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Stiong' Play. Weak Kicking.


Suii«linic dinted to tin ( H men in tin. public schools Ile id it iln. Li»ci bull line "luddcncd tlic ho ii to ni li uti iii. l» on "?aluitliy »\liui »nth little ui n> »»mil II lum if hutt tun ill the cundill u» »«¡CIL in lavoui rf (,u).l ilij I he ittcn 1 ince-s ( f tilt pi OA nins IA eel «etc »A eil in mit mied and the gumeb »»el »veil contested in tlie mttropolitin na.i tli it (,eil ii«, st Kilda »AU«, ov LI VA helmed I lie sitisfacloiv Itatuic ui HIL (1 IV » pim ii i» til »I I contents it South Aklbouinc I s». »don i rid Ieicltmond in which lill thal is best in the Austi dun tunic L\cL]it kiel m0 »vas displujcd I lie H(iiin" up ni tin ttaniK io most cnconi vine, md (lit levi» ii ir form bj (.niton md Coilmen»ocd nindi »(LtnLd to IIIVL slipped wit» ln"!ili sids nctorv Onlj t»»o II mi ne now mi

defeated (.IOL1OII" mid South MLII.OUIIIL* vrhiLh do not meit until June IS »ilicn the match will be ut South Ali Ilium m

Kiel mg. both in the field and m hliuclm«, for goal ins dctci mi ited oi icccnt j eau,

mid on Satin (lui although the conditions were favourable tin«» »Amkniss wa» mott marked Much of tin«, 1 think i» due to lack of coaching Men lit not tiutht bow to hold oi to (hop the ball On .»atiiidiiv several m itches «Lie lost through bid kicking In the six Laitue ^allies US "oats and 160 beliinds were «" oied out of "f)8 scoring shot» When it is noted that deelnig kicked 2>-10 Colhn"»Aoid IS-II ind Vorth Alelhourne 17-11 it will bo seen that m these tames 00 tonis ind onlj 32 behinds were scoied le tv ni,. 8S to iib 128 hehinds to the other clubs \\ hen the number of eif-v shotb lint go out ot bounds or do not reich the gml line is considcied the pcrcentatL of tool scoi mg shots is much îeducecl

Matches Reviewed

SOUHI Ml L130Ult\TT had i d.j oi sensations 1 ill» tiiumph in »AInch the »ide looked invincible then i pcnod of eclipse in which onli the iel cited miss mg of shots pi evented I not MI IV cstiblish mg a lead and fnnllv a despoate sttugiJe in which South Arclboinne stivod off de leal, theo itLre the features of i gimp in VA Inch there was some vu A fine football in everj bnnr-h of the feanie except 1 iel

ing ft was luitllj mid well louj/lit lull oi dash and vigoui and though toward the <nd the pace sliclcned it never lost its lire oi detciminaitoii ] ich side is des tincd to plav a piomment pul m the piemieislup competition

CARI/lUN after t»Ao veiv dislppointing pcrfoi mancos won its match against Jlich mond bj sheei gut uni dcteimiiialion coupled it must be idnutted with the f-xtraoidmaij failure of Kichmond to kiel» toals It A»as not tint the tigcis failed in cisi shots but that long 1 iel s just vient tätiiA It ins i A cn fine «{ann to watch with biillnnt high in ukin,, and kicking ind all tliiouf.Ii the last quintet the croud was VA oil ed up to a high pitch rf oxcitonidil (niton euppoiteit, were delighted mid the Lommittce vvns con gratnlaled on the pcifoimance of, its team Politics and football do not nm and the

friction of tlic last foi tinghi had unsettled the team but on Satin dav the plav eis fotgot then tiouhlcs and went into the ».arno full of deteiniinilion The itcoieij oi Cailton lucius much to football

COLMNGAA'OOD his ticiy lenson to lie satisfied with it» pei toi manee at 1 ssen don villero since 1020 it has lost onlv one game AA ith five new men in the (cam and the d i«,nng rovei (ljibbis) plav ing his first gime foi the A em Colling wood was shnpened" und while losing none of the strength it ha 1 show n before the minston of new blood gave it more dish In Carter from Alaffra it is hoped a pninanent cenhe half foiward has been discoveied If so i wcikncss of long standing has been (orrccted Jjv-iigeoln on ihe vnng also filled i weak spot ind the otheis did fnirl» IA eil Iheic w is no ' moult about the migpics r«seiidoii too sliOAAcd up well, but theie is it weak ness toi wind windi must b( iLincdnd Iln inclusion of Heirn miv lie the solution 'I here w ns little bet»» een the tenus ni i v<ij fine contest and the side winch kiekcd the «Uraightcr VA on

\0Tmi Ml LBOURÏiT realised its mi Ditton on Satindnv when it won its first game since Ain» ii 1010 On that date it defeated St Kilda 11-13 to ]()-]] «A run of "1 successive defeats is forgotten when the fust vicloiv Clines Tt was not si much that it won but that it won well tint pleased the Noitli Melbourne suppoiters the dish and dot«munition of "Soith Mel bourne n the last quaitei were devutit ing lilnov to u ¡mu (on"i i tula tod the victors but would liuv o prêtent ti tint some olhei l'ain should have hld the honoiu of I.ciiif, the first victim m »4 malcho 'Out oi ill the clubs whv pick on us* wis the ij of the diiipnuiitcd Tit?io»ltes li »ns the Noitli Alill.nutiio nick »»huh luiiil il( si ile and big Tom TiUmiintc mull boll the ittiick when it dine up loi »ni 1 and then linn it to full ndiant-ige

HAWJHORN hil lirtlung but the points on win li to i »ngillin! itc it» If vu Situidnv foi tho f un di»iln( I IA both Miles w 1» not ni t »(min 1 Alc'b uno is lnmpeied IA IIK lis» i it wn ,i nul nu which !» ti nu and lil II »»thou In i lu h! n i n on !h nij i 1 h t

fîT T TOM v iwliflm 1 M Killi winch i i HI » 1 I ?»' 1 li i t i ve n» f mid the nitiiiioi Í 11 1 ( »ti II f

list tro 'i» i A thin,. . liiri untie 1 »upnoitoi Mino» i i I IA Ih (un oval hi no» n li 1 11 » buntine .lotinl i S Killi »lu ii is »»(li I'V

one 'nm (hoi ii 10 A ii

St Kilda Committee's Action.

The Si Kilih liulili lonimittoe vv i» »,, tlissntisfnit with tin ten ni nf it-, men linn it held a special mci mv u»tciil.i! mci 11111,; Ililli lllSlllsseil tile" ¡ m tin* ti lill

It will unit iv 1111 em Inisil.iv nnil will iipoit tei tin mil 1 oniniiitii» Iii it ivininp 'Hie memlii i «. ni flic initeli iiiinniittoo will ptobnblv t.ilvO eln«ti. 11 tion mel iieoin inenel the j;! 111 1' 1 mimili tee to ilisptnse willi the FPüiii n nun win. n\\vn m lunSlbtlMlt fullll 'Ni llllletlll!. iv'liter«,

« uel .1 mombo] en tin e oiinnittee \i»tei el iv '\l,n ni», will mil li Jil lol tin »ide mid vvlio linn] tliev . in live on linn I »| lit itloil«. lie lin 1I--C I . li» I he flit ni the tiuttei i» th it pi i!ii«, inn then Innniv ton i i«ih ml vu inu-,1 «.. 1 i it Ihat we ¡.it full vilm lor the nie-iiii! we pi! thom ' lhe pinn- will hive the lull position pul heirn r thin) nt u mutins em lucehv, iv lu i theie i« »me to be «onie veiv plain spoil in

District Football

Hie .ipiiointiiiiiit of i «pe. i ii eoimmtteo 0! the Li ipili Io ni.ililli int.i the ipi! «finn ot dlestl It t lootbill I«, nit b( Ioie it« time»

When the district scheme was intioduced it was intended thal men should plaj vihou thej icsided hut as it is now it doeb not mattci wheie a man lives as long as he has been registered with a club Tt is possible toi saj l.ichmond and Colling wood, lvhen plav ing off in the grand final, to be so milmed that cverj piaver on the (olIingAAOod Ride live» in Ilichmond and cveij Richmond min it» a Collingwood lesi dent One (bieotion to the Hiles as thev stand is that i phivoi from unallotted teni

tor} can pick and choose VA hete he will plaj, but ii a man has lived m i League district foi a week he is tied to that div tnct foi three 3 cars unless he can obtnn a clearance Jims plajers fiom the conn trj, from other Stites, or fiom outlimg suburbs can hold out foi the best 0IT01

It is idle to saj that under the Conltet law there is a maximum wage tor foot

billen, for it is common pi opert} that thut law is flagranti} and trequetitl} bioken One pla}ei last vcar was promised a, 100 11 he would pla} iv ith a Lei tam club Ile rcceiv ed ¿50, but the balance is still ovv ing and is hkel} to be for he dale not com plain lis he lb as guilt} undei the Coultci law ab the club J he leceiAei is also a guilt} pai t} lu another case a min who applied for a clcai ince got it without much trouble when he threatened to expose the breaches of the Coulter hw Jle said, It ib immaterial to me whcthei I pla} foot- ball or not but if I do I/am going to phv where I like and } ou dire not stop me ' His clearance vi as gnnted

Control of Umpires

The 1 eicue 111 apiomUn«, the Lmpius Board, did mt eleni Ij deiine its poweis and its duties It was c tablibhcd so tint the appointment c1 umpires bhould be out of the hands 01 delegates IA ho »ACIL natta all} intciestLd p 11 ties HIL pel mit and umpiip committee composeil ot dele- gates had ontmill} Lonttollcd tho umpiies and then institicioi »Ali A Not den) ind it seemed to be t ikon lor ^untod thit the umpires bond would do that »»oik How evei, nothing hib been done ind the Lcigne has now decided that 111 future the pel nut md umpiH ccmmittce »»ill deutle on ill points of Intel pot lti 11 of HIL 1IA»S and »»ill conloi »»ith Ah Mud 11 «ith 1 VICAA to n living it 1 delimit (ou« lu-non m 01 (let to iclucAc uiiiiiimit} in idministtriiiL the lavis of the game

Hie 1 tvvb ot the tnne le lincndul it the triennial meeting rl tin Auolnlim is 1

tional 1 ootbill Council anil that bod} is buppobcd to Intel pi et the law s It must be admitted tint it» etfoiU in iccodit}ing the lavis has not resulted 111 1115 thing clear and concibe Inch »Stile while supposed to adhere to the Ians l» niterpieted b} the couiiLil finds it difficult to idmimstei them accoiding to its 1 ght uni the ie«ult is th it iib it is illovAcil m A7ict m is pio hibited 111 AA (»teni Austnhioi Se nth Ans trihi and »ice vcisa lins is pnncipallv seen 111 the out tf bounds Hw whioli is not lead and administered neill} is stun gcntlv clsewheie is it is 111 A letoni One of the first mittels to be dealt w ith li} the penna and iimpiic committee is the out of bounds law und it is pi anuble that »on sidcrabh modiivin^ 01 the nish notions hitherto given to uiiipites «ill lesult Hie la»» c innot be chanted for tin» se mon al in» rate but it is felt that the umpiies mai be so instiucted as to íenioie «wme of the objection» which are raised against li It is to be hoped that while making the mterpictitions na pinn and bimplc as pos Bible the »»eil defined pnnciplcs of the tune wiil be dulv nnpcssed It must be patent, to mi one A» ho ti How s foitball t lost h that liiiontistciKV is tho pimcipnl ' 1 mit 111 cm uni) no» I mi s itisliu! lint

lins is vciv much due lo h impim-, thou I with too miiiiA institution» in I hcd.,111,! the 111 m with fault v Mitti petition« I ni pius lil e J 1 li nt Tv 1 ( 1 ipp md 1 1 Ider weie »o »u (essiiil is uinpiios be etusotln} idininistiic 1 th laws with t iel mil common KLIISC md »m illowe 1 to du » lhev controlled the Lime thev knew the ind wen not Inmpeicd b} in »auctions All tint i«, noce» ir» is that the mun laws bhould be clenrK (kimi ii ml that (OHchet, md ( iptams should know lust

»hit the uminies will illow and leave it at tint the fcwoi lu»»» theic ne 101 au limpie to lum Ho the b Uci I have full s}inpithv with the uni] ne» md 1 am satis- fied that bolter results w uki be obt unod if tluj weie given 1 li cei hand Hie old I lav 11 s k11 ivv inst lit vv tho e umpires I h 1» e n inn 1 wool 1 h m Ile 1 garni uni thev ti ol c 10 I till 11 »A ith then niling»

Payment Undor Dispute

AAIKII the di !ri(Pimiit 1 t»»e.ti the j I" w undo A[ini" mut» A»suri ition mi tie « donan le tli ill I ei"ue w t» »tttl d rioic thin 1 1 11 igo it win di eldo 1 tint

11 ( di gu uni the trul et club sh ultl pa» t itt-uitball dub t.Oiei c»nv K10 cr c1 el

( ni incinl îsliip ti kcts i«=sii(d At L»» 11 1 eli n theio bus boen a lont (lFUinsion is toi

hit bill shuni 1 pa} the encket club ni

tlu 1 «-cn le 11 I itv Council winch conti olsi tie lcunl T ist »»ed 1 de put ill 11 di iii (I th iuk(t (lui supporte 1 bv 1

llVAVLl distil »ed the llllttel »»lill tilt. C lill | (li lilt (111 11 t »1! ((Pi 111 linpKs»!!!,. lt«=

1 1 1» 1 ho 11 nuil in» licAA niioinic 1 the ' cn kit dub tint the «mo mt 111» hed I £"1 must le ] ni bv tht mci t dub lol

l.»t ici nil thit tins »on» ipiot 1 niu»t | rl»o b» pul I nliiij, sitistiet 11 1 IA mont

tim uuncil will tile tin amount ovv 111 1 it oin the sum it, ¡,1 mt» tht mel tt dib iiniiiilh llu fe oil ill dub is v» iitni). lor it» mono} »»Inch it 1 now» wi'l 1 ne to le

pud Tt is mini tt ml P the t tbill dill | windi both \ ivs si k11!, i» it u no» its

in o ne!

Ench Sido 100 Points

( oilmen! i iii ml 1 t.-,in Ion ei li nil tuon til in lOt) pt mt1! on tittil itv billi * i ji us the Te vue Ins bein in iNi»tm e this his been urn lee! onh II tunis

Hie loinplite list win li ii. (.ivin in Hie \IL,IIS nnil lhe \ iliMin (»nilli if »huh i hw ii] in miv «till le ebtmiel e j ipplit ition it Hie i\)"nn ith i is -

I liri v 10-1 (lu ¡tint 1 I illei I -1 (1 i lut ) o V| i 1 .! 1 I

I l'l " I 1 1 (1 1 i t ( ill n I 11 (1 i" i on t V n Vin 111

i I " 1-11 (HU iii«) «I h 11 v- 1 (I | I t ) et !| iv s 1

1 li 1 li- li, (11 lullt-.) Ill II 1 II li (Hi) )oint«) cn Miv - 1 2b

( rlt i 1S-IS (1 o loint«) vi t i iv li-li (101 i lit ) t ! 1,111 -'S I« I

Mell une li~ll (110 | li tt.) IIiv twn 11-17 (101 joint ) on Vin» 19 1 «.

Un I in »I 1 J-! (1 0 i lil ) 1 it r v l-l (II | int ) en lui I 1 «

I loin ii 1 1 -" (II 1 ii«) » i niton Iii-lo (Hu )uits) on Mi 1 113.)

vi 11 ni I1--! (1 J l int«) » *>ort! Mel I urn 1 -1" (li. I lilts) n Miv .1. in 0

i irlt i lo- U (lio i n tk) i ( lliie d IO -lo (11. i ii t ) in Juh I 0

Ulli VI 11 in li-1- (ION | lit«) « ison d n U-li UOo i ni ) n lui» l) 1 "ii

south VI Moil t 1«-1J (1 | li Is) v M hil 1 -10 (101 i lils) on Miv i. I 1

Itleltn id . II (1 . ion tj) 1^ leluti 1-11 (101 i lit ) n 'u"ii t -i 1 1

r Hu.,!« d 1 -11 (11J l Int«) I«« I len li-.11 (110 | in »I i VI iv II 1 1

Melbourne Ground

1 be 1CL.1 itliiv ( f the Ali lb ill! ne (ncket ei inn 1 lus tul cn niiicli IOII«,II thin uns cvfccttd Minli oi the del i! i« clue to wet v enthn lint it (s so imp ltiuil tint the M nnil bli «li be in peneet otiiei fir luvt unlit sue-in tint no football will be ill» i 1 theie until Inlv Ilu iiiiitehc Milli vm ne v tmlnii iicNt Mundill ind "Ullin mm ! (ni Um n him ?! will li ti vu! it tin Mi tu Ii mm I lu ininti i ii I I be tw11 n pul, 1 t lins ttl I I v IC

n I th v«« i tion i II hint l m 1 tin ntiistitt nintih \itoiii v ««Ultu Aus tuilir on Tune II win ti Invi bun pi ii id

in tin Melbourne linket "'lound but us i thal w not ii uhbln it is probable Hint I tin Motol ill onie will bt ii«.eel \lthouc,li

[the appointments aie not as complete a»

on otl er giounik the pining nea is per tcct and the ovil is suitable tor mi im poitont maten

Players Injured

II "\Jtl\av the liotsuai bill bick vho hue been plajnv spien helfj it '»oulh Mci bourne tu ibted his an] le in the 1 ist eju irtu and I ad ,to lene the giound His j 1 ice was tal en bv Cm

lound the clo^c m the tim] qunter ot the tunic at Geelong J Geoi^c (St Kilda) lett the held oimv to m nijuied shoulder Ile «nistuncd the injury i week ei-lni ind a fresh knoel ma le it neila«- m foi lum to relue \ Hobeits took Ins pi ice In the lait ejuaitci wlicn J Kinking vi is 1 icing tor the ball he twisted Ins Inkle and «as citucii irom the held ( Imiiei took lus plaie

li miels had a bus} afteiuo n at Iit/)oj m ittcnding on the held to minor injune«, received bv plavcii- G Cinieion vtce tiptam oi îsorth Melboiune sprained a thumb V Bikei "North'b rover suffered blight concussion but plije-d biilhantb

J Lew is nijuied his left hnnd and J \\ hib left vvnst MoBt of these injunes weie leccivcd in the tirbt half but ill the plaicis kept their places m Hu field /

It Aluir (Colline»!!ooell leccived i severe knock in the second eruartci cf the gime agiim-t 1 sseiidoii md sust lined slvht ion icib)-ion I! Mai eham tool Ins plan

G Coventry s Record

\\ hen in the third rjuiiter of the nntcli jgimst I «hendon (?> Coi cutt v (Colling vioiedl kiel ed lus fouit li goil for the gillie lie: bi ought hib goal total m League loot ball to SOO I hib is i neild total for an!

one League plujet Jiidçmg bj his bkill

in mat elie s t'ns season Colling« ood s lanious foiward hah lo"t none of his accuncj Jins is his thirteenth se ison \pparciillv few of the «¡peilatorb on Satuielay knew the significincc of the goal ühich completed Coventrj's eighth ccntuij is theie . no moie than the usual applause

Playors Reported

\t the eml ot the Geelong St Kilda match it wis lepotted tint J Vndeisoii (St Kilda) li id been iepoitetl on n einige ot having charged \ ( ojilnn (Geelong) and ti it Dence (St Kildal bad been le poitctl on i t hii"i t»t hivuv kiekeel J Quinn (Geelong)

Receipts and Attendances

J he attendances and receipts showed tin thir increases on '?»ntuidiv llieic weie 0 TOO more bpectatois and the receipts «cíe £32 better than on the third daj of list season So far in the three beti, ol matches plajed this veni 340 000 people have attended md the icceipts lime been ¿7 809 Last jeir on the Hist three ¡satur dnjs the total figures were-Attendances, 299 500 receipts, £7,311

The figuieb on Saturdiv weie -


Matili Utendanc« fc , South Vlclliourne v looUcraj ¿OOiW "10 niclimon 1 v Carlton J4 »0 olO l-bbendon v ColHUiVvool IS COO U> 1 it7rov v North Welbourne lo e"0D 1a Geelong v St Kilda lO'iOO 271 Iliwtliovn v Melbourne S O'O 1 if


Footsciay Fail Foi ward

I wo splciidi I t am» ni Hie making - South Alelbournc ind 1 outsua}-delighted an assemblage ct oO 000 people with a stn nut exhibition of stiont. vituroiib football in vi Inch theie were some wonderful higl

maritim, splendid spec 1 and uo little sl ill and in winch the lesult-a victoi} foi South Melbourne-»vas no1 assured until just before the lina! bell i 111,5 Lasl weel in compiiring teams J labelled C-eclont Richmond and lootsciay \1 and ¡South Alelbourne sttppoitcis thought their team should have been included At that state South had not earned the distinction but the pertoi manee on Satin da} means pio motion and the ¿Southcmei s must go up a step lootscia» thouth deicuted ^allied hosts of friends b} the pluck} pull up HIL tLam made lo face a lead of 7-1 to 1-3 betöre hall the second quintei was thiough was snflicient to test the metal of any team 1 ootsLi a} ans« ercd noblv and beloi e the thud term had ended the tncolours lud reduced the deficit to two pomtb and with reihonublc accuruc} in kicking foi goal should have been ahead South Melbourne after being on top cvei} where wilted under prcssuiL and I ootscrnv seemed Ukelj togo ihend and VA in South Alelbourne-alwa}S a noted fighting side-howcvir fought baLk bj lcndidh and regaining some of its e îrlv advantiigL held ii to the LIKI and triumphed b» 11 points

1 ach side is capable of mipioveineiil South Alelboui ne has its captain and couch (T leonard) and D Bitgins unothei of its AA est Vustralian importations } et to come in and it albo had t00'l A» ing pla} el s in C1 like and Pettiona absent 011 '.atuida} owint to miuiv, while lloscbcn fiom Dcnlah who snowed so vieil 111 the fiisl two tame» was also out of action Ihe side at times showed signs of lack of leadership »» Indi Leonard w ill supplv Bissett the A ice captain who VA is m charge on Satur ch} had too much to do in the heart of the nick to think of captaincy

lootscia} has Kopi nib itb irtibtic centic man out 01 the fame temporanlv owmt to a biokcn fingei mid Limbe who had such complete imdcistanding with Cub bins and J Sheiuian were not plav ing on SnturdiiA Limbes loss was 1 think of mole importance even than Hopkins s for it was the full bick line which sei ved Toots cinv so well last }ear Another loss on Siturda} was when It Alelviv twisted his ankle immcdiatelv after the labt quin ter opened AIcKav had been plavnig magill

ficentlv mid had to stand and watch Pratt run round him and score w hilo he stoo 1 helpless He left the field at once Cave (omiiig on and Alornson taking the hull

bael position Ihe lcci.lent happened at 1

al tune anl 111 1 ciitiol posiliin

Tim Play.

lontiiuv eifimileii tin citv pul n\ tile c1' mug uutrtei, and foi mo«t of ilu time it w i« a lout

birilmeiit. «Viutli Mc'l».nrne Icing tistir. innre »Mimi, alwavs fiisl te» the ball, md deeldedlv the superior s'do Hie dcspeiate defence "f leotscm, however, prevented more than two points for ten minute«, when Heard, who at that ttage wtis the most prominent man on the Held for liU, maiking, tool, a tinifer-tip mark, ind wa«- alFo awardeel a free kick, and with it scored fire.1 goa) Minogue t cleveu pla j give Da} man u ihanci, und no opened loot«crav's aciounl with i point South, plavlrg magnulcentl», then prevulled and goals bj It Thorna», Jicville, md I'rltl came in epiie'e (.um»*ieui, ind with 20 minute!, o! the quarter gone south lid bj -1-1 ti 0-1 Am lttempt bl loots riv lui! been Inn.

titled bv Itobertsjii or McKa», mil in the centre L Humas w escle» istiting Uti) hnvvivel, 1. ot« mi stciiUii I md n s il 1» Kunnin, Horn 1 flee kick ivvirdeel 1er feuli.h in*, if renee, gave it hi irt und gue. V i e ml roll » m_ the njji ter ended, HUli Vl.ii.iuue l-l locUriv I-J It bul been i «] lui lil t.-m lull f lil ind «pirkil bul =euth Vieil ii mi .arl» lu t -e mil t» le checked tiw.r.l lb. cul

When tin» I'M, in item, li «.»ti vn'h ernie It Ibe.birsi team md gc ils 1 » «tittil »» eli»li ling in fiom tin vii. g Lill mu i re llting Iv lu'

j bin« s mist ik. anl li «cent ni, ilcverlv beliimj

tile pic, «l> II fttt - Ht S Ulli lil Willi »eCinid I tin units- ni ible le Hum with the boni plie wing

IS^lth 7-1, Kotrcriv 1-I J lot cnl ho »ever,

.u, . ming in The «outh Mill itinie olt.nsivi 'ivis si K kelling tnd Jin.t 1 e fore half time Dav

Iran with a mee drop kick, Fiored «etond goil

i Jw le, I'liuurtlii ivis MI wieii if the goal in hi«

th-iotlng that the »M1! went o it ol I uunds. and the lulf.tlme bell ring with the «cm Seilth .Melbourne 7-", Joeitsin» 2-7

I Hie third quarter mw a gre it change t ootuci iv lied to the illiek li hld niuclied its faultt, It» 'null wire hr»t to the 1 ill. it» high fliers wiri I bunging ili.vvn the maru- With i little morl I stciilliie«» forvvaul it might hive giine.1 the le iel

1 »r more than .0 minute«: «..nth w is hemme I 'in, ml loctsiruv adding 1-b Downie and V\ m

(twice), und Dav man pooling the goal«, bid reduced tV leficlt to two po'i tee elUth Milburnie «eenie«! liowtili«« lint was bittlmg gimelv on md m 'tie ilming minute» tf tin t mi lut m i g»il

kiik.d bl I'ntt uni i bihind !t thr i quirtir tine -eiutli led bv nine joints, tilt boni nilling S-i lo li-J1 It hil fun a «pl-i did quirtcr | lull ol lire, ¡.nap, anil go, mil it nimio] it it

South Mtlbiiiini hld «lut il« bell mel thal i lottse-rav would win

. suu(|, Vlellsitrne ilitermlni el to leol.l it« leid, I pi. »-«-il turwai from the 1 nine ml lleulle tnd I Pratt oath wasted -in eisi bimi Ju«t then Vlch ii

who bul Inn the huh« irk if « di fenn

twisted hi« uki. und nile t iori hei] lc«s Pratt

rin reuní turn md m m ed In t moment Oilman HIM«,iel tint gul Mehi« le it the tuld then (nie toiling on With the mitih hinging lu tin I lim e the _am. lennie tierce ag lill l!u«el

1 m«»»ire I rush i it li w .sling i »hot I > kicking on

of bonni» Mi« tin i boundiirv e o«t smth t I oin! hut i «mp li lill nu gi»e South i 1 chili 1 Hi gillie I i' -1 vi.el tin hi. »vi« dv n" out lui it i viv I vvlin It Hu mi. licking up tleverlv ii d de ilgin" i lu. n lei »ii i], el Souths tenth ge ti

Hi.» lui I eu nitviug IV minute,, mut «.nilli led bv P points I clever maik bv Roi Hie gave South a bil i thin gill« ml still «i\ minute«, oi l i. tu ii )lt» ir.l tin . «tended turn to go Ihrilal

mel eriint.i t1 m»t nllovveil, with lootsenj gra ' ilunllv juslimg South buk Then Sjurling and i !led Kit the bill to ulnrgue, who tiled t )i gul

His «liol brniglil nothing but he hid tuen Intel, .mil with the tree kick he «i oud eighth goil, re luclng Hie .¡click to 11 points Two gul« would de» ii, ml Ko.iti.cri» tore in lo win but twice Illili« fiom the ven goil mouth nveel South, ami there w i« no more scoring the gimo end


South Melb. IO gls. II blids. (71 pis.). Footscray, 8 gls, 12 blids. (60 pts.).


«til III Ml I Uni KM -Platt (ii leiTuuli» (2), 1! Ihe.mis (.'). It. ville Ile ml mil Vlittbens

UM) I Hi. 11 - Uliman (I) tt ire (J) Minogui

md Don nil

Best Players.

Hin II Ml UlOUlSr hnel no1 i man m it» cob uri who did not at «nm. »tige oi anothei dis tlnguMi blm«elf Thi nrlv l.iilliiiin, hmvivir wis mil miintained, md inillvilml nilstikrs vure maeli lu the (li«t nuirtir no une vv m more pro minent than lte-iid, pilling his llrst garni ! big voung min l.nrel nnil ni «pliii ililli but rio«, not _pinir to li ve much p ici Ile tiiel luton the niel, lint piovcl 1 lm«elf i eipi'.le phv.r laull

il«o i nive nun fr ni VI.Stirn lu«trilni, on the i eilei himd »eeined strang» mrlv in the gun» but Impriviil is he vint on mil his vv tk in I

feue, in tin- list quntei was lui iluibli Hillls lilli bick sued hi. side 10)1 Ite 111 mel I! I e li« III

Mi!» tv, vml Mel uigliliii i'«o iliil well It .bett»on »

pice ard Hiking ind vicKaj s «olid el dine weil | most tilling 1, Iiiomns (e.ntro) wis biillhni In the dist half, uni Dowd ind Putt foi wai,I inaiked

well and kliked vvrttilielli lb tin an I leflimii1 «role tlevei bim httlo luvei» who provided the

i pace for the Southern attack I rbomas »va

o'ten uotictab'p

lOOTbCIPA was not »-5 K11 hilante i but it

' plated on v»ctl aid s sen.itiunal pull up * ic» »

Ihe «ide to »Je full ci f,nl Its test nun »ti Aicd who follón d » ith ran abillt» mid per sstcnoc e ptttalH wl«Mi «-0uth wail rejoin ? al li ^ I VIchav at cei'r, laltl-i"». pi»el majrnlitettl» U id tas it h » if-t i h< tari» ton, «I l'-

Ai-i e i tall 'ii»» fcrtad markta spion I'JI» hut mut n iru hi» k lu,' Alu ;ru< jn 1 Finchtr dnidcl ii rvir; and each (I I »»rll

ile Alt ino on the «ii g »a» ai ht» ti] Cul tun» ila»e»l well at lull i Je» 1 it inl»<ei the unir »tai du j ii i blip] ort ' 1-iml apurlu ï at tlne«i «horn lut 1 is »tt to le ni tie in of pj««in, to

li» ft-wiidi ml ol mjl m2 rositiu 0 Uri ii

sh»nmn vton-i'Cii, Iln ui ail bannan jl»o nine ui der notice


Defeats Richmond by a Point

Ihe llfdlm nd |.ruui I li, beti the scene of nai » thrillin,' nutel lut there lu M «eldena been suth an exciln e, and t-.1 it inning game as that in »»hah Canton »on on »atuidaj h» one rolnt Lier» quartei wa» pack d »ilth hart! sp« ¡neill >r ml faFt fiotbill which greatl» ex ctttd the large crow I aid the »trudle worked up to one of the best tlmshis seen for years Alter ib, poor du^Ia}» if » supp«,rter» (»j»e Cjrl ton a chance but it was a »a»tlj different team which foujit Itichmoni to a standstill 1 lamig with all the vim aud dash of Carlton In its lest da}!, the »Jsitorg du»pla}cd rufagedue«« B»\eep m" system and tenjcit» »\hich »tere maintained m rcnurkablt fashion md it sustained the pre» «ure in i gruelling fiuiili with grit tint would

mt be denied

liiere WHS ne»er much between the teams Or] ton » chief itd»autai,a »» ls i" its P'cc and stamina Richmond »»cn in the tir, ¿here its plmcrs g-i\c a err-in I exhibition s»hile it» long 1 ickiner wis a feature Its large tall} of -'.) 1 ehhids tells its o-tn stor> but the majorit} of the lu hind» »nts scored fiom rcmarkjbl} lona; kicks, most of which were » ery good shots Carlton s extra pace uni ruggedness bustled Richmond out of its game With 10 minutes to go .Richmond unAound a wonderful burst of hurd, sjstcmatic plaj, and appeared to ha»c the yjme won I hen in the last four minutes Carlton rallied and snatched tlic game from the fire

Hie football in the first half was tood to watch, each t'am gi» ing a fine exhibition of fast, «ipec tacular plaj Carlton started off with Uno spied, with its men especially the smaller ones handling the ball well Hie» scored two goal» before I.ichmond found its itet .Richmond won in Hie air, and its long kicking was good but Carlton \ a» faster and deserved its lead of 4-3 to 3-1 at first chant,«! It'chmond disployed great vigour in the second quarter but found Carlton »»ilhun to txchani,e bump tor bump and a truellinc term followed The pla} was »cr» e»en, w|th Carl ton »till fo»ter and im back men e«peeiaU» Green defending capabl» Itlchmond plated well to position but its for»» lrdt, »»ero ragged There »vere many fine indiiiduai duels and plent» of spectacular pla» A fine burst of hard and speed» football b} Carlton put It ahead 6-«j to 5-S at

half »me

The third quarter was n neck and neck race of hard rousing football There was little between the teams and for moil of the time the plav was almost faultlo-ts, except near the goals I) «.trangs kicking was fault» Itiihraond inatchtd vigour fine long kicking, and hard bustling tactics with Cailton s speed and cieier position pla}

Cirltm nun unfortunate with its lotit, shots but it lacked »ttadlne«» ftrward C btrang 9 goal

kicked aftei the bell pit Rlclimi nd ahcid, S-Ia to S-S at last change

Cailton opened the libt quarter with a won derful I ural Mjrkle ti "oal from a brilliant mark and inothei 1} Arthur lut it ahead 3lit crowd chetred wildl» fur minutes Cailton uutpli}cd Ricliinonil li» its »igour and pact ind sceintd then lo be steadier and better in tli«- air Then Richmond came with t desperate rall» It mitin tained u constant bombardment of the goal, onl» to see shut after »hot go behind Alost of tliein »»ero from a lornr wa» out It won on the general plo» tnl ippcired to lia»«- taken all lite sting out of Carlton «t »Igour but could net reach li el goa) light toint» ahtad ind with onl» four minutes to ..o lliehinond was pi »Ing so «olid!» that It oppcund to be a certain winner then Carlton caine with itt wonderful li«t minute burst

llolnt lining its areat i« m tra!» reniai 1 jble fashion it swept forward igain uni a,jin but thrust after thrust was turned bael. Itichinoiitl won in the nil but e»er}»»here else »»a«, oui. played Carlton kept up the presiurt hoireier and using straight ahead methods and not spiling weight it attacked airain and again three points were added, then »alienee »»hopla}cd bnlllantl», snapped a goal which put Carlton a point aheid Hie cheering was deutcnlng Cirlton »»as again within scoriae distance when the bell went Tlie excited crowd cheered until full» five minutes after the game had ended score» -

Carlton. 12 0Is 12 blids (04 nts ) Richmond, IO gls 23 tilids (83 pts )

Coil kickers - Carlton-Valienee (li) Crisp (2) li ii Hams Da»ej il.icl le Arthur Itlchmond-U .straus (2), Titus (2), Zschecli (2), 11» cr, Eojb O'Neill G Strang

i»cr} man in the Carlton team rose splendidli to the occasion scierai who were not conspicuous in the first half being tile best men toward the end A illence has seldom pla} ed better Ile displa}ed line marking and kicking judgment, and was ubi» supported b} Crisp Mackie Arthur, and V lilian» llackie s grand marl ing in the ci Isis In tho last quarttr turned the tide Green (centre half back) »»as the best man in the lean Ile marked surel», kicked well and defended wit

notable dash and V.JS alwa}s rcliible Kellcher and Dmj (uno marked ably) followed well, other good men in i team of good men being Cilb» (half luck) und Gill ml Johnsen (licks)

Richmond s best men were the elu,i»t lu lkms (»ho ga»o his usual cle»er displu» along tht wing), /sehetli (cenlre) Holm t^ack) Djoi anl foster (folloircvs) Alirtin do» r) O Neill (lilt forward) mid liaggott (lull bick)


Collingwood Excels in Last Quaitei,

Spectators al tlie Collingwood L-v-endon contest at Essendon obtained good wiluc foi th tr admit tanct, raoncv U was an e\ticmcU tu-t and e\ citing game und the result wi» in doubt most 01 the time Collingwood efforts in the lint quarter won the game I s*.ndon would j robabh lau succeeded hut for its aggravating inaccuracy forward whcie their M is Hck of coolness nul team work Ls^cndon wa-s perhaps i little faster tlinn Collingwood generally and in the second and third quarters it pn tailed in the an but Collingwood*« amazing bli engt h und ro operation in Ihr last term could not be withstood

Collingwood excelled in leim work and ao run« in the flr«t qunrtcr The &j cod mid foue exhibited b> both sidei, mide tho contest excit

ing, but I sipndon'a failure to clinch repeated strong attacks was disheartening Collingwood, on the other hand, mide few mistakes forward-G

Coi en to being In good form-and the \igour of, its onslaughts combined with superior precision, constnnth shattered the Essendon defences Ihe home team seemed to be outclassed It was a different Morj» howe\er in tht fast and thrilling second term As if a pill lud beni tnidduiH lifted fiom tli*.m Lbitndon liter fite miuutrs stnggling pin becamo umurkibh ilï^ttHe in tht ruck uni tip kh Min* ii I mu ling improved 1 ti omi

recognition lu tin et mirnee*, chains nf fun lone , pistes «ero rapped with is in m3 goatu-tu > \y\ Johnson and one hy Petasen-ami pro In vd a le j \l\ ii of hope In J^an-ion supporta The c1 J was uhliAul M I «eildon s couler md nine ordinated forward efforts Collingwood win f extended in checking I-tendon s «ait nine

usltots» lead of 20 point«- at quarter time had been reduced to on»* of nine points at the intena!

Muir of Colliigwool was earned oft in the second quarter ha\ing sustiined concussion Ile was re placed in Mik<dnm

Maintaining its improvement of th*» «iona term Essendon made two successful atti'kb carlt in the third quarter, an i ltd for the firit time \ goal hy (i Countn put Collingwood In fruit agiin tn two points Then Campbell restornd l-s^endon's ascendance onh to COP the advantage snatched 1 aw n oner agiin \\ Fdmonds Collingwood s leid ¡^ring then one point \ltiJs and counterattack ¡ ciiisi î the t di to 1 o dnhed rapidly up and down (tho centre and toun I the wince Hefure half the

term hid 1 a-s^e 1 btv,our, I ssendon, now previll

ing in Til dtj irtnunts forged ahead, and ending Uhr- quulfi wit i i had of 11 point«, looked like v nniiif, Tht limoirt- 01 the qunter definitely

»tilt tt 1 «Moilun

? It w ü 11 the lis quilín th it Culling. 001, it 1 \ iliii^. (udr tu in 1 .»uttin reminiscent if its 1 (*-i I finn oui whelm 1 th home silo Inder the

[ grMt prt^sui ><? cn li 11 *. t am \OTA col'apsed and ' altl iu,fh Us Fjufl anl it mun 1 wer-- unirniairod

its htneril ifft tiuncswul st V de*\ente final e(T rt nme too late < oil upwood 1 fin il goil was k'tk 1 IT, Ro win «1» lim mg Ile tinal scores

Collingwood. l8 y I s II bhds (110 pts ) Essendon 15 qls 20 bhds (HO pts).

f. ii J ker*-Collingwood-C. Cr\cntn (T) II C tier <0 Mmoiuk (2) tarter (2) I Murph\, Vin« lt>-s Msmdon-ïohnsm (1) r irl es (1) ruui io) ftttTPoii Ok o Lunplell anl \uiit


(_ ti pim us 1 jirrs ím C olhngwcc 1 indu led Rij,m wh se tun hi. MS excellent, H tolda a str-rlii g Kur lleundjc who ea\e the foiwardh mun 1 pi rtuuilKf with his tine nss ?= ltow\( ami*- Lountn I oth r lia! le defend, rs O Cou try M1 WI« ion le unt< I ililli, wlowasi

entfijnsli,_ n . r uni 1 \n~roln who pi ud wtll pn tin. wine

landon w is lest «rwd M CHu \ ho m the centte w is j tri II» tli 1 est min on th gr uni

Johns n 1 I rilli mt tarwin! tories whr-se fine efforts forward «pre lu w> «er nnrred somewhat \y injccuri(\ Hammond Ircier Milsh



' Keen Sh uguie at Titzioy.

I Sinll Mclbcimii I» it- d 'eil u Iit/nj «cn I it» hrst niiteh in two vein anil us «ii|purlirs

bli. iiitlin«in«in it th lone'unn el t rjlendidlv . intesti 1 gani , plivu- 1 h k niued I ntl the fielil in tnumi'i I i li um roi nil i ' bonn, it lu in e,l brit »n f tin mi Mi \! I II inn iii president iflltrrjclul, me i giatul it

I ing th vieler« in N rill» dies ii " i in n 1 ti it

thcv bud phve 1 , I. ttet ginn mil » i, is lim«iel b» vvm « If the »ni. 1 il g «tu to I'ltnoi !ll T liles Hie I it>r » « .nu, piatsed th, winiien tor their bullion md el

teiiiiimtion It vv i« list with ihntv if spirit, and with -omi' lliineci-v-irllv lur! bump liUrvv linurill open pla», but N ,rth n Iel re 1 lhe »tinghi path to g il Hie lilf-h mniknig vv is cv eellent lint the Miking wis jeer cvceit in u lew indliiiiiiil us«« 1¡tzroi lo-t its oppntunitv in tin thiid quartet, when It simile! hive id le el more goil» instcld e»f behind« Noilli tmislieil ten stroltgl» lltwson and llnl.iv«ou leek Hie plans ot Davies uri stott in lit/rov s t am

Vlthotlgh the kior.s wen iquil I it/m wis »upirior m the hist qunrlir in «»hu h Ih l.uut.iii

Morlirtv cumbill ltieiii piovil v.ii ttl.ctiv and the» centre line prevailiil 1 itriov s cr in I woik wis neiter uni smiiKr Htrruv sien loiin. 1 the dinger if leaving I It/nimrire une uni I Iii ,i

with i Ire. kit'! at an milli. ii lil out the till forwuiel, win «toil L1 bl, ind ii goil ins the re«ull One goal gilntd hv \ »rth e ni». 1 m inter! «.mallín»T liad inlrktd verv tl.virlv and undi when «-nulli took the bill out e«l Ins Innis, and scored with a running phot ! io>rkiik Iv Huggins give the eeol IJitihim i clime and lu acicptod it, bul Ilaler. nninlig lien. Hit »nug, Milmed the 0U.I1II1 goal anil North wa« i.-ain In the lead mil linker ali! Smith jut the »ide fur- ther iheid ! goil bi 11. ming re luce 1 Noith h le ni it luilf titile' in men pi lui«

Iftn VI ilnrti hit the | it ii Hi» epininn el tin third term the unk kel» st»» i gi, J . xlnbl l'on if high nu k'nc Iv Huggins at .1 litcliei

Huilai gul ritrrci « lilli g il ni 1 f»i lhe Iii si t'nle 1 itzroi wau heil In i lug «. - e. ,f at

ti «« vi'th fist, el n pliv 1 (bl v null lick clilv I elihids but Inn» on otu of ilu li» oeetsion» ni whl Iv Nir'h hil Hie lill "eir 11 )it/r,v gcil iel led «iv points Noith« onlv «eoie .luring

the leun lhe quirtei ended with lu i i Ino

point» io Hie good

In the final temi Vlotlart» lr.un a tie. kick im in tiont mil kicked the Hth soil Mino»

i dil iel loll iii« n Jv ant ige 1on" for the bull

11 i ti uni) ire s buunei Hew erraticallj into Gau i di tis lal 1« aid a goil wis p mtcd Vrother U .1 1» Millen iut Nu th i», i lui» ahead lut

1 linn li a «mp hil mile tie ?«-»< eqtnl ,o nnre !ft r I itzrov ¡t 131 h boil the game j is nitir lv in No-th « îavoer and the final

! North Molli, 17 gis 11 lihds (113 pts)

Fltzro> 13 gls 16 uhds (94 pts)

e i k ekcr -N ti Mi birnie - Fitzmaurice le ) Ilak r (-11 -niltli (-) U\n Gaudion Mien, ' Millen 1 c elhn lita-oj - Vlonart (C) MacRao Mu) Hu lum i2v Hunton tlcmirg

I Ne-rti Jl Ibou in» had three »ilemlid plavei- in III liLiuP Smith and Ili».er Huggins excelle 1

ii I gil marking and 'orceful rushes in defence, and in the nick »muli was veo fast on the wing, land his long well judged kicks sent the ball hilo I scor nr lositloii«: Ilakcr ins a verj alert and j n pi v rover and showed much adroitness in «nap .pig "cals He maae one mistake in mahin_

«napshot at an angle, »hen he should bave passed to lit mauriie who marked and kiekid wen and

I desencdlv earned his sis goal». Gaudion and I Jerram «vere »ure mid strong defenders and

Llewelyn marknl si.leiididlv, but kicked badi!

-»mallhoni plajcd like a iliampion for Htzro»

Ile was fast but cool, and his passes were quick and iccunle St-v-ton dominated Hie centre, and Hunton who ovcrwor».ed himself, was dashing and resourceful Benham placed well through out Moriart» wS-ked hard and srkllfulli^for his iv goals and with u*» bli of luck might have got more Jfacllae also distinguished himself for- ward I richer Huberts Jtceve, and tllis did grand work in defence


St Kilda Outplayed.

St. Kilda proved no match for the fast and weighty Geelong team ou the Corio oval, and   Geelong outdid its large score made against the same side at the Corio oval last year. In all   departments of the game Geelong was superior. At times, St Kilda provided flashes of good play, but the efforts were not sustained, and for the most part St Kilda came into the picture more as a result of some splendid high marking and dashes by such men as Anderson Bence and Jones. The play of King full-back was full oí mcerit, but in     the last quarter Moloney eluded him to delight the crowd with a wonderful exhibition of goal kicking. It was a hard, fast game, but the     issue was never in doubt.  

St Kilda had if anything the advantage of the wind, which blew into the pocket of the western   side of the northern goal and for some time and well into the second quarter Geelong made the mistake of playing on to the scoring board wing. Despite the advantage of the wind St.

Kilda wai defending from the outset, and Baker anl Evans scored. High marking was the feature     of the quarter, Collins, Evans Mctherell, and   McDonald for Geelong and King, Hindson and Davis tor St Kilda excelling. Geelong was all- poweiful across the centre, and had four goals scored before Mohr from a snapshot scored. St Kilda executed one nice move zigzagging the length of the ground, but it yielded only a be- hind, and Geelong led by 7-6 to 1-3 at quarter  


It was practically the same in the next two quarters. Instead of changing over Hawking

keit on the scoring board wing to that full advantage could be made of his speed in attack.  

One of Geelong's strong points was the clever shepherding, and Baker scored early in the term     as a result of Evan's work in this direction. Neill   from a nice mark scored for St. Kilda. The play was vigorous but on the whole fair. Towards the close, however, there were instances, of un- necessary bumping and swinging afer a man had got rid of the ball. For a time St. Kilda showed improved form and w is cleaner in the ground play but the Geelong defence was very sound and at   half time the scores were Geelong 12-6, St. Kilda 3-6

Three goals went lo Gtelong at the commence- ment of the third term, and then a nice run by Mohr and a beautiful kick was applauded as it went between the goal posts. Geelong never   relaxed. Hawking and Carney changed wings several times but eventually Hawking remained on the scoring board wing to do his best work.    

In the centre Walker was initiating many success- ful moves , and the forwards, despite the fact that Moloney was being given no latitude worked ad-   mirably to outmanuvre the St. Kilda backs  

and at three quater time Geelong led by 18-8

to 6-7

Apart dom two behinds scored early in the last term St Kilda was not in the picture. The defenders played heroically and marked well, but   Geelong bombarded the goal, and Moloney cleverly eluding the St Kilda man secured four of the five goals scored in the last six minutes of play. The scores form fair inlicition of the merits   of the teams, and at the close were -

Geelong 25 gls 10 bhds (160 pts). St Kilda, 6 gls. 9 bhds (45 pts )

For Geelong, every man played well. It is diffi-

cult to single out any ot the players. Hawking on the wing gave his best display. McDonald (back) marked well and was very solid. Metherell   was possibly the lest man on the ground being closely followed by Collins, whose marking and kicking were features. H. Hardiman is rapidly regaining his best form. Troughton (half-for-   ward) Carney (wing) Walker (centre) Evans       (following or half-forward), Coghlan (following)   Todd (full back), and Quinn (roving) all played specially well. The high marking honours for Geelong were shared by Collins, Evans and McDonald. St Kilda were best served by Bence (roving), Davis (halfback, especially for his mark- ing), Hindson, King, Scanlon, Comte, and Ander-  


Goal kickers-Geelong- Moloney (9) Evans (4),       Baker (3) Metherell (3) Troughton (3), Kuhlken   (2) Colins. St.Kilda-Mohr (3) Comte Neill,   Anderson


! -

Melbourne Again Defeated

Ile majorit» of the 6 KO people Mho »vitnesied the tia»»thom an! Melbourne contest, at Glenferrie, cania m»aj puo-lin.? thiir heads o»cr the Incon grui!» oí an e»cn same, jet a colourless match s hieb fell llr belo»» I castle stand ird It »» is »ii.oroua no»» and tgiin, likel» to become iiastj

Ihe onl» redeeming feature of the (rame wa» that the it5ull »»JS in the crucible until the last half minute of pla» Hawthorn s \ietorj »»us attributed to it» perlhiactt} and the abllllj of its defenderá to ntone in the llnal quarter for the innumerable earlier ciror» One of the pecuUantici» of the game i»ns thai Melbourne filled to score a goal ut the grandstand end

Before the gime »»na in progTess il»e minuits Ihe general superlorit» of Hie Melbourne centre line «as in-inifest, Lsher, Long, aid 1 emberton all in turn doini; credit to the colours Ha»»thom s plan »»as lo prcient Melbourne from opening up the play, and in this It «aiccccded odmirablj, to the detriment of the game Melbourne furthered the plan, for it had too man» men pri»it iting to- llards tho ball Ihe football general!» »vus crude nnd abounding In en-ors, and the first term ended »»ith Melbourne lia»ing a nominal lead Ihe second quarter »»-is a rushing tearing struggle, »»ith men out of portion Hu-.»thorn kapi battering at the Malbcunie dofen.e lill it» forwards shot from ill nn-rles and llrections anl in addition min» .is» (buce» »»ere mlTcd Melbourne h ni become letliu^ic -ind it» cip*ain could be hc-ird chortliij; hi« nun to Hun up Iheic »»-i« a i nor response au 1 IIi»»th. lu » lead of 1-IO t» J-t. nt hilf time should hue li'Vii greatci

.»on ititi the o)enin"' of tia third qiurlei ¡la» s»\-ung »»liol!» in fa»otu, the »»ork of its light brigade bein,; pirtictilarU fine ílic) lnil the Hi»» thorn defenders rittled and unsteady, and Melbourne s ñ»e goals -ncre all obtained from penalties Ila»» thom added t»»o goals -ind entered upon the last term »»ith a t»»o noint ad»-intage The last quirter -»»as de- termined]» eontcsled both teams thro»» ino; e»cr\ ounce of » igour and »veight Into their efforts. Mel bourne »»as pressing- hird, but it had t»»o ob staclcs-its o»»n iiuccuracj and the splendid de fence of Mills Ino sliots each bj Beames and Murgitlch ga»e tor Melbourne a I»» o point lead, but c]e»er pla} b» Dalle» enabled Carey to re trie» e the lead for Tia»» thorn \ brilliant mark b» Mills chagrined i Melbourne defender, »»ho dumped the Ila»»thom pl.t»el to the ground Mills looked like gaining an itju iU»intr tall, for he secured a superlitlie heidlcx-k in lils oi ponrnt anl an admonition from u I.OJ1 umpire »A ith citra time onl» to pla» Melloutie »»as strning df«peratel»

and Smith had i c1-in« to vi itch th« pmie out cf the tin but he iumi«cb fïhalted his o»rn sj wd jill clo»<lli»FS ni I in the re« oil the I ill

shot io II».!», »»hoc mirk. s»nctruii»cd »»ith ringln» of the bell Hi» shut a successful one, left Ila»»thom »ekr«- »»1th the »c, r »

Hawthorn, 8 gls II hhris (59 pts ) Melbourne, 6 gls 14 hillls (50 pts )

lo Harto» s clcur »c-iutin, ind position pla» and to Mill« s sterling df fei ee I wticularl» in the l.»t term Hawthtrn owed its » iclor» Uttm" defendí 1 abl» and oth is to ] erf nu ere I.tal h during the

le «are «ire ml Tol.n» ti I »har l»»in") .ed brilliant!» fl Mell o ina his hull au!

klckin0 being prai »»»«ill» Hearnes ni 1 D3»u!son 1 th roiel ale»arl» I'einhirton and lon_ »»en hinds mel» in tie rentre »»hile \»ar» -tro». cime-,tl» in the ruck i did Mirgitich m

at! iak

" "? lit

- ll»de




M li ou

»I.r 1 M al




Oakleigh and Yaiiaville Again Fail,

By ONLOOKER . Mell oui ne and Willi im«t »»u i-Kiiou 1» mi «ne iinibh lo um on saturdit »ii » th. t milli »on.» al malchrs « is phil,»! in pi, isant ni itlui Iln» lu».» Cimliro.II and l'r«»t« n the ni» lum» n ith full piint« nil» «ill ma et ni »itmdi» »»t.k tin pani, of the

», .««»ii «hiu!d be «.in

l.imnll» th. < nt. »I »n fn»t «ll»i uni! hell II. intu, ( o' the «pul.or» !hriii"'hout «-in 1

In,h mi »»i» ti». fi«t u 1 m ., .1 in the i r ir 1' rt »Hlnum. win. h »is lnm.rr.l 1» th. »ii 1» natur» of the sill \ort lu «ti »»Inch MI» «»nindi» défaite] 1» C imbin eil on the prnious s,itur<li», «is to, goal for Willum»

t mn. »»Ulah bul i di» »«nan imtliiuj; ionia! io rvht C imberuall -dowe.] it» «up.i ii rnv o»u Brighton Ulkliil.ll, »»huh li« drf, ,u | Coburg cul» onie «Ince it .moled the \-»iciitlrn hld ils fourth suca0»«l»c (allure «ii Mturlu but the »el. ctrr« »»ere «itisfled, t> » Ung sure (hut the temi »»ill 'horth mile If prisent.- felt Pr,s Im d ( ite I Aiirrjilllo »»hull sinig'lcd giiimh hut «I» li "«««I« I»»" >" t,1,ro h« in men One ot |, ,ii|n«e» »i« Iii mm» Ht, s d, ieit of I'rihr.n, nt t mr oi Ilia fikt.M g um i peni on the llnms »»iik er ii,l Hie »»iiintna-temi t lining its Iii «t »lit» i» I, r ti» »ii» m «ho»» ed imrked improie ni ni l r I'rihrm i'nrl »rlcnd.dli

I lupin» »» r. - Vt » in Iritighura, suilrt it \iirulll, I.lovel it llrighton 5. In. fer at Oik 1 igh, lie«"on lit I!run«-».iek, MiWimn, it \orth .ita. Gregor»

Player Reportod.

Vfter the nulli. let»» ft ii Camberwell and Hugh ton it »»as uiuiounei 1 tint It 0 Neill (Camben»eil) »milli b. rtporti.l on ii chalga« if Uiing eharg'd

«, C mil» eil (brighton!

Injured Players.

In th« Hurd quurier of the until, bet«.en Oak- leigh inl Coburg lone (lobuig) »ustoined a lirui«eil knoeeap, ami nas r»placed in tlie last nuirter lu 1 o V. Leih», il-tj of Coburg, su«

tan . 1 brui««-«! rib

I'olllt.r (llllrhllill left thi ground after the milch uitb I uni..r»»«ll HUT ring from a hip iiilini willah he nulle! in n collision

rhomi««oii (lliui sa»iek1 li id thr.e »t.lches in aeilid in a uound on the elim, bin lemalned on the del 1

«.hide O»illmm«lown) le.ened i kui in the thigh In Ihe firs! quirlcr, ind »»us replaced bl l.raeo Haine (IVilhimsto»»n) l»lt thn field in

the last quaittr as a result of the recurrence of an injurt to the groin received in a previous


McLachern (I reston) lal to retire from the effects of a «^vpreh twisted ankle and was re placel bv Owens In the Ia«t quarter Cameron O arm tile) Injured his ankle and was replaced

b K nnedv

Cole (NortleoU) wau suffering nom a wverel} damaged hand which liad been trodden on

Sandi Ingham Secretary 111

Mr Jl Beith the now secretar} of the Sandring ham club was unable to see his team win on Satur da* He is in hospital and will bo operated on tomorrow fir appendicitis

Attondance and Takings

Uterdance Tkgs. bal dril ellam

» Port



Oakleigh v


3 i00 llrunsvv ick v

1 rahran

3 «00 ?Brighton v

Gambo ruell

o 000 tarraville» v

I reston

el 000 ?Northcote v

Al lilian






Too Good foi Port Melbourne

Supreme in the air and showing greater pace and dash fcandnngham had a splendid victory oicr lort Melboun t on the picturesque Hampton ground on Saturday Sandringham also won in i the ruck esieefalh wlen ila captain Becktoi

was following and was also the letter on the winab It plaicd with (neat vigour and deter mination and d times the game was fierce in it« inteimilj Indeed thevv was general «urprise when the d legate* reported all clear after i the game for in the thiid quarter blows were

.Struck, on set eral occasions a boundary umpire running on to the tlel 1 and taking the nutnbers of two placers V lort Melbourne plajer in ctnsed at a remark that carne from a group sitting on a form just inside the ground made a threaten ing gooture but it was a gesture only Onl} tt e firmness of the umpire ¡stuart kept the placers in check durhi" the game but he was uot happv in his interpretation of holding the ball hold mg the man rule Port had un où da}

officials attributing the shown g to ile sand} nature of the grounj, which hampered t te pta}crs considerablv The game might lune leen won in the last quarter but the^Jviddng was poor It admitted however, that candnngham was the superior team and the victor} was well desoned Sandringham made a last minute change "ioune, who was ill leint replaced b\ M Bourke

Seven behinds were scored in the first quarter before the first f,oal came then Sandringham, added three In succession The game opened with ^reat pace and dish and the fine high marking on both Rides with Sandringham a little the better, wau a feature of the quarter The home si le was belter in its position pla} and its hand ball was effecthe I lhe game was somewhat crowded and the enuhe« were fierce with both sides fighting e\cr} inch of the wa^ It was onl} in the last few minutes that Port hcoied two \ oils the or position leading b} 3-5 to 2-1 at the first change

lort added on!} five behinds in the 6econd quarter Sandringham cairiel its scoic to ~-y thorough!} descrviig its good lead It was the fatter ai d more accomplished side and was supreme in the air There were great battles In the ruck aid in this depaitment also ¡sandringham

was the bettor

There were several changes in position when plaj wau resumed after the interval Buckle} (Pott) w T> stationed half back t^atnst Gambetta and H}de went half forward in an attempt to check > Bourke in the air It was a hard and ^ igorous quartet in \ h ich several m^n on both sid« pla}ed wuldlv Blows were struck and several unspirtamaiilike ictions were noticed Lieh side added three toals one to Sandringham being from a sill} free kick to C ambetta it d another coming from a splendid snap h} fr orbes Bourke was marking over H\de and freiu».ntH turned Ports attack At the last ch-nge Qandrn ghirn led b\ J0-Já to o-n

sandringham concentrated on defence in the last quarter and nearh lost the match in eonse quenco for it failed to score ehlcfh because of the fine dtfence of Perrett and harbutt I ort

on the other hand attacked fiercch and onlv loor, kicking for feoal lost it the game It added 2-7 and was onl} 13 points behind at the finish

with the scores- '

Sandringham 10 gls 13 bhds (73 pts ) Port Melb 7 gts l8 bhds (60 pts)

Goal kickers -Sandringham-Forbes (Í) Gam betta (2) Thoms M Bourl e De Luca Ha}ment Port Melbourne-Bedford (2), Lahiff (2) 1 lum ridge Tiutc Hide

llcckton (followtug) ind Ita}ment (roving) was the o mbhution ti it had most to do sith Sand in binni s win li tktcn gained the hit out with n ar»ed reculant\ "ind Itaymeut i forceful md de enn ii I ruvei ustulh mide (,uod Uec of his oppntunitks jlayin"- well also hi i place 1 rue tital \ o en man phjtd his vail well lut > Jtourke s fine m irking anl dash from Centie hah lack De luca h marking and 11< ing irotii half forwarl Forl es s accuracy and determination on the forward line Lum s "reat defence in god (in which department Jordan w is conspicuous) and the good work of B ish and Mill urn on the wing were tell mt, factors lu the \ictorv

Brooker Garbutt ind Perrett were iho most conspicuous men for 1 ort Brooker was opposed to an accomplish d pla} cr in Jamison in the centre but 1 s dish tine high mirking and posi tion píav giined him a slight advantage ( ar butt & ability to 1« in the right plac ad led to lis fine marking and Mcklr.«. e,a\e him tj e ad vantage ovei 1 horns the full forward iho wis thus corni ellet! to e,o far afield for his oppor tunities lerrctt wa» in able d fender and lso

orked had in tit ruc; Bucllev in various position.«» ila}cd a kteimned ml VIL, DU "I

nd Lal itf m nttac.-. ai d r ving vas n ev i Ici ce

1 dav It If rd nnrkt I suj cri h anl an al vi)«; iii It i i 1 ii Ii kickiiL lui j. I i

atrocious '


Uthnjfch Willuri» o»n plalcd much lit o» it., usual standard Northcote showed a "ratlfimg mi iroiem nt m »onndl» .Mtatin,, the » 1 team lu SO prints Manj mistakes marre 1 a game that »iaB seldom s)eitaell!ar »Northcote »»as last r mora »igcrou« md «an in the ground pla» It f eqeeritl» a Ifs-1 \\ lill imstown s superio-it» m th

air b» knicking the lall cut »»hen piners » ent up for matks ind its smaller men seldom filled to glin pc«ses»ion oi the ball on the boui ce Northcclc was much superior in the ruck hut it plajed too much roun 1 the wings Williamstown «as null» licking in th. determination wmch «as the feature of its pla» against I oburg Its inttcii ni n « s pror and its forwards »ho»»cd fatal »clh'hn»«» Closer te-imwork and les» in diMdiul ertirt Is urgent,» re pure I

Ctrl ng sluts lor goil owint, to the foiwuds ha»ii)g v inderi I towan! the untr», cost. North cote m in» points in the first quarter Wlllnm« town muli good use ot its chinees and at quarter

lime it 1 i b» î-o to 1-10 Kill»in«, »lilli line dihli Northcote reiu.dicd Us we.kness lorwarl und at half tim lid bj 4-12 to 4-t, rune ifter time the Nirtlu te lorwards pru»c1 tio cleacr for the opi osma: Kiel IIKII Their pisition i h» w is « lind and »aiertl l'iiins af IIIFIUIII, paw.« », minlscent of Northcott « be«t p. rio«! dre»» loud al plausi \t thru qu-»rt.r tuna Northcote led b\ i-IJ ti >- «i Vstonisliini, <li»|la»» of selhsh tia» bj til« ml» \in \» Um »sod »»hen Willum» tow-u ittail 1 in the list quarter With its Istamira l-ib it. Williinisto »n dropped iiirth r

¡bein d ml N illcot won ei«il» »cores -

Northcote 12 gls 14 bhds (86 pts ) i Williamstown 7 gls. 1-4 bhds (56 pts )

l.oal ' leker- - Noitlic ti-mil ur (S) Li ia (.'. 1»)«» ni Milne \\ illi muto» r-Grant (¿) Harrie t.'l «-in lal ii 1 Mel.rjth

I or N, rill« la «-inith (I iii K « ii ) « .s cqt .11» canst .nu i lu» sr» liaulir nurkin^ nil kick

li«, ud lu »ri] jiijii» fairness Hi» sen«e oi li »ill n nit' a unte i ' un g ci his lick» , n. » »i ti > . 1» too! s-eainoui (lull (ona-rd) llu s 11 i _n ii a more imulli di pla of a

.min ti .u in lie u g hi« n"hl goals line (foi» i d ind foi owing) pla »ed an imaluible »Igor uti» glim lukins md MeSwain defended holidl»

I elkins slnw.d flasrts of the dashing f»>nu »alueli praaioubl» mid. bim a ¿Teat Lackman Ilo»s (roauig) blowad great dish and Inaugurated min» attacks In (le nick when Noithcote bald i marled superi rit» Milne, Honig und Ilowi ill Ruse good ser»lie tiarvett («Ing) and liri» (forward) ¡lu»cd dashing gullies

Mo«t of Williamstown s champions »i,rc much baloav form II. lwig (defending) pla»ed his usual .or and »jluable game liiooks gained the upper lan! in »oin« cullin», (li els »»iib Co-rigan al .eitre Lanih caine through splendidl» m do feme Ihnn (full buk) showed good promis, hut he allowed «.jimur to elude hnti mun turn» lol u prfiriuil »olid »iori in tin mil

lut he lecelaed little sill p irt brant elm »a 1 di» tina piomlsc -is a forward II»nu (tornurd) marked »leeticuhrl» bul his kicking »»as often astin Ure« (d»fending) and Cutting («ing) gave good sar»ice


.»p.ctutora of the niateh ut Brunswick »»ith Prahran »».re treakd lo an excellent dlsplaj of football ifter hilf time, »alien Priluan mode a gre it racoier», and In the tina! quarter drew le»el with llrunswiik vhlch at halt Ilma 1. I hi II», goals Vlthoiigli I'r.lim had sllghth the hitler of the plaj in tiie tlnul quirteraud uni«hcd strong!» th olf.nsnc «us left until too late Hue foot bull wi» p'neil I» loth sid s In Ihe final hilf llrunsw c1 m.etlng the swltt dishes ind eloier groun I woik of Pr.hran »»ill. sound marking, slrnlines« nt d aa unite licking

Th, ural quarter »»as unintir.»ting brunswick, lining supaiior w.lghl, had Hie better of ion gested mo\eiuentft ami led bj ti-1 to 4-4 Pla» rem lined »lo»» m the second quartet llrunsuick. rie.entcd the pla» fiom opening oil* and pre»«ed

ils initial idiantuge v ith the result that at half time it li I I j 11-" to C-"

It Thom! on (Unir s>vi A) lae siflcrlng fron a «evere eut til der the e n at half time but aftç tr aiment he leeiejel to continue and flnishet the panie I uejs (captan if I rahrm) vvho«e li) « is cut n il s con 1 e) nrler vus replace 1 hv Tnm I tho ii,h I ral nu v « tir«! lo score on the resumption of pi v ti e «î e «I o ved no «len ol its real form unt I half th» qi arter had elip«ed M ith sarinslrg su Idei i it toce ii irpo of the same and tie eel ole » jo ned m the offensive Bninsuloe as m m ntir Iv t a los« as several poals were uro el fiom rej itel « ifi dishes It ?he exnclusion of tie liait * I r.1-in lad retacee] th leal ef its oip n nts I 11 point« 1 resslng forward ami in the iii al quarter it alio «el Ilrun« wick no respite anl i tense ei it ment l rei ailed as Prahran further ii lu 1 the lea 1 to sU points and flnallv »nth a pial from cilter evened the scores Bmnsuck rem-imeil stcilv anda several furthe" attacs I roke too" the bill frrward where Mutimer vlth a beautiful kick restored Brins wicks lead Wacin r mil the best of «ub»e quent opportun ties I -.*h n murnini» and ki khir and although Bruns»lok rema i ed in danper the leid vean Increa« d 1\ il Prahran attack i p the quirior el «el vii 1 the teal «core« -

Brunswick 16 qls 13 bhds (109 pts) Prahran 14 gls 12 bhds (9G pts)

Goal kickers - Brunswick-Blackmore ("I Dow lins Í3) l-itzi,erald (2) Minien Smilb Carroll and \futimr- 1 rahran-II iw kins (6), Williams (2) Salter (2) White Jordan Greenwood and Harri«

A con«picuous feature of the plav of the Bruns- wick side was the fine marking and accurate klioot

ing of Blackmore who plaveel a considerable vari in retrievinp the pime for Brunswick at a critical period Marden (ruck and forward) alwavs made his presence felt while fitzgerald (roving) plared a smart determined pimc Thompson (centre) also plav ed a von serviceable pame Chapman (full back) wai often seen to advantage Po» linn (fer wird) was one ef the most va noble scouts for

his s'd»

Brue» (half rick for Prahran) plated one ol the finest pimes on ,the pround Th» effective manner in which he» came through in defence wa« ,an Inspiration lo his side and hil efforts were able- set onded bv Koop (full back) whose steadiness and judgment w-cre maintained at the usual hiph stan dare! Banks (elefendlne) was also pool while White», on the wine repeatedlr proved his abllltj In lils fine work forward Hawkins was well sup ported b« Jordan narri« (nick and defenec) waa insistently pood


Steadiness and determination which atoned for t inaccurate woree "bv forwards enabled Coburg to

defeat Oakleigh in the last few minutes OihlcTLh showed improved form and led threuphout but the cam» was decided lu the third quarter when OOA leigh falle 1 to take advantape of a slight brco7e and bopan the last quarter with a lead of onlv I seven points Oakleigh s high marking and long

kicking were spectacular but ils crude pa«sii g and handball frequentlj si oiled good pin». Coburg lacked brilliance but its hcavv ruck solid de fence and cleaner ground pla} counteracted its un steadiness in the air and forward Oakleigh was unfortunate, as two doubtful decisions were giveu against it at a critiial time Fleming took a magnificent mark within a few feet of the goals but the umpire (Preston) whose view may have been obscured b> other plavers bounced the ball

and Coburg cleared In the last quarter the umphe awarded "Briggs (Coburg) a mark in front of goal, although the ball had rebounded off an Oakleigh plover and the resultant ¡,oal gave Cobuie. the lead t

Iho first half provided fast vigorous football

in which the teams were evenly matched Both were unsteadv forward and man} o» portunitus were lett Long kicking and spectacular high marklnp in which Oakleigh showed to advantage were features The Col urg nick m which Jenkins wis conspicuous was dominating the game but Oakleigh s speed and better marking counteracted its advantage At half time Oakleigh led b}

C-12 to 6-13

The third quarter provided fast exciting play Oakleigh was tmahle to increase its lead ouine, to Coburg s strong defence Oakleigh was still rliovv

Ing supirioritv in the air 1 ut Coburg was fa 1er and its tactics of crowding iii» y'a« were suceiss hil At three quarter time Oakleigh led by a-la to S-l-l Soon after the final quarter began it «as obvious that Oakleigh s tactics of crowding the back line were fault} as its weakened torvvatd line meant that for practlcall» all the quarter its defenders were hard r reined \lthough it wasted man} opportunities Coburg took the lead with u few minutes to go, and another goal settled the

issue Scores -

Coburg, IO gls 24 bhds (84 pts ) Oakleigh, 0 gls 17 bhds (71 pts )

Goal kickers - Coburg - Stockdole (3i Briggs (2) Leah}, Klght Duncan Beers and Griffiths Oakleigh - lann (3), Heming (2) llodvvell (.) fraser and Wiltshire

Coburg gave an even dteplav nilli few brilliant individual pla}ers Jenkins did much heav} work In the nick and Bertram defended ablv lull balk Lowe (until injured) was conspicuous for good use of the ball and flillox piaved well at a critical time Stockdale made good use of his opportun!

ties but V ilhers (the Oakleigh full back) did not allow him roan» Klght was the best of the


In "iann one of the new men Oakleigh had the best man on the ground His stamina wai, remark able as he appeared to be on the ball at all times Particular!} in the last quarter his pla» waa brilliant Homings marking and eifel tlve use of the ball were features of the game He foiled man» Coburg attacks In the last quarter, and was equal!} conspicuous m the nick MeAli» ter Cramin and Dnvir ila}ed fast clever foot

ball while Rodwell anel Grant caine undei notice in the last quirtir \me*. a new pla} cr marked brilliant!} but lils kicking was inaccurate iel ithers the full back played a cool consistint ¡.¿nie


Recovering from a poor beginning, Proton gaincJ a decisive victoiv over Yarraville, when brilliant iootball wai» displaced h\ both sides For the flr«t quarter it teemed, although both teams scored their first goals rapldh, as it the visitors would be outpaced With the change, o( ends, however, the fortunes ot larra.ille were reversed and to keep pace with the visitors it had to fight even inch of iii ground In the second quarter the pace was rapid, anti realh excellent football -wab displaced The st. eed of both teams \uc will matched, although Preston beemed a little overanxious, and while vigorous its kicking wa« erratic, and thus it lost mim good opportunities U half time Preston led bv T-6 to G-7

?\\hen plaj was resumed after half time Presión renewed its efforts and. settling down, achieved better results, while Yarraville s back line waa at a disadvantage

In the last quarter tarraville, determined lo retrieve its loin, ground, made a valiant attack Rapldh it broke down a lead of five goals to two

Scores -

Preston, 13 gis. 11 bhds. (89 pts.). s Yarraville, II gls. II bhds. (77 pts).

Goal-kickers - Preston - Dineen (3), Langwell (3). Hunter (2), Poulter (2). Uarr (J), Summers Yarraville-J Bucklev (1), W Ducklev <2), Strat- ton, Fordham, Dimond, Brumbj, Wunhvm

-Preston received its best .service from Warr, Summers, and Hunter Wirr was an untiring worker Dineen give a good displaj Tor îana ville the mou .spectacular plivers wert .1 Buckle (four Í,OJ1«0, \\ Buckle}, Dimond, and Wunhvm


In i gime in which neither team w i« it its top t unbent eil defeated Unghton bv nune ilian five goals at Llsternwiek Park on Saturdav C un bcrvvell won the mutch ui the first quarter wln.ii, showing good Rjstem, out marking it« opponents and kicking perfectly to position, it gained u sub stantial lead Brighton s most effective ralh wis at the beginning of the third quarter when, idding three goils in quick guecesèion it disorgani«td the opposition \part from these two pitches of plav the teams provided onlv mediocre lootball In the earl} part of the match Brighton wis weak in the ruck, and when lat«°r there waa mprovemcit in that detartment tie forwirl wert fieqiientl,,


Camberwell otin d n p-omuir^ snip, making light work }f Brl_,h 01 s opi osition flit piastre kicked almost tiultKs«l3 and na v remarkable nu"ks witt, tike n \ tenkutv, to nuk-? -allott 1 adsta, which almoat invariable linked their objec tivt vv is the onlv weithew Brighton, on the other Ind s«.Lint î un il le to bt ttle down um when tht luartor ended the hores were 0-3 to J-2 In Lam! nvell i lavtur Brighton Y Id ils own m the c comí quarter and Caird Lrwt.ll s team work de ter uritt-d i little Brighton improved its pace .in ] ma ni« of its ¿«.tauts dinned a betler fate thm a tehind of which five were stcred There wns a r muk ible incidí nt toi ird<; the end of tin. quarlu when Luff (Camberwell) kitted fur goal ^teiii«?: that tho ball would go through vcrv near on o ot

goal potts i Brighton plavei rin and shook

p ut bad not leen touched a goal would almost ceitainh hive been bcoicd

Throe goals added In the Brich ton captain (John son) in quick t.accession at the beginning ti the sicond half give heirt to Brighton In thur efforts the Brighton plav cr*; proud too «mart foi tht CamUnvell Uu k-s and ah) hiiowtd (.re it mt

invementiu their marking Camberwell retorted it-eli, hut from then on the henowa were fairU even Hid it no-, been for tin tool lead L,lined 1 \ Cimherwell in the flist quarter the tini-H muht have j roved close Final score« -

Camberwoll, 16 gls 14 bhds. (110 pts ) Brighton. 10 gls 17 bhds. (77 pts)

Goal 1 ickers - Camberwell - Lawn C1) Util v (1) Luff <-) W Cotftii (2) Ma«on <?!) Htm K Williams Brighton - Jwhnson (o) lucUr U) Hill, \vtn, loulter

M lion in tit ruck was K1 til lim se mpituuiih arning the Camberwell j liver n mad nuiv opportunities mil kicked well \mong tlu f r wards \\ luff, liaki and l-l \n dil IMM lim marking w is one ct tin ft it ure s OT th ; mi

V Loflin (follow in") was onf of the men nmg tie limn on the ground md ofttn broke up tie Brighton attacks Ihe high uurMWr st Jeir* {lull 1 i k) was paniculailv good

Jcin«wn Hill, arl 1 mint* Fhmd th U urs of th H uiton Bid lol t ^uii Miu/gltd tt r uli

out th* gum t . k-up th-* f i tri lui mi it ii mil m iv *lif if ut U-H \ i mil

lill* in his kicking and making ulule li minis (i ii g) w i« largelv r ipoi« bl* f i Blight n s im

ruvenieiit in th mci P ulta (i iw i I) u d i luccer (r ung) liait I well in tho 1 ,«¡t lah ef til

1 ti « 1 1 11 r» r w

mule feat el lilli Si Oil I'« roil am. io»

etch ?* has tv»

iiiin> «len« nor

a y-mie lhe tun the meeting ef Hld nfixt Satur In» and

the «ei




Pearson (Old Scotch) 10 Goals

The RUrpnve oí the Molreiio.itin llilateur \ see tien ganies on ««aturtl

Kick li» tho Old I'«ra. . ... 1 lie Melbllnuniifi and le IK.lan«

«hilo for the third «li-k In .Ueie-svliii I int vimvirn

iiirC these» three team« at ("lelon., m1 nilli rm« I hierum I i ,1 ...a «hile nellhe el II

Satiric» Bank I i« »et v n

5 «nrilnp e»iil in 1

anl I l-l Millern .. .-.." niel 51. II urn! ma i week later shoulel clanfv the i»o*ulon

111 the II seotion Itemlti-h ailel Hi» ire unileftstee!. «lill.' Brunswick Iïrielilon ]e lim al Hld Ilojs and ¡St Pauls lime t«r> »um e u-h In :hn (! section Melbourne Hich Oil B»i« l.l n iiintlr ami Caliterhuri un un le tented «hilo Kin.« rille and Old XiTlcnins hue tv.» »li« In II u tion St Imvatrn« « M» ! îtorth Melbourne e 1! l lill Hois -ire unlefcit.d «hilo 1 S in I \

Itink I ot>l«eri5 Technical Old Ho» s anil Miia. limns ink have t«o lins each

lhe l-cst cetallilckiiia- lurfinniii e on situnla» ii IA

that rf 1'ean-rn lill! s et, ii «ho kit «K1 10

?-mist «.»celons »»hile lae t( i>lli" nu«) k1 1 e I 'i . '" «I Qtimi (l*iri,il'iiii,i »ii

, M li iVcv (linn «I 11 .- ._.. .eiv-iii»! nu) j-,,,«« Il Ils nil li»

and McDona.i (1 e»et uuj lchnlu.1 <e el II ,1 -


A Section

Old 1'arii.lhin iu-n defence! H tenmi k IJ

12 at Ileidclber; The first quarter ii is .ii ii but In the neat two qnnrtirs the l'armliau-. urielii

»Mv «cut uva) to land bj four coal« it the Anil I chance This lead waa inaiutilnid until hull was


" L..

f I ll!" Hill tho last quarter rehe-i I BterntrMTT ?

complete charge and added six «mu ." »5?Tï »»«*

"io fiad I y eight P,?Inta »till "l^c raÄ^"*

lhe. I'aradians rallied and In the ?,". -0.?1

2-1 to win b» five pointi PaÄ.*4*4

faster and surer in, hannhns the tau if. Í" pliyers wore Knew (baek) McNarnnn n,.tii *?«.

Crow- (rovlngi Quinn. F ran aiTuS'1*-* con s »vere scored hi Guinn IS) G0tt!"i," ,Ji> ! «ill!ems and Flrnn Best, fe-fih* fri.J-"1*

Dudgeon ¡roving) Lreed (Seil cflraS.",?,'? fori.ard) Heard and Applebee while u?. 'í¿! kickers were \udcraon tg, Dud-eoii i"i i,J^! 121 II Conrad and Heard " '"' Hmi&

Old Scotch Collegians 16-14 defeats r-_,

lO-lo at Geelonp11 «koah 'won în [he S?ltg,

on the around Hie sides were even The -5' »as very fast and until half way ti roi?ï rf?«

quarter üceeres wen eieu Od fjíoich iiíii, alTi

-ivrnj thcugh tho lut quirter w"hfafe1 »«'

Hie saurai y and skill of Pearson (illa Se L?, wai a ftattire He marked well and iiÄi,, tf*1

all an»!« scored 10 goals? Oura-Ti»»*- to lil

eut Viere N Law (baek) G Law fmnr7i nï?

se»» lfolli>mni,ir .lobinsón and i'Ä wh,S",d.

other Boals were scored bl lllchsniton i«! LV1' MC*TIS teach and Taterson Be» r.jT:"?? « «elong- wera Bell (wln,l Hassett li.rdin « .,.', V'Jv"5",an,, ',"soí!n," &0-1- ».»« scored bli-ä elilTe (1) raimar (21, C Wheeler u V "a

¡smith a ^-e

,<.?--»*- )I"1T'"T lO-lj defeated tnlvest, P1,

35-3 at Gteniru The ¡rame was intere ', » .Í:

little between the seo es. The 1 lick, \, e" tT"f In the sur while Malvern had the Utter of L «round pla> Barwick (Kast Malvern! ., ,,. , in tie second quarter anl was repla ti t, (JS" Best for the» winner» were Spragu icertwl .k. ».- best on the »round Bocees (hilf ' ""j' ,"

(ftirrnerls wilh Melboumel Tnrnaa jeJ.,

Milligan The coal» were scored i,ft"i ¡51 Itogcra (j). Fagan (3) Crawfwd " £'« Cassld} The be«t for the Black, t,Z u,,1 tartan (half lark) Mollison (ton ard» R,' (centre) Mdullffe Kuhlinann, and uu-bT Gctslkickers were Digland Hi "eíolhi»-! î Î-,1 11) Hieks (2) Connaughton 12» Jc, ¿. n "3

Peters '

Old Siclmimisns iB-21 defeated tim-n Blue* 1"-J al the rmversit« lhe ne ¿t

4-2 before the Melhurnlans scored hu af r thi the: weie gi idually bumped orr ti t in e«

t Lalf time the» st II led b»- 7-1 t I |, T ' iver liehmi at three quarter lui e anl 11\ ^y

kicktui. kept them vrlthin range 1 is r t " winners were Mkin.,ejii Ifolloiii ia) J « i4»> bell (half forwardi Lhurchus (folio i i aiMWt

ins »vh> »oreel eight goals Other goals ".r, ",. J S Campbell lil Jaek Guthrie (2 J t Css-v bell Uknson and Mogs 1 c- t Bim, ( \ollugi (centre) I rentice anl Bill ii "-j-.!.

Newman and James were pt» mt inn r- le h i

Hikers were Newman ti) Dance . I Ho--! (2), Kearn: (21 I *»oIlugi and Jame

Collcirians. 14-12 defeated st4te ^a

1-lo at Wesley The Bank Iel I ._ " , " in the first quarter bul by half Hire» i eJU liad evened the scores The third quart- -ras et

bl t In the last term Collegians vie it s cal i < tieri lomfortabl} Best plajera f t e i e

»rere fceabriok (folio» np) Hartnell e'luck

lleljea (back) and IAW wh> kickm i ne jta.e Oilier goalkickers were Holden 12' sci o" j 0 Uonnell anl Chamberlain Best Ir !».» \ft were Co ks and I elly (half bick«) Call fbjíi

Joyites (utlifz) Pclbridïe and Kemp < a i TI » scored b> ! haiieiler li) Kemp (21 Ila s Slcri

and DelbriUe

B Section

ljrlghttHivale lS-lo defeated Mu-arV j . , 13 at MurruinlKcns The eime ia ia » Örst quarte- with i-ö to 1-2. Be^l r are .'-'--ore ¡adfiell ?»«--?-- . ? . -'


.._. ') Cuthbert. .. .. (21 Paelfleld Stanlei and Boland ! t (c- a leiser were Grecoo (best on ground) S elf's R

dish IT Walei-3 and leaner Goa s ^-s »it» * Hoexl (31 1 ateoon 13) Jasper Gre.on \\ ate-3« bli olds H M atcrs Barker and Franc

I,entleiah 14-7 defeated Brighton 1%. -] oi Bi>s »-li at Brighton Straigl t kick it u t«. dec din* faetor Best platers were Broadte t Ctr j Bunnin? HarTOl and l'erraten while scnlfcklei were Creok (3) Dalton (J) Gardner 12 I eil . (2) Bunning *dcl_ul!ocli Ilirrot I n'i , ' Rowell Besat for leser were 1 icke-?. <i - (.round) 1 helps Blecblej Hnlkcr Ihr. while goals were scored b> .Shaw (I I e^ Macauiey and Darts

1 runswiik 17-17 proved tee. pr « p..-» IliUs 10-9 at Surre: Hills Best fu- m. , «ero Crehan Ia>¿an Blanchard li llelh-i Bc \I

ehell and Malilook while goals were « re ».y ir lliekos: (7) Jones (31 Malilook 12 Mi 1th " 1 ogan 7 HIekol ind Herbert 1 t t the 1 < avere r*ra<«er (best on ground) Hatif kt'( lexie» and \ 1 yie Goalklekers we- e ! a > ; Horton 121 I loder (2) Spurr Horsnaill aif Ja~c

West flawthoni 21-1« defeated Hi- I

nt Ha«thtmi Be°t for the winner were i a M ,i son Norna I uni A ole and Lansen l ik In were ¡slmp«on 15) lalwson I )) Conlon " Wa»

(31 Lipiunn (31 Will» »nd lund B l li C ltwr Wen» Jlaee Moore Neite and Si r .»

Cart: (31 Mace (3) and Sta n r «. e<


St lulls 10-21 defciud Tosh t c Ii e 7-11 tasil» at \«cutral rbe I I te ' t vi mer »vero Smith ¡sedi-en an K n I Ii

N King and Bell Gcalkichers e-trt « f

1 King <3) Kldne: ("1 Neus,, I" M - , i Bell Best for the liser «ere nts. m Ma soutar Broekell and Du Bourg wl ) vu

Du bourg (2) Heule: an 1 Oak'e» " A J S

C Section

Canterbury United 13-4 deicited K . 11

11. Best players - Lante-bur)-K «-i ie-s I t -v Simpkius Shores Kingsri le-1 eonarc Mc ^t

StrongL Marshall Hone« Gc-alkicKe- -la terber -K Silvers (81 Matkin (21 Giltanii f a i r Silvers Kiussvllle-Lconarl u H c r Bassett ,

Sandringl am 10-16 de'eatt-d Old \trni ? i -11 Bel «layers - Sandnnsham-Hr 1 ltotv"! Braille:, I edrin Xavieriau- Ktiirid Ii « Ca«ey O Halloran Gmlktckcrs -«lair1 , i" 0 Mara 17) lloberts (J) Uoberlsn i l \Din.

-Kenned: (4IV Kell: ("1 O Hall ra " a-d


Melbourne High r-ehool Old bo ] l '«v t> louth Caulfield 10-1 Best ph c-i JIH« Mcllp'ne O \mc«. Sumpter M Ile) uu" -.eel« Caulflell-TMckett. Glaiw Barrett Kelli s lexie Goalkicker»-M II S-sumpter (li Daves

M Amos (21 Iddisou 1 carson VutI I ulfe^cl

Glass (J) Is roo)e (2) Hhldloatoi e J i tj. «aullivaii G 1 oole. It Hutel insun

Old Halleybur: îruilt: >-7 il'f atee1 O en- field Grammarians 7-11 Best plaver« OdllT Dredge Derham loleman Meek lilu I 0 « Caulileld-Kcudall Croner \1 in Merl C a. kickers -Old H T -Gardner it») 1 re le- 3

Mons. Celenian OH ( lultlcl 1-Lvn 1 (" »ti. 12). Kelldnl) btevins %\ em: «

Gliiihuiitl» H-lo difeated Dandr ri , II JS Best i!avei> -ijleuhuiitiy Ukin« I ti 1 ace 1 Ii: and Utoti Scarfe Daiidcn ng-1 I, a m pires vene) l'icdin lírbii sou W el e M Ua t and I airbauk Gualkickers -GIcnl a 11-I ea.-«« (Il' \ltnre 121 Weih (2) Poole II rt la. i 1 van* Dandelion*-itebinson io) M I u Halle: lU-lh» «cMand

D Section

st Iiitatlis 14-12 def-ated W ! m "-lo Beat l luyera - M lgnat u h t. Hlekev Mel ourille Mullud. We I-u. w cl

Hoean (uinilrcb rote) Hird Lite' la ti c«e Goalklekers -ht Ignatius - Hotian Ke nea) (3) JlcOnnlle (il Meit Bruisii! tuet It McGinuibken L) Napier Larter Lj.v c )

NciUi Melbeurni C B ( Oil U j 11 » ei featetl Old Brlghtonlnni, 9-7 Be't r ajc-s *»c Melboumo-McDonald W fctuckcv left- I r» den Old Brishtejr-Itowell Hil-, Vrche i ki keru -North Melboume-Jettera 4 Lie

Callaghan, 12) Nelso; (2) L,]d JJ t"i _t ,

1«- 1 tie' at*J

t -ai et«

"il kef-Ic«

_r. _ .. - r'T Z Tc-le Murphy Chad lick turner Ormoni Min r. 3

, .*..a, Vt.ttl, LUS-James Turi e ?«.. Goalkickers - Bank-O loniior li) I* O Ila i I" J O Ham (Jl Gilllili-ham CI Untlat Ismi ron Walsh L H S-James 17) Turrer 2

F b and A Bank 11-21 defeated i ardu 10-11 Best players-E ¡s and V-Mair ¡larder Drummond, Barker Gard nor-sfcunMf (umpires' vole) Aitkln N «milli Mun i Toal kickers -n. b and A -Martin (41 1 Val«

(21 Mason (21, Elsworthy (2l, bheeran (2 , h««


Havelock Still Undefeated

I » rU-fcatinc AhboWord I'rcwer» cl *' u « liu»eloek »till lelnaill«. Ula oll!> inuMei »1 tal 1 ti.». batunga Momiu«: Industrial to ti I.»-rie llio team deinomlrate I marital mu r «. n e t a tlie (ulm di»pla»ed In the tlr»l »ni I. »lit» player» lacke-d co-operation Vibotsfor I ! e a rj I .i also iii.iirui-a.1, but tile opp«»»lti .n * »« ii a« « ilcclsiie lilli». In Hie llr t tlirae lil i « Um laid n ülltlit adrantaco but In the I», ti i » fir superior marking anJ kickiri, nora a »t a f rho brewer» It-am vttxS its »vci»ht free j in» pa«slni! b» the HnTelc».k ni<-u nmV t a o *.

effecti»«* The '»lavPloe'.r. d*i"«-nee aaa acm a '*

turo In tlie fiecon I imartcr the H-i» lx i hi ! If Moodie twena.1 a kick on tlie t'i "1 ii a« * placed b» V Wells, linal »»ora-Ha»»l . . "0 heliinds d \bbol»ford Ilteiver' , s o'«


(,o ii k1 kera-Uai eloclt Kiel» ti» ' .-«,,

. nd IIIIKSOII Abbotsford l»re»rcry Sham c »!u McLcIlan Harker and u barrell

Best playCTS-Haveloe!. Hall iwho« » otp»« at lia II back »ras a decided «dram.s « r j-ar Kiely Armatro'iz and Da. ui \hl »,t ' -1 1 -v» T Boishall Blnitb Ctr pins JlcLellau \ . a»->

1 lolmsou

Layijols Defeated

».lu ou~h LajgoU bad nhat vu cal» Vlf struni»e«t team for Hie year it ». ia da a ... !>v «-* ton Lrtweo Hoit-cier the match iras a itc-. «»ut and the brea.ery team »»on L,v on y ".. ».

lor tho flret balf Lojmls had «litUl« t beta » the pla» and leal by four points -it ! a f i re b lu the «»coud haif l lillon Ure rery »u» J* a> « anl at timas t!«e team »»ork «as esuellii T . f

»»ard» slioaved initiât!» e and iccurau, \ ina»a» bec: con«picuotu Uoirnt» an IV, aUh Carito i I e»er reae«i-cd »lijht les injuria»». Vinal -c ra» -Ca-lto

Mrcwerj li coals b belilnds ai Laarfoi« «j j ii ,«J


(.ou! Hiker«-Carlton Jiren-ery Mhitioa» 1 Smith (21 Cirt.r an! Hollo« Laue» !lo»U (, .dcM.hOli Joyner Ileciian Leaa-is an! 11 aro,j

He»t players-Carltoil Br»»«er» Vhutvil lu cat tamed the temi an,! »hiwed his bt«e f nu 'o* the «a»oiil J and s «»mitli Kelli i"Vh n l* «r»' M ils!. C irter Vcllermott lan I» Kup< Uni» Hool» J mil, Ileatlcoto J Hecmn

Dunlop Dofonts Harold Shoe

lh» flut hilf o' the trame belai-ean minier» a

II irold »boc « u eren an.1 Haro! I SI ne IM b ii I onus at half ttnie Ihmlop cave un careel »"' »i hit ition m th secon] hilf shi'ini-, t. ««d tutu «111 mirkmi! 'eil tltliniigh the klmin. '.»'«'.',

ard« «o. .fien ma urHle Son, Pu iloi 1' e ii» IS ! Uni» »! Harold SI- « * i/»i ( « , hu I

i,»ii lick rs IMnloi Ilnnurd Vu r 2 fin' \l2 I' tai» 1 Sch.-ppkk ...I I. Snill II«» i

Sii e i liotT'O (21 I «liai» n (2> Ldniui - Ki . Uni Uns! !

let ! laars-Ilunlop Cn» W 1 11 I S li ] al » I otar» H.ner Hut no K1 -ind Stein Ila 11, Sr« 1 Iinimla Iloip» Wauch hlrjuzln I ur- «ro 'mid Hil» r

i Raymonds Wins Easil)

I Hil ii un b«vu fer the |0»r kidiiic of te

I"-l-l l!n»m nda vtould hare defeated O.^l'hid!

e»,u mne i.» r |j ti au It dil Main lili »''I i « nil Int. le n goals n-sulti 1 m balli id« am" « I h- » limul r »ent out of bon" s In til» rr tire.

Hurt rf I ijiunl hal tho better of fe nar m,"' «lipirn nits an I It ».as onll li the It»! t-rm tbit ,1, oUbllf, dil ut al! »veil <-e(ir.»-!!a)ii nii's , I1 li. Isiitoli.n!» d i.oidchil.l« ; coa.a li l>' I « il Kiok-r-l.iimiMi!» Carter ( ,1 !l»l]il»r'

Lim« no t.! jin J »e» l.aolhld. Mia i .

Ti ntl" Vëlrî'Vt ü'i} ' Ma'lt»t n

1 i M

.. .. »r.

.J C nu

....loin)« tarier »Varie

\lc-M ihm M re 1 nu Hull 'T a ! I Hi <°J l iciaIlilli Uah r Ne'tlur., Ainert Si 1 lur

Miro Dcfcatod

Vi I li III« iel» 1 id He I t r ' U ?>, ea »rill» m til» m itch Jeal t lil ) M, l" 'J

I !l".r üiV,¡ "uVV'c '.7 "'»VlV'^r1 TíVr.' lV«

» .«. noie thr, ne! mu narin illari» li 11 «'«". Ihe \iclrna llrei.i» m I lin lil "«eil aJ ' ? e liar I on in I!» «»m1 »llirt s ol'

I M t»rii Ilriu.rj ]-, | oa!» li 1 ahm Mil) o

I. il-i 10 1» h ni! . , , , iikar»-\ialorii lira »rj Oh! n "' ¡»-<;,, 21 1 »rn> 01 Heil un "I Harr ''>"1,' I o »1 lillian J Hohe li Min I oie C «>« "

?"'«.«Al.1»""«! M ton. I! «au ! I>>' 1» .

II ilu-n I uni i. ( ni r» kurll, l.r .. » '


Ellaway (Biuns.) Kicks IS Goals.

! IIÎST t.lum

»oiiih Keiisiuclon II II J »I» rf I . H'*1 I .»»in - South l»en=iliEton - I arl r, ! 1 <\.*\,l f imiiiiitham t.llllk'aii Mm s-.UIIi" '."',.'.

Inlinwn Thornton Goal 1 ii lira - »o i is»;

I..I. - Kein III l-ral.l IP <V I ».ter I. \htZ?t. Hillon lohn» (." lohn«, n M».r« lier m

tü.liinon.l fin '..'21 d n s'il - « "

Síl"lw. 'fmu.iii, i|-l> i tnm'i »'"I >ri 1! .» i"r II t I'll» rs" I li.r »I J»«n''

si.rinnt »! Ililli» Irtm ,»r" , », - i-i. In Milli» I «ii»»',r« C i!!,' , ,,".", 1 «»oil- !.. I \ n ; »t 1 i I v> '»''

I <_ Irin I n er or- li-iin» ' -

»lill rl , -

I" 1' '.." . |4 I » Ia» lui r II 21. .11«


»I I .r . J1» ? ,.,

ud I'la I ! »?»-»

(Conlliiucil on Noxt Page)



(3),, lim-al (21. Iliizolicli (2., l'en.»-.

St. Stephen's, 12-12. d. Alpbinin«,.. Junior». S-IS. lient Viajera. - M. .Stephen's - Tailor, Muir, War roiier. Goodlvin. Ucentes. AhihiiiKlon - Walker, Kees, lïaann. Shore. Goal-laicher». - St. Stephen's Dowden 12). JJoopt 12), Ili«j-»i (2). Gooiliviii (2). Maler». AVarrener. Ga}. Aluhincton - Wllithfield (3>. Ilonn f>), McKlinlock- (2). Slrevliia.

Prahran District, 20-2Î". u. Alliambra Soda!», 4--.1. Heit Players. - l-rabran - I«. Ij-nl!. II. Bola». .1. Murphy, isaar, T-anucr. Alliambra - ¿oretan. Se- rons, brtssird. Goal-kicker». - Prahran - Sibly loi. Tanner (4L !'. I-Mell (31. Holluir 12', Wilson 12). Murph}. Triup (21. llnroiiater. Alhambra Studemaii. Jordiin. Tickner, Itaukul.


.luuioi«, 14-12.

2-13. Bust l^h.^., -» Hewins. lltinl. Kowan, I.anedou. ^orin .»lellioitnie - O H. Tore}. .Whelan, «taylor. Goal-kickcrs. - West Hruuswick - laiilß duu til. Ilcmns (3). Dosiair 12!. Close, 12). Allen (2). North M*>!t,oiir«le - (.'.Sullivan (6). Farrer (21, Watt (2), Taylor, Whelan.

ünmswiefc, :¡5-14. d. 44th Datier}. 3-1. «est Plaj firs. - Utulciivick - W-. Kllaway. Ca««olls, niownson. Ounll.iit.i'-HtI. Hatter»- - Lauen. Alley. Goal-kickera. - Brunswick - W. üllanay (IS). O-Neil (3!. Thunimou (31, Cus-aills (31. 44.Ui Battery Larsen, Alle.»*. » lauiK.

South Oakleish. IS-19. d. lioscrroir. Ô-6. Best I.'laiurs. - Uos.irvnir -Gath,-Tratt. Hook«. - Goal kiikeis. - Itescrvoir - Hooke (2). Clarke«, Suroulo,

Tnitt. ? .

. Sun-bmo. 16-12. d. st- Kilda C.Ï.M.G.. fi-10: Best Players. - s'iiusliine - L. McKiniioii. 1«. Wlllej,

l'oro. llult. I.. Wille}. Steaidmali. SL Kilda-Allen, Burke. Sarapi. O'Hncll. lloilly. SI. O'llrien. Goal kie-kers. - sunshine - Guy it). Bradbury (2). !.. McKiimon l|i). W. Mc-Khinon 12). »littimer. Stccd imin. st. Kilda -Matthew* (2). lteill}. JIcSareeue} (21. McKarlane.

Thornbury. 20-20, d. West- Itiehnond, 14-14. Best

(31. «:» »-/.. »«-'Ulis,,.r 1»

_ _ (31. Pattison (2,, _ ._. Temple (2). In ine. Lees, Hull. Urbott, Colorottl.


South Port, 17-lli. ? d. South. Molboumc. 11-11. l!e»r I'la» er«. - South Port - Murra»-, Cursan, K. Smith. Hartley. P. .-»collie. Suutli. Melbourne- Uuit miiM. Baird, I'a}nttnc. llii-key. Gual-kickcrs.-South Port- Hartle} (5). Smith (3). Pender (2). faraón (21, Mrlleth, p. Scoble, .Murray. .renuiiice, Williams. South MollHiunn» - Illvkuv 15'. llenjiman (21. Ballal. Formalin, llateman, Purtoll.

Kinoajillo Old Sc-holai». IS-21. .«I. Mcmtanm

d. lvauhoa Amateure,

'iho e«Eocutke cummiUeo »lill meet in the louçuo

rooms at S o'clock on Monday to deal with permits, »lustrations, »«¿c


1-lIWT Gil ADE.

Ko«, 14-10, '1- AlphiliBton. 9-11. Goal-klcker* -Ken -IC Marshall Id, Coulsoll ij), Bernard 121, Harri» (2!. A»er}, Ansarertli. Alphington - Curri- cán (3), Hutchinson 12). James (2), UniiirTorO. Trot man. Ili-»i plaiei-«. - Kew- - Aver}". Sutton. Coul sell. Harri«, t'a.len, and K. -«iillliinn. Alphington CorriBiiu, Alexander. Coutts BeanJl'y» James, and SkcW-M.

Falrlield. 12-14, d. Iticlimond District. S-S. Goal Ualcrs. - I'airtie-iil - Ludlow (Ô). Murpll). Powell.

ArniMronir. Sen'or, Wilkins. Anderson, More. Itlch 1110111I - Flliuagan (2). Smodloy; Panton, Murrah}, Harrison, i.eaby (2). Bent Pla}tíni. - Fairlie!.! - Anderson. Andrew*,, Oakford, Ludlow, Wintle, and Micro. Uie-bnioud - Gherkins. MoXelly, Murphy. II. Makin, iin.l Leahy,

. 1. Ii

r (!

1-onl /SI. Haughton, *!lorr. Osavuld, Deegan. Bi

Auburn. 21-20. «1. I.arlina-. 12-17. Goal-kickors»

' ' Frecker (SI. .Matthews (SI. Gally (31. .-._. (SI. _ ,...

dell. Lee. Fouler, McKeniio. Huidles. Darlinir -jnl (SI. Haughton, Dorr. Osavuld, Ileaiffan. Best Players. - Auburn - Matthew's, Hushes, Bennett, _, SalTft&, ï'-teeiker. ïlootii. Ûarlïniî - Loral,

DceGan, Tailor. Ilorr. Latham, and Bouse.

Last BmlikMick. 12-P. d. St. Kihhe Wistrlet, 10-15. Uoal-klckei-i. - Ilniusnie-k - Burroii-s. n» elby |2), Ilyite. Smith.« Wilton, Kerley. Ward. Ilinl »011. St. Killin - Gratül (31. Sanders (21, Innell, Gardiner, Fe'Imlnsbani. Mntthews. and tilllwrtsuii. Best Players. - Bnuisnie-k. - M. Kiolliy. Wib-on. ltiis»cll. Murpbv. Kinue-aiie. Vicar». St hilda-San- ders. Grarell. Kins, Britt, alni Custig.111. " "

South Mulboume Ul»i.. ID-15. ,1. ii-anhnc. 10-S. Goal-klikcrt-Soiitb Me'Iliourlie-CaiiipbelI.(3). rlïim '2), .Mahoney, Lovett. Cooper. Tuylor 12). Ivallboe -Tlinipp (3i.. Shan» (21, Amlcrnou. G. Gonsaho», Quinn.. ICdnanlh, 'I'1IOIUM.II. Best Player».-South Mellioiinic- rljini. It. Ca«sld.v, Mcltzkc, Cooper, Ulli«. Peae-limaii. lanulioe-Baker, C. Gonsalic», Crosby, Anderson. .Mills.


MuiTiiiiibena. 15-17, d. Glen Wanerie.». 12-ltV Best P!a}eu». - .Miimunbeeiia - Boatou, Ku»»e, and Miittliews. (¡len Wanrlej - Pre»*, Hyland, Pe-ppenll. Gi'nl-kieken» - Murrumbeena - Iton-c Iii). Muthera (2). Ilaiuh.ll, Benton (2). Scott. Lacou. Connelly. Glen Waverley - Hyland. (7), Ü Dca (2), Prest (21. Wilson. ,,..,,, . " ," " ,

Dittner. «1-3. d. Fulrficlil Jimion,, 7-12- Goal

t.-A.p _ »t..-...- .1. I*,,,»,.» K,i*-»n,ui".

.»l«-lnto»li. »»liney. I'tinn, .»ine-iieii, .»innm, i»«,»

.lud.l, .lamiu-oli. Condon, Mercer. Lowther. Arcllor.

l-'.nrlleld Dlstrirt. 11-10. iL Thornbury, ,3-lj. (-."al-ki.-ker». - Fairfield - Kley (4¡. J. IvplUl 121. """ Xoitb, Walker (2), S. Hurri», Bnlirer, Thornbury

_. »alien (31. Bust Pla)urs. - liairllold - Spokcsi Sutherland. Jenkinson. Cockrum. Kley, Craven. .Nay- lor. Tlinrnlinr.v - C. Haben. Gilmour. J., Baliell, L (.ilieoii. Million brother». .,,.,,

East linimwlck Juniors. .12-14. ü. Abbotsford, S-S. Gonl-klcker». - Brims»»ick - Bold (ol, 'I hmi.ll »eu (31. Palmer (2). Hawson, Kimble. Abbotsfprd W. Han. 12), I'. Hart (31, Steions (2). -Uliuliül. Bett Pliyor». - Ilnn.sivick - Bobuna, Md'ennplt. Thoniimu. lins«1. Tro»ask.», Byan. Abbplsfiinl-Hart brotbui-i, Whluun. Allison, Warr}-, Stubbs.


North Molbuurne, 17-14. ii r.uru\, 11-11 It ni nindi too uooil fur I iUro\ m u liunl cunio, .ith bunt!» *»f lirillftiut football ou both Milts L iuro\ p) JJ uti Mell lu tin* « wond quarter, tmt fuel«! in tua îa-t. half. I5i'-t nlninri (North -Mel

bourne* -L .ii fr ( \\ ina t omi Patterson (rotor and furn mW,, both nlajal matfuitlcentls Cooko (full * ward), llnttkcn (mitre), Carroll ffollOMxrl - .HUkiu (tmcrt Matthews (full baihK Barker (fit.Untüi i with the tust brilliant nt tunen. Go.I knkus North Melbourne- Lou IA (i). Cooke C> MLKIUoltini tî' Ptiuikto (!», Pittersen (2). Jones ind O MIL» I Itzmi-lïot P1IM.II -Wei!« A Sharpe Dirt limiltl »unw God kn.kt.r- Wells CD.

" nu (¡l Hanlin,- UM. Plunkett. Müiulb ami


iirlton 1<«HC »1 Kulmmnd 10-1*1 ni the prk e ol ii Uir urnu<I H u.m u fa»-t îiyuion-. ant] Hine same Uoth tanins displastd Rood lnub kinj: md l)lont> of dji-h. In the Um quartet Carlten lui I« -1-1 to '¿- 2 .Aunt» in the .iticon.l quaitor Carlton dasbed n was earl j, anti Uiclummtl nttum drew up At lialf-tfmo Carlton ltd by !ï- S to 7 -( Afcr the interval It wah a txreat str.nt.clu H io! uno tut dru« tip to within one point-, but: Carlton went on to win Carlton bad n strom? and ever side, the more oonsptcuuna beiiitr PnTk. A\ illiani son, Dowling* Shea. Lsnth. Bond, Goonan Rich mund'» liCht wert' Gesliiubam, (iras. ¿UCunklo, Saunders, Andcr«on. Tstqu. Roiniuda Goal Jdckerv-Carlton-Mipa (1), Unbkott (t>. Pnwlinc (.1) Clarke C1) Pirk (21, Dit-konson and î-jatcli

Hit Iininml-M< Concilie (7), Gras, Gudiuslmm, und

' 'learthain

1 «wiirra\ 32-22, d Vmtli Melbourne, H-Jl. ami South .Melbourne-» wei-Jit m tho crushes proved nupmior lu F<.ntv'ra\ ** pato, and enabled South to lu tri bv 7-7 to ,!-ll ». half time After the 1 oottcm, with fast open football,, added "t Í) to ml in tht» third quarter rmishintî «eil, (.ooUoray won 'J hi» broko u reeord. for the Foot* i raj Second**, for it has vron three comeuitire caines

Luh¿nfT, Jfahes. Curri, und Üílton. Goalrjúckor.-». Footî-craj-Fmdlni (4), Sainsbury (2),_Cook (2>, Mitnnui (21, Hartes, and Charity« South Met bourne-Ourrs (3), Diprose (2), Wilson (2), Fahej,

and Corry.

» olimnwood. 5-1«. d l*s«tndon G-11 at Vic- toria Pirk au Intérêt um «uno. both sides ..ho«.!«; Vii'ft mil determination Tho miine was «KI lim« ( ollmpuuod winnini: b* a point Itut Pilmer-.-< uHimrwool - lliims Andre»« Punston. Muli Witt I Wilvil Munn 1 i--tnd(iii « ben

I pin»er« »vere M-ij J ieob ej i WII«on -ran! O Unen

it» u Sinn son , ,,

e entons 1 |-e», el st Kilj-i 11-i- at «st Ulla 1 niler n iii!, panie Iel 1*1 ijtir», -( eelonil-I m 'enter 121 lire' (7 Boil« W 11 te Ive 11* 1 \i ler'im (JO er M i! k leer » tri I ol ^ HI in 1

Itilclies St Killi let |li«i»rsi,r Hollrli e. 1 itelc-3 lo -eil« Minim I J ne lee-! Iv u Other .oil ki k r-, »eie e eil l.l li Kette CI i

Melliounie 17-r 1 Um linn V-1


IU M I !«U!l

Siei.iv.iol s-t«, Ils. r. îlitcr- Deni Ive irte n DÜV.S Tin e» Malbers. ,oi K ker Hem > U lut feirJ ".illliscn I «ïllMlll lint lill L x Ktarlolll d lil il ?-!! ile«t ilij.ra Woeil« Kal I\m« Nettoll While lilli

West Mulbutirue IH-lU llie«t ilntr, l.n» 1 e»r BUneail I lee un fc«t! V Iru'n Kell» i» M1 klcle-r». Kaium 1 W ilkcr 1 lie I ice> 1 ISalUn>n > kollvl il No»»i.eirt el-J lb -.r ]»la»tr« Hum »lint's, Itiettlu Miuri» lieber coal kieher- Vlleri » lenk 1, Ultlir Mile I

Burolfj 11-LI (lest pla»era, Suons Jvlii), LU kin son l.ear poaï bicker* Dickman 1 Itaiiitiiorel 2 Shaw t. U»a« Spoin, 2 l.iwel) »1 l'ase-uer ile S-U

Ibcec PWM Drue me» Huile l/liillln Ha« loal

kickers Deminss 2 Klug J Mclennan Coulsell Mulo ... - " , ,

tact Oiklelsli n-M ¡aest pluora J TI ilmot, Jamis. Ljno. Una«! üoiltng Ilaflii» coil tucker* McUeiiuott 4 CalUaon » Boise 2 1 fden (,

Tin nias Itoulantfol d West leiUurs. «-IO {hfc S lina«, Votier Hiomihoii (Yabtree, Boil kick«*

larker 4. Gunter 2, CasaeJIs Moah) Tonnj-aeiri)

Fast St Kilda 14-10 Uieat »fajen. Kellett I uitrell llolev> I i«lior Millar, ISourno troal kieken* 1 re»!lte»»1e S l'oie-. 4, (.»-nsell 2 »ournc brooad Kellett) ei. lteÄcrvoir 7-13 (lent plajots Peter; I'aislea Tkttgraou, Millar noa! kickers Fotuta 1


( rot ton hi-15 d North tarlton 11-11

I lefltou 17-11 d "Weat Preston 3-ID " Smith Melbourne 10-21 <1 O nimm »-Ç Netvpart Jim ors. 7-11 ti. Haw u ton (-!». Poicoeraîc lindora d Northcott


North Mellioumo, U-17 d ...atib-n Lils 7-11 AA tllutmAtnuu C 10- 0 «* South Port S-** 1 ajrflüii d Newport u tarnt*.

MbflTt Park claimed autillo Preati&e , ... Delegatts »ill meet to DIOITOK at tht \ b \


A\ fib im town 9-12 d Northcote 9-11 .»-?"ter i olean fw-t, and «Men »am» which wa* in doubt to the Ana! boll H«t for AMlllam-town were laonsch Taylor Omnsi \\ alfih and M llklns and for North- cote ( O Neill L'owor Hand-alls >«UTtun* Fitzgerald, luid. H ominar (»oil kicken-A\ lilian« town \UU,n,r> llolttho Lee Orango, A\nlsh mid llnrvdior« Northern« iUCull Í4í Cornell <2,* Power (J Alarmo

Camberwell 12-U to t to Lrubtoii 13-11 1*

Conwa\ (21 «Smethur-t (Ai Camberwell. \No«d ford (2) Morua« (2) Jona'. (2) «'ooper, Arthur Huche*. Collin Irottnr and O Alan

v tirai lita* 20-2tl U Preston 12-12. "VarraTillo .ra» "iipcnor m all department« ita coolness am' Ltnfldenco beuiff fut tu roi Buit plascr*-larrarillo Aralon*? Frew MtGrath Itutler hiniUi Bt«r and Davien Preston Pluiumpr L batley Hobuisou Llojtl Jouea ami CamnbeU Preston s coil kickers drier »n (4) Kup)»ch (J). Jontsr U), llurdJu and lo

Urunswiclt 12-9 u PnUran S1Z tftor a good tnht «Wan fi-uno 1 ho «IPI *V* I f llrunswiok wot* mninlv duo to its M>lenlil bitb markintr and IOUR bickin» liùxL Dloyer-Itrunswidt laccart iiillon Itoj McGratli Harrison \\ hrcler ind Sidner Prahran Faniam Cb »i ilt*r AN inter lostnr Han- nan It Hin ie till KtmHtt. doal kickeri*- Bnuit. \rick Jo^le^ (.) Aírtirath (") Perk Raeburn Tatreart, and Allun tfralinui 1 arlington C]\ ICLU nwli (2) Hannan. Í") and Tibh

Port Mfllxmme ] I-21 d frindrmabain, 1J-7 after an mttrestme nmt-ch both sides chowinç sidon did form Bc-»fc lilaveri»-Port Aii.Iboume koa ti ne Slaw A\othorilU Husden and lui lou Sandruuiham Ulen Perry Kixlda Harris bath Cameron and Hurst. Gunlkiüt<-rji-Port Alclbounie Hohrell (4) Kcatinff ti) «ills (J) »Wiop Itwldn (2> Bellotti Alk in von Snnlrin«hun MrUiun Ml Iío>d (1Í ivnr (3 WUlirfvead MlcbutiUou Rou lands and Itodda

tobtirc J.S-10 d Ottkipißh 1 ,-1l It wa.s i fabt md clean gunn. t'akl u,b rtt-is.t<*1 Mtibb mis nut could not. bold Coburg, win» jinifalie 1 stiouplj Best pinners- Cobur« r^uurd Meatnfi> AVanl ' '

- * * " ' '- -'-?*- -*- ' u

I. .


_... ,., _ ... _ - ._.miles nnd cnlhirt Oiul-ipb Ivemuulj p1») 11»nr\ ÍJ) Itnmmt-Tv (2) ( orhuil «2» Ivolly («( Norilln

lirnutK harp 1 etn ixrnnlftL ^ fouon -V ( rindi

Min nnl \\ Aht,m-T 1 i«t St Kilda to 1 ra bran Sjeuondf- 1 Stein Ilrmhttn Second» to Suudriiu, ham ^eciml* J Vrerj Brißiton Se^ondh to fct Kilda * ^ M « T nillor boutli Port Mill to lort Milbounm Setondi C AVJuter Noctbcote secuntlh to Pra inn ^ocon lb \ 31 Cor \\ ilHaui*H town Seconds Ut Lwfrton lj Quurrier AMlliam town Sacona- tu Millnra DUtrkt


lïniflit and in tan» tin? games nt,tun the feature of tha- mitcheH nlnjed on Safurdaj

Atonlhlloc IS-l"» d Moorabbin 1¿- *î i» a same full of uitmlenl Al ord ml loo alnajn búld tlio upi>or bund Alorrtialloc-C»«il kickiirs Killen 0»)

Cockrum Pi) Karanaab (li bbiri' Ui Harm .

Jlowo Beat Pinera Morton Dennett \ (,<Kknmn ff Kel in ni DOiuiLf Killen Aloonibbm-t oal

Uekara Merrick ( î), I>itch (i) M elis (21 Lonchan

AVildle. Airtne and Horman Bett Plajew Wat hon (MiIt»} ]In>bow 1ftDonald and Bastin

Cbeltenham 11-18 d ( auUleld 12.-20 manna caine In nindi play « ia tnui rholteiilinni-Goal kiekori» \\«A (1) Alonk Í2* Uobtrrson (2) t»rr A> alters -Morrivi i Hinton and ( ockrano liefet Piojera Orr Jtippon 5lonk, It at Connors Catii flebl-Goal Ucktrn Harrtöon (i) IC Addiooii ( 1

lulim (1) \?h Itiiuincs Best IMi>en, K \ddi «on Stevtii=> V-h Hitrtfin» Aldis Saber

Aluiltic 11-15 1 l^st Iturirool 11-11 In

splenlid (.ama in wlibh hipli markiiis ami toni, k1« k mc were foatinus Montniuj-Goat li(.kir«r Bul (s>> lowan ti) O Brien ATotlerson SUiff _B«t Plv Pativn-oii Bet«, Bill llarnmrton

lUst I hut-!"*' \ nnl 11 ( onuli I /in 1er K li ton I Mirtm Mullins Tickle and Rim,

Bio k Bock t-i-lj d larlvddo S~7 in a cln*-c muse I came m which the i«.sue wau in doubt i the bill Black H" k-f,oil kitktra ( tue

>l<J\t.iuie Pheliu JuhiiKm M«tst n itid AVa

J-tort I'laveiv Wttüiül \\ and LI Spencer McGam Mille» Pirkdale- Goil kick*ra Urtnchley < f .

lbur«H Niphüucahi B I ran«. I eiseu« Bent Plflim1! Banfitld I ergta^ Leckst ni («iwr

dtn 1 remhto

ririiewiti *î-11 d Uflítüiits 1 ail» J-7 - _ el led îîJnie L miixi *-dot! kickur« Scinloit Í3J Sinclair fj» Aid irlme Omnu Bt c I la>ci

Wrijit Studoll Indus t.i 13 Ï o\d ísiu-üu. lÏLrfflnt s Pirk-di il kn-kütí, Bixmnn Cbirswi» Bc«t jitter* AlcUisb r marti MfLhati U CUin,win 1ohn*»on


Alordnlluc 12^-16 d Aloorabbln 10 t Mor- día Hoc^^n ii kiekorv \ndrew«! ((jl Siuuders i2> Pierce AValter« Rune mid Jonas Heit Pi «uri. \\ iltfama I ouper I liener loti««* doldsboroiuib Atoornbbitt-(.«.oal kickers Palmee (Ç) Provia Perno Smith ¡samson Best Plajers JOUCÎ Baatm VulnitX ¿sharp nnd B 1 ountain

Oheltvnltaiu 1 *-10 di North Itrifrhtnu 11-11 rtieltenhain-Goal kickers Itoborts (7) Planner (21 l'allant Porter Du )lc\ Ko bert son Bast riay«i> MC3-MU IvtiUi W Porter Butlor N 1 ortar North Brighton-tío ü kickeri 1 oguc (a) VdiuuA (^) Stcvenii Kiniiilei 1 orcRÍor 1 reu IK-st Plaxtra "jtos Man/k eren Knight Collins FntLStur

t hcNta 30-17 d Purkdalo *î-10 Cliolwn t oal kuku-s Ki-miiMii] (11 Hammil (¿) rhitlip> í i

Uiihcrow (¿) Du Is (2J Ulwanls lohnson hmirt, AIcKou^ie LoiclitLO Beat Plijen» HinkiiLson

P and It Hnt-well G Howoll


TooroDffa, S-7 (Beht players Semmens Johnston Hendereon balmon Delano Geddes goal Kickers Morconr 2 Hislop 2 Geddes ¡salmon Downs Thomiiig} d Canterbury b-~> (Brat players bin h

ten Vii on 1 reel min Moodj go ii klcktn

I Honuiigiriy Allies Mniifcixne I dwnr Is Battui I rcifiianl d Bi\ Hill (W11 (best pi nor«, I Ijijtiin II Borton D Innie I Bonall* ti t fir SÍ: lî ^»lillian («wil ki( krrs K le CUKHI P 1 obbwiti I t i^aii I J ishcr

South <^inihi,n\ull 2'-'l <l i-M »lue s llmiliiii. K I omi r/i\\füt CalMtTl UnlnrdB Mo IXL S il kickers lawlor 10 1Î Ittvits , \\ A HUIR ^

Aliurivi .. Himtinir IC lonn Hill Vniistwn« j Mßorol d ( lullleld * it\ S-lt t\Um plwr« I I Ivay t lins Irftuirp Neolhini I Mill Hann ¿>nl , kickars H ( ileh u Needham 2 Leguin. KeiJt \ilfc-'


12-7 (73 jjomts), d PajiiL-* " " i> -it-19 I14Ö points) d Craig« -l-l (u^ G-11 (47 nointi) d Fo>* *>-5 (05 point«»


Bank ol New *outh Waka 1 ,-iy d Shell to: pani li-ü


Kui) lh

1J-7 el 11-1

I roi ti III

n-11 el H »»»mur IO-'

. Ilr-1 1 Miteliuin \ ennuin

1! us« i

17 ]-' 1 Warrin Irte (, IO

it HIL non

I nt>t 7- 11 I Iunatdll 5-ij

ESSENDON OISTRICT JUNIOR LEAGUE Wuil) ii« l. 1», il M ml j. nioiif. 'l-li


«fi 1 i« ID 11-Its il e \ M «. S 10

Kheri le 12 21 i*jiMiaii Í0 coots) ii »Jik lillies Í.-U

^»rrinlle Ite 1er« 17-C (liest .»lieicr Uurabletou 3 ae »I»> 1 «.euilli. H-S («selilltt ii soiliel

lurKsilc lb-l'l (Hcht pluen-s \ I iu.011 diwan! coal lelcKm £ Drem in o eoiiln O Sliiiiiiiitósr 11 d lauli¿«, o-li (Upai, iila^eri» Ueitle&s Hubert«)



I rt Me»lboiirae» 7-11 el Kairflclü ( i «louth \ni-ra «,-lo el iVreston 5-4

\ i-otvalo 17- n el 1 leiniimtelii -4

WUIliunstoiin 1J-2I, el ( otuetlrol 4 4 Carlton s-«J U Nottllcole 7-1)

II 01. \1J1

lj?cililuil 7-11 ii Wet Méllenme lj 1

Lrnt »ni'iiiileli 27-27 IHlneMej 1> Dal The mm M. el Wost Fixilseiuj .-,

?«.ortll 1 ll7ro\ H-1J ii North I «J.1I11I011 1J-1I NertU llruiuwick Hi-lo ii. Clifton Hill 10-G Bulada.T 10-11 el. Ke»» 0-7

IIIMIUI« 11 », (I MeCiinnuk s coale) ii Ma

Tem n-11

South Melbourne I -23 el llmuhQni -t

North Melbourne ia-IL IU Cumlell 0 _e ii I t


A oiai'i

Siirri-»- Hil!» 12-10 '1 Mumu ib, eui lu '.

It,,» Hill I nu,,1 21-11 ,1 l mlerhilr) llintL

'lurnvell l'J-2! «1 lui Milli, h-l I

lt"\ III!) liant _>N J! ,1 !.iln»n I llitlirlelil nu I 1,-1.' ,1 I 1st.ruin, k li-", «»ijlilh ll-liuhoiii. l.l-I", «I I'l .In in 10-7

il i. m DI

ILitlinuiits ioa,l IN 2".. 'I Ha«»tl.ui-ii «e-l i. I ken tnilail li, !7 ii IlilMii 1 J

Bo» Hill ('illili II IJ-17 «1 « ?> II ( oildrum» 17 U <! i.leiul.aiL .-rai 1« »

M.nil lilian »l.timdlst 1«|-I, ,1 »t i jlilmb

0 I ;

Oakleigh IJ-lv il M Min - 1 ',-'(


SI.MOlt (.1! Mil

Pit Mall« urne limed H,-li .1 Met Bimi

wuk 'I li

I ,.i llnin-wnk 27 2; «I N ni i a« li in , J N n h Himiswiik II l . ,1 '!»/ p» li)

ii Mult i,i: MU

I ult i> I min I.» H II d s nil, ! n i \ I" N"nl ti « .' ,1 ul»/ 7-12

»1 Kihi! ' JJ .1 I n,i ,» I .inn . I IJ

la-' l.ruibtnk lomon- !( 'I ii I.»-,, uno 1. I Ui u .1. ! . II ii Kui ni. ml .'-»


Moreland 12 J) al I aril i i, IJ

M (.».rai . 1«, Jil ,i Pla t ,11 7 s -«. Michael's s-v d i ro»t, n 7-1.


llr, ..Ina» lillllur. ! , I» (l.a-l 1 I», s I II

1 lill» I iliien.n I'll)- in,!. \lali,n u «ni kiak.r. lain».,-. Mil.,.n I linn,»Mr in 2 I.nilli» d llu.In,lil» , S i P. ' I im N ' ni \\ li i .... - Ita,. Iiimli is Um-lii I- I «<l »nth j. «I li. , - 1.H.I »nil, »lilian» lui i .

« nile I'aili I , . , «Bis! ! Ii'.l Mu I I ' In ,l',ei- lilli' I II I nt-ni II,.nu« Bill lui.' I . I kui, r». It »llllplij , Mi Nt-li Kell!, J lal» null J II ,un» J Ililli I milt»,i I »lu li«

,» "II. Billah m i 7 ll'i-l iii».'. »» u« J I «"al. raton I r .th. r» Mimi, Inn II ,«! I II I» lill


I .ililli,I.I lumms ,J .» Ilii-l pliut I i.a ' ll.r.t Millet Lemuel! lamil k.liuj rfe j! »I. I»,

Milln ». I.onhien 7 Mmuions I Htm» ¡ »ii-. I. »I » ! Hlinnltoil 'J I i «nil J lllrat Jl .1 l.alillller Mrl'

«li«! I 2 (Hut pinjéis 1'iek.orit Pier» 1, ninan

t Jol tl«too goal k ekel BALLARAT MATCHES

I (JNIIION 01 M M.VL01 I UM I Mt U Sllur li} -Hh.h

leaiiui premier bip inil!

Billant bcirin

liait unie the »a-or __ . _. la»t iiuaifr »vllll Iii-lt> nsaniat 13-17 lla}ines mut Beanie«, euch cored tile uoals for Püuit anil MeDttr

înolt four for Ballarat

Junior Ixiimte.-Goiiîeti Point 12-7 ii. Billarit -o Imperial ».-S d Clllii o-lO

District Wociutton - Buinyimi, S-7 d ««otith City 7-12. Last 7-10 d Dniinstonn 7-o North City 't-1J al voliastoiml 7-11

Anntller atteinl t is te» be niait) to induce the« Toi larat Lcutme td remove the disruiahfic-arion of tlio Mntyborotuh club and it Is bellete»! that ti ei-e l te «rood chanco of this effort lieins successful


1 ILI M. IT »«aturda} -John Clennett ai.til J"i »eaii. captain uf I.-Ularat «jecon Is and Part Hmhcs nuetl 19 jeir» or Vendource club


1H-NDIGO-The four team» ivhuilll. tim llr»t tri» oí matabas of the tlr»t round »rtre t.. lill tne» cc«afu! oil Siturjaa « in the al uti-a of its captain aud e-oaaih (Motasklllj who ira» retail«. ?11 injureal le. had us It-*- loader V 0«brers iu tim mich akanui !\}iie!on It »vas K}uetons 1lr»t i!|«t«rniiae itt tile city oral -nul despite erraiic

learmouth and Han Vrtlltlr cadi kicked 3 toals for Sandhurst am! McMtikcii 2 fur Kyneton B»^t ula}er« on the winnini: side »Toni Bowe Turner., Odircrs II Ion! W 1 onl and leo anl for Kyne- ton Kui - .?? ?. - --? "?- '? .- ' «jchwaloi

Klllhllt Buckle} Jones» Douajas Dimhnr Hld Kurhester -tore I decisivob against South Bendigo It hilf time It. ehe»ter ltd hy uJ points unil tiinuji Sourh ovonea! Ui« pla} in tho lattor staires Koa lies.. ter waa not hard probaed to »»in h} H-lu lo 7-«!

Katletlank »»«mt to I-chuca and easilj aecountetl for tbo home tenu «cornus lu-11 tn 4-fl , ,

Iftaîr a »icll-contesteil taino Uistleimihid defeiiteial Mar)boroiifch lnited by S-l i to 7-S M-iralionitlh Lnited Uiatn comprise«*- recruits from the district junior clubs and the» sim»» «d much inn roved form


laANLON -In the C Y M S (K}iiotoiil Trentham match at Kyntton the uoal umpires cards fail to egree Hie 1 rcnthani coal umpire s tarais shuw rruitbain to win hi «I-IS tu 9-lb ulula Hint of Um C1 M S disclust a dmr «1-17 each rho matter lias bea-u rg/erreal to tile Leitue I-or the Hr*t half of ttie ffimu I rentham dommate«! tile ula} but poor kicking prevented at.} chanco of establishing a uood lead C i M.S pl-i}ed »iel! after the adjournment. ivhen 1 rcuthunl seemed ta» Uro and m irkeal und kicked .mich better I nitchie and 1 nitchie »vere eoiisoicuiiii» ou tho L \ M .» si le and excitement grew is the teams drew cln»er. and the pace «et

' " ' laehu onl} Us se.

moulding into a for For a junior leam plaehu oui} Us second "il S show signs of mouldhu: into ' ' biiiation Dalesford prore.1 too

as wllllont sorcr-ll loailnu.

improved after hiilftime Daylesford »von b} 11-12


I N - Camperdown 1.-1

.obaloii lb-24 d lot-u»,. ,,-Li. Distriet Laiairue - remiit, l-i--IJ «1 _.H.xstock » Oeck 10-11 «1 C nullor down 1-11 Smith I iirrumbete S-7 (1 I Ii"«.'» milo 1-11


M M.ItN I »Ilium - In the Mustern Dlsir

leanne lavin-, lieuu relu ed clearance b} St Iel) lu to Gechiiu. lohn Matson nilli Sontb M-irniunil ool in i ninteh auaiust Port lan 1 uni lu» pin} wa» i meat fatti r ut -»outli laiuniiiir. Store.» - .south Marr iniiib ml «I-I (Mingan I "-oil») «I I it Iml, $ li. li«»si pli}erf- Sontli Uionius Watson

IN.ill Lei Mon. n P.rtland \\ Shanahan

lark. I ermi ti Hub} lu»lu, Humillen 2'l-It II I oni j i iii ! I outts «)) d Wamiunilool -.1 harnt l_-l|, d lort I iln S-S

Si nth West, ni bl tnet I nanni -V\ V S «s-l

I tumut Di Hut ! cama.-Purnim H-, d I mun 2 N M irni iiiiboo! Juniir Vsso uitfoll -I

W-imiimlocl 13-10 .1 Merrivale 10-11 w l»il l-l 1 S nth VI iirrnaml oo! 1-12


1.1 SIlWOItrH-I milburn .idle} Cunlial Jil.. I eoaue - V ieiutire waa tim remitrkoble «oil kiekin-r in the Merriutm -Murelll« m much 20 sciirlmr »! ot» brui, ia 1«, tou» ltLsultä-AICJTISUIU 10-1 .1 Mur oldsmi S-l Lu haaorth (,-r. d Lolbiuuhliin 1-(T 1 atura, 0-1 .1 Ntuuhope (r-S

CENTRAL GIPPSLAND ASSOCIATION Wlltltll 1 I _lu the (.entrai Gippsland .»»»ocia lion] 10-IJ d ! arniuun «,-] 1 or tin tt tullen, Bit-op (3 gods) «-Innige (J) Duncan (J) limner lu uni I ttrkett were tin pia! k1, keri U cillerait} <Ji Broker (J) !loe«-es (J) Hun.rea»e» and r.rn wera tin. mai kicker» for 1 irrauoii am. I ntgs ui 1 L Hi okei were tn i of the be«t for the h~trs Moe |-li ned with I mf ligar «i-17 Mor

well 14-1 1 linrpdale 10-IJ lor the »minent I m ) nive a kieke I Ure kouls uni Bond »vus eltectiai

ni tlic mel

Neerim uni lui lui. k I'oelatiott-llndlnik .-i lo«! to « irraull lloiers r-10. Buln Buln 11 S d Neerim 10 1 Niurim »ol|tb »I Ntojet 1,} 11 point»


UULSIllM Suuirda} -lu the «ninnie i, al« I

Hie el. »t .areli mil Ilot»!i mi mel it II rill...

M ith .»eral I !u»or» if last »ear al »tut the «tan 1 ird of iii» ii leloiv that if the la»! few }eir» Ihe homo le-im »va» lleuir ni linter in I non lia I l-l I to s-11 lee lHvws Maotk U. a«, lirowu Iln!

nell Mullen in! Bell wer, i ni s| icuous fu l! .


MOllMNt I UN -Frankst ni l-l" «I V,ni",

7-11 »est Pli»«» -Lra..k»tuil-\ Vktonib P n» Mai-Un \\ul»h 1 eter» M Mel omi) Si

( oal kickers I rankst, ti-l e-irc /J» ««iv».r

1 oaves (J) Webster Ilouhhiii N/Buttr .soin.imi

-McDonald (J) Blackwall Bodman Woo»!» Howaral i lindnll Ilaatiillts S-10 «1 Moriimi,toil I. 10

Beit Players - Hastincs-I Store» I im,h ilt/ Min I belli V. laTfotc C Perrett Mctitip!!.} Wini

Hodain». »lorlli.urton-.1 Patterson He»t,ott P i I olds B li ree I 1 ree s Hutch]!!« f oil kia kera - Ha-tiiifc»-I ern ti (2) Want (21 lloiLim» (2) Bir I ela.» Fisher Moniumum-Mhpla (JI Bruton Pat

terson ( »I I «tfe Niv-il Dtaiot fa-14 «1 Somer I


Ptnhlbulu. District V soelut nu -Flinders 10-JJ ii 1 antwamn 1- »aaifonl 10-12 d Hum 1-S lion hud. N-JJ «1 Carrul! 1 i Peine luit

3-10 «1 Bel Hill 4 11_


SMC - In tlie l.ipHand lentil a iiietit n

Salo Millcred its fltst dcteit at the h inila «£ l.r.rjl

«on b} 11-12 to 0-1J Prior to tho rai ill the m«»or (Ciuncitlot \\ «-lorim») unfiirlutl tim tiy l.uerabip pennont »»on by Sale li t »eir The pinto- waa at timos. scramblluK »nth foi» Hushes of opon play Craraliion »ra» belter lu the air and stronger i» <ho imeks. J) Orr the lenduur Salo fon» ml, hail foiv opportimilie», and bul t«i hattlo hard tor hi» three Roals Linn kieke I Hire» coal» for Inraluon and Orr and Bri mian thrco earli for ««ile lor tile winner 3 iliii-on

- " irin Templeton Bet anl iron«!

Mil. ni» li»«t «i». I 1» t.ibbs

Ilartdwn lii-ter Waneii in I

M^llTn 11-1« «Omi. ki«' I s" I' (llu-lle, i. al»)

?Ullourn IT-111 (( tai I rd -ia!» 1 ill!-«. (Gilli) j M»'»1 »»bull lot 1 l si, Mitchell tnjure

luiuot Ica.-ue - IiD.fuI IJ-I «I I lllilior« J-! Mclliohst» 3-7 d lower

North Gippsland rciclie Neni}

MlOri Borer» --14 Bilieolong «1 I

1 -oalfi


VIBLIU -In tim Oiaus mid Murra». Uauue IJS«rf Vlbnrj 11-17 d Weat Albur} U-lü Munn Weir 1J-*0 d '«.ammoueja 1-13


W HI UI lil t -In tin» principal ' the Werribee al.t.grt'ttitin Nortll \\ ÜUani«lüiiii pluihn* 1 rilliHUtlv iu tile lal»! quartet detected I alerto«

ilileli bul lied tun itjiour by 1 -'» tu I'l-lo foalkieken - Nonh W llliuniol ran-Pini

14) kenny (2) Neutrreen (Jj ljuar Man hy Metveurie Priwil nul riiaud lur 1-a.rcrton-Scanlon 111 lllrelv (J) leaMuimil I») I eacoeh liest 1 lulen - \ lill W li linii«toiTii-J Utter Da n i her I roiiel Mken/ie I-iicr-on - Meliirliine Huit ~ranl n i ne knell

Mitriiliulltiii 1 ann ](>-i| ii I Idle linn -I Ili-t 1 li>ti»-Mein l) linn I inn-I nile n I 11. u | ?>.»? I'liokmore Utile I. ici i M 111 eli liai Inn u .ml Jelllior llroliu IJ-l I W nnueo I VI "-li (Il-iekilt , Bin«) .

I N 1- -


lill '('-l latttinilt» I it ti II III u L tieae. ¡J-Il M Millen s 11-!» d W uti u v 7

l'un. Mur«ii 1,-17 d lellibrml 1-1 eurolie 1 r-14 iL Uirreuurne 7-1-1 ' burelli».» Association - 1 linnmr 5-H ii Heeie- J-i «it linn Inn» f>-7 el St '.uilrei» a 2-0 In cn arm S-Jl ii St Man s l-G


, «.I Billi - »(»trill I emslie - Mimi.» Kier

I 10-12 iL l ujcalrn 4 14 llrew klesl» el Henry j l ntra.1 Hume» v^oelahon - Iturnirtibuttoek 2J

1« el lillileril lj-7

VltDMONL. - (.milburn \alle» Vt-ond 1«. s

I \'hi elation. - Vreuitoni 10-11 L Imperta » S-(

toolamba 1-n d Moeroepna o-IO l-emnen» 12-lo el lallju-arooima 0-1 Wunitlni II-10 d Inilcra 10-'

I WOCA -Mountain Creek \FnocntioiT - N-irre \ it

lok 7-q d Toi Holer« -II Birk!» 1"-11 I Hillbank 2-1 Moonambel 6-11 d .Landsborough -12 J earitiontb Visochitton -Waubn Id-II d Vroca, fi-ll

VUAiUt - District Inflation - MethexlUL S-U d Vejotuu b-0 Hol» 1 runty 12-9 iL St V luirme-s, 1-7

UM I All V,'] - l.e>ke«»e<o<l aid ("ape clear Iseev (tarroll - Len-ludliap anl Uoken mel (,-J2 el ' ( amah nu J I, lllalnrtiok 10-lo ii. (upe Clear

7-0 bcnrwUhi 3-4 el "kliiein ¡J-li

BUIPI-OHI - Dntlnet e^ill» tlttoii - lieutl I i rt S-1Ö ii Waterlo I-, I i.l in «,-«, li

Mnlllt l reek Minni, r v_ I

IICI Ml VI I - M mit un II tritt A««teeetieu It lirra« 11-10 iL Mt l»il»u I) Ii) l.rntrto I ullv ¡l-l' Ii.t it I uieralel l-l»- Mjlilulk 10 I II. d Geiubi ok 7 I. I ni, « nwk f» 11 el

IIMale - 10 I ir uli v 2 ' Sibjii (-"

! Ititi I (11 N - Irtttli-n 11-11. ii sr Mae> ,

l'lttSVVK k-l Inue«, »«loeutili-Ciesiiiek ,-14 j

1 l unibelltouii "-" N iilju 10- li 1 i bulee t li suiealm d Nei« uid ( te« nek Vesociau .u i lev nek 7-10 d Uendlle (lullt u-ij ii Suntu.

I t uliairu.

i> Vii ISI (II.D-Iel.ue re«ult«-1 ol.lou Vullei ]')-(. ii Wo, len Mill«, 2-5 Vittoria I'aik 7-7

I i Knlyin 2-2 I mi su m 7-12 d Fire Drleaile

Ulm 'I-10 el VII Wallu 7-11 leim listone

li el 1 lUmuuel I reel t 1 ,

i'lllll IN Dr,um ll-l 1 lilli» |. Il M 'l uni ii «Ik i ki s mu Han r 121 le Wile Ink

Wan-mil 1,1 llrmi IllilioM-lliitij |) .1 'ililli V "Í '

.11 r li VI lill mi 1(~ el 1 1 «ter . I

1 u i liner 1 !)-ll 1 Mouin

« - 1 elm a I*«

I lo 1 I In ne 1-, li, tile

li 1 1 u i 1 l.l 1 ink maleli I » eli 1 lu u

Ir 1 I ii 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 i

lill M i t u II ni t U

li II le ii

I >- KI 1 VI lint 1 itbn » HI

1 rtll l |v

1 I ititi i nil» ¡l 1, Vlot

1 ilk 111 11 1

-11 el lil dib

I u Ir k ,12 1 ill » ( leek 7 in 1 UM m «, .i d -lunn

' i'uvri i i

i ) ii« ».".. intiun - Itjiuülíhi -II 1 V tee

lill UNI -

li ti S, 1 -, lll.lle - Kail

1 l_ 1

vi Mi l Uti 1 It

1 1 olt,U*i el

, 11 Ki, all tain li) 1 .1

e 1 I . VV t I V

1 li I" Me li It 1 7 1

i 1 II 1 1

Hit . li- 1 ' t I nt 1 It m H U it 1

l II lill li Í.UI I ti e 1 | "

ti . f l mel II li 111 1 vi M,

III M lll_tll 1

Il H l. 1 II 1 1

Knk i II III

holm 10-. I N

1 Mun! .11

Lil Y 1)111» - Yirri Vila» \ -»va ition - Wandin »-L- I Hi ia till, f-1 Warburton I Yirra IlllietlCi «i n Y liloel " 7 ii Powell town 7-1 »louiitum tltstrut \-»»oat mun - lela» Crttk \-ll .! Lil» lela, Imperials "-IO

I Uanoi I. - We»teni ILiiia w»iaticn - Ii m i IO 1 Jen)bauk 7-1 tra », 0-7 ii D. rrmnilnni -a - Jmiiur V eiilnm-Priin rose 4-IJ diew \i tb talbot, a-t I aim trance 17-21 d Dllliillv 1-5 (Hmvlotl 1(1 e al«l

MILDI It«.-» nior-MlIdlln IJ-1" I I rliv c S-U Junior-Mtidnm 9-b d ( i

MtlUKIO NOB I'll. - b mlh l,l|n»»Uli ! V»s»ooa U m - Uonaiitba,, 1 J- 1U d Mirboo Noith 12-11 *

MIlRWiri - Ceiitnl Uppslaud league - Monaxll 141-*» d Lbuiiidale 10-IJ aouHi Gippsland \««otiation - Yinnar j-«, d Bociarra

N MlliVNDI.IL» IVSHI - Saiuth W-etto.n District tomputitiun - Coolamon th Matong tlu».t ».uri immler»! Gramil Grong al Leeton Irian in Un d Marr-ir b} 5 pointe.

OltBUM - last i,ipp*!utul Cointetition-New merella s-!) d urbt st o-«j Lake lierai tt b» > goals

OLYLV DUtrit »«-».iatioil -Ouyou Hover» 7-N d Bronzewing, 5-7, Ucta S-9. d W llpeup 2-» Kiama' o-10 d liuiHitial» o-o Pnlchewnilock d tempy

P Vi Cil I'M Or I OtlC - Oman DI inel 1«,%!«

tiun - Patchewollctk N-14 d lemp} 4-b, ICuinul ti Imperial* I lega d W ilpeia- Burers d Bion-e

I OUT I MUY -District IssoeiutUll-Matirthur

11-1.0. d lort t-uiry 7-u YTjunbtik te-a d Ilt»»icbeltc, 7-0 Orfonl d Toner Hill

PYBVMID lilli -leane »cons-l-}nunul Hill 11-J d Macorna mi i\\ Howland« 1(1 aotltl Mitiamo 7-t Kin to Jhiloa-l H-10.

BlIHllCri -liistnct AiMclatioll-! oinse} (i-\ al Kiddell 1-10 Woodend 13-Jo d Macedon "»-»7

ltLPA.NY.UP - the. upiuiiu uiatrhea oí the Dun- munkle 1 etatne attracted larne crowd» ltiipanyupi ind Murtoa tint eitht.-am s match provultd tiirilliuir tinisli lu Hie li»t ,0 saacoiuK Murtoa »cored a gool., «ml won hy taro pomtv (IJ-21 to IJ-19) liesc l.ltuars for Hie aviuners - B »ti s (9 goals) Indi p* 1 i line Stewirt Butlleriortl (J toals) and (»mell

an ! fur Ululan» up 1 <e on Carter »leltle McUucli,.

,-«I In the ltui»ati}up Murtoa senior m itch iiprakt lHlifiaii}Up! broke hi» collatlioiiu ind I Miller received II t'ee» ga«h under nuht e}o but p!a}ed

Mil IKff-bta Laki 10-<J 1 Chinkapook «j-a Maali ll-S d ! aseelles, i-«J

«.Lltl'lCIMQN - Intian Atsticntiou - 1 onler lonu ]0-h d Serviceton 0-1 Mundalla, d Keith IJ Gmde -Lillimur d Serviceton

SLY Mut It - Hume Hlulma» Wsociation - Tallarook d Se}inour Cub» b» «i punt«.

is I VW K1 T - «jouth W unnicra, League -Stawell Y\ amors. 7-10 IB Neilson o) d Pomonal 7-0

«-tniicli Swift» 11-7 (D ilou¿htoii 4 la.ilKiier 41

d. ¡stuuiill imptriids ¡,-H (It Hohne-» " U Gra} " W'VNl MLM li-Ovens and King League-Wan

cirutta 17-lo d Licncil "-7 North YVuniri

ntla, ,«-í! d Mic-liu i-t, Beethwurth 11-10 d Mmliîoril ¡.-14 Mdawi 7-10 1 Wlioroul»

li VltlULICN MU vr - \rarat- 10-11, d War-

ru Un .beat 14-(

W LODI-Pill UN - Quimliatonk baa been oil inittcd into tho htironir League making eight com Ulina chilis which will joun e» nortli and nut!, allom itel} b} train, poolim, evixui«-. Ydinittatiec is for Olio }ear after which the pi sitiou will be jeriowed \\oo«aiit md Bridgaawat» r prote»ted

trotuly <n the ground of e\i i-nivc travelling Marthe.» boeill to-da} »theil Bnndfco tlehl umpirtjl will act

\VI 1UUB1 U-In the tn.wi- eveltiug game }et

10-1« tu 11-s

YUM! I L.HS1 \ -I uuton Hill lis-ouatlon-KiiiL lake 7-7 d Yann ulm a-2 Whittlesea 7-1 1 Hur tb/nlgc,

YWJI.D1 ND - Dittnel lliuior Aisocmtlon-W ml

Yulloiini Imp-lliile 11-J," d Yinnell 2-0 llronu toni Mine ,-H .1 »loe -7 Morwell Briden 11-10 «1 Ylini.r T-ti Iratlilkur t-J1

.1 (cernían« 7-4

~l ILK IND INO Ml - Vssicialion Mutthes - Grinya 11-U «1 Y lekandaiulah i-i I ethaiiga. I I .1 «huid} tnek 4-10 lalluiitfatta U-lo d

1 W O»K sid 1

Y MU! Y JL Ni I ION - tarn Y ilh» \» wutul -W'irbiu-t in Ja-J!, «1 Yai-ra Junction 11-11 W or! Yalloak al l'owi ill i < II b¡ «li I« lilt»


ÈADNLY - \ fealuto of the lu»tri!l|iu nil a keino on s-atmiltis wa» the dm a butaveeii s mit N}dnt} uml «i)«Inc} at 1 r killUTiIIu Botll team* had II lioinls te thmr tnilit when the Until hell » iimlu I Hu tame« re uiti 1 -«aidnei 1-17 dri»r willi «-omli îaîlite» 0~ > t.oal kicker* - is} In »~ I lu mis lo) ami I ou Ion ««oiith «.jibio»-l'omlitl I 'I lip,,,,» HI,,,,«, n» I I Hn/,..i ,, North »allon

(own J«-10 I VtYÎÏ VI Di «luilil'i} -loigun fe ill« ill it mil»

Sturt S-1S d I ort Iel. Iln le «I S ' leiieli. li-ll I West lorrens 11-11 North Idelul It li-ll d tmilb Vdolonla li-ll \urwood, 10-11

? »lei Idtlailt 1J-10 Sturt nil! North li

i h tri no.» tt. onl» lllldefeitte 1 te nos ha» I - iii win three ttiatthe tanner (NorUl Adelaide)

e isilv the bij-t for»» tri li iviui. kicked _0 "uais thrcu m llcbi» Ho is 11 gluts allant) af the u it an Morion (-»lum

IIOI! MM Mimbi) lu ibu I ahunni m I ii.ll

itrbes nu »itnntaa I . fro» defualetl I uiiailori nil mill lilian leftitcl New I on u U MOI »

I I etro» IJ 1 , .1 1 in .nor. II 1" N li lim II -1 1 Newtalivil 7 1.



Hakoah Defeats Caledonians.

The ih st ruinul of the ameer eupa did nut brliu its usual mimbi r üt Mirpriiio result*,, as onl> in oin cane du! a leam defeat one of a higher tirade. **Jh.ii wu» lluhoah fgi-mlu '¿i v«. Caledonian» Ui«de li. tht result sbuiMiiit that tim Caledon.mi j are s.idlj u need of a CL-ntre lorim rd nho can take a lull trim aUij MIUIP. use bulli ftut, and hliooL walmul bet-iU lion. Wont Ilu« ut Miiup »'s wau uiiun u nulkmer b< HpoUwood and (rill appeur ni the. second round «ni thi> three otliLi* Wontbazci teanw.

Large Crowd at Middle Park.

More tlun 'J,\M peuple wan attracted to tht Catodoniuu-Hal.oah contest .it Middle J\nk, -.then a munt MMuiitiUc exhibition uf soccer ".LS pn>*. tiled 'Die deter combination bLtweijii plajeiw, lu« kliiu ht.-íuhn¿. and clean Mumlder i-haiying were featmx \tlnch held tim Bpertulors m a. but li htaie of excite mem throughout Hie »mc. Caledonian- titrjickul ni Uni minute, a. aun»ri.-t* centre bj lltiL'hi PHhiina nullt HcruHi Usküah b Bo.ll-, but Hunter «aa jitet too late. Huuglu* tried a shot troiu the guul lint*. out Alquiler* listed the hall tu lïotb, who opened Hakoah'* dn-t attack. VV*. YJÎTÔ miskieked when a soul Ecurned curtain, and ii. Weir put the ball tu

¡afoty. Tim puto wa« ron' fttflt, wita pla

bad the mliautauo of wo freo kicks nuar BO id, but tlio ähootitiff waa yards- wide. M infortuno betel Ibikoab when the ball bmiuetidt on to SUmim'« band m the uoal »rcm -V Pönulty kick WAH awarded, and .Tohnstone w-'ortd the dial gaol foi Caled munni. Tin» Caleys «ero well on top at this »taco, and H dúítiuded «»oral hot attacks vii*.orou*¡l.y. mun*, players limpinir. A temilc drive frmu JuhnMmiiî iilnio-c knmktd Al« m lu ra mur HU ttual line. He f.uhd Mi fleir the ball ami Unnter wow! the Pali'*" -ei-Miid .mai. rhajinj», looked Muck fur Hakoah i.uiil lot

M-l, <uh<» had I...TII intikiiu bind for a neal, rr-JIIC,( hv a niwteiku hv MHIfi .uni sctirul ni. .-!> Il.tK.mli ?| followed thi** ¡»ucr«'**» wall utTonj uttiu K*> lind I »it i»

.Mtjiituu])) levelled rho Mine ft »in lone ran,H I".,.. « cmitmued at a Kr-mt puce, until thy uttvrwil, ulm li ' i caine with ho nu urn mon.

1 Caledonian-, hi .ran the -econd h-ilf .urt.iu.1' hm was not noeurate. Ahniilura punched out -hoi«, which went near, and after (In* nifnutci I'urru«,, put, Hakoah ahead with uno of the be-t shut» MMH tor a lone time. 'Lim movement began throu"h lï»th »ho paucd la Wick, and thcuc» to (forwt- Kom*t appeared to be forcing lui war through a bum ti of deftuder*» with the bal!, but be clcvcrls tipped it to Dick, who centred, ami forrest completed tin moro b> tuppimr tim ball just out of (Jciut't« reaih. fink on h tried Uanl to Improw on Its lead, hot could iLldmn pats» .?"*. Weir and Donald. In an cndeuvoin to rniproif ils attack Hunter went to the right winj, TOUUR to centre, and. latcr^-Hughcs was m the centre. The only dalifiar to Rakoa b. bowira,. caine from Johnstone and Hughes, who tried loiu shott., but. AlgnUera. Btopuud, them. Caledonians were attacking when tbo final whlstlp toumled.

For llako;di Ale. ii lera, Hny dan. Hoth (bunt plajet on the tleld». ('. Viiffe, Puk. and Formet wen* i*on ..pfcuous The bei*.!" of tbo Caledonian team were ii

AW ti*. S. Weir, Young. Uomdas, Johnstone, .in.]


South Yarra Defeats S o u Hi Molliourno.

*íomb Vana defcutei» South Melbourne, and the Mini H vron' H*0> w.w One tn the c*t«eptioniiltT Ct-uil ?.'imlkcepiiu b> .*jbeplurd. AIcG>U*ky scorud Yarra'*

he Kunm, after j welbplacccl centre b>

...... Ii(J|(,

huVntrê" "T." Lirlstinr. ÙâxUir, J. Tiïnmv.~<iii<l i-iJl

did «eil for South Melbourne.

Prahran on Ton.

CoWiu tuiiubt tttiJL RBattiet I'raltVft». but lu» u»t viittuyb plit>eu of the calibre of Waruiaji and J »rake furxl to defeat fitron« teaiiii.. I'mhrtin almost scored throii«h tîneves in the tint minute, but tin* ball hit the «run« aide of the pont, bjuu» coll i Jut heiwly with Ijicey hi a Coburg: attack, both beiiu injured, ami after nine minuit» (Jnotes, taking a pio-s from O rant, wored I'nihnm'» tirat «nal. Tbrio, corner lacks tu Prahran follow ed. mid Wannan, Midd«u!> lireakmii awa*,'. pa*-Mid to Ljuny, who M-urttL tor Cobuni. .Strafuhr. from the centre I'm h rim at t H ck ed, Crant and llailey each Bconii*r «lt!l t^*"! .ihutd. J tut iHiftire the intcn*al I^ice> »topped a tliot from JJrakitford. hut MIW htandim; over lu* trooJ line, and a u^at nan siunatltt'L A fur 1.» immiU'4 nf the ¡wcuiiit half iimiit clercrl** worked a corner kick and place* 1 the IMIII in |H*rf«ct piwHiou for tirieroh. who scored for I'rabriiu. Cobur« ahiftetl Uri i-Ietere-it forward. (Warrami 1 ta the full back pom tiiiu, ulakine an ¡mun»Temi:ia therv, but «eaktmni^ its attack. Hrakeford wa1* useleis without War iimn, and the lint* uu> nul (Uujucruiif. Críete« worked a good goui fur Prabra-tt towards the end.

Harris, Itunwiuk. Grant, ami UHAÍ were c«ii-pi"i 0111 in a. good l*nihran tuarn. I'*or Cobnnf ^aniiaii Urakefonl, and Robertwrn did *A»*1I.

Windsor Defeated.

Winiltor (gradti 4> bail a dílbcylt tatk a¿nu*i llmuawick (jriude 1», bul did eji-eplioualli «eil until Cowa» fell bearii*. Cowan was taktu. to tii^ Mulbuuniu Hobpital with au injuied Itv. ttml laui allowed lo t*n home. Ha ker nan cuii-pienouh tur Ib-iuihwick with j-crcral cowl centres, mid the tiii>t «oal i-ame «hen 1'iiitt Htopnud hut failed >?> char » fast ibot fruin tieddes. Kelly fullowiny; up »ml iiptUns C. Sftuple jud *. .St'inple each cumtttfl t entre* fi-uin llaker. und Itruiw« ick lind a iiM-lui lead at half-time i-f I! co'ih. lu a MI!U nu I Hin h,

(Wmdwir) wa« fuulcd b> Km*wle>, uml Currie ?«corefl j fruin th* pana!ty «Hit. Itrilliunt forward «i>rk bj AV*ind>or hrotujlit further hiuvo« u|ien T. Khu M-oicd. und u uxíñt etfurt to dru« level WUK umd*. ; Hfr.[UUon b<.twt>eii Kins mid Pratt towurdc tim end

howetor. unaided C .Vmplc to put tbo iivme l-*?muJ j doubt. Uruiuubk wiimlitx lo Á soul« tu U. i

ltaker iUtmwnick) wa» th« liest pt.ijeroii tba tlclil. i and H m, ursMAted b) Kutiwlv». Iturr. and (ïcJdi-^. l'or i

Wiiidhur TTatt, Currie. W. Kimi. T. Um«, and Miller I »ere cottspictiont». I

IteMilth:- '

I'nihran, 5 <<.ÍIÍCVBÍ» ;J, cirant. ItaileM: CnMira. ^ (LJUIU, Drakefunll. Uruhton, :ï tWnabt li, Miuth»,

. - - - '--n»i. jîouth Tumi, |

nil. |TV*1I»II. r,

- . IfohUlbtw <Mt-l»«r Ï. I»'»'«

lle'i- *1. I*. I'aintVullt;'

:i I .Milburn :'.

IIBl'al. »I KllelJ. n't. tuiiwii. :

(Klllll-t 2. Ilie-kl .-..liiiii«, .' Milln

.tun., lliinle-rl. Uni «ii'iniil« ». Kullj

l' «-euipl..!. Uiiul-tir ClltTlel. Kei.'lMT

a> Tlil-tlf. 3 U 1.» -em. U'll-uti): '

»nlllrl.l. -J .ilitfi. «

lim ITI.JII. U,

illi.i.-lii 11.1.uu» .1

it. I'm. -ll..»ul e'iU.1..', li- lli-itk'H., r.- '

l.m :: Mt-IU'lU.II'- I' l Hnmä" :;.|l."ri, .1. I'.lt.ill.. l'.lv,.t..lV .> elie»«.I. I 111.11»

.lliiiiur \-.«-ii.ll.)-. run ll,.i,Ml,, r¿ .' .i'l.-i." »

All-ttKi. Imil-e-rij IIUMIC. J iMuiri. ' r.r.l.luil

'.' I li-.ii Ki i'."-' l'eelli.i¿ nil ^i K'.lt 1

lin.i.v rxiux.

Footscrav's Great Performance.

".-.llli-l Nil». i,ntl I I.lit r -.1 Ililli Hu leruuul« uti

..IT n- te-e-l ne. .t.lil|.li't.l»

in one of ihf "trunsL- clubs m ün (.otiuiviitK» iiul its mate-1 *.* wall Mtilbouriw all 1 Lament submi

.rill he evrvrU mint. l'.rth lut»Mt\ m.i Mt! 1-onrnt enh ni ni heir n put tli n* l\ kimii. »li

Pluia of Ur-iütt uí.l uurauuic ít_. íluíl iwilliu*. tar tnulirk it html ra ^ruin«, Nm tilt ho« . mmnftsL «edKiH's ii tilt» t trc if tlie um wlmh miM hi. mum W«f i> >r un muni .» t'ii- fi itt .f Itoioiis -MI MU- Hi «\>-M muli ,ra- I.

ttraiüw Ut L*.H iti a t m i i t. i iiHU.1 nu hi ii* sn>ia irrf nnii T .tt1 lU» i.-mh ti

nu «I in ii ubi until t .- tn

University ami ?Melbourne Scat a Well.

tilt ujiinl tit tit» M«, «w h »i MUWL l*irt »twrrii Mill, ut t u I \ ^ r wh 1 i ".,«1 u«t mm win Mi li* um. iixihmii itiiu tahind Uu run Nip j i lil 1 'i 1 -iii i oil ik.liimuu.uuti u\u.«r Ktul L i imUli » i- ititt MiK f Milhmir i - trh - t mu tn in tlu i-tiitrr < ou|M

'uhr I.¿im- ml Hum, (i> -Mr »4. LQU|Ht

U i bau;) k(ik*.-d L immltr "oui

I nmiMo - w t» i¿ <«rr 11 trlVi-imn" «a« rat tit-1 VJCIHIUOI tit II trimm» forward«» >h*.v»\ lhi*«hn of kiHMl fiidii the\ mullí not liol! Ihn *p«eib Itiiunon bre^tt-iUMa«, mnl IMur-on -poilt main uf tlioir mon tnuit» Hie lnhtr-.iH KuK Inn "m L delightful exhibition uf rtiujuiu «ml iNi-*m" -mil «-rons! MÍ of the eijit ma», fil* «toar-» utru - II »Wim 1J1, Tunar l¿í sturt rule«-, l-utimtc l\ it um, nnd Kmiîop .Httu.twicp Uunlni» mid Hjuhn the> tuembtr- of tin mtir-uu ifi»u >ho«etl sp tout ni form Kubin un who \* r?-trrw fur the tiiim, nl-o Kiclmd wtiliy nmn.rthw titi U\LI und MToniu a pinaltj «mil bor HnrlcM«'!'" l'ftwui uni tfirtí -comí Mlfttf> win» w«w tfti* lV*«t of tilt* tor u inls, (.omartod ono tr\

í ooUcruj t, tH.rÍor«ituctt a-vn-A ¡st Kiltli «a huhh meritorious fntií balf t iii \A\\ un» fahfc »TUi ulUiu««li.rootw»n!' «luid the nvi'ir lund m1 Ibu Mtire *rii¡» JVÎ >" »t* Ttruiir *t the adjonrtí ment In the secuud lwlf the st Kildtt .'tfinic tired «lui rnot<*entj iiit'rfrtsiHir tia (in"*«nuv Kuivl I tuant-* wulumt rt|dx Hick th* fo-tiar ^i kit li nU\tr vu*» tn íTnit fonn nuil * four tru^ ai»( me ituiüti snout Mi-UHUft UU IVIÍMII. (21 l.mlh anil Si^nuan iü«o s-fonuh I(p^t.r» KirKuJ nulmtclidh romerthij* ceren times. ChrihtiHhor f*t>r^] *-t Kilda s cml\ points frum n p-untts Vitk l*e%.\\ \UMIÍ)1Í( aiult.Uj.vt'N alfru workinî «tit fur tho> Ui»cri hu the n«th w»ftouU>U>v»l

litvlntV .> ¿tout w*i6titice to tli<* 1 uattnt Mthurt'* fonranU ita stu»port«i> i- tia ttam hi tUst>lased iMjor f<jcm ttu* scawii. Kuitteni ¡airtmrl .* hrokp thronsha once m Um lint, lulf M TíakUfch »or intbunir* prer from thtj ttntrc After luU tina (titile t-qualt^t! for traflon«- . latve HH»rttl tia tiiniumt trv for Kasti*ni «nburb1* None of tht tra»« rn LOimrted fllie (rama tr*K t UuttJc of two heat\ »ai-k'j the ivimar beuiir «lichtH*- smwniir ni the fn>t


lu Um 8*3Cüti(l CTudo I nmr-Mtv shoteel tint it ïw-fc««*^ mt tilmivlftiue of indi ru* (wl talon lu out

ninniii« ST ¡SJII liiütalnm and «tfontn, utaiH "^ imtnts ^t Kilih mil Huit ern Suburb* won com fortnbliv* mid nftrr ft in>wt fast mnHh Mvlbnitrno defrated Distent Suburb* b\ ».iuht, umtit«

^owa -

Pirst Grui« -1 mriTMt\ J7 -1 lUritHtutnv s M.'llumrno 2V> d ^nT\ (\ bv»t«ri\ M) u M Kihli ï Uihteru ^ubttrh-. G <I t-iHilons ï

Smoml (.rude -g-nfeersih ^« *î -Is « 37 '.Jml «fltUHon. .ï M Killin 53 0 li irletiiim« ml 1 oot-rm^ 17 d lïiHjIonj» 3 Mrlbimrno 21 d lío-teni siiimrbo 16 . » .

Thinl «nile -T nui.rsit\ \i> I 11 -ï Ï7 ^nil HattJ»Hon, nil, Melbouniu n d Tnntjicn\ nil st Kilda ml tlreir with Distirti Snlmrb^ ml

Queensland Draws-in Sydney.

SVDMZY Situilai - N»u\ South WA!«- nul í)ttrttí«c!uid Kuslíj l*«ftir\\o tpaniR i>»aj«V their Te turn in if cb it tho S\dno\ Sports RTOIUMI nu Satur tbv Quott'ohmd bail vron thi- first match on the «avions ^aturda* bv yi iiomt« hi l"i .* .1 buhl

i^citliiff lame mi snturdnj rcnltcd in a mm1 ill diwv Otitpn^l ipd cmialij>tHl in the In««r iiunntt

th i iteniltj ¡joal »

To Meet Victoria'.

rim \,iu south Willis H«BIIJ \ mon st lu tur* hau lia t n tlie -jfoUcwtui: team tn ul«i \ letona Ht iii S}dn*> C raket smund np'ct sntunlay - h'ult bat t. ' " " A Tlirof*l«n * ' " " *

r Kmpr ' alf iMtrfc *s

Martel f J

V \\ ltd« Tlirof* mari «n V K. Id

. " Kiuff >\ Ulilti! riv.^n,]ith U Miller Halfliftrk 's C Mihtïm U i|»t winH \ V. f. V blore