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Brownlow Medal Rules Altered.

Arguments in favour of and against a proposal put forward by Mr. P. Page   (Richmond) to alter the manner in which final matches were arranged for the pre- miership were advanced by delegates at a special meeting of the Victorian Foot- ball League last night. Mr. Page's pro-

posal is:—

(1) At the conclusion of the first round the first four clubs shall play off for the premier- ship; (2), the first match shall be between the third and fourth clubs; the second match shall be between the first and second clubs; the third match shall be between the winners of the first and the loser of the second match; (3). the grand final shall be between the winners ot the second and the winners of the third match.  

Mr. Page, in moving the adoption of the suggestion, pointed out that the proposal would eliminate any idea in the minds of the public that the contests between clubs were not genuine. Under the pre- sent system the public believed that an ad- vantage was to be gained by a club in play- ing a losing match in the final games. If the plan were adopted greater interest would be promoted in "home-and-home" matches. It also obviated the possibility of "finessing" in final matches.

Mr. R. T. Rush (Collingwood) opposed the suggestion, and suggested as an amend- ment that the first four matches, instead of being arranged as at present, should be

"drawn out of a hat."

The chairman (Mr. H. L. Roberts) pointed out that an amendment could not be accepted at a special meeting.

Mr. J. Mears (North Melbourne) said that the public was suspicious of the present system. He supported the pro- posal of Mr. Page.

Support to the new system was also given by Mr. F. Reid (Essendon) and Mr. G. Cathie (Hawthorn).

The motion was agreed to by 16 votes

to 4.

Brownlow Medal.

The proposal for alteration in voting for   the Brownlow medal was agreed to on the motion of Mr. J. Cathie (Hawthorn). The    

system which will be adopted in future is that the first three players shall be nomina-   ted, the first receiving three votes, the   second two votes, and the third one vote. At the end of the first round of matches   votes will be counted, and the player receiv-     ing the greatest number of votes shall re-

ceive the medal. For players receiving an   equal number of votes preferential voting

will be adopted. If a tie occur the same   system shall apply. No player who has       incurred disqualification during the system      

shall be eligible to receive the medal.    

Free Passes.    

At a committee meeting it was agreed   that each club should issue 100 free passes,     instead of 140 which had been issued in    

previous seasons.

In place of Mr F. L. Jones, who re-   signed from the Umpires' Board, Mr. S.   Comptan was elected. Mr. Compton, for    

13 years was a field, boundary, and goal   umpire and has been secretary of the  

Umpires' Association for five years.  

Charity Match.    

Nothing definite has been arranged as   to the date upon which the football match,   the proceeds of which are to be given to the special appeal for the blind institute,

is to be held. At a meeting of the Vic-   torian Football League last night a com-     munication was read from the Victorian

Football Association pointing out that it       was as not considered possible to play the  

match on June 27, as previously suggested.     It was suggested that possible the date     might be fixed by the toss of a coin.    

Mr. P. Page (Richmond) expressed sur-     prise it the action of the Association as it       had practically been agreed that the match     should be played on June 27.      

On a motion moved by Mr. Page, it was       agreed that the matter again be referred to       the special sub-committee entrusted with  

the arrangements.

Early Training.

Dissatisfaction was expressed by the         treasurer (Mr. R. T. Rush ) at the action ot certain clubs in starting training before     the date agreed upon by the League. He moved that all clubs which were guilty of   an offence in that respect should be fined  


Mr Rush said that the explanation of club secretaries as to the date upon when training was begun would be accepted. Several delegates intimated that their clubs had not started training before the agreed date, and the motion was negatived.  

Umpires' Fees.

The suggestion of the Umpires' Associa-   tion that the fees for services be reduced to the following—field £3 15/, boundary   £1 10/, goal 17/6 was accepted. The ad- justment of fees for country umpires was     left to the discretion of the secretary.