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Dr. MacLeaii Watt's Farewell.

hi Scots Chinch last night the Hex Di L MncLcm Watt, of Glasgow Catho oral, piciehcd Ins last seimon in Mel

bonnie as the Turnbull Tuist pi cachet foi ]

10J2 Lxeix seat m the chinch via«, occu pied, and even in the poichcs, vxheie thej could sec ncithci picuchei um chou, maux peí »oils listened lo Di AVat'

'It seems like xesteidax that I caine | hue," Di AVatt said as he ended Ins sei

mon "I did not feel for a moment that I hid come among «tiangels You liaxe added to m\ bust and holiest memoi les You liaxe ixntteu a nexx pige m mv life It li tb been a joj to mc to be milong xou, and to »peal» to xou af Chust and His consoling ginee Yon haxe gixen me consolation that xou em ncxii knoxv I carne uinoui, lou xxith a sludoixun mj lieu I, and xou lune lifted me I came xxith a fen foi the dais of nix life that aie befoic me, and jon lune iixakeneil i nexx hope lou haxe Iel me spell» to xm. uf Hie Chnst I needed md xou needed md betxiecn tis ne haxe tom hid Un h uni» of Hie Cmcihcd Of

most ot xou I shili never ste Hie fin i"iin cxi n n I xxi 1ml to eloss the si is i"i i to \iisli du f du not think Hut 1 inijil ii Imu nu nish bnltss xuu cioss tin st is iitiiliix u I I »hill ntiu »te von

11.1111 i n i nth 1 nt 1 | i n tint xou xxiii "ixe join lunts into the kupini, of the M istti md Hut iK nu, xx Inn xxe »hill set His i m axe mix meet and I ilk ixilnlt

1 mi Ide i »uki xi hu Ins finished lu» xisit islioie mil his i died upon his luends md » it xxith the in it thou Ineside xxho lu» tonxiisiutin ot the things Mi it thex mutti

lllx Lix i uni thin tunis to xiheie the »ii is t illili, lum to Hu lu nts and the plneis mil Hu mcmgiits tint haxe nude up Ins lui lioxond tile f u hoii/oii 1 xxiii ntxii

I ii,tt the kiiitliKssis «huh line betn slioxxn to nu bx ixtnout whim 1 luxi nut in \iistiiln I ask xiu to n inenibei nie in vmu j l ix en- is 1 shall unit luliel


III W Ut mil h m lix Un s. I,,,! ,\ I I s III s lilli,i ii in I I xxiii »ui t

\ « /i ililli Hu» ix.ii Hi «ill lln li i xxi I lilli, munnin,, iii x i ,"c t, St Hu, I