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Family Notices

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r-^TIs^t imposition. Birt"- »'"rlage, .nutt »4 I» >'T°nJra Noticci mutt be

.Icntlcated by some reputable person to '""".heit iiscrtion To guard against error Sall name- clearly In block letters 1

-h Marriage Deal!. Be.-eaiie.~t, In Memo ram and I'unt?^,, ^Mlcs "P t0 " utn in cs at Cd


ALLEN (nee Daisy Stewart). — On the 14th April, at Glenthompson, to the wife of J. A. B.     Allen, Pollockdale, Glenthompson —a son.

ALLISON (Glory Neyland). —On the 19th April,

at St. Helen's private hospital, Essendon, to Mr. and Mrs. Eric Allison, Mella-gam, Melbourne    

avenue, Glenroy —a son.  

ARGUE. — On the 28th April, at Dalkeith pri-

vate hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Argue —a

daughter. Both well.)  

BENNETT (nee Mona Keen). — On the 22nd   April, at Epworth Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. I. G. Bennett, of Elsternwick —a daughter.(Rirbiri BRIGGS (nee White). —On the 22nd April, at Epworth, to Mrs. A. R. Briggs, of Cam-  

berwell —a daughter.

BROOK (nee Doris Manning). —On the 12th April, at Nethercourt, Wilson street, Surrey   Hills, to Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Brook, 2 Clarke street, Box Hill —a son (Kenneth John).

BROWN (ne Bertha Smart). —On the 26th i«il at lierklca private hospital 47G Koovohb

¡£a Caulfield to Mr and Mrs J Ewart Brown

i drawer

«BUNT-On the 21 r 1 April at their resid nee ,3 sO Nicholson street, Tist Coburg to J and Mr' Arthur Brunt-a daughler (locelsn /»«TY-On Hie 13th Spril 1032 at th ir

j ««Carmel our an street Alalvern to Mr

w¿T\l Canti-i iliughtcr (Dorothy losephlne)

DEACON (nee Margaret Alexander, Hampton).   - On the 18th April, at Tresillan private hospital Nedlands Park (W.A.), to Mr. and Mrs, J. E.   Deacon, of Norbury, 39 Loch street, Claremont,   Perth - a son (John Alexander).

DEAN (nee Ollie Alright)-On Hie 21st Spril ?I Holm nrmtc hospital sandringham to Air id Mrs J 1 Dean-a son (Edmund George

ANNING (nee Tims)-Oni the 2oth Snr.l

« AIm míate hospitil 47b Koosong road Caul

Id io Mr anl Sirs O N Dunning of 11 Olinda Atti Canlfield-a son (Bruce Campbell )

EDWARDS (n e I ennox) -On (he "1st Mircb i ehilinur Cliellenliim to the wife of Chester 5 Edwards G SlaMi street Ormond-a son (Peter

FORD-On tie ISth April nt Asonhurst irísate »¿«Kal 3 Queens road cits, to Air ind Mrs j S. Ford Tu e &m c fl oodlcigh-a son

FREEMANTLE.-O11 the 7th Spril to Dr and \K Norman F Freemantle, Balranald (N S SS )

I daughter

GIBSON -On the 2Sth Spril at Gwandallan niste tjosnlH Bairnsdale to Mr and Airs A J tison National Rink Bairnsdale-a son (still

HAMPTON -On the 20th Afnrch 1032 at Ciar hil r nato hospitil Uendigo, to Florence C , the ríe of SS Cor ion Himpton, Montrose 2 Mill rW Bend eo-a daughter (Jessie Annette-Ann

HOPKINS - On the Ilh April ni Deeside, BlcomfielJ mai Sscotnle to Mr and Mrs J hi li Hortons-1 son (lohn Kenneth)

HORN-On tie 17lh Spril, at the Commercial Pink of A urilla 1 td Bannockburn to Air mid in. B O II ni-a daughter (loan Isobell)

JOHNSTON (nee Mira Howard)-On the 13th jbil at Mosgiel private hospital, Surrey Hills, b Mr and Sirs ( S Johnston of Surrev Hills

-1 dal ghler

KR00N - On Hie 21st Spril lo Air and Mrs C F Kroon of Tongila-a daughter

LANE. - On the 26th April, at Dilbhur Hall Hos- pital, Wollhara, New South Wales, to Mr. and   Mrs. J. Lane, of 80 Bundarra road, Bellevue Hill -

a son (Both well.)

LIEBERT (nee Elvira Beynon). - On the 23rd ipil at sol liera AJemorinl Hospital Seymour, to Mr. and Mrs. Lex Liebert, Park street, Seymour    

-a daughter.

MASON. - On the 25th April, at Lancewood, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Mason - a son.

MATTHEWS. -On the 24th April, at Hay, New South Wales, the wife of Roy T. Matthews, Eurolie, Hay - a daughter.

PINCHES (nee Clifford). -On the 27th April, at Sefton privatee hospital, Tumut, to Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Pinches-a daughter (Marjorie Olive). (Home papers please copy.)  

ROWE (nee Elva Martin). -On the 29th April, at Berklea private hospital, 476 Kooyong road, Caulfield, to Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Rowe, of Brighton

- a son.

SCOTT. -On the 25th April, at Lancewood, Glen- ferrie road, to Vi, wife of A. C. Scott, Yantara, Tocumwal - a daughter.

SHUTE (nee Molli O Connor) -On Hie 29th Irnl at Berklea pris ile hospital, 470 Koojong r jd Caolfiell, to Mr and Airs G Shute, 12 Dunlop atenué Ormond-a son

THIELE (nee Benita Cartwright). - On the 13th April, 1932, at Old Orchard, Doncaster, to Mr. and Mrs. W. A Thiele - a son.

TUCKER-On the 2Sth Spril at Chremont (IV S ) to Sir an I Airs Basil L Tucker-a son

WITHERS (nee Ethel Keys). —On the 15th   April, at Edgbaston private hospital, Bendigo   to Mr. and Mrs. L.T. Withers, of Drought street,     Bendigo —a son (Michael Keys) .

WOOLLEY (nee Abel). —On the 27th April, at   Gleniffer Braes, Bellair street, Kensington, to  

Olive, wife of George F. Woolley —a son.      


ANDERSON—McNABB. —On the 5th March, at Presbyterian Church, Footscray, by the Rev. Har-     ris, Stanley Thompson, youngest son of Mr. and     Mrs. Anderson, Lyndhurst, Footscray, to Harriet     Victoria, second youngest daughter of Mrs. and     the late Mr. W. McNabb, of Scotsburn, Werribee.

BLAKELY CLARK-COOK -On the 21st Decem- ber at Bru-Gong, Bell, Victoria by the Rev  

John Millikin, Edward Blakely C lark to Lyla     Melle relict of the late Walter Ceorge Cook, Bell, Victoria  

COIUNGS-KENNARD - [silver ASodding] U the-ith S|nl l'A" it Chiton Hill bs tb 1 J II jMig t lui It onls diuiJitcr of 1 ind Mrs I h 1 r I Sscotv ile to SS 1U11111 11 fide t mu f Mr mi Airs SS Collins,

)*rdo (Ir it lires Sllivvib Bcirv street I loi Hill )

FLETCHER-NIXON - On the 21th March it (IrtClurcli North Is end n bv ti e Rev C AS Ttoi Haroll ( s une t son of the lite Mr Gfolje S ai I Mrs H teller Idsvarl htrcet Roch ( er to Lilcen S soinger daughter of Air md ¡Ii. J S Nix n 2 Braemar street ¿seen ion

FOÛARTY-BURKE - On the 12th March 1932, I se Pauls Roimn Catholic Church Coburg, Ir the Res 1 ill cr Tuomev Sllan Norman, eldest

oiMrailM-8 1 I I ogarts 1 ist St Kildi

IJ ifwne (C rh ) third daughter of the late Mr John Burke lite oí C1 nmel Hie Grove, More


FOSTER-CALCUTT-On the 20th March at Christ Church South Yarra by Rev L Townsend, Laurence st Barbe, second son of Mr and Mrs   H Foster, Allenby place East Malvern to Kath-    

leen Fallon, only |daughter of Mr and Mrs R F         Calcutt Pasley street South Yarra  

HENRY-CHANT.-On the 31st March, at the

Independent Church, Collins street, Melbourne,   by the Rev. Henry Evans, William John Norman,     elder son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Henry, of Gren-   ville street, Hampton, to Almyra May, younger   daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Chant, of Cun-   ningham street, Westgarth.    

J01ES-COLLINGS-On the lGth April, by ht Ilav Frank youngest son of the late Mr lal Mrs Jones of Albert Park to EIsil joungest ia-ghtcr oí Sir 11 1 Mrs Collings, of Amherst

JUNNER-STOBIE - On the 9th Ami at Jeoti C1 arch li the Res Dr norhnd Donald IJites s conl nu if Air Donald Campbell Hld t'* Ute Mrs Junnor to Jean Himilti 11 onl> tu.hter of Sir and Airs D G btoble, of «tarni Hunt r street I ist Kew

MACVEAN-LETCHER. -On the 12th March, at   Mt. Erica Methodist Church, Windsor, by the Rev. W. H. Guard, assisted by the Rev. Hugh Kelly,

Ewen McPherson, second son of the late Mr. Allan       Macvean and Mrs. Macvean, of Sussex street,

Brighton, and Phyllis Anetta, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Letcher, of Lewisham road,


MADDERN-LEY - On the ntl h Tanu-irv 1T2, ?title larsonage Milluri bj the Rev h Kemp JtaS eldest son of Mr and Mrs 1 unes Middern

Ceelong to toi ce Mar) v nungi r daughter of H anlMis S C lev, of hoondreok

MORTON-MOFFAT -On the 7th April, at All Saints Church St Kilda by the Rev Fernie, Harry, only son of Mrs M. Morton and the late     Mr. H. Morton of Dorothy avenue Glenhuntly, to Edna second daughter of Mr md Mrs A.   Moffat of Kadina, 138 Orrong road Toorak.  

NORDEN-FRICKE-Oii the list M ireh at xV,"k', C1 iirth IiUros bs Hie II 1 R t. »«oil Albert elder son of Mr. and Mrs. A.

»ed« of Hotlnm strict Fist st hil h to Vera, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. W.     Fricke, of Walsh Street, South Yarra.

/"ERSEN-CARNEGIE - IMIvir SSeddingl On the 2SIli Spril 1107 at St Andrew s IT »1 v ?"?n Church Airravvongi bj the Ile v I A .«bes Oscar Cirl, onlv son of the 1 itc \ O ' ler-en Mellourue to Marg iret Robertson, eldest ujthtercf Ile late John Cirnefeie 5nrniwongi

lum) ' Hlinkbonnv, Hinnev street,

lK!T~BR!SBANE - [Siller AS ed ling 1-On

«»h April 1907 at the residence of the '«.mother Napier street St Sm 1111 ly the 11. c?d»alladcr Tones Richard, old st sin of J and Ure R T to Annie Iliiauilli on]} fcJihterof Mr anl Hu hte Hr SI itthew Hrisbam (Présent adir s Mi A lill Sinn strut, at

ittiud )

JEN0WDEN-ARMSTRONQ -rsilxi r Sledding ] Min Shs 1 1907 at SSoodsloek Noulli Sfncn ¡MheRv J(i," «Plri 0( ]),i|irlt i^.,,.

'«¡»«est son of the into losepb and I li/.beth ,i,r , , oi Mlls<ro to Curri second diui,litir

Ihe late John SI newell indMirs Smile Arm li" "'Creswick (Present address, Roode l°T Hotlnm street Oakleigh )

tB00D_DENNETT-On the "ml April 19 2 at

lian B Church of I, gland Caulfield bj Hie w. " " 1 ! nntTln MS Robert Michael, 5,, í0,',' i' ""- Ia(<. Jo1"' »"'1 Mirifiiit &in R??'' 0| Mil»ern oui ílsternwlek to £h M,ldtr,,huBhter of Mr «»'1 Mrs 1 II ,"'' 2S Hop toim street Elsternwick

ism, , rG,RlmTHS-°n «>e -"d April at ¡»Itwliilerhn Chureli Alordiilloc hi tile Rev Hi Ij 11 V, nu*t*11 ^'ctor, suungeBt son esf Lull IrB P w Soho1'-- "' (?oullunn to Reí e »Or i«!.0.""8'.?' «'»»k''*«"- "1 Mr and Mrs » 0 Griftillis Shtloek Hink Aspimille

«W.'.S'"«:1' ot l-ne-land Ai ne!, bs Canon Sim ?Ttln,n"" «l^l'oon of Mrs Shelton of toÄL^r'1,,"'"1 ,h0 ,a,° Ml n ' ''.'«»on, ««Inlfred e p seventh diugVer of Mr mid

*? e 1 cadd (¿ueens street, /ixcnel

«J at^~iMaCD?NiLD-°n ""? «lh I-*T ttlon ¿ .1 rcS 8 '«si'»'crian Church, Limn «aTk,,,llf ¡1« I I llinw. Dr «tmrt

»«¿ot *' w T ,1",or Sf Klla»' t0 ,l-»5"' *. ¿,enL^lkr,cÁ Mr ,olm '' »'"1 «'0 Jalo T «»cDonald of Queenstown (Tis)

«AU ^'"r!,"-0""" '«li March 1-U2 »« I r?, , °!:V,?mi Qufinsland bs Hie «I Mil. I ii Í "W """" Mac Vrtliur eldest son Ck sil Ü "ml 'h1"1'' ,rlln " Telford 1 Hin

STT' «u'"-?»."' v ,,odKcs 1,uä",

ítSttff^ »". 2SI1, March at

Jwafeit ,L( Í. c.,0( '"-WcBroom) James Alfred, *W6Hmîîn».;'i Jx'.r ."'' Mla ,l«'P'' Wtlton «'T Cater ÄMoÄl AftQrt' to T11 Winifred Ij^w«MerolMrs Geo Hanson, Mollison »trcet


WATTS-HIGGINS. - [Golden Wedding.] -Mr.   and Mrs. William Watts, late of Beechworth and Hawthorn, announce with pleasure the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding, celebrated at Beech worth on May 1, 1882. They will be pleased to see their friends on that day, afternoon or evening,

at 52 Plummer road, Mentone.


BAGNALL-On the 17th March it Leamington Spa, Fnglund I Uni, loving niece of M Bagnall,

and cousin of Ldiu -St lest

BASSET - On ihe 20lh S| ni 1932, at her late rtsidonce, Irelawncv, 320 Malvern road, Last Malvern, Hirritt widow of the lau. Colonel SS R Basset Ircliwuev Donald, beloved mother of Siolet (Mrs J S »airbalD, Rose (Mrs F S Harris), Caiolinc Howe, charles SSilliam Bertram I Martin M ibil (Mrs S» Stone), 1 lilian (Mrs

» C Russell) Hnrence (Mrs II S Brokonshire), and lancelot I e»lie In her 79th sear -Mother

BATTON (Os»} Cope)-On the 20lh Spril .. her n«iJoiice »rirnt, Tisie Beatrice the desotel wife of Robirt T Batton, loymg mother of Hsie Robert ml lohn loy ing diugliter of Lisle Cope

lovin" sister of David uni uni} granddaughter of M S SIcSIalioii, 11 Scotchmcr street, Nortli

» itrroi

BRADLEY-On Ihe 28th April 1932, at 13 sSooilev street Essendon, Siar}, dear!} beloscd wife of SSillimi John Bradley loved mother of Sgnos Edith Xtirv (Mrs Taylor) Gordon and Srclne lived mother in law of Elsie (Private

interment )

BURDEN - On ihe 29th April, at the Alfred Hosiita!, 1 ranci» Waiker Burden (Frank), dearly loved hu bind of I lorence and affectionate father ol NI titlia and »lorence -Pat and playmate

CAMERON-In lcung memorv of Mary Eliza belli who deputed io a higher life at Casterton on 23id Apnl - Loved bv all

S beautiful memory kit behind (N isa ni Coburg )

CHAPMAN -On the 27th Apnl, at 34 Cbirence street, Liaternwick, »ranees Mar}, dearly beloved wife of Ldward Chapman -RIP (Pnvatel} interred on Hie 29th April )

COOPER-On the 25th April, at Melbourne Hos pilli (after accident), George Becchwortli Cooper, of 2J7 Lennox street, Richmond, loving brother of »ifrcd (deccaaed, Nortli Sydne}), Charles (de ceased Quecnalaud), Mar} Ann, Annie, Arthur (Srtirmon S}dnc}), Emma, Bella Oin. »"rod Ratry, Mosman ^dnev), and »red (deceaiod), aged 70 years. -Lead, kindly light

CREEGAN -On the 29th April, at a private hospital, Georgina, widow of Joseph Creegan, and mother of the late Mrs E M Wood, of St Kilda street, Brighton, aged 80 years -At rest

DONECKER - On the 29th April (suddenly), Peter F, dearly beloved husband of Hilda   Donecker, of 14 Moore street, Hawthorn

DUNKERLEY.-On Hie 23rd April, 1932, at Laun costón, Mario, dearly beloved wife of William Dunkcrlo}, late of IOS Tamar street, Launceston


ELLIOTT-On the 23rd Spril, at her residence, »S'arrack, Belgrase, Dorathca SS arrack, mi dear sister, and our loving aunt. -He givctb his bo loved 6leep (Inscitcd b} Mrs J Leslie and daughters, 10 Coppin street, East Malvern )

ELLIOTT. -On the 23rd April, at her residence, Warrack, Belgrave, Dorathea Warrack, loving aunt of Winifred Clemens, Beechworth. -At rest.  

FARRELL -On the 28th April, at Ivyleigh, New Gisborne, Dinah, relict of the late William Farrell,   and beloved mother of Jim (deceased), Will, Mary (deceased), Jack, Richard (deceased), Jane, Addie (Mrs T. E. Ayres), David, and Emma (de- ceased), aged 96 years 6 months A colonist of 77 years. — Reunited.

FIRTH.-On the 22nd April, at 20 Flower street, Caulfield, Abram, the dearly loved husband of Frances Louise Firth, loving father of Raymond. -A patient sufferer gone to rest. (interred privately at Brighton Cemetery 23rd April, 1932. )

FIRTH -On the 22nd April, at 20 Flower street, Caulfield, Abram, dearlv loved eldest son of Harriet and the late Abram Firth (Yarraville), lov-

ing brother of Sarah (Mrs. J Rees, SS Bllamstown), Libblc (Mrs Wobber, deceased), Litio (Mrs A Broivn, Yarrai ille), Jack (South Sirica), Jim (South Africa), George (deceased, South Africa), and William »irth (Yarraville), aged 58 sears -Dearly loved and sadly missed

FOSTER-On the 29th April, 1932. at the rcsi

dence of his brother in lass (Mr T II Harrison), Woodlands, 101 SShlte Horse road, Blackburn, .Tollu James, the beloscd eldest son of the late Tohn and Eliza Foster, late of South Melbourne, losing brother of Eliza (Mrs A Gunn, deceased), I Charles, »red Annie (Mrs F SV Da}), and Lillie

(Mrs T li Harrison), and los ed uncle o( Phyllis I Connie, and Roy H irrison (deceased) agcti 78 sear A desoted 60n and brother (No flowers, b} request )

FOSTER -On tile 20th April, 3932 at the res!

dence of his brother in lass (Sir T li Harrison), »Soodlnnda, 301 SShlte Horse road Blackburn, lohn James, the beloscd brothel mid brother in law of Annie and F SS Day of Glen Echo, SShlte Horse road, Blackburn, and loving uncle of Hilda, Ldna, and Harold, aged 7S }cars -At


FRANKLIN-On the 27th April (suddenh), at her residence Auburn road, Auburn, Jean, dearl} loy ed niece of SV J and Clara Thomas, 51 Donald street, BrunsxvIck, loving cousin of Perce, Carrie, Les, Slav, Howard, Emm, and Holet -Rest after


GAFFNEY-On the 29tb April 1932, at prlsatc hospital South Yarra, Rn.imoml Patrick, }oungcst son of EÜ7nbeth nnd tile late Patrick GaiTnes, oi Benalla and loved brother of Lena, May (Mrs Hopkins), Bessie, Rita, Dorolhy (Mrs Alsbclt)

I unice, and Jack, aged 22 sears -»las his soul

rest in peace

GOODIER-On lho 27th Spnl, at 91 Canterbur} road Middle Park, »llzaboth Jane the denrl} beloscd ssife of Charles, loving mother of Rub} (Mrs R Rutherford), of CO A leloria street, Last Brunswick loved grandmother of Ruby, Doroth}, Robert, Olive, lo}ce, lack. Norman, and great grandmother of Patricia, aged CS years (Private interment )

HOFF.-On the 2Stli April, (sudden»}), at his residence, d Bowden street, Ascotvale, John, doarls beloved husband of Annie Hoff, losing father of William John, Augusta (Mrs M Bren n in deceased), Fredrick, and Percy (deceased)

-Rest in peace

HOFF -On the 2Sth April, at his residence, I

Oslo Bowden street, Ascotvale, John Theodore, much los ed granddad of Peggy and Pat, Bendigo

-Ii I I' |

JAGEURS.—On the 28th April, Morgan Peter, dearly beloved husband of Dena, loving father of   Mary, John (A.I.F., deceased), Betty, Peter, and Kathleen, loved brother of Sister Mary Laurentia, (Sister of Charity, Sydney), in his 70th year. —Requiescat in pace.

JORDAN. — On the 21st April, 1932, at The Watties Drennani, William, beloved husband of Eli«!, aged 81 }cars

JUKES.—On the 27th April, at his late resi- dence, Albert Giles Jukes, beloved husband ot Isabella, greatly respected steptather of Claude, Charles Stanlev, and Arthur -Peacefully sleep ¡ng (Private!} interred Al« 11 29)

JUKES-On the 27th April, Albert Giles Jukes, dearl} loy ed brotiier of Bessie (Sirs Edwards, James street. Northcote), }oungest son of Hie late John anti Mar} Jill es (Hampshire, England) (Privately interred April 29 )

LATTY.-On Hie 2Sth April (suddenly), at lus residence. Graham road, Highett, SSilliam Henr}, onlv son of the late Henry and Sarah, and loving brother of Louisa (sister) and Beatrice (Mrs E I'litlnej, Glenwaverley) (Privately interred Chcl tenham Cometer}, 29/4/32)

MACKINNON-On Hie 25th \prll. Donald, chitrmun Albert Park committee (inserted b} curator and employees of Albert Park )

MATHIAS - On the 25th April, at 12 Palmer street, Fitzroy, Mary, loved wife of Leyshon, and sister of Sltggie (Sirs McNaught), Tilomas, and

SVilliam SS oolstencroft

MATTHEWS-On the 27th April, at Sunshine, Fr.nk, dearly ioscd husband of Catherine Mat tht wa of I Slalt street, <-untliine, and loving fil h r of SS ilium Mabel, J ick, Ben, and Ida. (Cremated at » iwkner on 2Stli April)

McDERMOTT.—On the 27th April, William John, tit iris Itloud husband of Sarah McDermott, 79 Duuiudilr. roa 1 Hsttnivvick loving father of Ii i7t 1 Alni and Liel}n (Talbot paper please

copy )

McINTYRE.—On the 28th April, at her home, Strontian, 26 Albert street, Moonee Ponds, Jean, dearly beloved wife of Stewart, and much loved motinr of Nair John, Stewarl, Dollie, SSI11, Alex, and lean -SSith mere} and willi judgment mv wtb of time He wove (Private interment)

MOUSER- On the 27th April at her residence, 2 S\oolton nv ernie Thornbury, Martin, the dearl} beloved wife rf John Siouscr, and loving mother of Gertrude 1 mina (Slra Scott), George (Lilli mur) ani »rink (.1.ceased) -Loved ones re united (Pris titi} Interred strathallan Ccmctcr} 2Sth Spnl 19J2 )

NEAGLE -On the 27th April, at St George's   Hospital, Kew, Bridget Mary relict of Michael Neagle loved mother of Vera, Leo, Reg, Mary, Ann,

Len. - R.I.P        

OSCAR -Sr the residence of his son In law, Hrustv The l roscent, 1 a.icluso, Sydnes, Richard Oscir, beloved ftlhor of Mrs A Hutchinson and

R S 0=i ar, aged 7G scirs

PATRICK-On the 21rd Apni ut Sdelaldc, 1 lizabeth «l.arlv beloscd wife ol Joseph Patrick he lo» ed sister of Mr» C Briant (Caulfield) and Mrs D Robertson (lamville), aged r)4 }cars

PHILLIPS-On Du loth April, nt Cottesloe Bi uli, SS S, Fditli Minlthcl, beloved mother of 1 most Phillipa, 21 Amiens strict, Hampton

RAY -On the 29th Spril W2, nt his residence No 91. Rowell avenue, Camberwell George R" ex ss-rgeant of police, Hie dc.rlv lovel husband

f Millie and lovi.g father of »Innnee (Mrs SS unu Willum (Svtlno}), Gcoico (Rom sov) nnd Chirles aged C1 years

ROGAN-On the 2oth »pnl it Darlinghurst

Sv.lnc} .1(1.11 lostjl. di irlv beloscd bri of

' ", leilth (Mtlbi.n), Cithenne (Mrs Michell, ,.."i=ed), C C L.itc.1 (Thornbury) If «hi I (Mrs

Btl.livln, Dail.fcford), mil lian (Sim lawson, loora) ngod II stan. - li IP

RUSSELL-On tilt 29lh Si ni (suddenly), at lonints private hiit-pitul, Bul lilli Mirgirot 1, r.llit of tile lilli- Slfrtd W Rosall late of Ben illa, und lui. »ed mother of Alex ind loin

ROYAN-On the 29th Aprll at Glen-Roy,   Bridgewater, Ellen, wife of the late George Royan,     late of Kerang and Bendigo --R. I. P.  

RYAN-On tile 2Stll Spril nt 19 Puno strut Ciuilfloll, Michael 1 bomas ill. C uilfl. 11 Milli n» Hospital and 5th Bitlalloii All .1 irh lovul son of the lito Mich iel mil Non III lil of Cull lirdown unit loving brother of »lislm (d eoi»..l / I.D, Jitk and Nonie (Sirs Deticli Cimier

¿own) - It I P

TILSLEY -On the 26th April, at her daughter's     residence, 10 Henty street Dandenong, Christina       Ethel, beloved wife of the late Sydney Powell  

Tilsley and loving mother of Ethel and Muriel   (Mrs Charles A Snell, Dandenong) aged 56 years.   (Interred Melbourne General Cemetery April 27 )

TILSLEY (nee Reddie) -On the 26th April, at   Dandenong, Christinia Ethel, second eldest daughter   of the late Alex and Ellen Reddie, of Rochester   sister of Walter (Tatura), Hubert and Eugene   (Melbourne) Gertrude (Mrs Hoskings),      

Bertha (Mrs Opperman), Myrtle (Mrs Parr), aged 55 years.


WATTS-On the 2"rd March 1912 (»ii l.lenli) H.rbirt John (Bell) Watts of likeiiliini Did Sshburlou losing hil-bat. I of NI iIk-I bl ill. r in

hiss of Nellie lalteisoii uni nilli li lou I um le .( I»ibel, Jose, nnd Jack, of S Gir.leil strut 1 »sen


WATTS-On the 2"nl Nindi 19 2 (slid l.nls) Hoibert John (Birt) Wills of 1 uki ni .un r .ad Ashburton, losing huabm.l of Slab.l do. pis respected brotiier In law of \S W llirus. of


WILLIAMS-On the 2Mb Spnl Charl, s 1

(Carl) Williams, of C1 latrobe sticct, Melbourne, .loved brother of Belle SS'llllams, ot Junction road, Chatham. (Private Interment )


WILSON. - On the 28th April, 1932, at 26 Wandsworth road, Surrey Hills, Alfred, the be- loved husband of Ellen Wilson, and loving father of Alfred, Joseph, Harold and Ellen (Nell), aged 68 years.

IN MEMORIAM On Active Service

GOULDING-In loving mernoo of mv dear son and our brother Stanley John (corporal AI G Section 7th Bittali n) y ha di-d at Alexandria 1st Alav 1913 of «oulilla received it the landing on Gnllii oil (Inserted bv father, sisters and brothers )

KERNOT-In loving memory of Corporal SSiI Ham Edgeworlh I lit Kernot 1st Batt SI F killed in iction it Aleteren Spril 30 191S elder son of AS L Kernot AS iliroongi (N s \\ )

McKOY- In loving menory of Stanley James Pte No 991, 13th Batt, 4th Brigade, killed in action at Gallipoli, 1st May 1915.    

Our Anzac

'Tis no palm of fading leaves

That the conquerors hand receives, Joys are his serene and pure Light that ever shall endure

-(Inserted by parents and sisters and brothers, Wodonga )

PARTRIDGE-In affectionate memoir cf mj father, Private Thomas Dou¡,!is Partridge, Cth light Horse, who was killel at Gallipoli 2oth Spril 1915 -lest wo forget (Inserted bv ,É diughter, Daisv A P )

BARRETT-In loving memory of our dear friend, Ernest Norton who pAssed away May 1 1931 -Loves greatest gift-Remembrance. (In serted bs his sincere friends Mr and Mrs J A McAlliester, and Geoffrey, Woodhnds street, Es

sendon )

BEST-In losing memory of our dear son and brother, Samuel R Best, ssho passed asvav Alas 1,


For lum, sweet rest

For us just memories

-(Inserted bj his patents brother, and sisters ) BODYCOAT-In loving memory of my dear hus- band and our dear father, , who passed away May 1, 1929. -Always remembered. (Inserted by his   loving wife and family, Keilor.)

BRADLEY-In loving memory ef our darling Dorothj, who iissed away at Alerrigum on AIij 1 1901, aged S sears ind 11 months -Fvcrremem boreel (Inserted bv her loving parents sister

and brothers ) j

BURTON-In losing memois oi mv two sons Andrcss G, xvho died at SSashington street Es

sendon on 30th April 1930 and John A, who died in France April 1 1917

lite) shall not grow old as sse gross old

Age shall not weai-j or jears condemn

But in the morning and it Hie going dow-n o(

the sun

SSe shall remember them

-(Inserted bj M F Burton and family, 2S Pickett street, Footseras )

BURTON-In losing memorv of ins- dear hus band and our father Andrew Gould Burton who died 30th April 1930 at ins lite residence 17 SSashington street Essendon (Inserted bv his loving wife and daughters Elaine and Lola)

CAMPBELL-In loving memorv of my deir hus band and our dear father George Lowther, ssho passed assay on 27th April, at Silvan

Till memorx fades and life depirts, lou 11 live for ever in our hearts

-(Inserted lo ids loving xsifc, s0nt and daughters )

CAMPION -In memory of Thomas Hcnrv loving husband of Daisy Sjlvia, and belosed father of I unice xvho passed away at 14 Park crescent Fiir lleld, 30th April, 1931 (Inserted bj ins loving wife and daughter )

CAMPION -In remembrance of Thomas Henri xsho passed away at Fairfield, 30th April, 1931 (J h and L B )

CHAPMAN -In losing meniors of our dear father, uno passed away April 29 1927 ilso our beloved mother, passed aw ly February 19 1931 -To memory ever deir (Netta and Srthtir )

CONNOR-In loving remembrance of my dear wife, Florrie, and our dear mother who passed assay at Ssvan Hill on 30th April 1931

A xsonderful mother, so good and nrc

The trials she went through few could bear

She nescr complained, she ssas not tint kind, She ssas one of those mothers hard to find

-(Inserted bs her loving hubband, Jick, and daughters Margaret and Thclnn )

CONNOR-In loving memory of our deir sister. Florrie, ssho passed away suddenly at Swan Hill private hospitil, on the 30th April, 1931

The golden strands of love so true

Time s fleeting cannot bcv er

The memory sweet of bygone dies

AS hen sse were all together

-(Inserted by her loving sisters and brothers ) COOMBS. - In loving memory of my dear hus- band and our dear father, Edward George, who passed away suddenly on the 1st May, 1931, Mansfield. - Sadly missed (Inserted by his loving wife and family.)  

COX-In loving memorv of mv dear husband, Frederick James, xvho passed away on Slav 2 1921, also dear daughter and sister. Constance (Queenie), who passed avsax December 5, 1921 -To memory dear

CRIBBES-In losing memory of my dear xsife, Mars, and our los ed mother (Murdoch Cribbes, sen , and fimilj )

CROOK -In loxing memory of our dear mother, tsho died 30th April, 1923

Though xeirs pass bx SSe will nescr forget Our darling mother

-(Inserted bv her loving daughters, Winnie, Vera 1 lossie, and Mj rtle )

FARQUHAR-In losing memorx of Martha Lousie I irquhar who passed awax on the 19th Spril, 1921 (Inserted bs J E SA illiims )

GREGORY-In losing memory of our deir mother, xvho passed iwax it Toorak on Spril 30, 1929 -Too dearly loved to ho forgotten (In sorted bv her loving daughter and son in law, Rose and Harrv Mosley, and little Fly io )

HUNTLEY - In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away on the 30th April, 1929 (F M H )

KAY -In sad mid loy ing memorx of my deir husband and our dear father, Jimes Slim hay, who passed awi} at Alonbulk on April 30, 1°23

Just i token of remembrance,

A memorj fond and tnie

As ling ns life and memorv last

SSesvill nive unthill! of vou

-(Inserted bv his loving wile and children)

KIRKHAM-In loving memorv of mv dear bus band, Don, and our darling d id Iv who died on 30th April, 1930 at St Srmud -Though lost to sight to memorv ever dear (Inserted bv his lov ing wife and family, Heatherton roid Dandenong )

JEFFREY-In loving memorv of our dear son and brother Jim (late All) who passed away on April 0 1930 (Inserted bj his loving mother father, sisters and brothers )

LAMBOURNE-In loving memorj of darling Faj, aged 1 year -A sweet little angel, one of the best (Loved bv Clive and Five and E and A Bow mm 27S Riversdale road, Surrey Hills )

LESLIE-In ever loving memoiv of mv beloved husband and our dear father Rev lohn Leslie, who entered into rest 30th April 1931

Blessed are the pure in heirt, for thev slnll 6ec


-(Inserted bj his much losed wife and daughters, Casendisli Coppin street, East Alais cm)

LESLIE -In affectionate remembrincc of our dear father, lohn Leslie, ssho passed assay on the 30th April, 1931, losing grandfather of Jack Alcrrjl, Alan, and SS insome (T H and SV Clemens Beech north )

MADELEY - In loving memory of our dear mother, Sarah, who died on the 1st May, 1928, at Oakleigh; also our dear father, Charles Henry Vincent, who passed away on 4th December, 1923 at Chelsea

When the night comes softly stealing,

And the roses are moist with dew Deep within our hearts we cherish

Fond memories, love of you

-(Inserted by their loving family,)  

MALCOLM -In loving memorj of our dear father and grandfather Allan, svho passed awas Alaj 1, 1931 -Memories still remain (Inserted bj his losing son, Bob, and family, Glenlris )

MARC -In loving memorv of mv deir mother, ssho pnBscd assay on April 28 1931 losed gnndma of Msru and Audrey -Ivir remem! ered (In serted bv her loving daughter Lilli in Bennett,

Murrumbeena )

MARTIN-In loving memory of mv deir mother Alary Martin, who passed iwav at Coburg, on 1st Mux, 112G also mi dear brother, Lew who passed asvav on 7th December, 1J2S -Remembrance (K Coxon ISumurkali )

MILLINGTON -In sid md loving mi ni in of our darling mother, Bridget Anne who pissed iwaj liOlh Spril, 1930 (Inserted 1 v her los Ing ri iiighter son in lass and little grandchildren Frinkn md Dawn Noonan a Idress Al iralomed i Crow lan Is)

NUTT-In foul and loving merni rj of my d ir huslnnd and our deir fither who passed away on the 30th April 1911 (Inserte 1 bv lus loving wife ind famili )

NUTT-In losing memors of our d ir grindpi (Inserted by his losing L,randcliil Iren Slison, Betts )

POOLE - In loving and memory of       our darling mother, who passed away at her       residence, Arden Hampton, May 1, 1931. (In-   serted by her children.)  

POOLE - In revered memory of Mrs. J. F.   Poole, formerly of Elsternwick, who passed away at Arden, Hampton, May 1, 1931. -Many years   a devoted member of the Caulfield ladies' visit-       ing committee to boarded out children.    

She stretcheth out her hand to the poor.    

She reacheth forth her hands to the needy.       -(A.T.)

POWELL-In loving m mois of our 1 ir fither SSilliam Hamilton Powell, who passe I avsiv it "urn line, Ililhrit r ii loolsiris on the 1st

lis IS») (Ins rted I J Ins s jus md daughters)

ROYLE-In louie in mon of mv deir bus Kind and ( ur leir fither lohn wl ) l i'se 1 avviv on Spril IO 1920 -Di irlv remembered (I Si Rovie I thel and lick )

ROYLE-In loving memorv of our dear fither loin li si win lJss.,1 iwiv on April 0 11*0 also our deir I ii v diughter Belli -Too deirlv lovel lo ever be (erholten tOhve ind SS i 1

Hume )

SCHOFIELD - In Ioviiil, memorv of mv deir ..ife Iw who 1 is* 1 nwav on tile 30th Spril, lill -loo deirlv lovel ti bo f irgotten (In

rt 1 1 i her living husband Slf )

SCHOFIELD-In loiirg memorv of our dear dmeiner ml slsl r win piss d iwiv on the »lh \, ni 1 ni -(sally missed bj her loving fither, ni Hier Birt ml Mai )

SELWOOD - In lu ii g memon of our deir mdbei ml (.rinlini who I isseil peacefully nw iv < n the 1st Mu DO' it ( oin also d( ir fither uni eranlji on th lilli N «einher IU' md their lovel oies gon lifm uni since - sib, in our

ti ian (Ins ric I I v their affectionate son diuhhler in liss and gr milson, I I, C S , ml

I I Nelwood )

WALTHAM-In si I and loving memors of mj d ir hu billi Bob who listed to a higher life on Spril 27 lill -lleirls los eel, tullj missed

(li sériel li lils lol lui, wife Rulv, elation street, llox Hill )


1">RS SN - Hie Umilv of the late Airs

J AI SRI SRI F IRIS SN desire io sineerclj rllSNh ill kn 1 frici Is mil lelillves for letters

iris, li i ernies ii d llora 1 tributes in their recent d Irrctv inenl SSill all please accept this ns i i 1 iiovvIeilLtncnt of our deepest gratitude ivine strict Hivlcsford


wish to sincerely THANK their many friends and relatives for their kind expressions of sym - pathy, letters, telcerams and floral tributes, espe cially Dr Carl Stephens and Dr Southby, Sister Walker and Nurse Stevenson for their kind and unremitting attention in their recent sad bereave ment 279 Adderley Street, West Melbourne.   ir



dcaire to THVNK ntl relatives ami friends for letters, card* and beautiful floral tributes

personal expressions of sympathy In the loss of their mother Ada rvans Will ill please accept tins as nu acknowledgment of their deepest grati tude 22 lyndon stre t Ripponlea_ "KMNGFR-Mr T FINGFU and famih desire to .*? THVNK all kind fr ends relatives and neigh bours for telegrams letters, cards beautiful flora! tribute«; and expressions of love m their recent bereavement Will all pleise accept this asa per sonal acknowledgment of our mu ctr«, gratitude Corooni Hurwnol roi i Wantirna_

H^STlNOh - The lamih of the late GKOIÏGE

VLEWNDFK II VST1NGS (late of Hunth Kintore street Camberwell) wish to convev their sincere. TnVNKb to their mun kind friends and relatives for their deep expressions of svmpathv b3 \ isits letters cards le'egram« ind I eautiful floral iributes receñid b then) during their recent «ii bereavement, cspeeialh thinking the He.

C H Barnet» the Mis* Patons in i «ister Richards for her unfailing kindi ess int attention to our father through Ins long illness also Mr T G Woods for the capible manner in which he dealt with e%crjthing Will ail please accept this as a personal expression of our deepest gratitude

XXODSON -Mrs D HODbON and Family desire -*?-*- to TH\NK ill kind friends and rclatnes for leards telegram;, floral t ni tites nnd other cxpn

j s ions of fi\mpath> in their recent sad bereavement Will all please accept this as a pcr-onal acknovv

ledgment of their gratitude 27 Bowen street, Camberwell_

HUDSON -Mr 1IFRIÎFRT C HUDSON little , HrRBIF and Mr mid Mrs \\ T Ht D«ON md Family desire to txprw their sincere TH VNKS

j to all friends and relatives for kind expressions of

fjmpathv in letters cards telegrams and floral tributes in their recent sad bereavement Will all pleise accept this as a personal acknowledgment of deepest grititude_ KMfPTON -The Familj of the late Mrs \NN V

KEMPTON 10 Mirgaret street Murrumbeena desire to express their sincere THANKS to all relatives and friends for litters telegrams floral tntutes and ptrsoml expressions of sympathy in their recent bereavement Will all please accept this as a personal expression, of their deepest grail tude_

MR and Mr« R II HKNNI TT and Tamilv 01

Briagolong desire to TH VNK all km I trim Is in« rd.lives for their ktiers telegrams c1

lora] tributes an I expressioi s of s\ni[ ithv in then «»cent sad bereavement cspeeialh thanking Ur McColl sisters and Mail of ist Davids Hospital the Rev Maher for sen ices at church anl (,ravc

side, also the Rev Hamilton of Maffri Will all please accept this us a person ii acknowledgment of deepest gratitude_

anl relatives for telegram« letters cards floral tributes and personal expressions of svmpathv in their recent sid bereavement, cspeeialh thanking

ill who hate been so kin Ï and good to their loved one during her lengthj illness Will all accept this as 1 personal acknowledgment of our sincere grititndt_ "\rn T mwr-R anl rimih desire to THVNK -"*- all kind relatives anl fríen Is for telegrams letters cards floral tributes an i personal exprès sions of sympathy ( unng their recent «id bereave ment pspecullv ti inking the Rev I- itliers 0 Brien and MoMuham and Dr Stewart for their unremit

tmg care and at ten ti in W ill all pleine arcept

personal iel now ledgment of our deepest grititude _

AfR WILLUM MEVHNL ind Funih di!

?*?"- to expros-, their sincere TH\NKS to kind

elittles nnd friends for letter1- telegrams floral tributes and expressions of svmpatln in their re cent =ad bereavement 26S \ ictoria street àorth

Richmond _

"\TR and Mrs FRVNK W VIÍIÍOTT desire to .&*? convov their heartfelt THVNKS to all friends for tJieir kind messages of fvmpathv on the death of their beloved son Norman aI«o f>r floral

tnl utes to hi? memory_

MKv W J H'RPHr\ nnd Family desire ti

TH VNK ill kind frlend^ and relatives for tele grams letters cirds- floral tributes and personal expressions of svmpathv in their recent «id be naiemont especially thinking the Rev W I 1

Pi> Will all pleise accept this as n personal acknowledgment of sincere gratitude 21 Leonard

street Northcote ^outh

AFRb T VSHLE\ ind I mulv desire to TH VNK -*""-1- all kind frien is and rclati cs for lette o cardo telegrams aud floral tributes in their ead here ne ment especially Dr Steele Sister Beer Itev ~ C Bremer and Itev II Dennis Will all pledse

cept this is 1 perhonal acknowledgment of their gratitude 11 Jeffrey street Preston nortli

MRS IIISIOP desires to e\j rtss her THVNKS

to all friends and relatives for kind etpres sion« of sy mpath} 111 letters c irds telegrams and flonl tributes in her neont sad lercav mont

Kindh accept this as 1 p rsoml a< know ledgment of deep« st grititude 13 Henry stret t Regent

MRS R V OSBORNE and Famih desire to

exprès their THVNKS to jil friends find relative^ for kind expressions of svmi athv

cards telegrams and floral trit utos in their recent sad bereaveimnt Kindh accept this is a personal acknowledgment of deepest gratitu ie

MRS GVRDNLR M »sonnette Jolimont beut?

to THWK all neighbours and friends for loving bj nipa th/ and leiutif ii floral tributes sent during lier recent sid bereave

î V 1 BOLD desires to TIUNk all kind neills 111I rclithes fir telegrams, letters Is flonl tri! nie- and personal ixpressions of

ntatin in 1er recent sad bereavement_

MRS HISLOP wishes to THVNK member» of

the Melbourne City Council for their letters of sympathy in her wl I reivem nt II Henrv ftreet Regent_


ramily wi«h to sinctreh THANK all rehtives neighbours an i all kind friends for their telegrima letters and flonl tributes in their recent sid lo reavunent Will ill please accept this as a per s mil acknowledgment 6" Moony 1 road Cannuie RATCLIF* - Mr and Mrs B D RVTCIIrTwish

to expret-s their sincere THVNKS for letters telegrams and personal expressions of tv mi athv in their recent sid loss 22 lïerUh} street Glen ferrie_ STOCKS-Mrs R STOCKS and tamilv desire to

Til VNK nil kind relatives and fríen is for letters cards telegrams floral tribute» and kind expressions of h\mpathj in their recent sal U rcavtment Will ill please accept this as a pet sonal acknowledgment of our «Jcipest gratitude Miistan High street Uhhurto

7HELVN -Mr and Miss lE^Mr WHrLAN

desire to express their sincrc THANKS to nil relatives and friends and neighbour« cspeeialh Mr tearon and Mvers I-nipomim and nur» s and sisters of No 20 Ward of Melbourne Hospital for their kindness to mj doir son Maurice festro

his last sickness and for letters cards telegrams and floral tributes nnd pereonal expre^Ions of s vin pathy in their sad bereavement Will all please accept this nn a personal acknowledgment of their gratitude 475 Punt road «outh "iarn & L 1




BURMA -The 1 of Hie laic Mr riUVCIS

WALKER BURDEN are informed tint lils re mains will be interred in the Sox Hill Ccmetor}.

Tlie funeral -»lil \eti\e his residence, 51 Regent street, Oakleigh, THIS DAY (Saturday, 30th April),

at 3 o clock

CHEFOAV - The Funeral of the late Mrs

GLORdlly 4 CRTEOAN will raoie from printe funeral parlor 48S W illiani street (near 1 letona street), l\e»t Melbourne, THIS HU (batunh)) it 2 p m . for the llurnood Ccmcterv

I^AHRFLL.-The I-rienda of the late Mp, DIN MI .- TVRItTLI are inilud to follow her remains to^Gisborne Cemetcr>

"io funenl Mill lette her late residence, Iij

leicli, Ne« l-isborne Illlb DV1 (Saturilij) at 3

M MLRRW bnderiilcr 'Phone Oisborne SI

IJ'OMFR - The Friends of Ihe lile Mr 10IIN x ISMi-s 10STHI ure united to folloi» bis

us to the l!o\ Hill Cemcten

le funeral Mill lone the rcsi ienee of his brotiier in liw (Mr (I Ii llirrihon) Moo.ila.iis 101 While Hore" ro id Hhckbiirn Tlilb 1H\ (bat

" ii April JO 1032) nt i lo p in , arrii ing at Hie Cemclen it 1 o clock

IF PIM. and SON luncral Director»- 'Phone


GUFNH - The 1 nends of the late Mr

It M MOND IHTRICh GlFTM.l are In formed that hil remains «ill be interrid in the

alla Cuneterv

he funeral Mill 1 ive the Roman Catholic Church lilla \TTI RNOON (Saturdii, April 30)

II MVTTIIFW, 1'Tl lil) 1-uniril Diriclort.

102 Toor.k rn-i.l «outh larra, in conjunction with L \ ID1101T, ikinlii

HOFF-The 1 nends of the lite Mr JOHN

HOU are rispiLtfulli informed that li», ri nu Mill be interred in Hie tawkner Cemetery THIS I)\V («nturdnj, \pril 30)

Hie funenl Mill mon from hi» residente

«lowden strccl '»cotiaie and prorec I to '

Man s Roman Cithoiir Church st leonard s rond Wotwilc, thence to the ii meten leal lui, at 10 30

a in

10S1 PIT AlTl«ON luneril Director G"8 Mount Merindi r roid, Moonee I on is (phono II .lol), mil at Iluiklei street 1 s« n ion_

JAOFIRS-Mass for the re»po*. of the soul of

the late Mr MORGW PET1 11 lAGTUIlS Mill be celebrited at "H Pntrak a Oatbcdral T His MORNIbG (Saturdo, 30th Ipril), at 10 o clock

Tlio funeral Mill lea\e for the Melbourne General Cemetery at 10 IO

Rn -The Iriends of Ihe lite Mr GFORGC

RAI, e\ sergeant of jiolicc ure invited to follow bia remains to the Iloroondarj temetcn,


Hie funeral will leaic lils late reBidenee No 10 Rowell aienue, Camberwell, THIS IH1 (Satur day, April 30, 1932) at half-past 3 o'clock.    

LF TINE and bON, Funeral Directors Thone Jllll.


ROA AN - The Friends of the late 1 ILFN

ROA SN are rcsi ectfullv invite I to follow remanes to the pi ice of interment Bndeew


The funeral is appointed to leise her lite i dence Glen Ros Bridgen tier lo morrow (sun May 1) at o p m

L SPP1IBA Undertaker liglcwooi

WILSON -The 1 neilds of ti c lite Mr ALFRED   WILSON are re lectfulls informel tint Ins  

rennins will be interre I in tie Ros Hill I clusters

Flic funeral will Ieive lils resi leuce -0 SS mds xvorth roid «urrev Hills Tills DA\ (saturda 30th April P32) it 11 j m

JOHN ALLISON Director Head office Richmond (tel J1003)

WILSON -Emulation Lodce of Mark Alister

>' Alasons No 7S-The Htetiiren ot the ibov^ Lod"e are respectfully invited to follow

remanes of their late Secretirv SSor Bro SLFR1D ASiLSON to the place of interment the Box Hill


The funeral ' ill leave his residence 20 AS anils worth road Surrey Hills Ulis 1) SA (Siturdiv

30th Spril, 1932) at Ham, arriving at cemtierj

11 15 a m

_SSor Bro H II IHSS IN Master

WILSON -Centennial Lodge No loo S 1 and

S Al of A letona-Hie Brethren of the i! ve lodge and the Craft in generil ire rcsiicifullv invited to follow the remains of our tstecme 1 SSor Brother SLI RID SSIIHIN to the pi ice of interment the Box Hill Cemetery

The funeral will le ne his resílleme 2b AS mds ssorth roid «urres Hills Tills I) SA (siturdis 30th April 103.) it Ham, arris ing it cometen

at llbam


_AS Bro S, SS RIGHT Ps G D sg

WILSON-C1 itlnm Lodbe No 4j9 S T , ind

S Al of A « ton i -1 he Brethren of the abose lodge and the Craft in general ire respectiullv invited to follow the rem lins of our esteemed SSor Brother ALFRFD ASILSON to the place of interment the Hox Hill Cemetery

The funeral xxiii lcivo his residence 2b AAand= worth roid Surrey Hills 1 II IS I) SA (Saturdi), 0th Spril 1932), at 11 im irnimg at cemetery

at 11 lo ni I

(, II 1INN AS Al

_G MSRFL1I1 sec

WILSON. - Emulation R.A.C. No. 41. - The   Companions of the above Chapter and the   Order in general are respectfully invited to follow the remains of our esteemed Companion, ALFRED WILSON, to the place of interment, the Box

Hill Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his residence, 26 Wands-     worth road, Surrey Hills, THIS DAY (Saturday, 30th April, 1932), at 11 a.m., arriving at cemetery  

11.15 a.m.    


Ex-Comp. J. W. DOUGLAS NISBET, S.E.