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ABSTRACT OF NEWS.. : Adelaide, September 2?.- ' '

ice House has agreed to tne taxation resolutions submitted by' the Treasurer without amendment, and a Bill to give them effect will be 'brought in at an eatlv date. - ...

V The Government have stated- that the? intend to tr-k-; -steps for the representation of the colony at the London International Exhibition, of 1SS8. : Soma little uneasiness haling been felt thai ths YictoTim Government were quietly annexing tbe disputed strip of tend between fc'oath Australia and Victoria,* the Chief Secretary has communicated with Mr. Servica on the matter, who has replied that ' Things are just aa they were. We have no intention of dealing with the land you ref ar to.' Ihe motion of SJr. Hardy affirming the need for accommodation being provided at tbe outer harbour -for ocean-going steamers is still being debated by the; Assembly. The Hon. G. C. HawSer and Mr. VTaTd have both spoken strongly in favour of it. ? The Minister of Justice will on Tnajday seek for leave to introduce & Bill to provide for the better protection of young femalea'and the suppression of vice. . ' ? The Oaths Abolition Bfll has passed the House of Assembly. Steps are being tafcen to support, by means' of public meetings, the Hon. O. w. Cotton's scheme forgiving agricultural labonrets homestead farms fin leases at moderate rentals. In the Assembly on Thursday the Commissioner of Public Works gave notice that on Tuesday nest he will move for leave to bring in a Bill authorizing the construction of a railway from Port Augusta to Phillips Ponds. The estimates of the cost of a railway to Willtmga have been laid on the table of the House. They show that the line will be 21 miles 3t chains in length, and that it will cost £13,397 8s. fed. to can ?struct, or a total of £327,667 la. Id. The corporate bodies throughout the colony have taken active steps to resist the proposed reduction by the Government of the grants in-aid. At a largely attended meeting held in. the Town Hall, Adelaide, resolutions have been carried protesting against any' farther assisted immigration and approving of a land tax. Ibe Government have taken active steps to punifh the natives who were concerned in the murder of Mr. NolteDius and his companions on the Daly River. At Alice Springs several of the blacks who were notorious for their outrages were tracked by the. troopers, bat as they offered resistance fire arms had to be used, and seme of the worst of them were shot. dead.' ? The line of railway from Mount Barker Junction to Stiathalbyn was opened for traffic on September 15 without any formal ceremony. Tbe_ Government Geologist has reported favourably upon the Woodside gold-mine3,. and the Government are considering the desira bility of obtaining a report upon them from Mr. Wornaan Taylor, the Victorian mineralogist, now visiting the colony, and commissioned to report upon, the Silverton mines for the Register. The returns of land sold during last month show a decrease vthen compared witS the transactions, both of last month and the corresponding month of last year. In August of this year 24,829 acres were sold on. credit, for which £29,524 was bid. For the previous month the credit sales were £33,060 acres, the amount bid being £37,8S8. During August of last year 163,238 acres were sold, for which the price agreed to be paid was £70,797. The amount paid into the Treasury daring last month was £15,642 ; daring the previous month, £27,676 ; and in August, 1S&3, £18,578. The ironmoulders and losal manufacturers are nrging the Government to accept Messrs.! Fulton and Co.'a tender of £118;986 for the supoly of iron pipes, it being urged that if duty were taken into account this sum would only be 10 per cent, in excess of English prices. Mr. C. J. Chambers, of the Water Conservation Department, has returned from opening up a stock route to the Musgrave Rangea by means of excavat ing dams and sinking welia, having accomplished his task satisfactorily. The worfc will be of im mense benefit in opening'up the Far North country. The report of tbe Conservator of- Forests sbows that great progress has been made in forest culture during the past year. The total area devoted to forest purposes is 150,366 acres. The department is credited with having added 1,344,000 trees to tbe

property of the country. The Government have agreed to a motion affirm ing the desirability of granting a sum of money to Dr. Ulrich Htibbe for the services rendered by him in connection with the framing of the Real Property Act. They stated that they proposed to give him £200, but a strong feeling was evinced that' not less than £500 should be granted to him. 'A letter has been received by the Chief Secretary from Mr. Service respecting the late Sir B. E. Torrens, G.C.M.G., in which the ? Victorian Premier, after alluding to the eminent services rendered by the deceased gentleman to Australia, states that if the South Australian Government informs him that Lady Torrens is in dependent circumstances he will bring her case before the.Tictorian Parliament, who will, he believes, be prepared- to make a grant on behalf of her ladyship. We believe that a reply has been sent that the Government do not consider that there is any necessity for action being taken in the direction suggested.. ' ' In the Supreme Court on Friday His Honor the Chief Justice delivered judgment in tne action brought by the Adelaide Marine and Fire Insurance Company v, the: Colonial Insurance Company of Key Zealand and Messrs^ Beynell & Eeinecke. The ?action was to enforce an executory contract f or re insurance, and Bis Honor has foundf or the plaintiffs against the defendant Company for the sum of £1,708 14s. 2d, which he' has adjudged to be due under the policy, interestbeing allowed from August 3, 1882, at the rate of 8 per cent. Messrs. Keynell and Eeinecke were held to be free from liability, and His Honor decided to deal with the question as to who should pay their costs at the Court to morrow.- ' ' ? On Friday morning ths Commissioner of Insol vency gave judgment m the case of Taylor Brothers, of Tbebarton, fellmongers. The insolvents have been charged with several breaches of the Insol vency Act. bnt these were dismissed and a second class ffpirHflrafa was. awarded, to be suspended for one year, on the ground that the insolvents had been guilty of great negligence in tie management of their sheep-station business. Damages have been given in the Supreme Court to the extent of £2,084 8s. 4d. acainst William Henry Bean, late Member of Parliament, at tbe suit of Bean Brothers, Limited. It was alleged that tbe defendant spent the Company's money in paying unauthorized contracts. The amount of gold raised from the Lady Alice at Barossa has been sold for £22,000, and the copper for £4,000. A great advance is being made daring the present wod season in the matter of getting ocean steamers to go alongside the Port Adelaide wharfs to load up. 1 The Port Adelaide has sailed with 8,700 bales on board, the Kent is doe, the ChoUerton expected, and the Port Jackson arranged for. The South Australian Company have provided every facilityfor the vessels at their quays, and the recently erested spacious iron shed or semi-bond proves a great saving to -shippers. ? Over a thousand bales are there awaiting shipment, and some of them have been in several weeks. It is computed that in cartage and storage a saving of Is. per .bale takes place. Land Nationalization Associations are 'being started in various parts of the colony, and their

operations are attracting some attention. The Corporation of Adelaide has rejected a by law to regulate the processions of religious bodies through the streets of the city. The Marine Board have decided to abandon com pulsory pilotage in Spencer's Gulf, Mr. Henry Gawler, son of the late Colonel Gawler, and solicitor to the Lands Titles Office, has resigned his position, Mr. Gawler has filled the office since the passing of the Real Property Act. A, meeting held in the-Northern Territory has passed resolutions condemning the way in which Mr. Pater, the local Magistrate, has acted when sitting on judgment in cases. The Dunn Memorial Chords, given by Mr. John Dunn to the members of the Wesleyan community in Mount Barker was formally opened on September 18. The structure cost over £4,0CC. Miss- Jeffreys Lewis concluded her season at the Theatre Royal on Friday evening, and was succeeded on the following night by the Majeronis ia the society play of 'Jealousy.' Hudson's Surprise Party opened at the Academy of Music on the same evening. ' Obituaiy.— Mr. John McDonald, an old resident of Glenelg, and a colonist since 1839. .