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Melbourne should be "proud of that fine draughtswoman and etcher Miss Jessie Traill. By incessant labour and observation she has won for herself a high position   by her fine sense of design and her   most capable rendering of very difficult subjects   She dares to do a large drawing   composed of enormous curves and angles and she does it successfully. There is no other artist in Australia to-day who can     compare with her in the fine and varied exhibition of Sydney Bridge and other designs which will open today at the Athenaeum   Gallery. Her drawings of the Harbour   Bridge fiom 1927 to 1931 form  

triumphant and original record of that mighty masterpiece of steel, and it would be well if the finest of them were acquired and housed as a national collection and an artistic record of the structure.  

Attention may be directed to such etchings of the bridge as No. 34 "Ants Progress,   1929," No. 36, "Under North Side, 1931,"

No. 38, "The Red Light, 1931," No. 31

"Beginning South Side, 1927," and the splendid No. 37, " The Great Arch, 1930." All are impressive and well drawn. The drawings of the bridge in water colour are equally beautiful and simple in execution notably No. 24, "Hydraulic Riveter' and No. 4, 'Workshops," which are powerfully expressed. No. 13, "Going Up," No. 10, "Creeper Crane South Side."

No. 17, "The Man with the Ladder."  

No. 9, "The Cables." No. 1, "Side of Curve."

No. 3, "Blue and White," and especially No. 2, "The Great Pylon," provides an excellent   lesson for water colourists in largeness   and simplicity of design and delicate     washes of colour.

No. 60, "Berwick Bridge Northumberland,"    

is a grand example of this famous       bridge in shows its character beautifully.

No. 48, "Port Neuf, Toulouse, 1614,"  

is good; and No. 62, "Haddington Bridge," is a romantic rendering. No. 64, "Liverpool Cathedral, 1926," is a dignified drawing of   what is considered the finest cathedral of

modern times. No. 51, "Albi Cathedral     and Viaduct," suggests a grand elevation     and substantial expression. No. 52, "Frosty Morning, Albi." is delightfully fresh and simple in its technical rendering. There are several studies of Mount St. Michel.

There are many other fine works, including   No. 68, "The Moorhouse Tower, Melbourne, 1932," and No.86. "The Striped Tower, Genon."  

The visitor will need to return again to this exhibition of daring original and successful work which remains open till May 14

Mr Edward Knnpton's Landscapes

The Aleldrum Gallen 203 Little Collins street will open to diy with an exhibition of small seiscapes and landscapes bv 1 d wird Kimpton One wishes that artificnl lighting could be dispensed with for ill woik shows its best qualltv m a flood ot cool dav light Iheie is sinceiit} ind i deal of out ol dooi freshness e\pi esset on the wills ol this little gallen No i

Hie Fisherman is a simple design and hal mon} of pale green sea with i giev tice bending across it No 11 Atornille

is similir in colour ai rangement ind full

of the tame out ot door freshness and fiee dom lrom blick No 10 The Aim rum bidgee is cxtiaoidiniril} slight Theie is almost nothing in it \t i few pices it reveals in its excellent frame the sug gestion of two large tree ti uni s on a nvei bank mci backgiound It Ins i rare quaht} ot Lit)ness like dusk and it mi} be îc gar led is the most artistic expression on the walls-i beautnul impression No 7 Quiet Corner is refined in coloui md ilso i vert simple impicesión of natuic In N >

6 Bush Paddocl we hive the reticence of the subject on i gie} c1 it Bul like No 13 Vcioss the Creek it could be helped b} some definition of fumncss and Kolidit} in the 1ore,»iound the tice trunks mil the stumps in the ground

lins exhibition will rcliiun on tictt until Ali} 11

Mr. F. G. Eeynolds's Still life

Thirti exhibit", bv 1 ledcnck G llevnold-. will he on view at the _x ewin in Gallen 2S9 Collins street, fiom to din His best punting is revealed in his studies of flint and floweis Xo 12, 'Purple and Gieen bpviev," ib the onlv landscape of lnteiest -a truthful mipieshion of eoloui out of doors Xo 29. 'Red Punce Giapes," and No G "hruit Piece," ure peihips his finest paintiugs ol fruit ihev are good in colour and souudlj drawn and punted Xo 2, "Gripes, Quince., and Peaches," and No 23, Melon and Gi.ipes," ne of fan average, but the. need t iirijing further to ward completion îvo «!0, 'Pmsies" md Xo 7, ' Pink Roses," ne among the best How cr studlea Xo 15, "Cécile Briinnei Roses " Xo !), ' Pink Camelia," Xo

"Rhododendrons ' and other cum lies show a good colour sense and general hir moiii of ariangenient Ml the} need is further intense studv of the texture oi petali, leave«,, md othei delightful paits of a ' still life" to produce the v uicd anil exquisite stn facts of -Satine

Mr Kejnolds is wise to woik so nine h with still hfe It is one ot the quiekest wns of leal nmg how to punt vieil One looks i oi ward to his next studies with in terc.t This exhibition, wini li nl«o inn be seen at i slight disidv nidge owing to aitificnl lighting, will lcmiiii opon till

Mav 14