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The Far Western Sheds.

Tickalara station, on the Queens- land border, has commenced shearing under the 1891 agreement. The men had been out for a fortnight, at the end of which time the employer gave

in. Tickalara shears about 50,000 \ sheep. Mt. "Wood, the adjoining station, is also, shearing under the

j conference agreement.

There are still about 15 men in the

union camp at Silverton, and the £ reports that have reached them of the progress of work at Mundi Mundi have nob disheartened them. They learn that the work is proceediug very slowly ; that of tho 32 blacklegs who were there four have already been

" shunted ;" that another was taken on ' on Friday ; aud that the average tally

ii about 30 sheep a day per man-at j which rate it would take about three or four months to cub out. The men in. camp continue to owe much to the liberality of Mr. Dan M'Mahon and'

other Silverton townspeople. ^_

Tho men who came up to shear at - Corona ave in camp in a vacant hall ab -

Tarrawingee. They were nob on the - stationl' more" " than half -an honr

altogether. .. ?