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Easy-to-make DONKEY and GOLLIWOG ha gayyy lol

Kiddies would love these cuddly toys at any time of

the year, but most of all for Christmas.

YOU can make them at

trifling cost from scraps of

material and other oddments.

Here are the directions to make the golliwog:


Cut pattern of main body of golli wog in a piece of paper, 15in. by 9 Jin.?the overall measurements given in the diagram below. Follow measurements on diagram exactly in making pattern and mark waistline clearly so that pattern can be used

for the trousers as well.

Cut out the main body on the double, in any black material, and sew round the edges, leaving open

legs at bottom and about 2jin. at

waist on one side.

Turn inside out and stuff firmly from waist upward into head and arms, and downward into body and legs. Stuff from the ankles upward also. Sew up side and leg openings.

From measurements on diagram make pattern of foot and cut out two feet (4 pieces) in black material.

Sew round the two sides and bottom of each. Turn inside out and stuff from the top. Sew a foot on to each leg, making sure that the foot, when sewn on, points outward and not sideways from centre of leg.

Cut out trousers in blue-and-white check gingham, using the waist-to ankles part of pattern already made,

but cut trousers a fraction of an inch

larger than the foundation. Sew up.

Make pattern of the shirt from diagram measurements and cut it out in white cotton material. Seam up underarm seams, centre back and centre front seams, but in front sew only halfway up so as to allow revers to turn back for open-neck shirt.

Neaten revers and neck of shirt and

sew on to golliwog at waist.

Put the trousers on to leg founda tion and neaten them by felling over the shirt at waist and over each join of leg and foot.

Sew a pocket of the same material as the trousers on to the right side; add a pocket kerchief 3in. square.

The make-up of the golliwog's head and face is contrived by using any thick wool in black for his hair; two white buttons, lin. in diameter, with smaller black buttons in their

centres, for eyes. His mouth is made

of red leather outlined in white and sewn on. Place as indicated.

A red leather belt, lin. deep, a waistcoat of red leather cut from the measurements given in diagram, and bows of narrow strips of red leather for shoes complete the toy.

GOLLIWOG stands about 17in. high; the donkey measures 9in. from the top of his head to the tip of his stand

easy front "feet."


Cut the pattern of the main body of the donkey in a piece of paper 9in. square?the overall measurements given in the diagram.

The underbody is a replica of a small part of the main body and of the legs of the donkey. Measure 4|in. up from bottom line of main body on front leg side, and 4$in. on back leg side, and draw a straight line between these two points to get the pattern of the underbody.

Cut the main body out in blue and-white check gingham on the double, and the underbody, also on the double and avoid

ing a seam where it is marked ^2 on the diagram, in white cotton

material. jfij

Seam up the two pieces of the main body around the head, starting from where the underbody joins at the top of the leg and along the back line to the point at the back where the underbody joins the back legs; leave about 2in. open on the back line for stuffing.

Join in the underbody piece by stitching each leg of the underbody to its corresponding leg of the main body. Sew up the foot of each leg.

Turn inside out.

Stuff firmly from the back line, using a pen-holder with a rounded end to push stuff ing into corners.

, Cut pattern of the ear from diagram measurements and cut out two pieces for each ear in blue-and-white check gingham. Sew the two pieces to gether for each ear, turn inside out

and sew into position.

The donkey's eyes are of black felt cut out in small rounds about Jin. in diameter, with white centres. He has a mane of black wool worked in

loops about ljm. long, and this runs along the back of his neck for about

4in. until it comes to ear-level.

He has a small black nose worked with a few stitches of needle and thread. His tail is made of the same black wool as his mane; it is a thick plait and~ reaches a third of the way down the back leg.

The saddle-cloth of red felt a straight piece, 3in. by 6in.; a saddle is made from a piece of beige le.nher (an old glove would do), whii .1 straight strip, 2in. by 5iin.,

at each end.

Bridle and reins are contrived out of Jyd. leather braid, iin. wide, ind are fixed over the head, with a ttle black leather button each side, a ttlc less than Jin. in diameter.