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Family Notices

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[lo guard anainet tmi o«lfion Itirtli Marriage

Dili and lu Mcmoriaiu Notiecs mu t be a jthenticated li some reputable person to eaiure their «' rtnn To iruaid again t error \ r te ail rames Orirly In block letter ]

Bulh Marrlige De ill) Peiejiement In Homo

nam and funeral Notice« up to G lines 3/ c tn lines at 6d


AITKEN (ne« Douglis«) - On (lie 1 llh «optem Î r at Men \ir Parkh slroot Mini un to Mi

^ d Mr» W Vltkeii-a fun (i r malm lhed me hour )

AUSTIN -On the Uli =ep(cnibcr at '.t Helen «


ELLIOTT {n<e fniloO Oi the lilli sei tomber Mindern- to fti ft \rmidil to Mi and Mr» Uct«r rlllott Ii <o Hit -ulni.%-a toil

FAIR-On I) e *>tli - | tembei il H Crois.» s n «pliai foti im roil Kew to Mr and ' I ( Fair, Urn lands tua Mont Über

ii I ter

leo h-l 1

MCCALLUM-On the 11th September, at Ouyen,   to Mr and Mrs H. C. McCallum - a son

WEEKS -On fh» 31 t Align I lo Mi ind M a s G Week ot K nton Windciinue ae-cent, Brig! len-a dancrht r


BODDY – TAYLOR – On the 1st August, at Old Church, Keston, Kent, England Edward Morton Murray, eldest son of Mr and Mrs. E. H. Boddy, of Crail Brae, Seymour to Gertrude Mollie youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Clement Taylor of Bristol, England.    

ROBINSON-GALE-fill imon 1 « eadine ]-On le ]6th «cptiinher 1471 at the re ldencc ot the In It s mother, Brown stn ft liddell erg Susan ni ipi ter cf tames an 1 Mr« Cale to li tin, Eon v( Mr m I Mr* Bobin nu ot TI ndi^o


BARFIELD-On the rib '-eptembei (mi Urah) j ber residence 121 Temr leton street Wan..a ulla Man I olotcd wife of William an] beloied mother ot Benn, vu an I lulip Charlotte, W11 ¡am and loom is in her GTth jem

BARNES -On the 14th September, 1931 at Colac,     William Henry Barnes, dearly beloved brother         of Mrs. Sydney Armistead, of Irrewillipe, aged 62     years. -At rest.    

BEVERIDGE-On the 12(h September al Mel herron stree! Hor him Jtan Meia eldest

iii.lter of Mrs. Beveridge and the late Mr Il h lleieridge

ELLIS-On the lolh ^ptember ot Melandra ( n Maldcna beloied «if« of loseph William lill 1mm; mother of Joseph, Claude Dons Cora, li torn William and \aucj, and Mrs. C Cooper

CORRY-On the lain qtpt lnlxr at lu» r ihr s home Boscommon 2"0 Park stree! Mr i llrmsilek Llouolhn Torn of Sunshine

irh I.lord elde«! Min of Mirt,arot an 1 the lite li 11 am Com anl loied brother ot rtbel

Ir lerirk (of Mawcll) John Ituth and Joseph (lil ase I ol lears.

CASTELLO - On the lltb September, nt In gun lelfr Irloied brotlur in lan ot Mr

I Mr« T 1 Bjtuc lort Fair}, mid fond rle of Lou! Man, llu^h, killel, and Bett} I me - RIP

FINNERTY-On the. 17th September at her r idence 12 Derbe street, Kensington, \nn, r llet of the late John I innertv loting mother el Bennett, \iinic Home, Katie and Thomas

11\ led fister of the lato Dennis O Brien, of Carlton - Rcquieseat in pace (No floncia bj r IJ'O

GEER - On the 15th Septenibet at the resi dence of his daughter 31 Hazel street Camber- well. Charles Frederick, beloved husband of the   late Mary Geer, and loving father of Charles,   Edith (Mrs Wilson) and Clifford L., loved grand=       father of Keith, Leonard and Clif, aged 76    

years -Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord   HARMAN. -On the 14th September, at Port Fairy, George Hall Harman, aged 96 years, loving father    

of Thomas (Irymple) and Herbert (Wangaratta).

HAZLE. -On the 15th September, at Preston, Thomas Richard Hazle (late 86 Ferguson street,     Williamstown), the dearly beloved husband of the late Honora Hazle, and loving father of Stanley,     David (deceased), Mary (deceased), Thomas (de-   ceased), Neville (deceased), and John (deceased),   aged 86 years, late of Victorian Water Police.        

HUNTSMAN.- On the 15th September, 1931, at   Castle Eden, 54 Stanhope street, Malvern, Frances,  

widow of the late Benjamin Huntsman, dearly loved mother of Benjamin W. (deceased), Jeannie, Fanny,       Emily, Lydia, Elsie, and Albert. - At rest.  

IRWIN. -On the 14th September, at the Mel- bourne Hospital, Christopher James, the dearly   loved youngest son of Mary and the late John Irwin, of 33 Cassell's road, West Brunswick, and loving brother of Mary (Mrs. Murray), John,   James (deceased), Bessie (Mrs. McDonald), Sadie, Robert (deceased), Bella, Frank, Vincent, and Nellie aged 29 years. -May his soul rest in peace.

IRWIN-A tiibute to the rucmois of our len M*roed member and player, On is Imin u ho dird from result of accident on the 1 till September (liiTtcd bl Ihe rommitteo and p!liera oí t'e Brighton Football Üluh )

KNIGHTS-On the 10th 'September at Sidncj, hie Duntroon Collrge, willum Jam « ioiiui,est uti the late Margaret and Heure Knight of ( r Gre Ullage, and loied 1 rolhrr of Robert fde reased) fieorge (st Arnaul), Mrs. Kioger (tt e !on-)j Hector (deceased) Mr" Kiernan (Murruin Wa.*) Mrs Bews (Moonee Pouds), and Mn> Mellon all (fiardemalc)

KNOX - On the 6th September, 1931, at her     residence, 18 Swanston street, Geelong, Elizabeth   Bertha, the dearly loved wife of William Alexander      

Knox (formerly of Moolap), and loving mother of Lesley, Margaret, and Marshall, and loving sister     of Jessie, Kitty (Mrs. Crick), Alex, Jack and     Donald McDougall.

LONGHUIR-On the lllh «ept<mb.r Robe-t

tbe belele] husband of Imils I on^uuiir of ^j ljura 6trect, I a«t Brunssilck loi mt, fither of Ida and Wallace father In law of true t aid Millie, trandfather of bhlrlee and Bruce - U


MACNAUGHTON.—On the 15th September       (suddenly), at the residence of her brother-in-law     (Mr. Z. S. Martin), 66 Mackenzie street, Bendigo, innic Maeliau Macnau(.hlon elder daughter it tie lal* John and lean Maenaughion, tí Oerloni -Leicd onh sister of M in, uti (Mr / s MarllD Bendigo)

MASON-On the 14th «epttmb r (ificr a lol g »nd painlul illness) at renwood prn ile ho pital Wallrr «treet North tidnc) (mis (( ) Mann formaly of Melbourne and eldest son of the late     I ras Mason, aged 77 years.

McQUEEN -On the 13th September al Kyabram George, the beloved husband of Agnes Hay McQueen, and father of Jean, Rex, and Jack, son of the late Mr and Mrs. George McQueen (Tim mering East)  

MERLO-On the 9th September (suddenly), at Macedon, Cbristena, the dearly loved youngest daughter of Maria and the late Agostino Merlo,     and loving sister of Natal (deceased) Antoni, Mary (Mrs. C. Sartori), Elizabeth (deceased),

Florrie (Mrs. llamm), Peter (deceased), Johanna   (deceased), Margaret, Monvina (Mrs. I. Pltzpat-   rick), Phyllis (Kathrlne). --Rest in peace.

MILTON-On the lath September at his r> «i d nee '60 Bathdown street North Cn it on Hil

Ham Henry, the dearie beloied fuller of Hnm, .II William, Stnnl i, «.uni (Dolh) ind Mi} beloved father in I in of Kubv Milton, Daisi Millón, lllilie Milton and Mat Wood aged b!>

3 cars,

NEWELL-On the 1 th September, at hlb resl

dence, S llnwkins aeeiui, 1 reston, burrow the laiing brother and brother in lim of Dai 11 and Hhel Newell, Olcnhuntlv

ROBERTS-On the l-l h September, al his ret!

renee Lake Boga Charles I ester dearh 1 eloetd I t*and of Laura Bohert* and lol in,? falhcr of Boreen Bonnie, Jacl, Lottie, nu I Uiirlie, aged

4a i ear«

ROBERTSON-On (he l-lli Septenil cr (sud dei li) at Struan, 7 Who! stn et, Moeiiu Ponds, loicd molhcr of John S mil Marion lteb«rtson dear ¡.randnia of loe and ljorraini

SADLER-On the Hth september it. Metro poIiUn latin, Werribee, \gncs lau' dculj loied ii ile of fieorgc Sadler and fond niolbei of Nilli

¡Mt« Simons), Harr}, Trank, Hobelt, lick ind \Wer agíd G1 e ears

SHEPHEROLY -On Hie loth «eptember at his t'lidence 12S Pakington stre« t Kew, \ithur 1 , u an beloied husland of Hiz.ibclh \ Miephcrdlv aad loied father of \rlhur II \lbert L Tlizalielh I Hoienee \, William li, C^tll s Cliidii \, botdon e lamis 1 Oeorfcc A aged b2 \our

SHERRIFF - Ou the Sth sVi teliihei, 1131 at tv residence of bei son (Harn \ Sherrin), « «li rMl >, ,h Flirabeth the beloved wlf

'ne litt lohn sherilll (late of Newtown Gee n-J an] loui mother of William (deceased)

>MI c (deceased) Atnes (late inlsslonarv in last 1 »al) and Mirri ni,od S5 seirs 10 mouths.

leaoefulU sleei mg (south Vustrallan tapers 1 W e top )

SMITH-On the lilli "Scj leinber at Ihc resl

«n« el ll< rieee (Mr 1 Collins) .9 Orare

r«t Mon MUrt liideilck Hllllim «milli the 1 lo ed Ile t sen if ti» late W i anl I v "' I' (f I lui ml Bruthen aged 71

( -Mit

SMYTH On ti loth Se] tember (sud l< lill ) al V F " e of 1 r l I i Mis I J|i(." i New Î , ' v I li r li i if Ih lil lunn smvlh s"', i n ilu rf «111 trink Ink (deieiseil) »ill i-" | ," rh ii Irll linn (N s\\ ) - u « ' "m rr I ,i \ sk , 1 )

STRANGWARD.-On the 13th September at 1       Guildford road, Surrey Hills, John West, beloved      

only son of Mr and Mrs R. J. Strangward, aged two y

TAYLOR-Oi tie I ii - |t ml i I'll al l ml

, ', 'Ml ' ill In lisei h I horn s 1 ' " , I le. I I 1 i I in Hi r oi I lu , K| 1 I 1 I r fill I ni IliileO Hull

a i e (Mr \\ 1 v \u_, i vi ",el (le. is 1)

," <?. 'lill II i ii 1 lil i - i, d took

WAINWRIGHT (i Willi ) lo t) tetder r ," ,'i, ' "" ' ' ol '*' ' x'l" "I' 1 '*ld I >"imli a ii on I lilli sr, t nl| , ni ,1=)

i all ti nito nlnlh , , ! n, i , " j ,h-\o;cm ' ' 1 V> (In»rt I li lilt )

r*. K?R-°" "'e. 1 Hi s, ¡ t I llvr ii a Nnrlh Ci?,1,U,,,,lll<> 'anns BirKer eil I son of Í Hi 'K.r anl ,h I"« \-" Willi broth r

, i, *' Borers) I Isl \ (\l,s f.) Marjorie (Mrs Ileiiiimwn) Ne nu in Dull (s}d '"> Malcolm H i mil Bonill ( ni (Mell in 1

1 Un (lier Wa ) " j ru n,tt,|, " \u


On Active Sei vice.

.in. n

. i 11 i

: ni il« h ii


On Active Service

MCLENNAN -In loving memory of dear Vngie who died oí wounds reeelvcd at tone 1 in*, «-ep tsmbei lb lila (Inserud bv hi« loving skier and hrothcr tadle in i Tom Itenniscn, and nephew .? Uruee and Vngli )

ROGERS-In loving minion of Mijor Di\ld Thomson Ro^-irs, I> - O , til M in action it M.niu loil -qjlonbtf 10 1 HT, forma!} oi Oin ligo and


WELCH-In loving minion or Cant nu fc.

Ronald W elch, M II L » li V 51 C , killed in action «hilo attending the wounjed it tiers 1 nineo, september It), 1116 Omened 1v hw nther md mother 701 Lvdtard street, Ilallirat )

AZZOPPARDI - In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away September 16, 1930.

Rest after weariness.  

BEAMISH-In loi hie? memory of mv dear hu« band Thoma« md our loving fuller who «lied «ndlenli at Upliiugton on the ICtli ¡sept mber 11 i) (limited bv «ife and thildrtti )

BREWER-In menion of Stnnloi C-t m) Jos pli who d pirted this life at North Queen«, linil on the Ililli '?epkmber, 10-s (In mod In hit, loving wife Ulta )

BREWER-lu loving memorv o£ mi leloit 1 sm and oui dt ir hroth r, Stanlej J who died al Mneebi, eiueenslind 1*128 bcloicd broth, r of liert Orme ind Nineo (Mi« I Mav) (In«ertcd bv his mother, brothers, and sister )

FIELDS-Sacred to the memon of George, loi

ma- husband of vlirgirel, md devote) latlur >! '.in«, died «uddenlv at lumbutina eeptembir lo 1'iiO -I ntl! the dawn breaks and the shadows oo (ii richie)

HANNA-11 loving memon of tin den wife and our dear moth r, who pu-'cd awij on li til N?p tfmlei UTO (Inserted bv lu r lov ing husband and limili «mitred Hie Jack Westell road, bpring

vale )

HERMON -In loving luemnrv of our dear 6on Lance «ho rassed awaj september 16, 1023. - \s we lo\ed him, so we miss Ulm,

In oui memory he's so dear

Lo\ ed, remembered, longed foralwajs,

\s it dunns another veir

-(Inserted bj lils loi ing mother and father )

HERMON -In loving memon of ro\ deir biother linee who pished awnv at lirra Junetloti. S.p

tem bel 1( 112.1

Th tish lu« lohe is nient,

And his ¡.mile I «ii no more

In un lu it* hi« memon hu"cid

lust as fondlv is 1 tfotc

- (In ertcd bj h s loving brother, Koiuld,

Dooli )

HERMON -In loi ing memon of our deir brotlai Una (ox I mee Coiponl, ï\o 6151, -Itli KittiUon, All 51 51 and bar) who pi «ed awii at lina Junction on the 16th top terabtr l'Jt '

Jlisshig 1&. for all time mi «mc,

One that -ve -o ill could Epate Not i dai do I folget -pu

In m5 heart vou are ilwavs thei

\ lu« made beautiful bj kind!} de d«

-(Inset led b\ his loi ¡mr sister. Lil, brother lull» Ham, and niece* Cousie and Gloria


HERMON -In 1 i imr memon of our dear brother Lmcc, who pa°sed jwaj at lina Junction,

September lo I'd

Hu veiw roll on the andona fill, Love and remembrance outlist all

-(Inserted bv his lunn« sister and brother in liw, Hilda and Irank nell ilso lui three lillie niece» I nrrj, Jovce, md Dorolhv, aleo little Dill )

HERON -In loi ins memorj of our dear mother ind grandmother Margaitt Jane Heron, who dud 16th scp" ,"ber jfejo (inserted bj Mrs Ctottoii J Lmickc and fani I\ )

LING -In loving memorv of mi deir wife, 5Iarj \"|im Ling, who pissed away at Chester street, Moonee Ponds, on the loth September, 1021

LING.-lu loving memorv of our mother, who passed awai on ]6th <ieplenib»r, H21 (Inserted by her loi in,- daughters and son, Lucy, Ada, md

nilli«) ,

MOSELEY- Tn loi tug memory of raj sister Maggie, who died at south lim ou the llth September, 1030 -Poacefullj sleeping (Inserted bl her sister rannier)

NEWNHAM-In loi ing memon of my dear wife Edith who passed iniy on Uio loth Sen teniber, 1030 (O î< Newnham)

NEWNHAM-In loving memory of my dear daughter lud our fl«ter and auntie Edith, who pissed ovnv on (he JOlh SeptoroW 1110 (Mother md h Rogers, J and 1 and Hon Wakelej )

NICHOLSON-In loiing memory of our deir linds»; (Lm), «ho passed awaj on SopUmbci 10, ]12S -rver rememlwred

PAYNE-In loving memon of de-ir leslie, irho pa«»id win at W Indsor loth beptciuber, 1115, igcd 7 >ea^ 3J months

Minis deep down in our hearts.

Win re loie burns bright md true,

There's i light that «III burn tor ever,

In nifinorv, deir leslie, of jou

-(Incited hy loving fulhcr, mollnr, (îrare. Jan, t-«"taim, Haw thom road 'Viuih Caultleld )

PURCHES (nee Clampton)-In loving memory of my dear daughter and our dear Sister Carrie, and beloved mother of Freddle, who passed away 16th September, 1929 and sister of late Rose Clampton, died 25th July, 1929.

Borne daj, «onie lime, our eve» will Eeo t" The face» we hold in memory

--(InvrtMi bj her lovlntr mother and sisters, Man and Noll, and «on treddle)

RAPHAEL.—In loving memory of my dear husband, Joseph Ralph, who passed away on the 16th September, 1929. —May his soul rest in  


SNELL-In loving memory of mv In loved hus bind, Herbert, who passed aw i} "september 16, 1"2) deir ihddv- of Hilda, also mv dear fidler, 5\a!tei Hirn, who pi««ed avviv Apiil 24, 1131

sidlv mi «ed

The vears roll on Hie pindown fall, love und rcnumbrmce outlive all

-(Iti"erled In his loving wife und daughter, Ilnbv an) lllldi Snrll)

SOMERVILLE -\ fond tri' ute to tim nieniort of mt dear fat h r, lohn somerville who p^s-s. 1 i vi ii it Tinu t nek lleniijo on the 16th tcnteiu bei 1 U

To lu In he nts Me leave 1 ehind i» liol to die -( 1 bv his loving familj )

STEVENSON-In loving memorj of our dear I<isit Mho died al Maia borough, on 16lh iscptem

bcr IOCS

In memorv s ke. ping, treasured enr, Vre the happj dajs we sp nt together

-(Inserted by her loving niothfr and lamilj )

YOUNG -In loving memorv of our dear mother, Flbabeth loung who pissed awav loth «eptcmlwr, 1101, also our deir father Hobnt 'ioung «lo passed iwii 121b June ISOJ (Inserted In theil Iming diuirhler«)


T^ll\>:iU- Mrs 'MvitKlC/n, 2> Cnlleue «t

J- Cinknvile d surs to TIIVNK all lind relitlvts and friends Í >r le tiers eirds and p.rsoiul

visits diiriinr lui ttt ut s.i.1 ber.av.m nu

Gil MI \M -Jlrs. Oit\H\M desires to THWK

ill kind trien Is and rehtlves tor omrcssious of sunpatliv and floral tributes m her r.tent had hcremmonf Will ill pleiso aecept this is a per sonal ixpr<ssion of her gralitud. robinson «trcet.



ipress THANKS to their minv hind relations id frltni- frr curd" letterp tdegrims, and Boral tributes al^o p. rsonal cm r. «sions t f sv mpathv in

ir teeetit sad bcrtaveinent Will all please rpt tufa as a personal acknowledgment ot our bincere thank» Albert «tieet Chewton


IHMtV IHK\E«j are intormed tint lils ro mains will bo hld lo rest in (he Chureh of Lni, land portkn ot the Colac Cometen THIS DU (Wednesdnv )

Hie liuietil will moi o from the funeril parlour of Otorgo Junie« Colic, at 2 30 p m.

OlOHOI J\M1\ runeul Uliector, Colac

Phcm 52

van (lite of Ij-ne street, Cailton), ri pietfullj inforni<-d tint his rrmnlns will Ixi intencl in the Now Melbourne General Cemefen,


Tim funeral will h nie the funeral pirlour of

Holdsworth. 3i0 tvgon street, Cailton, Tilla DVY (Wcdncedav, 10th "-eptcmbor), at 2 o clock.

COKIti -The Friends of the late LLEW CLLYN

COItltv are nspoctfullv Invlied to folio« his íemaln« to the place of intcimetit iii the 1 awknei


The funeral is appointed to move from lils motinr*s home, Koseomuion, Tirk elreet west, IlrutiEwlok, 1IUS DV1 (Wedneeda}), at quarter to 4 p m

vLHII'D ALLISON', Funeral director Htud office, 221 Mctorla street, Melbourne A\tst T 1


IIMSNriU ) - Hie rriends of the late Mu, AN\

. HWlllU are respectfully invited to folio« her rein lins to the pi ice of Ínterin nt, New Mel bonnie Cum ten iMwkn.i

The innernl vi ill leiie her restdenep U Hcrbt streit, hensington Ulla DU (Wedncsdiv, 16tli scptctnlnr), at p m

JOHN D VI l'\ , bmlertik. r, I jtvobe and Spring stiiHls Mtlboutue Tel Í27

r^LHi - Die J. rli ri Is of the Iiti Mr C II MtLl s Vi nimmie Ii (.ED! are informed lint lil remain* will be Interred 1« the Hoiooiuiaia I erne

Hie fiinenil Is appointe) lo mow turn til r »I denre if his daughter 1 Ila/ 1 «tr I famber

'1 Tomorrow (Thursihv, s.ptenibcr 17), at

< cloek

HUNTSMAN. - The Friends of the late Mrs.

FRANCES HUNTSMAN (widow of the late   Benjamin) are informed that her funeral will leave          

Castle Eden, 54 Stanhope street, Malvern, THIS     DAY (Wednesday), at 2.30 o'clock, for interment         In the Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton, ar-              

riving at 2.50.

RAYBOULDS, Funeral Director. U1427


FUMÍN-II. rrrtids of tie lit CH1II->T0PICEH -*. JVMLs IRWIN jrr~ ritcetlullv invitai to follow hw renn i to the )liee of inteim nt in the Melbourne Cr ni t iv (ant in

The funei ii is an nut J to move from Mt mother » ret.¡dence Se "I ( i«. II 5 reid West Bnmsvii.k Dil«, im (W *dnt«dtv) arSoclKk

HIRIÓ VIIIsON Inn ni Uuector («tab IS0I) ellie. JÎ1 V letoi ia e t (neir William »I ) Mell durne \\ «t I hone | ISSO

._ I I ist 5lemhera 01 the est MoIU une li 11 li ot the C itholic loung Mm s «ocien are re pc tfullj lnviteel to follow the 1 milli« ot our lite lelov.d menibei ClllH'-rOl lltn IRWIN io th place of int.r mt the Melbourne C meten Cirlton

The funeril 1« api ointesl to leave hi late rcsi dence rill's DU (Wednesdiv) at 2 0 click

TRMIN-Ih ufnclils liners and Members if .*- the lliighton rxitlall ( lub ire rcpi sted to attend the funeral of cur lot le«] -oled pluving m nib r ( Hltl- IltWIN Indi «ill leal, lis mother « r «id ne c is« li« r id lïniiisvru \ HINDU (Wrdi -du) it. o clock for the .Mel b- um tn ial L mt ni f 11I101

1 f C1IISI10IM Vcietaiy III« HI NI Ir~il nt MI 111 I) VI11K)N 1111 enl Director

LONGMI lit -The Inend« of the lit 5Ir

I.ÛH1 HI LONl MIjlRnr. ro-pccttnllv informel tint hi« 1 ennuis will be lut rred in the Ccbur"


The fun ral wall lern hi« re i 1er» *> <¡r Linn sued l.i t Ullin vue THIS DU (\Udno1n, lodi sept ml er) at 2 0 clock

JOHN VU IsON 1m 11! Ui dor, :»1 Mlnev rod Hain« lick Iel Uv k 2

No 01 v ] and Ilr llinn of the above

Lodge inj the l rut 111 exilerai ui « rcsp ethillv informed that the nmains of eur est cm d Brother ROBLRT LONt 5ILIK will be internd in the Coburg Cemelon

The funeral will leave his residence So Laura .treet East Brunswick THIo DVY (Wcdnt daj 16th September) at 2 o eloce

K L H MID Master

W T III VII! I'M Secretan TOHN AIIIsON INitieial TU reel or

A T VON UI II FUN - It Innen) it the late a-'1 Mis« VNMI- MVf\I VN MVfNiLGIIlON eld 1 daughter of the lite John and lein Mae nau.hton will arrive at the Lastern e met tv

Cceionc, from 13cudiBo on Ihur dav, Scptembei 17 Hitit m

WIL1TVM rvRMLIÍ I un ni Dncctoi Bendigo

SIIEPHERDLi -The 1 rienda 0/ the late Mr

.VltTHUt r SUM IItItl)L\ ore lespeetfnllv informed that hi6 remaino will lie interred in the New Melbourne Ccmoterj, Fawknir

The funeral is appointed U leave his lite resi dence, 12S Pakington «host Kew, THIS DU (Wednesdaj «september 10) at 1 30 p ni

rV Vi I OR -The Friends of the late Mr» I<"«TH1 R J- TU LOR widow late los. pb T Tivlor are iv «1 celt lily ii formed that h"r remains vi li be 111 tened iu the Cemeten Geelong

The funeiil will ! ive the residence other «on in law (Mr Waltei Wli,-«) Olinda a Park st 1 cet

list Geelong Till« DU (Wedncdav. September 10 11-1), at 210 pm

VLb\ MONI.O rimerai Director, 21 Tv rio slreet feeleng 'Phon ll'l_

\VUiktl! -TI e I-riends of the Lile Mr J V5I1 S >' BVRIvIR W VLhEh are mfomieel that hi« remains will bo internet In the Brighton Ceinetcn

The funeral will leave Ins residence, 5 Northcote roid Vrmadalc, rill«! DU (Wednesdaj, loth Sip tcmber), at 11 0 clock

B II VTTni.W S 1'TV I/ID, "-outil } arra Win