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The Death Roll.

A Melancholy List.  

Apoplexy, Thirst, and Sunstroke.

SYDNEY, Tuesday.

William Clark, aged 51, proprietor of the Royal Hotel, Singleton, died yesterday of heat apoplexy.

Arthur Hassett, a director of the White Reef Company, Wyalong, was attending a meeting inside the com- pany's office, when he was stricken.

His condition is critical.

John McCarker, 26, of Jerilderie, seized with heat apoplexy, has expired.

Six infants have died at Goulburn

since January 1 through the excessive


A child sent to the mountains to escape the city heat died at the moment that the train arrived.

The coroner at Collarendabri has returned to the town after holding an inquest on the body of a man which

was found in the bush at Burren. The

verdict was that deceased (whose name is supposed to be George Schweiss) had cut his tbroat, having apparently be- come insane through the heat and want

of water.

A little girl has died at Mount Hope

as an effect of the heat.

Two more deaths have occurred at Bourke. One, Mrs. Costello, aged eighty, was found dead in her chair. This makes at least a dozen victims in the Bourke district.

There were many casualties in the city.

A man at Surry Hills sustained a

sunstroke. He was taken to the hos-

pital, where he recovered.

A young girl walking along a city street suddenly became demented.

Sydney Merewether, aged 63, a miner from New Zealand, was trans- acting some business in the Union Bank, when he was stricken down. He was at once removed to the hos- pital, but expired.

William Foulston, employed at the post-office tunnel works, was taken to the hospital unconscious through the excessive heat, and died.

James Quinn was working at the embankment at Lady Macquarie's Chair, when he was overcome, and very soon died.

Several men were taken to the hos-

pitals and, under proper treatment,


Duggle McLachlan, a widower with

four children, residing at Balmain, was returning to his home from the city, when he was stricken. Before medical help could be obtained he was dead.  

A man, his wife, and their child went out in a boat at Balmain, hoping to escape some of the heat. They were caught in the buster and the boat was capsized. The child was drowned.