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Family Notices

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to »nie all names clearlv in block leticia


ALLEN-On tho lOlh lune it limbra! punte Icptil St KLldi to Mr it 1 Ali R t SU n of 10 Ontario street Caulneld-a dau.l ter (Doro th} Joan)

ANDERSON-On the at h Juno at sterlin ) rl

vate hospml Dandenong to Air ai I Slit J »». \ Jeri-on King» Sale I }n Hurst-a on

BANKS-On Hie 4th Jui e u "tridhroke pn »it hospital Ieongatli to sir aid Mrs U TI bilks SSoodburn, SSonibacgi-i son

BAXTER - On the 24tb lime, at -b«tcr SA Ht s 1 "«pita! Droin lo the II » and Air» G J Itixtor-a daughter (Elaine Olive)

BUNN (nee F Donaldson) -On the 2Sth June, it Slaplctnn Birneeidc to Mr and Air» J? J bjm-i son (Both well )

CHARLTON (nee Lilian Cook)-On the 2nd lino at s». Georges Hospital to Mr and Mra. J SV Charlton Mont Albeit-a son

COLEMAN-On the 10th Juno at Halekulani i tri] Park road Ea«t Millern to the wife of Sir S -ont II Coleman-a diugbtcr

COMAN (nee Slomca Fitzgerald) -On the 2llh li o at Rochester to Sir and Airs T S Coman, Mjekay street-a daughter (Patríela Monica)

COOPER (nee 1 ranees Davie«)-On lhc 20th line at Berklea private hospital Kooyong roid, i lull old to Sir and Sfrs J S Cooper-a daugli

r (lain Salrnu) (Both well )

CUMING (nee Jean Showers)-On the 3rd July

1931 at 178 Hyde street, Yarraville, to Mr and   Mrs J Cuming-a son.  

DUNCAN Owe Dot AS »une) -On the 2Cth Juno t vir and Mrs J Cowin Duncan Walli] Oik li Js aienuo. Ko) ston Park, Sdelalde-a daughter (both well )

FLATTELY-On the »th June to Sir and Sir« « SV Flattelv of Wime meet. Heidelberg-a tia «liter (Shirk} Di vida)

GIFFORD (nee Lilli in Blake)-On the 2Sth J me at Anderson itrect AS arncknabcil, to Mr

I Mrs David Gifford-twin daughters (Bett} C n tance and Juno Jean)

GROVES (nee Sdi Smith) -On tho llth June, at lindisfarne private hospital, to Mr and Mre } Croie«-i daughter (June Sdi)

HARCOURT-On the 27th June at Faircroft avenue, Gleniris, to the wife of Kenneth K.   Harcourt -twin sons.

HARVEY (Mavis Denver)-On the 17th June, to Vlr and Mrs. T G Uanev 4" Newton street, Vhr !? rough-a daughter (loan Elaine)

HAZELDINE (nee Max AYxnne) -On the 26th Jj e to Air and Sir« Fred P. Hazeldine, Murtoa -a on (Jame« Stuart)

HEDLEY-On the 1st Jill}, at Nurse «oller« jri ate hospital, Mildura, the wile oí Ben Hedley

HODGES-On the 2Sth June to fhe Kcv and sir». David A Hodge« St Andrew s Manso, Ben d -o- a daughter (Iona Margiret)

KNAGGS (nee Stott) -On the 30th June, 1931, at Epworth private hospital, to Violet Marie, wife of   Samuel Wentworth Knaggs, of Buffalo River - a son.

MEADEN - On the 26th at Kalimna, Vlandeen road. East Slalvern to Sir and Mrs J VV Headen-a eon (Alan Kenneth)

McMULLIN -On the loth lune at Cambrn ]-<) Sima road St hilda to 5Ir and Mrs. A D vicJIiillin, of Trawalla, Lalaclava road-a daughter


PHILLIPS-On the 0th June ln31 at Strad broke private hospital, Leongatha to sir and Sir« H S Phillips-a son (lohn Alexander)

PHILPOT (nee Florence Cordon).- On the 27th June, at the Willaura Bush Nursing Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Philpot, of Wanda Vale, Caster-   ton - a daughter (Florence Lynette).

POWELL -On th« 2bth June at Padua House rr t I capital Brighton to Sir and Ml» S. L lo 11-a son (Sidney Lnict)

ROBERTSON (neo Ewte Wadmore)-On the "I t J ii e it SVtnona privilc hospital Ivvneton

i ill i fi G and Mr«. Robertson St Andrew s 'lar-e Ivlden-a daughter (Sd«a Alar} Cairns)

RUFFELL <n e Ie=s Walker) -On the 19th June t Mr ml Mr I! C Ktilfell of 70 strathalbyn

reet 1-a.t Kow-a dau.bter (iatrina June)

RUSHBROOK-On the 21 t June 1031 at Burn 1 i. Dm j, pirado Geelong to the xvlfo of A A uf at ltu«bbrook-a d mghtcr

SHARSVOOD-On the 22n 1 June at Siskinore t I tier »»1te of Ceorgc SS "liarvrood, \Sebstcr « t t Dalwood-i son (Robin Loiimcr)

STORRS-On the llth April, at Innisfail to sir aid Sir« SS T Ston« of South Johnstone, North Queensland- a son (John Thornthwalte)

WHEELER (nee Slidnel) -On the Slh June at f mun: Hospital to Sir and Sirs. O V ASIicclcr, I h Gip SVabla-ison (Allchael lames)

WHITTLE (nee Tobin) -On the 28th June at Guileford private hospital, to Mr and Mrs. K. R.     Whittle-a daughter (June Elizabeth)

WILKIN -On the 21th June at St George i

Hospital Ken to the wife of SS S SSilkin, o) Alfred Meet last hew-a daughter


ANSTEE-BURNS-CRAWFORD -On the lufli 1 no li at St Phillip « Church of 1 ngland lllctsford Iv the Rev tdgit Wood, B A , Roi (liile Foeond son of sir ind Sirs ]\ Snstce ! i II. » io Sladge Hums, adopted dangin ei of vi and Mrs Chas H Crawford, Abbolsfoid

BEILBY-GILROY-On the 1st June at «¡t I » church of England, Ballnat, bv the R v

I 1 list G»or,c Edi aid cldc«t son of Mr and «I «. C V Jleilb} of Minyip to Irene Phillis,

I» c1 lid of the late Robert Gilro} and of Mrs. li II ara« S Trench street. Ballarat

BOYLE-JONAS-On the 6th June 1131, it V( lb irno NormT Divld Boj le, of Ihonibui}, to I e Ed th Jonas of AA est lllchmond

CALLAWAY-HARDING- On the 2nd May, at St John Presbyterian Church, Essendon by the     Rev. W.H.Waters, Thomas Arthur, only son of       Mr A. E. Callaway, Hotham street. East St

KiIda to Leura Emily Harding elder daughter   of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harding, 124 Ormond road,


FRASER-BENNETT-[Golden Wedding] - On the 6th July 1881 at Coonoer by the Rev E. C.  

de Garis, James, third son of the late John and Mary Fraser, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Samuel and Hannah Bennett (Present address       Jellicoe street, Cheltenham. At home 5th and 6th July.)  

GREENHILL-GREENHILL-On the 6th June, at Kew lndepenlent Church Hortncc Cooper,

meer daughter of Air and Sfrs Thomas Green h 11 how to II irold Keith son of Mr and Mrs Linn rreonhlll of Sidney

KELLY-RENNICK -On the lOlh June at the C1 ireh ot Hie cictod Hoirt Sandringham b} the Ile» Hther Siangan M S Dr Heim Patrick kelli thirl «on of Sir and Sirs Hugh Kell»

On reid «n lringham io Sgnes Eileen voungc«t Iv ?ht»r of Air ind Mrs AS 1. Rennick, of ,12 Sor»«ood street Sandringham

MATTHEWS-MATTHEWS -[Golden W edding ] -Oi the 1th lui» 1SS1 at the residence cf the. bides i arenl« Aim borough hy the Rev J ( untrem Ceorge A lucent eldest «on of the lite («? ree vi Ahttlieyvs to Alirion eldtst daughtet ol the late lehn vtittbcvvs (Present addrc s, 2a II h ti on s roa 1 lilburn )

PENHAN-RORKE--On the Sith April 11H. at rhalmers Church Aubinn b} the Rex li Ahm«, Frmk oldest son of Mr md Aire O S

1 i roan lllawana road Hawthorn to Alamle, 'hug! ter ct Mr and the lite Mrs S B I orso formnlv of Bunvood road Hawthorn


ABBOTT-On the lid lilli, nt Mandalay, 11 R -an «Ircot B ndii,o Aluy Hannah, dtar!} Iced vite of R II s Sbbott,

ADAMS-On the 1st July, at her residence 7 Brixton street, Newmarket, Sarah, relict of the late George Adams, loving mother of Susie (Mrs. Cruickshank, Elsternwick) Joseph Harman, Henry,          Alfred James Oakley, and Sadie (Mrs. Stone)     loving sister of George, Walter and Alfred Har-     man, in her 90th year. - Forever with the Lord.   (Privately interred Fawkner Cemetery, July 3.)  

ANDERSON-In loving meinorx of Hleu Ander ton »vio Ird at her bonn .2 Galton street Inn« j Hill on the "ith lune iftor a few divs din»-». (Inserted lv Nellie Re blusón )

ANDERSON -On th 2"th lune 1 "1 (result ft ac 1 nt) ith fongiale William David ii-ol 4 len (In ortod b} i idow ititi four children )

BABIDGE-On the 30th June 1931, at Kyneton road, Heathcote, Elias Samuel, dearly beloved husband     of Elizabeth, and loving father of Harry, Sam (de-     ceased), Nellie, Charles, Ted, and Frank.      

BECKTON-On the "ii Julv at her res! lenco 1 S let street Its ndon Si toni I ibella, the ti nil lHnUl if of Willum I Bcckton and loving trot! r cf SSillini Ro.u i!«| Mlicl buza bin (SI« s R "mitl) Norinin Subrci and sir fir id li o (Mr I Klnoi) - Our darling v f» in] n Hi r lill v c moot again

BECKTON -In 11 in. n oi ion of mv darling I « r A In 1 o f I! i ! op Sid lulv 1JJ1

- nie i in ip 11 n lu lind (Inserted b) her > »r Uti, sini Bun )

BENTLEY. –On the 3rd July, at his residence, 15[?] Hewitt's road, Murrumbeena, George Perkins,      

beloved husband of Caroline Bentley, loving             father of George (W.A.), M. E. Mitchell (Cis),   William, James (Chinkapook), G. H. C. Bentley,      

aged 81 years.  

TThe house seems lost without you,  

The time seems long and drear,       But still I hope to meet you,    

A better home to share.  

BOWLEY-Ot the It lui» V 1 in,ed on ¡ia son of Wdliini li «lo» IP bus! mt! of Al a Toel » vi! in hil ! rf Cal» rl Cool i

to Siclona With m II »mond ntl Beni Bin

ot ter 11 o ! i "1 j i ¡||, s , ( m\Kt i»30o Iii torr ,1 rr" ,t ) j,,«, ;)

BOSVLEY-Oi tit 1 t ni» at irmlt ho«ilti! Fairlie] I I rk Is c Bo I i p 1 rci ifulll » « it to ti 1 igl ei Hie u ed 7S veai« (I m itch ml r I July )

BOYD-On tlir "ii lui» it the Slfieel Ho«

tullí LI» in loved n t I bin "lid Ho». II i le d At illili Jen Kid Chiton I lothoi of Donal I ;n] Crace (Mi ( V S uno}) -latintsiif liter at re«t Sjf. ,n the aim» of J«,i«

BRASH-On the 2nd luH at Hi!.lit n SI dil I, Iba>h loved mother of Meta 1 lit ai ] li«! am 1 iii )oar« -St peace

ví0L?-0n tho l t- '»1- it M»n »co Heirn Fdvard deirl) loved hu«l and of Hl/ib Iii Cd Ipsom loving father o! Ihomis 1 llth lu i Lily and Olive aged SO }eais -St io«t

COMYNS - On the 1st July, at Fernlea, Carls   brook, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of J C Comyns,      

dear mother of Myra & Cess McElwee, daughter       of the late Mark Davis. Our darling mother.  

COX-On Hie 2nd Jul» (suddtnli) at lil Slhtr

ton road Oak! igh Innes ioilng hu baili if Ilinbeth and lou! father of Willum lill

tllltou Bill und ' uroi (til» itci» intoned)

COX-On the rd Jul» at Oakleigh lunts Cox

Clillcn Hill

DAVIDSON-On ti o 2»ih lune at CT i irn ti

Attlur stieet Cult! 11 din loliot ot the lite

in c-s S Dav 11 ot an 11 I ,v ,1 moll, r ot I nu i ti irr°xnc" n a " >lnl" H «ci ii)

LV v '',* I ,» M (Ii«ininl0 I V V hi ' ' >, -"''cOS A) In h i S l ,u, HU rrel 1 rix no1» 0i Ho "MI, iii )

DEVEREUX-On ,|n ,1, |," _, , , , , ¡bri ",'.'h1',10" ,1u" V,,n VlU »???-???> V|

Me nt °, "i ' i"01 miV lulini- mutl1 ' ol

»n ii ,i' !l"kr\ 1'oiivnioi S mil ik) huh

if liloua) llnat, o ioil limn ton) II

I,if i i V Imt lain) Sliii,irct (Suniiidoon \iu,v «,""" M K f-vicui. (luabalong, ^ AV ) -Rcqulocat in patt


DRYSDALE-On the 16th June 1931 at her residence Musgrove, Yea, Janet loved daughter     of the late James and Marjorie Drysdale, of

Musgrove, Yea and sister of Catherine (Mrs    

C. Mcintosh) John (deceased) Jane (deceased)     Marjorie (Mrs. Stanley, deceased) Donald (de-

ceased) Willliam, Mary Jane, (Mrs Attwood,

deceased), Alexander, Isabella (Mrs. M. Temple-     ton), a resident at Musgrove, Yea, for 63 years.

DUFFY-On the 1st Iih et tcied i to re t " I Dutlv relict it the ht I! 1! Duffy

1 ith loved moti r oi Mrs t orge t r ki ni h 1 muk I intoi I md grandm tim of Hlldi

Clif h 1 Jem acid S ie r

EASTAUGH-On tie "rl lulv it 74" BurwooJ roid Hawtlorn luce M il the dcmlv I lou 1 hughtei of riinlsth lui b-istaug-h aid the late «imuel ri»taigb

EDDIE -On the "ith lune at Ihmilton Dr I 1! Ld he oi Balm ia! late ci H mc! chea

FOWLER.- On the 29th June, Wybert Daniel, of Queens avenue, Ararat (late 8th Battalion A.I.F.),    

loving husband of Myrtle, and fond father of   Donnie, Betty, Edna, and baby.  

FOWLER.- On the 28th June, Wybert Daniel, of Queen s Avenue, Ararat (late 8th Battalion, A.I.F.), beloved son of the late Mrs. Fowler and       Mr. D. Fowler, of Ararat, loving brother of   Arthur (Ararat) Edith (Mrs. Sobels, Watervale,   S.A.), Walter (Tumut), Iris (Mrs. R. Hargreaves,   jun., Ararat), Chris (Mrs. S. Church, Ararat) Hazel     (Mrs. Ralph Thompson, Balwyn), and Alick


FULLWOOD - On the 3rd July, at 2 Bourke street, East Brunswick, Ann Elizabeth, beloved wife of the late William Fullwood, loving mother of Florence (Mrs. Riddell), Edith, Beatrice (Mrs. Chapman), William (deceased), Ernest, Hubert, Milly (Mrs. Watson), and Doris (Mrs. Fearn- Wannan), aged 81 years.

GIBBS-On the 2nd July 1931 Henry Hens man Gibbs of 39 Harp road East Kew, the dearly loved husband of Millie, and loving father of   Frances aged 41 years.

HAMBLIN - On the 2nd July at Ganmain (NSW) Mary Loved wife of Sydney Hamblin

HINCHCLIFF-On the 28th June, 1931, at her residence Queenscliff road, East Geelong, Char-   lotte, widow of the late Joseph Hinchcliff, and dearly loved mother of Charles H. (Charley, de- ceased), Herbert, Charlotte, Horatio, Sarah F. (Mrs. W. E. McAllister), Caroline (Mrs. P. A. Maude), Matilda, and the late Joseph J. (Joe, de ceased), and second eldest and only surviving     daughter of the late Charles and Elizabeth Green- wood of Geelong, in her 91st year. A native of Geelong, and a resident of East Geelong for 66 years. -Our mother. (Interred privately, East-

ern Cemetery, Geelong, June 29, 1931.)  

HORTON - On the 30th June, 1931 Emily Newby, eldest daughter of the late Richard Horton beloved sister of Harry, Frank, Alfred and Annie (deceased) aged 78 years. -The long day closes. (Private interment.)

HUGHES.-On the 3rd Jul} at S2 Yale street

East Melbourne Vhrv Inne, beloved mother of Florence Fuella, and Helen (Private intetment at Woodend )

JEPHCOTT-On the 3rd July, at Seabrook South Australia, Priscilla, relict of the late Ernest Jephcott and much loved mother of Reg Jephcott, Elsternwick, Victoria  

JOHNSON-On the 30th lune («uddenlv), it his residence, li Brvnmawa road, Camberwell

Thomas, tho deirly loved husband ol Jessie and loved father of Olive Hilliam Edith Frmk (lite ! 1F , deceased) Bruce Muriel (deceased) and Jessie aged 72 }Cirs -Peace, perfect peace

KING -On the 2nd July («uddenl}), at his re«l dence Kinglynn Bluff roi«! Sandringham William beloved husband of Lydia and father of 1! dllim md Ella aged 77 jears, late of Huddart Parker Shipping Coinpanv

MACAULEY. –On the 28th June, at her resi- dence, 4 High street. Kensington. Isabella, widow     of the late John Albert Macauley, loving mother of Myrtle, Leslie, Renie (Mrs. J. Scott), Jack, Leila (Mrs. A. Patten), Jennie and Clarence, aged 62 years. (Interred at Footscray Cemetery, 30th

June, 1931.)

MAHER. –On the 3rd July, 1931, at her resi-

dence, Rosery, No. 200 McKillop street, East Geelong, Bridget Anastasia, the dearly loved wife of John Joseph Maher, and loving mother of Mary,

William, Ellen (Nellie), John, and Olive, aged 58 years. –Requicscat in pace.    

McKEOWN. –On the 29th June, at his home, Iona, Dandenong road, Caulfield, John Kelso, loved husband of Elizabeth, and dear father of Bert,

Ruby, and Violet, aged 87 years, formerly of Riverina and Kyneton (Privately interred on 30th June.)  

MCLENNAN-On tho 29th June at Townsville (Queensland), Willhni eldest sunlving son ol the lato Lachlan and Mary McLcnnan Clunes,

V ictoria

NEYLON-On the "¡Olli June Terence (Ted)

loved elder son of the lite M_rtin and KI jen Notion and brother of Catherine (Mrs P Mir ¡wini) Anne Francis (deceased). Min L Oin Barrett) -Requie cat in )ici (1 rivatel} in terred )

NICHOL-On the 25th June, at Allan's Flat,

William Douglas, dearly beloved husband of the

late Maggie Nichol, father of Les, William (de- ceased), Jim Harold, Jack (deceased), Roy, and Gladys (deceased). aged 65 years.

PAGE-On (he SOtb. June nt 1 Nottingham street Kensington cu annah I hzabeth loved wife of the lite Janies Inge loving mother ol Kegln aid Queenie anl grandmother of Reggio (W11

lLunslonn) aged SI years. -Our deal mother at ic»t (Pnvatelv Interred, 2nd Juh )

PAGE-GLANVILL-On the oOth June 1931

Susannah Hii-ibeth the beloved rootlier of tile late bdivard Reginild Ghnvill an i loved -randrnother ot Roi Ymi, Dons (deceased) aud Ivi Glanxlll

PARSISSON -On t) o 3rd Juh it Melbourne, lohn husband ot Imi I.enori I ars|««on of F rank t on md father of Harold .deceased), Ulce (Mis. silbx) and Graham

PASCOE -On the Î Hi lune al Raglan parade Winnambool lnnie beak the belovtd «ile of li V I Pascoe -lor ever willi the Lord

PETTY-On the "0th Juno it his residence

Eliza sir« t Blick It ek Chirk the deirlv I

loved lui hin i of Vltilon anl lovlnu father ot Florence (Mrs. G. H. Rowcroft), aged 71 years.   (Priialcly inteircl Ghcltenhim Cemcter) 1st

Juh )

ROBERTSON -On the 21th lune at Northcote, Isabella Inn widow of the lite John Robertson, lite of Beaufort loung mother ol bliraheth (Vlrs Wil«ou), In Irina (Mrs Beaslei) Fdlth (Mrs White) Welleslei (deceised) Mai (Mrs. Ling ford) Mirgaret (Mr« I inla}»on) -Peace, perfect peice (Interred jrhately 30th June)

ROGERS-On the 2nd !uH at his íesidence 13 George street Yloonec Ponds Thomas beloied husband of the late Hizabeth Jane Rogers loving fither of Thonns, H illiam (deceased), md Florrie

- It rest.

SANGSTER-On Hie 2nd July, at her daughter « residence Broken lilli Innot eldest daughter of the lite lohn anl Margaret Beveridge and sister of Mrs 1! Retcbfoid Marden street Cantcibur}

SIMSON -Ou the 3rd lulv it Ufred IIo«ptt ii George dcailv beloved husband of Mary «Imsou of Ballina 10 Currawa road, Caulfield, aged 4a

}cn,« - Uiest

SLOPER -On the 2 rd June, at Docker street Hagga bclov d wife ol C G Slopei and lot mu mother ot Veía (Mrs Power), Ufred Plylli«, Jem Rov and Gvien, u^ed 4S }oars

SUFFREN -On the 2nd Jul} at hir residence 21 Windi raine stn t south Ballarat lui} 1 lira belli dentil beloved wife of lohn B «uffren and lo ed mollieroi Vlolh, Jack and Frank -Dcepl}


SUFFREN -On 2nd Juh !m} Elizabeth econd diu-htcr of J L ind the late Mrs, ludrevvs anl loved sister of Home Mabel and Jessie

SYMONS-On the 2nd Jul} at 21 Virginia «trcet Geelong lHzabeth, rrlict of thi late Humphrey «)nion« loving mother of Ven (Sirs 1 h Copple lone), lt^ (deceased). Alan (de cei«cd). Linn (Mrs li O liumpbrc) ) aged 71 i ears (Private!} Intcrrci at Creswick on July 3.

19 I)

TAYLOR -On the 2nd Jul} (sudden!}), at VV}n field, 2o Barton street, Surrey Hills Gertrude Isobel (Misi Gert) dearl} loicd and lifelong friend of Rhoda Hutchinson and (nulli, Lioid Loun and Ruth (late of Lindale) -1 life mi le beautiful by kindly deed«

THOMSON.-On the 2Sth lune at his «»¡dome 17o Rathmines stieet, Fairfield, Simon Robertson beloied husband ol Emili and lovel lather of Intlrcw, Simon Silvia, and F ric, afecd b7 }cars late of F 1! Roach Collins streeb -Un st

VINCE-On the 3rd Julv at her home, Mlmip Miioona road Lri"htoti Marie Catherine vvldo« of the late George s V ince of Belmont Geelong aged 77 veirs (Private burial, Geelong)

WAINMAN - On the 1st July (»uddinh) at Piont} John Alfred, loved husband of the lite Lydia Walnnnn anl loving father of Lill (Mr«. F Decker), bthel (Mrs V Como}) date (Mi« G Starling) Ollie, and Han-}, age! 76 toals

( interred ot Diamond Cmk Cemcteii, old Julv )

WATSON-On the 3rd July, at private hospital, Elsternwick, Alfred Edward, dearly beloved hus- band of Agnes Watson, corner Orrong Road and   Rowan Street, Elsternwick and loving father of Edward, Percy (late Corporal AIF, deceased), Leslie (Gunnedah NSW) Dave (late Sgt

AIF deceased) Bert (Koo-wee-rup, Vic), and       Alice and 68 years. -At rest

WATSON-On the 2nd July, at St. Vincents Hospital, the Rev Michael Watson, S.J, of St/ Patricks College. In his 86th year -RIP (Mass and Office today at St Ignatius 's Church, Richmond at 10 30 )

WRAY-On the 21th June, nt lils residence Youtha 23 Thomas street Moonee Ponds, Hil Him eldest sou of the late Junes und Man liri}, of Uiecbnorlh ind loud brother of Junes (diccisod) John Rolcrt George lennie Mai}, Rose Ulee and lil (Mrs F Hardoi)


On Active Service.

COLLYER- In louis m i nix ot Invite It VI Ccll)«i killel lu i n n in lune lib Julv lilt

iho his dcnlv ! v 1 ful cr di« 1 «th Julv l>lb -lleuulful in tuon s (I J te liver >

SHAW-In 1 ni- nt mon of «0I Claries 1

«1 ith loir I cllst «ni of I and 1 «la« anl »illili lou I I totli i of Jim nil Ilma killel In ti ti n lib lill 1 1« a! of lilian ! VI Dil mond di 1 «I ««unis .1th liri! 191S

li on li mc io! i I t Hi linioinlcrcd »i t nu mon illi- Hound }our Dam

_(| m i m ti t Inn linn and lout 10 «ti« it stn t it u " )

TEASDALE-It I mu momon ol our dur s0n ml li Hit t i! « kill I ni ctnn Juli 4 I Ik Inn (li», it J li 1 nnk laients sister

ai d I r th i )

ADAIR-Ul t Hilliool llellope nil, to pn ,nhill! tri! it ti H m ?" n,o_ tie lite Mis 11 li ldnr 1 ' . ' -.1 ml hell » 1«. ii lavs de ih mr in 1 ii I «1 nimiuiv will

al« tis Hie willi ) -Mih nu I (Ju!} 3

lui )

ALEXANOER-In 1 »no; n of ni} «1 ir hu»liiil nil on titi r Willum Jim «ho i is-d aw n on Hi 40 lull 1 " - Iver ron« m lei 1 (li it I li I Is 1 i -, v »c «ud tamil} Bu sti el Brui i n )

BIRKIN -In f i 1 t i on r «f oir '1 ire t ni.Uni Mull lu lo I I i Uli 1

Her I fe i 1 ii I ii ? n II r n! « o It

_(!, u 1 I ! lo u 1 u t h«-' sot In li ii I u i I I II I '

BLICKIE-h I -ni ' ,' ü ' "'"' u 1 li lo u t ill 1 ir Hu l s x1 it li irit on I th I I » Ü -1 r " '"' ' ' (lis it Hi 1er lu n» li li 1 n H nilli )

BONNIER -In lovh u n cm " «,,, ' it Id on lit. .7th Hittill n Ul, «öd 4 li luh I. at 10 tarni, r st i cet »t hill» Jen lileni of D J md E M Johnston -Lur rcuitmhcud


BOWKER -In lo» mg menior» of our dear mollioi who pa«-ed ana} lulv 1, 112o -A mun ii ever don (Inserto»! In bor loviivf, dinjim Dorothy (Air« Slop r) Slue (Sir» Hu«.) Idi md Nora (Mr« Huff r), lLo gi nd children, Slice and Bein Sloier aid Loblv

Haz r)

BURTON-In lovmg m mor» cf in» «loir x»ife Slai» ind mother rf SI ii Geoigt lohn H i«

I o nd ml ASinnl xxl 3 dud on lune 7 1 -7, it Thimbu!» -"aie m the inn. of J u«

BUSH -V tnbute of loic to the ni mon of our «loir lilhor who pi -d awi» it hu, tt«i I nts

Boll «trot Ctlurg lui» I 1027 n!«o 1 ix ni-, gi indi ulier of Nonmn Slirjene md Dirolbv

1 1 I momoiic« linger alwa)» Heir, Kcmembrance keep« »ou ever dear

CAIRNS-In loving moinorx of our loved one departed this life Julv 1 lf20

Her lile i beautiful memoro, II r ib once a «dent on w

-(In on d b} lur family. Hoi eo )

CAMPBELL-In loving memore of mv dear «on and our love«! mother, Duncan SS liter who ra«««d jieaj lulv 2 11-3 - -weet rimiml ranee Un sorted bv mother, brother and «nte r« )

CARPENTER-In loving 111 mon of mv doir hu bind and our doai lather Henr) llioma , who (a «ed iwav oth lulv JJiO

It I» not the tcais tim ire «bed it the time

lint tell of 1 heart that i» tom, But the loneliness of after xou«,

Snd the «idno s sil nth inrm

-(In tried bv Ins linn.: wilt and ¡indi», 202 llotlnm str et, Flstvniwuk )

CARPENTER -In loi ing niomorx of our dear father who passed iwav on oth lulv 1130

Sou are not forgotten father deal,

Nor wdl von ever bo,

S loUjT as life 3nd monier} last

SSc will rtraerabtr thee

-(In erted by his loving son and daughter in law. Fred and Slice and grandchildren

CARPEN TER -In JonnB uie-uorv of our den: grandpa Henr} Thomas, who pa «ed a va} on the oth Jul} 1130

Idling memory, true and tender, Just to show we still remember

-(Inserted bv hi« daughter in hw, Alrrtle, gTindcluldren Bruce and June, 135 Orrong road, LIsternvvick )

COXHEAD -In loving memory of our deir Fred who passed away at illawarra road, Hawthorn on Jul} 4. USO

Hit life a beautiful memory, His death a silent sorrow

-(Inserted b} his loving parents and sisters.)

ENGEL-In loi ing memory of n. dearlx loved wife and our dear mother, who pa«sed away bril Julv, 1130

Slvva}S unselfish loving, and kind.

Few in this w'orld her equal to And,

S beautiful life cune to in end

lie died as she lived, evoivone a friend

-(Inserted bv her loving husband, and son I aurie. and daughter and «on m law. Del and George, and loving grandchild, Av on )

ETTELSON - In loving memory of Mais, who passed away at Swan Hill on 4th July, 1929. - Dearly loved. (Mother, father, Keith and Jean.)

FERRARI. - In loving memory of our dear   mother and grandmother Luigia Ferrari who de parted this life at Daylesford on July 5 1930

Dearly loved. Sadly missed.

She has left us a beautiful memory

-(Inserted by her loving son and daughter in law, Charles and Lizzie, and grandchildren Renee,

Marie, and Len )

POX-In loving memorv of my dear husband, and mv father who passed away suddenl} on the 5th Jul}, 1330

Iver remembered

Deep In our heart«, trcasnred for }ou,

Is a wife and daughter's love, sincere and true I hi lote such as bound thx heart to mine I lies on with mc, 1 lifelong shiino

-(His loving wife and daughter. 13 Kokarlbb

roid Carnegie )

HALLAM-In ead and loving menior. of our dear mother, who passed ana} on Jul} 4, 1930.

Ju«t as faded, xxlthered rose leave«, One hy one our loved ones fall

-(Inserted by her loi Ing daughter and son in law, A and A Skjrlng )

HANAN -In loving memory of dear mother, d10 died at aiilarat on 4th .lui}, 192J, also our father, who died on 22nd Sha} 1917 -Fondly remembered (Uisertod bv their daughters. Alarie, Margaret and Cecilia. 211 Lvons street south.

Ballarat )

HUNDERTPFUND-In loving memorv of our deir Carl ("Pete '), called suddenlv to the Great Bcxond on the 5lh July 1920 (Father, mother. Bett», Alan, and îyanev )

JACOBS -In fond rcmembranrc of mv dear mother who passed away on Juh 4, L'CO (In sorted b) SIAC and tatnilv )

JEFFS-In loving memor} of our "Bonnie," Horace Chapman xvho xtas accideutallx electro- cuted lui} 4 1130. Lane Cove. Svdiitv, son of Btv

md Mis Horace II Jells (Sidney) brother of Robert (Alelboume), Stretton (srdnej)

There Is onlv one and this is he,

AS ho resta with God in eternity -(Inserted b} Robert and Audrcv )

KERR-In fond and loving memory of ni} dear lmsltind and our «loir fitber, who passed away on th« 4th lui), 112S

Time tikes awav the edgo of grief, But memor} turns back eior} leaf

-(Inseited bv his loving wife, Louisa and famllx, Peter, ASH], Cvnthia, James, and Colin)

LIGHTBODY -In lol ¡ng memory of my dear hu

bind, xvho pas-ed avva}, 4th Julv, 102o, at Clifton


A silent thought, a secret tear,

"tUl keeps xour memorv eier noir

-(Inserted by his loving ville, A lui_htbod} )

MAWBEY -In lox ¡np; memory of my dear hir bind and our dear father, Harry, who paused away on the Ird Jul}, 11)23

Till memorv fades and life departs, S ou 11 live for ev cr in our-hcarts

-(Inserted by his ever loving wife anl family and grandchildren, Hemlngton and Kensington )

McARDLE. - In loving mellion of our dear molhei, xvho died at Bithscir on oth Juli, 1129, ul«o our sistei, Vnn Slarv who died at I»atte Sallock on lCth Fcbruarx., 1931, grandfather Hugh SlcSrdle who died September, 1917, and brother Jick killed In action in battle of Polygon Wood, on 2hth September 1917 R I P (Inserted by II and M Sic Srdlc, Wareek )

MCCLELLAND -In fond memorv of our dear mother, called home suddenly 5th Jul}, 1930 -Cherished memories. (Inserted bv her lo» ina: daughter and son in law. Jessie and Dick, und grandchildren, Mac and Bettv )

MITCHELL-In loving memory of our dear mother, Caroline Lavinia, who departed this life July 4, 1930, at SI Vine street, Moonee Ponds. (Inserted bv her loving children )

MOSCRIPT.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away on July 4.

A memory dearer than words can tell Is the one we lost, and loved so well

(Inserted by) her loving son and daughter- in-   law Lachlan and Lena Moscript)  

MOSCRIPT- In loving memory of our dear   mother Annie Moscript, passed to the higher life July 4, 1931 at South Yarra -Our loved parents reunited, With Christ, which is far  


NOTT-In loving inenion of our «liar son and brothor llin-v (accidentally killed ifîHnTi) (In. erted li) bl«: loving parents, sisters, brothers, and sister In law )

NUTTING-In loving memor} of mv dearly lovotl wife and our loved molhtr, who died Jill} 4 112" at Korth Carlton -Dcarl} loved Sadlv ml»«ed (Ii sorted by her loi ing husband and

tamllv )

OLNEY-In loving memorv of our dear mother, »bo pissed to lur reward at 12 ctone street, l'rcs ton, June 21 1930

Time changes nun} things, But memor} exer clings -(Inserted b} her loved ones )

PARIS-In ailcclionite rtmemhrmco of our ex piesident and joiial fellow member. Jim, xvho jns«cd hence on 5th Jul}, 1910 - S life of radiint cheerfulness (inserted bj tho Uavvksburnian Old

Scholia' Sssociatlon )

ROE-MURRAY - In loving mcraorj of nix mother and our d ir grandmother who died on

the 1th Julv 19u0 also my de ir husband and our fitber who died on the 31st De comber 1927 -Our loved ones (Inserted by Kite Murri} and family )

SALE-In foul remembrance of nn dear wife and our boloved mother Caroline I.iura. who passed awav 3th lulv 1 n0 - Millionen, (Inserted b) htr husband and family )

SANGSTER-In living in mon of our mother, who dud it Rock Sal Spnng "(reel. Port Niel

bonnie on It li Julv 1921 al«o our lather lite VU Port Stell ounie who died in Sydney Sth April HI-, (In oiled bj their fannl} >

SHAW-In loi im, uiomon of our deirlv he loved tliujittr Belle loilm, sl«tfr of Dews win pi-sed awi» 3rd Jul» 112_ -»0 deni» loved but oh lu»» s-itll» mi» ed (In erted o} her lo»

mg 1 aron! s and «i«tei )

SKIRVING - In loving memorv of doir Sdim who died (result of accident m Hunt -¡tccploeh i»e at Mo nee S illei ) on Julj 4, 192S aged 21 vtai-s deirlv loved cider son of Sdam ind Corttudt- "kin mt, ind lonna: luotber of Bimi lie (Mr« "until) Slarv (Airo Richmond) and Arthur (liKtited 1« hi« pircnts Kiwtlon Hill Gladstone rind Ilindonong )

SKIRVING-In m nirri of mv d ulj loved brothel Sdam, who dud 011 4th lui} 1 '2S (Alan

Richmond )

SKIRVING -In levin, mtmoiv of mv dir fiiend Sdim who died Julj 1 112x (Iinortid bv 1 li md )

SKIRVING-In ni mon of nn friend, Sdam aooilontillv k'l! I it Sfoonoe Ailbv on the 4th Jul» 112" ai sorted bv SS Al Bimfoid )

STEELE - In toni mentoiv of our beloirrl orguust and clnlr director SS F G "teeïo, v\ho wa« rilled to th his.! 1 life ( illonl») cn lull " 19 1 -t.ieitl} mis»ed (in tiled 1» Vots Chin h eheir )

STEELE-In id tom mbrir o of o ir ti nntlonl, SS I I, "t sie who dud ou the u I Jul» 1J"0 (I mil )

STREETER-In lovhg n mon of mv d ir hu« lit ! ml cir fill 1, wb di el 111 lib lui» 1 .1 -Htr 111 mit iel (li »cited b« his w11, )

TRENERY-In loving m mor} ot Jo«o] li Hun mv «lo ir hu I an 1 11] oui loy in«, filhtr, who 1 1 ti ivy iv at 1 ring on 4th Julv, DU -Iver itininil.i» I (Inserted by his wife ind fainilv )

WITHERS-In Io»hu. mtmon of my direst hu batt! and ourdou fither John Henry Withers,   who passed away on July 5, 1924. (Insert d by     lis lo»iii. wife and ihildrcn )


4 STON -Sirs M SSTON ind Fnmll} de ne lo -»? IILSNK all rolitne» and frttu Is tor lar!« letter« dora! tríbulos, and |er«onil expíes »k11« of mihi '"n in tin ir recent sad ler«i» mont Will ill iloiso icccpt tilts as 1 icisulial atkin»»

It l.niei t of our sine re gratitude. o Challis

ti 1 Newport_

CS"SID\ -Un lamil» of the late 1I1/SB1 III

i c S ".-»IDS do'ire lo ten 1er theil sine io II! S My», ti all kinl friends and relatives fir tin louitiliil !!n»»ti«t cird« mid messages st nt elmina; their ne tit b icinenient, cfpcoiallv think h g Dr 1 1' SS iMi ai ! the Rev V Ti»lor and die Btv Ilusión t orle«ton Miller «Ire«! lib hmnnd

CI H SND- All«. 1 (111 SND ml "Oil Hu

ul o st 1 «on Illirie« I "limul! (DItk)

d n t III SNIv ill rrhtlvos anl ni ni t > 1 1« 1 ii vi ii» t Uki nu« cul« Uti i« 11 1 lltuil lill n ii , 1 \| 11 «1111 « f mihi nilli 111 ti ii it m illi v 111 it « 1 nilli 111 ukin. In » I » . t lil tin 1 uti Ali!» 1_ fTiïo7ll I -AH W11 I ISSI Uttl/ll II ml I iiiulv V- lut 1 turu sil «tit IIISNb" 1» lolatn

m I fn ni lil bul mis lett 1 « ird« liol ii tritiit u d penond expressions ot sempill}» rceehol din Im. their recent sal bonui incut SSI1I all pi ise icccpt this a« 11 pci-onal acknow letlf-mrnt of deepcit gut Ilude AS limn, couth



GORDON -Tilt Famih of the lite Sit«.

JOI1SNNS GORDON d «ne ti THANK ill kind blends and rohtiies for mc «agc« of «Jin Ililli» and floral tributes in their lettnt sad bt

itaioment SS ill all icccpt tin« a« i icisoiial i know I deni nt of thou sim ci think«

HSNtMl- Sirs IO"LPH 1! ANC Lit tit ire

111SNK all kind lolitives al 1 friends for telegrmi« leltor», lloial tnl to» and p r on «I

ire «ion of sympathy during ni} sid Iel neill'

Will ill Hnllv acteit mv s nee re think«. 1-ue 7« «ir tt Thmlnrv _ HSNUH- Sir II II ANC Ht ind lamil} xv

to IHSNk all kind relative;, ind fn nd t legi un letters floral Inbut ", and ptr-uial

11« «ions oi »impathi during our «ad btrtai mt

NA »11 ill kmdh acotpt our smctrc tbaul «. üb Noinnnbi ivenilo rhoinliirv _ HLU-^riN-Sit " G IILLL"1IN dt«iro« to

THSNK ill relatives and friends foi letter , t legrani«, card« lierai tnbute , and pel «mil ex pri««>ious of «vmpitb» in hi nceiit id and «udden bonnement Will a'l ploi e a ecpt this is a P rconal icknovvlcljrm iii of m} suicsic ¿latitude

IS Coln street Bin wo '


-'-?- GIL!» and lamil

ind vir "I VL Ali

v do ut to riiSNk ill

rchtivcs and frirnis f

ir their «vmpithv tele

cram and floral tribute

s dilling their recent ad

1 eieivomont

MSNLS -All T II VHNIS Hld Air il d M

1 MANIA and 1 mill desir tolllVNK ill tolitives md fneni» for eird- lett i telita mis tlenl tnlutcs and per-oml ixpu sion» oi ««mpitb» in their reo nt «ii bereivcuieiit « po i

all» tliinkm- the 1 th Light Hois» Ss ci ilion for kind deeds rendel d ti then lite c nu ile, i! o the Bitclm« NI ireh R " " I I V md tilt Ali«.«»«. Vudtr'on AS ill all ploi»e ice pt tin a« i I oi ona! acknowledgment ot our «niceie giatitudc

Slim strtet llic«bus star»h

"\TcDON ALD- SIi ind Ali-, S McDON SLD de -!??-*. «ne to THANK ill lelatnos anj nioaids fn cards Utters telegram« au! tin! trtbiiti» re col»cd m the les of t! eir onl} din.hter Marjor , e«peciall} thinking tit «lift of Waid 7 Slfrtd Hospital 47 I oolman street Gaiden Citv, Port Slelbounie_ Arc!NTO"H- Mm MelNTOsH «« n and lamilj -"?"- desire to return sincere THSNK" to ill rela fives and friends tor expressions of »impath) in their recent sad bcreaiemcuL 13 Sloouee strict,

Sscotvale SS 2

MtMlLLSN-Air K G A|CMILL.SN and Family

de»lre to THANK all relatives and fricntls for telognms cards lcttti->, floral tributes, and all perconii expressions of sxmpntlij in their sail bereavement, especially thanking Dr Coven foi hU unfailing attention Alma House Longwam McAILLLEN -Sir HINRY McSIULLLN und

lamilv desire to IHSNK all kim! filenda and relatixes for letter«, cirds, telegiam«, floral tn bute«, and personal c\pic««!ons of sympathy In their recent sad bereavement, cpcciallv thank ing Dr Hinrich»en, the Rci AS. Obambcrlain, ind the neighbours for their kindness. SSIU nU plci»e accept this as a por-onil acknowledgment of our

incere thinks 51 Harold street Thornbury

"¡\riNMS.-Sirs MINMS (widow), Mr> AMISS -"-.- HICK (mother), and rehtives of Hie late Mi Sfatthew Henry Minnls desire to TUSNh. thtlr many kind friends for le ters, tclcgrains, canis, and personal expressions of svmpithx in their retcnt sad bereu cment AS di all please accept tins as a personal acknowledgment of oui

incore thanks 5S Cinlcibtin road Middle Park

1SS CIUtlSriN A McLLCKli. desire« to Til SNIv


all relatives, friends ind neighbours for tele grams letters, cirds, floral tributes, and personal expressions of «)mpath) in htr recent sad bereave mint, SSill al] pl">a«o itcept this as a personal acknowledgment of mv deepest gratltutle_

MOORE -Sir and Mrs. HFC, MOOHL and M

OLIA FR and Family desire to THANK thur many kind friends for letters, telegrams, cards, and floral tributes, personal expressions of sun patln, and all who assisted in their lecent sid bereavements SSIU all please accept this as a per- sonal acknowledgment of our sincere thanks. Jungle Sale Kilmore Fast

MR P C SAHITF and 1 imilv, of Launceston,

and Sir and Sirs J It DhS2»S, of Melbourne, wish to Til IMC all kind friends and relative« for

personal acts of kindness, jettcrs, cards, and floral tributes received during their recent bereavement SSIU all those concerned please accept this us a personal acknowledgment of deepest gratitude.

?¡\rn S LDSS SUDS and I milly desire to TH SÑK A'-*- all rclitlons and friends for cards, telegrams, letters, aud floral tributes and persom] cypres slotis of sjmpathj in their recent sad bereavement, also Dr Degenhardt for his kindness and care. ASe wish to especially think Sir and Sirs, Haines, whose loving thought and kindness BTcatly helped to support and sustain us in our time of trouble C3 O Grady street Clifton Hill

"Ant and sirs H S GINN and Ale«srs. T und ilJ- AV lLSLLIILSN desho to express, their sin

: THANKS to relatives and friends for tele t,nm«, letters, canis, personal visits, and lloril tributts received during their recent bereavement

AS ill all please acctpt this is a per-ond acknow- ledgment of our sincere thanks. Sandhurst, Allara

aiiiuie Fast Camberwell

MR BIRI CUSNDLKIl and F mill}, of Como,

ItDswater, desire to express their heartfelt TIISNKS to aill kind friends for telegnms, ltttu«, cards, floral tributes, and personal cxpicalons of simpnth} in the loss of then dear vx if«, md mother

MR and Air». . SLSRTIN, B.I'ai, ind Al

DAAtS, .lemington, xvi«h to THANK their mini friends for letter«, tird«, telegrams floral tributes, and personal rae-sagci ot sympathy in th"ir recent sad bireaiement Will all picnic

tcopt, this acknowledgment of their gratitude

MUS 1UOA1SS AND-IISON and Family destro

to THANK all kind ft lends and relatiies ior litters telegrams, cards, and floral tributes re ceiled in their sad bereavement, also thanking Dr Colquhoun. Hie Rtv Father Roper, and all relatiics and friends who did «o much for us in our time of need Will all plta«e accept our

sincere gratitude Sfoonimbel

MKS C KLNKLDV and Itclatiie» wish to

TUSXK all friends for cards, lttttrs tele- grams, and floral tributes and person d txprcs sion« of «»nipathj in their recent sad bereave ment SAH] al] please accept this as a pnsoinl acknowledgment of our sincere gratitude Late 50

blgin street. Haw thom

]\ritS Sill ART and rimily Binctrelj TH SNK all .*.'.*- thtlr friends for their sjmpathy shown bv letter«,, telegram« and kind!} deeds during our great trouble, and idso to Dr Jorgensen, of ¡iel

grave, foi his skill and attention which kept our beloved vvitli us for so manv months AS ill all please accept this a« a personal acknovvledg* mont of our gratitude_Main roid Cltraatip

MRS. HIS and l-amlly and Mr and Mrs. L. S

PSRhlN1 wish to sincerely THANK all fiieuds and relatives for wreaths and mt «sages of sviu pathy sent during their recent sudden bereave

TILANK all rclathcs and fntuds for cards, lcttci», telegrams, floral tributes, and personal expressions of sjrapatb} in their recent tad btitavc

"A Tit" AS O BSCLLS. dcslrts to rttum sincere J.1X TI! SINKS to relatives and friends for cards

letter« leligrains, flortl tribute«, and mtssagts ot svmpathx in her recent sad bfreixement_ S MIHI-Hie Family of tin. lilt Mr»

CHARLOTTE SMITH, S letona street, Eafclt hawk, wi«h to convey to their man} fritnds then sincero THANKS for the kind me« ages of svmpiithj md floral tributes mut to them on tlie oct sion of their recent sad boronenicnt _


md the Brothers and «¡«Iii. of the late Mrs. Leslie (Connie) «Solomon d««ire to lttuni their sincere THANKS io aU relatives and friends for telegrams, cards, letters fiord tributes and nor sonil expressions of condolcmo icecived m their lecent sad bereaxemint, especially thanking Dr AS

Forster, of Middle Park, also the matron and slatf of Epworth private hospital foi their untiring at tontlon Hotel I1G Huabeih -t «u's STLW SKI -Madame CH SMROISSILU and Mr

and Airs HERBERT COL! INS desire

THANK all kind friends for letters jnd telegrams ox-pre»sing their s)mpathv iu the iccint ead bcreavenunt of AH», Kellie Stcwait- AS.ll all pleise accept tills acknowledgment of our slnttre grati tude 154 Aliller street North Fitriov_

S TON I - Mrs SSILL! SA! ST ONL xvi»hes to

IBANK all kind fi lends and relatives "

kind letter« cirds, floral tributes, and peisonil

expressions of &v uipathv in her rcct nt id ctr« i

mont ispcciilli thinking Sister Tobiis, Brother ASilllam Dr Clinton and Dr AShlte ASill all please iccopt tin«, is u personal expression of diipo«t gratitude 2S Strcombe gro»e, Glenlcrrie (»ndnei l iptr plri-e cop» )_

DBS "DALE wish lo THANK all kind filcnds for uti albs ind messages of sxinpith} in tlicir recent »id bel tiv ement AS ill nil kind fnends pitase loeept this iel now lodgment_ a MU "< n and Diughtci of tht lute Air

rilOAl SS DLAAILS desire to TH ANh ill kind fnends ind relatni» for messages of sympathy anti llonl tributes in their ree cut «-id boreax cment SSill all kmdh aocopt this as i pcr«onil acknovy le I.m nt of their sincere thank«_ "Will the lilcnds ot Mr« I II HvIN», ae<o| t >» h r untcful TIlSNh!» tor thtlr kin I oxpt .» sion« of svmpithv with her in li r icttnt btitavt meit Om uni load Alurrunil


BlCh.ON -llio In lils oi th lal Mi

S K1 OKI A 1SSB1LIS BLCK10N ar ni tint h r fuueril will I ive hu íesilom

1 A lolot stieet 1 -.enden, 1II1S DAS (=itmdav), at 2 o') pin for til New Alelbouint Limiter), Fawkner liming at 2 10 pin

IO"! I II SI LliON ! initial Director, .fcS S)dn.}

roi! Iliunsinek I Si 1

BFl K1 ON -Hie members of the Loi al Ngino

lol.c 1001 II., md the Oi 1er in general re lrquo totl to follow the romains of the In li» IHC Iv TON wife of our esteemed ti« t«llle

o the plate ot inteiment New Alt Iboumc Genei ii I tmot iv Iivvkmi The funeral is an ingt I to I n hoi hie to idóneo 1 A loltt stieet I« tildón lill" DAS at 2 0 1 in


' loiuiins- ol then

ivtei on Lelvvin, will bt inttrrtd in tilt Ntiropo I ».pillie,! ile

The limet ii will lone their to«ldo"o W Hut, on road Uavton, lilli DSi ("atuidiv Jul» I)

t 3 o duel


SSTSIGH-1-rlon! of the la! Mis SI ICI

SISII) ISsrsLtll ate infinie) tint 1 i n main« xx 111 bt limned in tlie lloiooniira c m ¡t ii Ix. vv

Hie numil will lca»o the k«i I noo of htr nuitlKi 74a Bun» ia I io U II iw thom Ullb I) SA ("illiidn lull 4) at 12 noon

li! Hill Bl KING mi! "ONs lino, ,| Dircttoi Binnie I roid Hawthorn f'ltont II, 2

l^LLLSS OOD -Hie In nds of i lu lite S[,

A SNN HI/ Sill III 1 LI ISSOOD an r pit

fullv infoini d Uni bei remilns will be uiion I in the Coburg Ctiuol ix

lln tiim i ii will Vive h r ro ii n o ' Itctirk stn t list Hi lins»» I k, lill», 1ISS (»mi In lui» I) at 1 1 ntkitk.

1IIIIN SII l"ON I mi lil Hire ti . 1 "» ! »

l i 1 linn »I I f I I i ni «vvi k '_

GIBBS.- The friends of the late Mr HENRY         HENSMAN GIBBS are invited to follow his             remains to the Lilydale Cemetery.      

The funeral is appointed to leave his residence,        

39 Harp Road, East Kew, THIS DAY (Saturday,         July 4, 1931), at 3 p.m., arriving at the cemetery           at 3 p.m.

LE PINE and SON, Funeral Directors.


K110-The Fn.Jids of the lite WTLLT.M

KIM ate most r spelful!} íuvited to follow 1 s r tinms fo the i Ian ol intirmcnt in the

Brighton tentetcn

The funenl «ill lone his ie idenec Klnglxnn Binn roil sindringlam Tills lill (»ituida}), it 2 30 an nmg at the cometer} at 3 p m

P!R»IS«0N -Toe Friends of the late Mr JOHN

1 1H»1««0N aie r spectinU} informed ti it his funeral i ill lone hi« residence stanloi »trcit

F rink ton To morro« («tindiv 5 h Jul}) at - I ni for tin FianLbtou Cemetery


ROCFRs-The Friends of the late Mr THOM Is

ItOGbR« aro respectfully informed that his rom ut «ill be interred in the Williamstown


The funeril «II! lene his residence 13 George sheet Moon e Pond», Tlllb DVY («aturdix, Juh

4) ii 11 a m

lOsFPII lbl I»ON, Funeral Director 6S0 Mount 11 xand r roid VIoonee Ponds (tel 1L3151) and "Ob Cirli le street Balaelaxa

SIMSON -The Friends of the late Mr GFORCF

»IVIsON are informed that his remains «ill be Interred in the Brighton Cometen

The funeral will leaie his life residence Bil lan Currana road, dutfield TIUS D1Y («atur dar, (he 4ih Jul}, at 3 p m

SbFFRFN -Tlic rnends of Mr JOHN I

SUFFRIN an respectfully informed Uiat the funeral of his late deirl) beloved wife !mv Lite]

beth «ill leaie his residence 21 Windermere street south Ballirat- THIS D1Y (Saturday 4th Jul}) at 12 o clock Ior the place ol interment

the Ballarat Old Ccmeten

F W BIRNbS ond bON, Funeral Directors, Balhrit I hone 79

ATT !T«ON -Solemn Olllco and Requiem Ma«s

'. foi tin repose of the «xml of U>e lite Rei M I Mat«on S J will lie celebrated at «t Ignitlus« Chinch Richmond, TUTS D1Y («atur dix) at 10 0 o clock

Hie (unenI «ill leaie the church at the con elusion oí Mass for the Boroondara Cemetery,


Midi IF I MbLQUFFV and SONS, 201 Lonsdale street 1 hone Cent 5120

TIT VT»ON -The Friends of the hte Mr » » ALI RFD EDV! YR1) W ATSON arc iuformed that his funeral «ill arrive at the Brighton Come ter} THIS D1Y («iturda}> at u 15 p in (Private intirmiut )