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IQUEER ELIZABETH greets Joan Rice, a rising film star who was a teashop waitress three years ago, at the Royal Film

TerjoTw-ance at London's Odeon Theatre. Character actress Margaret Rutherford is on the left, with handsome young

actor Peter Reynolds next to Joan. Merle Ober on is next to Peter.

mars glitter for Royalty

By 3ILL STRUTTON, of our London staff

THE Royal Film Per

formance is the

¬Ľor: most glittering premiere.

This year, at Leicester Square's streamlined Odeon

Cinema, chosen British and hntrican stars performed be fore ihr Jueen, Princess Mar prct, ar.d a glamorous audi Ict

Micha rl Wilding danced a fwt dance, Jane Russell filled a revolver on Dan Duryea. Fred MacMurray ug cowboy songs, and Her liont Baddeley turned up as iPkcadilly flower-girl.

Richard Attenborough, aroth , his present radio pularitv in England, walked i to the stage wheeling a nmophone in a pram in his

art of a broken-down disc


The ubiquitous Orson Idles did magic tricks, and squad of the screen's leading omen were dressed up as korus L'trls.

The nlm chosen for the pre itre as Eating's African

epic, "Where No Vultures Fly." Its star, the handsome, newly popular Anthony Steel, was present with a high temperature. He was suffer ing from malaria, which he caught on location in Africa.

Thousands of fans milled

about in the pouring rain as the Queen and Princess Mar garet arrived and stepped through a guard of honor of

58 actors and actresses.

Blonde Sharman Douglas, a friend of Princess Margaret and daughter of the former

United States Amb ss'dor to

Brit-in, was escorted by Michael Wilding, who usually

escorts Marlene Dietrich and

Elizabeth Taylor.

Peter Lawford arrived with Lady Elizabeth Clyde.

Because the Odeon was

booked out for charity, none

of the stars had a seat. Be

tween their arts, they sat around in the basement drink ing black coffee.

Jean Kent, in fifty yards of sequined tulle billowing over seven petticoats, took up a fair

amount of space.

JANE RUSSELL, in scarlet velvet with a mink-edged hood, arriving with Dan Duryea. Her charm and good sense, in direct contrast to her publicity build-up, made her the most

popular Hollywood envoy to this year's Performance.

9ALLKRINA Ludmilla Tcherina, a new

far, hud two miniature white doves tinging to the tanned skin above her

swelled off-the-shoutder bodice.

LIZ ABET H SCOTT, escorted by Fred MacMurray, almost fainted with excite ment. Jane Russell revived her with a bottle of smelling-salts from Jane's bag

VAN JOHNSON, with bedecked wile, Evie, drew enthusiastic greetings from the crowd of onlookers. There was a wonderful supper party after the show.