ifaBMe&icine Vendors throughout the World. r ?'.''! . CAUTION. . Ask for ffNOBTONS PILLS,1' and do not be persuaded to purchase an imitation^ FINE PURE SOAPS. THE ADELAIDE STEARINE CANDLES. It having been brought under onr notice that there are various makes of inferior SOAP in the market not having the maker's name thereon, and that these Soaps are sometimes passed off as being our manufacture, we would respectfully ask the public when purchasing to see that each bar of Soap placed before them has our Name plainly   branded thereon,             WITHOUT WHICH NONE IS GENUINE. Also our CANDLES — each Packet has our Name plainly inscribed on the Label, WITHOUT WHICH NONE ARE GENUINE.   W. H. BURFORD & SONS JOHN TIDMARSH & CO. 113tfc The Universal BemTdy for Acidity of~thT~Stol^hT K^^d^e^aiSS Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, Sour Enxstetiono, 'SS'ofSeSl^l ?Bilious iiffectionc. - ? *- — agp..,M | tr- Eats iSJ) | j I v V / I / - Vi vfe 0 &/ H Br™y*Tr ? m^2*W ^^^j^^feggtjaji^f * gold by ay i)rUggist8 and Storelcecpen. i N,B, ASK FOR PINNEFORD'S MAGHESIAi' ;™?