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1 c tis are often expicsscd foi the ftituie oi 1 nglish hospitals but then fin mci d pe sitien is as bound as ovei it x\ i« " slid Nu 1 ledcuck Menzies (chief medical officer to the London Comity Council), who m mci fiom I ngland vesteidi» bv the R Al S Otranto Hie solution of the pi ob Iem ' he added, ' has been found in i new method of oi gauisation 1 lie v oltint ir) bos pit ils ire stijipoited is betoie, but inste id of tching on occasion ii luifco gift«, to meet expenses i lcgulu svslcm of small week]» contubutions hu- been ot¡,amscd A Aolun tuv toll of i penuv oi tvxopenco i a» eel» is made on the cniploAees of luge f letones and thus i stcid) income is issued ]n letinn Hi this contubution subsciibcis leccno ceitain puvilctes it the hospit ti

The sv stem li is been lound to wölk x»ol! in 1 n J md uni it li is s n ed the hosjnt ils in the pieseiit petiod ot finineinl dejnesston

\s eluet nicdicil olhcet to the Lindon Coimtx Council Su Itederick Alcn/iis d o school medic ii oflicci He supeni

th« little stiir of doctois md nuises x»hosc dut) it is to inspect and tie it ill tin »chool ehilihcii ni the distnet in the lo »ears during which I have been con nectcd with Hie work" he sud the health of the childien of London li is im proved cnotnious!) lins is due ni uni) to a gencial nnpioveinent in living conditions -housing food, clothing, 6 nutation and other conditions 'Hie medic ii inspection of school childien is moto lnghl) oigm ised in London thin m any othci eil» in tho world Lveiy child is medic ill) ex imiiicd four times between the ages of five and 14 ) cal s Ihe st iff includes tbout lOO doctors and moie than 400 muses Last veil 300 000 cutes x»cie heated in the sjieciul dental clunes established for the purpose Moiiev has never been taken into con sideiatiou a»bete the health of the nitions children is concerned A aceiu ition is in ciensino; in letidcnt institutions but wheie iluldten live at home a stiong piejudice »till exists asiinst it"

fen I icdeuek Menzies is engaged on a tout of the 1 input?, including Aiistnlui, î\e»v /elland and Ciliada He is mulei

tal mg the lout lol his own heiltli tud foi the education ol his son ne will stuv m Alelbourne foi foin da)s bcfoie pio ceediii" to bullio»